McCain says Obama is the next Jimmy Carter

June 11, 2008

PHILADELPHIA – Republican John McCain has a new response to those who say he would effectively serve another term of President George W. Bush’s administration: Barack Obama, the carter.jpgArizona senator says, would do the same for Jimmy Carter.
Obama, the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee, often ties his rival to the unpopular Bush on issues such as the Iraq war and the sputtering economy.
McCain’s response: two can play at that game.
“From what I’ve seen, as I’ve said, of Senator Obama’s proposals, that would be very akin to a second term for Jimmy Carter,” McCain told an enthusiastic crowd in Pennsylvania, criticizing the Illinois senator’s positions on taxes and other issues.
Former President Carter lost the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan, who would become a conservative icon.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Muhammad Hamed (Jimmy Carter speaks with Jordan’s Foreign Minister Salaheddin in Amman April 20, 2008)


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It would be good if it were true! Carter the best President since Harry Truman!

Posted by F.A. Hutchison, China | Report as abusive

I both agree and disagree with most of this artical because I
beleive I have not been turned on by any political speached yet!

Like most politicians, Barock Obama has said nothing of substance to his followers, he meely commits Aristotle’s ‘Fallacy of the emotive’. ans Ayn Rand’s ‘Fallacy of the stolen concept’. So, I write his ‘groupies off as naive political ignoramuses, easily manipulated by his BIG GOVERMENT socialist rhetroic. They are UN Ambassador Gene Kirkpatrick’s …blame America first crowed.”
John McCain has doubble talked/”his stright talk” with very little to gain from old/but some new valuable Ideas.

Posted by Lee Cones | Report as abusive

I hate to break it to Senator McCain, but I’ve traveled and lived all over the world and there is no other U.S. politician held in such high regard as Jimmy Carter. He is a man who has dedicated his life to improving the quality of democracy and caring for the poor and merits nothing but our respect and admiration.

While I’m the daughter of a MCAS fighter pilot and respect Senator McCain’s history in the military (most of it), he should be ashamed to cast dispersions on President Carter. And if that is the ‘worst’ thing he can think of to say about Senator Obama, then (soon to be President) Obama must be a grand man indeed.

Posted by Candice Davies | Report as abusive

Some years ago McCain spoke highly of President Carter and he even had his foreign affair advisor as his own aid:
“I am honored that Zbigniew Brzezinski will join my foreign policy team,” McCain said at that time. “As a former national security adviser and a highly respected foreign policy expert, his broad experience makes him an invaluable asset to my team.” In describing his key advisers, McCain continued: “I am very honored to have the support and advice of these recognized experts whose years of service to our nation and experience in international affairs have earned them the well-deserved respect of all.”
McCain did not seem to change his speech writer. Sounds McSame.

Posted by westerner22 | Report as abusive

If that was true, Candice, then why did Carter not accomplish jack when he was president? The only thing about him I remember is that he saw a UFO once. If he was as effective as you make him out to be, he wouldn’t have lost to Reagan.

Let us know when you come back to reality.

Posted by Johnny T. | Report as abusive

There is not much to gain by a third term of Bushes unethical promotions (Witch is obviously McCaian’s approach). The U.S. is in a time of despair, headed in the wrong direction. We are in need of fresh new ideas

Posted by Diamond Ivery | Report as abusive

I like what I hear from Obama but something inside me harkens back to the first presidential election I voted in – as a young man I thought the change from Nixon/Ford to Carter, an outsider who was going to change Washington, was the right choice. I was wrong and fear the same from an Obama term. Carter and Bush the Elder have both been wonderful statesmen as former Presidents and serve as excellent models for Bush the Younger to follow. But Carter’s tenure in office was horrible – sometimes outsiders are not the right solution.

Posted by Gary McClellan | Report as abusive

McCain is too old and his comments about Obama made through desperation.

We cannot take him seriously.

He will never be president – he needs to look for a retirement place somewhere.

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

As an Air Force noncommissioned officer I was stationed in Spain for three years in the late 80s, have had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East for the last 20 years, and have always loved talking about world politics with foreigners if they brought it up the subject. The U.S. Presidents who were very popular were Reagan and Clinton. Whenever Carter was mentioned, he was viewed as a good human being but a very weak president. As former president, Carter did improve his image through his humanitarian projects.

Personally, I’d rather vote for a third Bush term than a second Carter term. During the President Carter years I felt vulnerable, did not feel safe and secured as an American to travel overseas because of the Iranian hostage crisis and other terrorists attacks on Americans during that time. I remember long lines at the gasoline stations, high interest rates, and going to sleep afraid that I may not have the opportunity to travel and live in Europe.

Our nation maybe in a time of despair and that is why we cannot afford and do not have time for the elected person to get on the job training (OJT). Barack Obama is an inexperienced, racist, and corrupt politician associated with wacko pastors, racists, terrorists, corrupted politicians from Chicago, and don’t forget his wife Michelle who comes across as angry, bitter, and hateful about the U.S, the country that has given opportunities no other country would have given her. People should not be fooled. Obama may call himself Christian, but only does so for political expediency. A true Christian would not have the far left liberal views Obama has, and would not have sat in Trinity Church for 20 years. If Obama is elected he will be tested by terrorists, whereas with Senator McCain they will think twice before they mess with him. May God bless our country and the rest of the world.

Posted by Micaela in California | Report as abusive

If America truely believe in God, this is the moment to catch this young man called Obama to rescue and restore the lost glory of the country call WORLD LEADER!
Obamais the saint God has given you to bring back all the lost of Bush!

Posted by jobie | Report as abusive

Had we listened to Jimmy Carter, a Navy veteran and nuclear physicist, our nation would not be in the position we are today in regards to dependency on foreign oil.

Posted by patsy Blake | Report as abusive

If I was John McCain, I would fire everyone giving me advice. First of all this statement on his part is lame.
Secondly no one e will make the connection. The voters who will take Obama over the top, don’t even know who Carter was. McCain keeps showing us over and over that he is like a deer stuck in headlights. I heard now that he is gradually moving toward pro abortion to appeal to the Hillary supporters…. not a good idea. Let us not forget that he went unchallenged for 4 months. Just look at the support for Obama getting stronger. As McCain keeps moving to the left, he begins to lose his Conservative base. Ron Paul will do for John McCain what Ross Perot did for Bush 1…….

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

McCain meant the Nobel Peace prize awarded Carter, correct?

**chuckle** I suppose there could be more disparaging comparisons.

Posted by Adam A | Report as abusive

Better than being compared to Dubya!

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Well, I guess Jimmy Carter will be our next President!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Well, well Mr. McCain you are sounding more and more like Hillary Clinton every day taking side swipes at Barack Obama. It is better to be more truthful and factual than that. You do need help in this matter as I read on an international internet site that on Feb. 17th 2007 during a event that you attended in Des Moines, Iowa that while speaking you said…”Putin, the President of Germany…”. A video of this gaff was posted next day on YouTube.

Posted by Carole H. | Report as abusive

Losing to Reagan due in large part to the hostages being held in Iran… which leads us to Iran contra and back to the dubious involvement of the Bush cabal. Ol’ John better back on out of this mess; he’ll just end up even more confused.

Posted by Buck in NC | Report as abusive

Carter is a GOOD man.

Wake up and smell the coffee and realise what you lost you load of meanies!

The Bush clan managed to bring the US to its knees, in so many ways.

Carter DID NOT do that. Just that he was used as a scapegoat and a whipping boy.

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves! :-(

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

Jimmy Carter hailed one of our best presidents…?? You have got to be kidding! When I was in fourth grade and knew practically nothing about politics and carter beat ford for president… i knew that was a mistake. How, you could tell be looking a tthe man, he was Mr. Rogers!! carter was a nice man but not a graet president, he was to passive for starters. Someone here stated that Clinton was one of our best president’s and he was.. the first time i ever decided to vote was when clinton was running… because of him, riff raff in congress and the house was removed, creating a stronger and less corrupt government, because of him job loss was down and unemployment rate was low, because of him there was 600 BILLION in our budget, a surplus. If McCain becomes president we are in another 4 years of doom and if he doesnt see another term, it will take presidents thereafter more years to clean up the republicans mess. I cannot believe how brainwashed republicans are thinking that a republican president creates a great america. I am 42 now and because of greedy narcissists like bush, i can forget about american dreams of owning a house some day or having a great career which equates to: life liberty and freedom.

Obama will win and if he doesnt, shame on the americans for being so stupid to believe in mccain and want another 4 years of BUSH!


Posted by M | Report as abusive

btw… gerald ford was a great president.. as i got older and worked, remember we were taking home around 3/4ths our paycheck.. now and in the future, we’ll be lucky to see less than half. he kept the country stable. gerald ford was decorated with honors and awards galore from presidents and our government.. to name a few: Medal of freedom awarded by bill clinton for healing the nation form watergate scandal, an airport named after him gerald R. Ford International in Grand Rapids Michigan, John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award.. this is to just name a few… Ford was a great man and president. Ford was a Republican in life, but in death it turns out Ford was more of a liberal democrat than many conservatives would like to believe. We need a dem-republican president perhaps like thomas jefferson. we need a president who is gonna do once again for the people and not for their wallet and self. obama is the lesser of the two evils and would make for a better president, no more bush/mccain continuations into this country!

Posted by M | Report as abusive