Could “Obama-Edwards” be the Democrats’ winning combination after all?

June 24, 2008

WASHINGTON – Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to think so. But she is touting Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas, not former presidential candidate John Edwards who twice ran for president and was the Democrats vice presidential candidate in 2004.rtx5yq3.jpg

For the past few weeks, Pelosi, who will chair the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late August, has been talking up the nine-term congressman from central Texas as a possible running-mate for Barack Obama.

She floated the idea to Obama’s vice presidential search team a few weeks ago and again on Tuesday more publicly, at a breakfast with a group of reporters.

“I’ve had no conversations with the Obama campaign,” Edwards told Reuters on Capitol Hill. But he added that he was “humbled” that Pelosi would suggest him and left the door open to the possibility.

Edwards is known on Capitol Hill as an articulate centrist Democrat with a proven ability to win in a congressional district with a Republican tilt. His work on expanding veterans’ health and education benefits and his southern, fiscal conservative credentials could also help round out a ticket headed by a man seen as a liberal northerner.

For those who think Obama needs a foreign policy/national security expert to fill in the gaps in the presidential candidate’s resume, Edwards could pale compared to other names floating around, including Sen. Joe Biden, retired Gen. Wes Clark, former Sen. Sam Nunn and Sen. Jack Reed.

But the congressman might have a leg up on the competition in at least one other area, he would do Obama proud in a sport that is traditionally favored by presidents and vice presidents. As a youngster, Edwards was an avid, accomplished golfer.  

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– Photo credit: Kevin Lamarque (Pelosi on Capitol Hill in May)


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Obama cannot afford to get Sam Nunn on the ticket. He was the architect of “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell” and so offends gays. Then we find out he belongs to restricted clubs and did nothing to help women join Augusta National. Clearly, women are going to take this as an insult. Obama needs counterbalance, not a throwback to the 1950s.

Posted by Doug Crimm | Report as abusive

I strongly support John Edwards as Obama’s choice for VP!

John Edwards is very progressive, and he pushed the other Democratic candidates in the primaries to adopt more progressive stances.

He led and set the progressive agenda in the primaries, and the other candidates followed his lead.

John Edwards is passionate and full of passion for progressive ideals.

John Edwards is charismatic, exciting, and gives sensational rousing speeches which excite voters.

John Edwards is popular with blue collar workers, labor union members, the working class……which would be a great asset to Obama’s campaign.

John Edwards deserves a prominent place on the national scene. He is talented, intellectual, and accomplished.

Posted by Susan Ra | Report as abusive

Could Obama and Edwards win? In a word: no.

Posted by Lin | Report as abusive

Dick Gephardt would be a outstanding

Posted by T Martin | Report as abusive

Edwards could well prove to be a perfect partner for Obama in the race to the White House.

They would also be the best looking duo ever! 😉

But seriously, it’s a clean scenario, although Chet would also be a good choice.

I am only too pleased that Hillary is not in the running.

She would have been a loose cannon along with her designing husband – too interested in themselves to care about anyone else.

I hear Mr Clinton has finally endorsed Obama? Well let’s have a hog roast!

It beggars belief that Bill could actually believe that we give a cent. After his shinanigans, somehow his opinions pale into significance…

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

I have hoped all along that we would see an Obama/Edwards ticket. A combination of the two is a winner and the best for te USA Think of the possibilities of having two very intelligent and progressive persons working towards the solution of our home and the worlds problems.

Posted by Bev Restivo | Report as abusive

Lin, Thanks for the outstanding critical analysis! Your political insight is breathtaking – usually one has to read a cereal box for that level of wisdom.

Posted by Walter | Report as abusive

I agree with “TheTruth Is…”. Bill Clinton is a “has been”. True,he was once a president but his credibility is close to zilch now and he should stay low, lest he can potentially damage the future democratic ticket.And I am sure the party knows that.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

This would be a bad pairing. Chet Edwards is a conservative Democrat from Texas, who voted for the Patriot Act and the Telecom immunity. He is also a fiscal conservative who believes the defecit and the national debt are bigger priorities than nationalized healthcare or Iraq war.
This would be a tough match to make.

Posted by R. Ford Mashburn | Report as abusive