Got a hankering for some Bush history?

June 24, 2008

WASHINGTON – Hankering for a history lesson on the Bush presidency from a Democratic point of view? Then look for the “Bush Legacy Tour” bus, which will be visiting communities across the country from now until the November presidential elections. 

bushlegacybus-ext.jpgThe liberal Americans United for Change activist group launched the national tour on Tuesday with much fanfare and a lunchtime barbeque in front of the AFL-CIO union building a block away from the White House.

It’s a 28-ton, 45-foot long, bio-diesel-powered museum on wheels featuring interactive exhibits “on the worst policy failures that grew out of the Bush/conservative agenda,” touts the group.

The group has broader ambitions than just sharing its views on George W. Bush’s presidency. It is zeroing in on the conservative thinking Republican presidential candidate John McCain represents, said the group’s president Brad Woodhouse. 

“We are really talking about an ideology that Bush in many cases was a vessel for,” he said.

The bus features exhibits on Bush’s economic policies, the Iraq war, his administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina and a gasoline pump comparing the price when Bush took office to what it costs to fill up now.

Not in the mood for a liberal history lesson? McCain sent a letter to supporters on Tuesday announcing a contest for a ride on his “Straight Talk Express” bus for some lucky donor.         

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– Photo credit: Americans United for Change

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I wonder if Mr. McCain’s bus is also bio-diesel, Mr. & Mrs. Reader?

If and when the so called Straight-Talk-Express and/or The-Bush-Legacy get off the interstate and park where I can see them from my window…well…I might take a walk down to see what their principals have to say to me concerning what I care about, i.e.:
1. Getting Our Best & Finest (i.e., Our Sons & Daughters) out of the QUICKSAND in SW Asia…sooner than later. As in SE Asia of the 1960’s and 1970’s, the existing U.S. counterinsurgency cannot succeed in the long-term. The last man standing in any insurgency is invariably the insurgent, not the counterinsurgent. This has been proven over and over and over again, e.g., France before leaving SE Asia (French Indochina) in 1954; France before leaving North Africa (Algeria) in 1962; the U.S. before leaving SE Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos) in 1973; Russia before leaving SW Asia (Afghanistan) in 1989; the U.S. before leaving SW Asia (Afghanistan/Iraq) in 2009 (I hope) et al.
2. Rebuilding and restoring Our Best & Finest…including providing world class care to Our Veterans, their Families and their Survivors. I don’t mean world class LIP SERVICE…but world class CARE.
3. Rebuilding and restoring America’s physical INFRASTRUCTURE, thereby creating millions of middle class and working class jobs…and creating a manufacturing, supplier, engineering and architectural boom on every street in America.
4. CUTTING middle class taxes to a top rate of 15%, and cutting working class taxes to a top rate of 5%.
5. CUTTING small business taxes to a top rate of 20%.
6. Restoring the middle class and working class tax EXEMPTION of $60,000 and $80,000 for singles and marrieds, respectively. Yes, in the Revenue Act of 1913, $3,000 for singles and $4,000 for marrieds was exempt. We’ve had 2,000% inflation since then, or twenty times the original exemption.
7. LIFTING the lid on the FICA tax to include the privileged class, and applying the FICA tax to all sources of income…not just earned income.
8. RAISING taxes on the privileged class, corporations and capital gains to make up for the cutting of taxes on the middle class, working class and small businesses.
9. Pass legislation and sign it into law…that will either PROHIBIT speculating in oil, or requiring at least 85% cash up front when so speculating. Oil is a matter of national defense and a matter of national economic security. Therefore, speculators cannot be allowed to run up the price for their own personal gain. It is unpatriotic to say the least, and should be illegal as well.

I’m near the AMTRAK station, and will leave the light on for Mr. Obama too.

OK Jack

P.S. I’ve never been politically surveyed, and I’ve never seen a presidential candidate up close. I can’t wait!

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