Al Gore to appear with Obama at Detroit rally

June 16, 2008

gore1.jpgFLINT, Mich.  – Former Vice President Al Gore, a highly respected figure in the U.S. Democratic party, was set on Monday to appear at a Detroit rally with presidential candidate Barack Obama, where he will pledge to do all he can to help Obama win the White House.

“Over the past 18 months, Barack Obama has united a movement. He knows change does not come from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or Capitol Hill. It begins when people stand up and take action,” Gore said in a letter to his supporters, asking them to help him raise money for Obama.

“From now through Election Day, I intend to do whatever I can to make sure (Obama) is elected president of the United States,” Gore said in the letter, which was made available to reporters by the Obama campaign.

The letter marked the first time that Gore has said publicly he was supporting Obama. 

The former vice president, who served with former President Bill Clinton, remained neutral as Clinton’s wife, Hillary Clinton, and Obama battled for the Democratic nomination. 

Since losing his own bid for the White House to President George W. Bush amid the disputed Florida voting in 2000, Gore has become a hero to many in his party. He has been a vocal advocate of actions to combat global warming and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in that area.

Obama said in April that he consulted regularly with Gore and also said he would strongly consider inviting the former vice president to serve in his administration should he win the White House.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Denis Balibouse  (Al Gore at news conference in Geneva, March 11, 2008)


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Well we got the environmental stamp. It’s all over for McSame!.

Posted by Loyd in Cerritos | Report as abusive

Al Gore and Patti Solis Doyle are both slated as witnesses in the ongoing civil fraud suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Clintons and their agents in a business fraud and election law fraud law suit ( prosecuted by Hillary’s largest 2000 donor and Bill’s erstwhile business associate, Hollywood entrepreneur Peter Paul.
If Obama doesnt distance himself from Clinton related DNC officials implicated in the frauds and obstructions of justice exposed in Paul v Clinton and the related documentary, Hillary! Uncensored (seen by more than 8.4 million internet viewers since October, 2007) then Obama will be required to demand their prosecution for FEC law felonies

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I guess, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, that Mr. Gore is an OK guy (although he’s not from Oklahoma). I’ll bet that most folks don’t know that Mr. Gore is from Washington, D.C. and not from Tennessee.

I voted for Mr. Gore in 2000, and was very disappointed when the election was stolen from him and his supporters (like me) by the judicial branch, i.e., the supreme court. I was even more disappointed when Mr. Gore did not contest the election on the floor of congress, where he was the president of the senate. Perhaps he thought he was being noble. I was too mad to notice any nobility in any of what happened that autumn.

Mr. Gore served in Vietnam as a journalist with the 20th Engineer Brigade at Bien Hoa. In other words, like me, he was an enlisted man when he was in Vietnam…and not an officer.

Some officers are OK. I later became one.

However, it is the vast majority of generals that I have little use for. Why? Most are too close to the flagpole, i.e., their decisions are way too political, and they spend way too much time on career planning…rather than looking after the Soldiers whom they command.

I welcome Mr. Gore’s offer of help to Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama will probably need help from Mr. Gore to get his (Mr. Obama’s) message across.

It appears now that there are hairline cracks in Mr. Obama’s rendition of change. I’m beginning to suspect that he is not planning any big changes for the middle class, working class…or the privileged class and super privileged class. Will it be the status quo? I think so.

OK Jack

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It was at this rally in Michigan that Obama stated his intention of going to Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s about time, don’t you think, Mr. Obama? Since you haven’t even visited the two countries with which the US has been at war for seven years, how can you possibly expect to be the Commander-in-Chief on Day 1 of these two volatile places? I don’t feel comfortable with this scenario, and why should anyone else? Your record speaks for itself.

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This is great news. Now Sen. Obama can discuss the impending cataclysm caused by greenhouse gases from the comfort of Mr. Gore’s limo and private jet.

Posted by Russ Ward | Report as abusive

An inconvenient alliance that Hillary is spitting blood over?

You bet baby!

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