Condoms named after Obama and McCain selling fast

June 13, 2008

obamamccain.jpgNEW YORK - A Manhattan entrepreneur has found his own way to profit from the U.S. presidential race – putting the candidates’ faces on condom packages.

Benjamin Sherman has been selling condoms named after Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain around the world for several weeks through a business called Practice Safe Policy.

The Obama Condom packages read: “Use with good judgment” and the product’s Web site  reads: “Who says experience is necessary?”

The first-term senator from Illinois has been criticized for lacking experience.

McCain Condoms  come in a package with the slogan: ”Old but not expired.”

The Arizona senator is 71  and would be the oldest U.S. president elected to a first term.

“We’ve done it in fun. People are not actually going to use these condoms,” said Sherman, 26. 

The $9.95-per-pair “keepsakes” are so popular that Sherman said he had nearly sold out and expected to order a second shipment this week. He declined to say how many condoms were in each order. 

The condoms are generic and the candidates are featured only on the packaging.

(By Marcy Nicholson)

PICTURE: Reuters/Brian Snyder (Presidential candidates Obama and McCain meet onstage between debates in Manchester, NH, in January)


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more stupiditiy

Posted by Alan Truism | Report as abusive

[...] Condoms named after Obama and McCain selling fast [Reuters] [...]

I dont know if the person who decided to make some money from a ridiculous zany idea or THIS WEBSITE which chose to give publicity to zany idea and promote the idea is worse.

Posted by MontyMoose | Report as abusive

I guess this product is meant to satisfy curiosity about which candidate is the bigger prick.

Posted by Val Dare | Report as abusive

Condom name after Hillary… “It’ll work, as far as I know”

Posted by Dnick | Report as abusive

Good for the creator! Very original idea i must say

are you kidding me?
usa huh.
what a joke. there not even made to be used! what the hell is the point of that?

Posted by code blue | Report as abusive

Could be a message to the women voters of America, “whichever of these two guys you elect, you’re going to get ……

Too bad this guy didn’t create one of Dubya Bush, cuz he has surely ‘screwed’ the American public for two terms. This would be a good way for us to pay him back!

Posted by Kevin, USA | Report as abusive

Just typical, always ignoring third party and independent candidates. Where is the Ralph Nader and Bob Barr condoms?

Posted by mitch | Report as abusive

check out the Presidential Condom Challenge at one

Posted by e256 | Report as abusive

[...] Keg beer after Obama. Nigerians want to name a street after Obama. A Manhattan entrepreneur sold Obama condoms. Too bad they don

[...] Keg beer after Obama. Nigerians want to name a street after Obama. A Manhattan entrepreneur sold Obama condoms. Too bad they don

Just read those news, I wish they sell them over here!