Huckabee not going for VP job — or is he?

June 18, 2008

huckabee.jpgTOKYO – Mike Huckabee is not running — or maybe he is.

The marathon man, who lost 110 pounds (50 kg) by hitting the road and advocating healthy living after he was diagnosed with diabetes in 2003, has a painful inflammation of the heel known as plantar fasciitis, and he is walking around the Imperial Palace in the Japanese capital gingerly.
Whether he will take a walk with presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, as vice presidential nominee is another question requiring equally careful footwork.
Speaking with Reuters less than five months before the U.S. presidential election and three months ahead of the Republican convention, the former Arkansas governor was interested but self-deprecating when asked if he would be the party’s No. 2.
“I don’t truly believe that’s probably going to happen and I’ve moved on to doing other things.”
Those projects include the trip to Japan and lectures at Tohoku University in northern Miyagi Prefecture, as well as Fox News, which hired the former Republican presidential hopeful as a political commentator leading up to the national election.
But Huckabee quickly noted that did not preclude being on the other side of the camera in November.
“I’m very happy and proud to be able to do some commentary and develop a programme with the Fox News Channel,” he said.
“But that doesn’t mean if there was an opportunity to run somewhere out in the future, if not this year some other time — I’m not going to take myself completely off the stage.”

Huckabee has called the vice presidential spot an offer no one could refuse, but says he doesn’t expect to be running to the phone anytime soon.
“It would be a real surprise if I got that call.”

– Reporting by Dan Sloan    

– Photo credit: Reuters/John Gress (Huckabee pauses during a news conference in Appleton, Wisconsin in February, 2008)

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Yes, that would be a surpise to everyone, not just to Huck. McCain would need to be brain-dead to make that call. I’m pretty sure he’s not, so better luck next time, Huck fans. I just don’t see any miracle coming your way anytime soon.

Posted by Pamela | Report as abusive

Of course it would be a real surprise if he got that call.
He showed us all how to shoot the foot, then put it in the mouth.
First, you sit down with a sleeze/used car salesman/under investigation no less, Kenneth Copeland prosperity preacher because he has connections with the populace of our country who believe the moon shots are fake and Copeland, his wife and the show are real—and who may actually vote for him–and may give him money. How poor is that judgement for someone who wants to be our President?

Second, you allow a few laughs to go to your head—believe you are a comedian–(fine line between a comedian and a politician)try your hand at stand up. Panic when no one laughs—then say something stupid like “Obama is ducking gun fire”….wham, final nail is in the coffin.

Yea, we’ll ALL be surprised Mr. Huckabee.

Posted by ted811 | Report as abusive

I happen to love Huckabee. Maybe you’d better check out the folks Obamsa has had ties with. Jeremiah Wright is probably one of the tamer ones! I am an evangelical, not a Copeland fan at all, and do believe we’ve gone to the moon. I won’t vote for Obama and I probably won’t vote for McCain unless he picks someone who is socially conservative like Huck. And I don’t believe putting people who disagree with you down is a good idea.

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

Governor Mike Huckabee is the most logical choice for Senator McCain’s Vice President. Survey USA polls are showing that between Huckabee, Lieberman, Pawlenty, and Romney, Governor Huckabee is the best man for McCain in terms of winning votes this November.

Besides his immediate pull, the former Arkansas Governor would garner huge grassroots support that, over time, could make all the difference in this election.

Mike Huckabee also has Reagan-like speaking abilities. Should he be given enough publicity, or participate in any debates, he could counteract Obama’s speechmaking skills and give McCain a sharper edge.

Mac ‘n Mike ’08 !

Posted by Mrs. P | Report as abusive

If Mr. Huckabee is selected as VP candidate and Mr. McCain wins, he will become a very good No 2 with a high chance to run for President and win the next presidential election in 4 years.

Posted by MBA | Report as abusive

Ted811 sent a comment in that has not been posted. Was it not received or was this an intentional deletion?
Thank you

Posted by ted811 | Report as abusive