McCain raises money, praises Romney, thanks lobbyists

June 10, 2008

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential candidate John McCain spent a marathon day raising money on Monday, and it went well: after events in Virginia and Washington, D.C., the campaign and the Republican Party pulled in more than $2 million.
“We won’t raise as much money as our opponent but we certainly will raise (a) sufficient amount of money to win this election,” the Arizona senator told a gathering at a Ritz Carlton hotel in Northern Virginia.
His opponent, of course, is Democrat Barack Obama, who has consistently broken records with his fundraising in the primary contests.
McCain congratulated Obama on his victory over rival Hillary Clinton in the Democratic nominating battle but needled the Illinois senator for a lack of experience by saying the White House was not a place for on-the-job training.
McCain was certainly on the job bringing in cash. One event included tickets to a “victory dinner” and two receptions for a contribution — raised or donated — of $50,000. Whew.
And even those lobbyists out there got a thank-you.
“I’m going to thank some corrupt unscrupulous lobbyists that are destroying America as we speak, everything we stand for and believe in,” McCain joked at one fundraiser. 
Finally, there was praise for his opponent-turned-supporter, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.
“There’s nobody who represents me better today than Mitt Romney,” McCain said.
Are you listening, governor? That could be the sound of a vice presidential offer coming down the road …

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Photo credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria. McCain talks at a news conference after visiting the Everglades Safari Park in Miami, Florida, June 6, 2008.


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I hope Romney is the VP. I will really be behind McCain then!

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

Sometimes, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, I wonder if Mr. McCain takes the situation faced by the American Middle Class and Working Class seriously. Like Mr. Bush, he seems to take a cavalier attitude toward the struggle that 95% of American families endure each and every day–a struggle that may soon begin to subside as Mr. Obama goes to bat for that 95%.

It is truly sad, but I think that Mr. McCain, Mr. Bush and their 5% think that “the 1%” of the Middle Class & Working Class of Our Best & Finest are in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting and dying so that they and their 5% can continue their “struggle” for self-indulgence.

OK Jack

Posted by OK Jack | Report as abusive

““There’s nobody who represents me better today than Mitt Romney,” McCain said.”

Love hearing that! Go Romney Go!!!!!!!

Posted by Shelby | Report as abusive


I have never seen a democrat win a general election by 95%, so maybe you should relook at what you are saying… I for one appreciate having a rich men pay me to work, and having the oportunity to become one of them.

Personally I think that Obama talks a lot about the 95%, but his “spoken” policies only represent the lower 5-15%, and when in office he will likely help the upper 5% like himself.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Romney is an outstanding individual with superb character. Our country should be honored to have him in our presence. What happened to the idea of our children looking to our president with the greatest of respect and honor? Bless Romney and bless our country.

Posted by beebe | Report as abusive

Google: Mitt,Set our People Free or Mike Moody and Mitt Romney for more information on what motivates Mitt Romney.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

I’m glad to hear McCain say vocally what he and his staff already know about Romney. There simply isn’t a better person to add to the ticket. He has it all, qualifications, temperament, experience, character, fundraising ability and the key to some important toss up states. And it doesn’t hurt that he was the very favorite of real conservatives.

Posted by Martha | Report as abusive

I am interested in Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain naming their VP soon. Let’s move this party discussion onto a national discussion about solutions. It’s time for contrast and choice.

On McCain’s side I believe Romney to be an intelligent choice. He seems to be a man of honor. He has already proven himself to be a man of solutions and action.

Posted by Todd | Report as abusive

That was probably the smartest thing that McCain has said since he joined the Presidential bid. Mitt Romney is definitely the man, and I think that he will help immensely with our current economic state along with keeping our country dedicated to freedom and “family-oriented”. America has definitely come a long way and I think it is best to keep going and to not turn back, like Obama would do if he were elected. He (Obama) wants change…well DUH!! So do the rest of us Americans, we definitely need to keep fighting for freedom, but also would like our current state to be changed. That is why backing out of the war at this time would be the worst idea. Mitt Romney is our man for Veep! We need a good change and not a bad one…cheers :)

Posted by Joey | Report as abusive

Romney is completely off his rocker. It’s a great choice for Vice president — as long as they don’t win.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Hi Eric…

Time will tell on your prognostication.

I’m willing to give Mr. Obama the first 100 days to see what he and a democrat-controlled congress of 5%’er’s do for the 95%’er’s. It’s worth a shot after Mr. Bush.

Insofar as your reinterpretation of what I wrote…well…it’s pretty typical of what I’ve discovered over the past half century or so that somebody in the upper 5% (or an upper 5% wannabe) might come up with.

OK Jack

Posted by OK Jack | Report as abusive

the only way I will support John McCain is if Mitt Romney is his VP. OK Jack drinks Obama’s Kool Aid.

Posted by glenntaylor9 | Report as abusive

I love ad-hominem attacks John. Very nice.
It’s a good thing some people actually know how to think.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

John McCain would do well to pick Mr. Romney. He has more energy than the Energizer Bunny and is the smartest guy in the room.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Mitt Romney has had great success in all he has set out to accomplish. He is focused, dedicated, and posesses the wisdom and experience needed to help guide and direct the affairs of this great nation. John McCain is wise to recognize the qualities and character he values in Mitt Romney. This will be a very powerful and effective team if he so chooses.

Posted by richard | Report as abusive

If Romney were the veep candidate, I’d actually not be depressed about the upcoming presidential election. He is smart, honorable, and trustworthy. Oh, and he has great hair. :)

Posted by julie | Report as abusive

I think Mitt Romney would balance out the republican ticket nicely. His more conservative values and views would help give the party more strength believability for the many who are really more conservative than McCain. Romney stands out as a man who stands for things that matter to America like family, free enterprise, work, patriotism, and honesty. Mitt Romney….a good choice for America! Also, Mitt would be in a position to run for president when McCain is done; a scenario we don’t find ourselves in today.

Posted by JL Williams | Report as abusive

If McCain picks Romney for VP, I’ll vote and fundraise for him. Otherwise not a chance.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

Romney would bring a lot to the ticket… Keeping my fingers crossed that McCain makes the right decision and brings him on the ticket!!

Posted by Hooligan | Report as abusive

[…] Clinton, John McCain, Politics, Republicans | ≅ Widgets McCain still loves the lobbyists: And even those lobbyists out there got a […]

Posted by Don’t Believe The Hype | | Report as abusive

America needs Mitt Romney!!!! Please help us!!!!!!!

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Mccain is too smart to pick a LOSER like Mitt Romney. American saw Romney cheat and try to buy America. We told him NO.

We must do whatever it takes to keep Mitt Romney from having ANY government office. Romney is a corrupt jerk who only hurts our strong American position.

Posted by Dan Campbell | Report as abusive


There is nothing strong about the American position. In fact, it has never been more precarious. We are in massive debt to our enemies because we will not live within our means. Our dollar is becoming worthless. Our leaders think following the rule of law is silly. Your civil liberties are forfeit.

Quit obsessing about Romney and Huckabee. They are both part of the problem, as is McCain, as is Obama, as is Hillary.

This country needs to be saved from the brink of ruin.

Join the Campaign for Liberty

Bob Barr ’08

Posted by Carol | Report as abusive

Yeah Romney: If you want someone who is:
1)a racist, (went along with Mormon institutional racism until 1973)
2)two-faced (ran as a liberal in Mass. now as a born again Christian for Pres.),
3)insincere (“My sons are not in Iraq because they are serving the country working for my campaign”)
4)ignorant of the US position in the middle east (It’s not the democracy, Mitt, it’s the oil we’re after.)
5)yet another George Bush imitation (agrees with Bush on almost every issue.

Then select Mitt. Otherwise, use your head, and vote for Obama.

Posted by two7five7one | Report as abusive


I think Obama and his supporters had best think long and hard about accusing ANYONE of racism — especially racism that is only inferred because of an association with a particular church.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive


There is something really wonky about your thinking.

First, it’s two-faced to accuse Mitt of racism for something his church did — and then bow down and worship at the feet of Obama….

How does running as a liberal relate to whether one is or isn’t a person of faith…? Are liberals supposed to be irreligious or something?

Face it. You misunderstood Romney’s views on abortion. He was ALWAYS personally pro-life (he’s a Mormon, duh!), but said he would not change the laws on abortion. His only flip was to say that abortion should be a state issue, not a federal one (where it could still end up pro-choice).

I agree that if this were a necessary war, his sons would be out fighting it, as would you and every other red-blooded American.

Posted by Marion | Report as abusive

Romney is a fabulous man. I will back him with my cash, time, and vote. I hope he is selected as VP. But if he is not, perhaps McCain can select another good conservative, (e.g. Rick Santorum), or perhaps a Democrat and state he is only going to run for one term. If he selects a fiscally moderate Republican (e.g. Crist, Huckabee) , annointing such a person as the next GOP leader, I will not support McCain. As for people like two7five7one, I’m sorry you received your education at the hands of liberals who haven’t accomplished anything but talk. 1) Mormons were never more racist than the children of Israel (read about them in the old testament), 2) he is not two faced, he is effective communicator and is able to change emphasis–he is only changed on one position–abortion, 3) your quote about Romney is not correct, Romney simply was defending his sons and did not say they were not in Iraq b/c they were helping him–he said they were serving their country in a different way, 4) it is true that if there wasn’t oil, we wouldn’t be there, because the place would have no influence, but given the amount of influence the place had, we had to intervene–it wasn’t about capturing oil–it was about curbing influence of people who effectively worked against US interests–if you are an American you should actually care about the interests of your country, 5) He does not agree with Bush on immigration (Romney wants to enforce the law), he is not in favor of a faith based initiatie, etc.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

One other comment for two7five7one–the comment “use your head, and vote for Obama” is laughable. I have yet met someone who successfully makes a fact based argument for Obama. It is purely emotional. People like him because he gives good speeches. Nobody knows what he would really do, his track record is unimpressive, and his past life (close friendship with several strange characters–including a real racist) is scarey. What about this involves using your head? Nothing. It is about using your emotions, and basing your vote on hope. You need to come to grips with the reality that you are an emotionally driven voter, not cerebral.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

I didn’t like John McCain during the primaries because I felt he ran a dirty campaign against Romney. Nor did I feel he best represented conservative values. I’m still not crazy about him. I am crazy about Romney. After all the under-handed jabs at romney from the other nominees, particularly from McCain it’s good to hear McCain publically recognizing Romney’s qualities. If Romney is the VP nomminee I will be excited about the campign again.

Posted by SVB | Report as abusive