McCain says: “Obama’s word cannot be trusted”

June 29, 2008

mccain-pic.jpgLOUISVILLE, Ky. – Can people trust what Barack Obama says?

Republican presidential candidate John McCain said on Saturday that, at least in some instances, they shouldn’t.

Campaign finance was the issue at hand. McCain, speaking at a Republican fundraiser that netted some $2 million, slammed the Illinois senator and presumptive Democratic nominee for going back on a promise to take public funds during the general election if his Republican counterpart did the same.

“This election is about trust and trusting people’s word,” McCain said. “Unfortunately, apparently on several items, Senator Obama’s word cannot be trusted.”

Harsh stuff. Obama, who broke fundraising records during his victorious primary fight against New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, said he made the decision to forego public funds because the Republicans had become masters at gaming the “broken” public finance system.

Sticking to his original promise would have limited Obama to spending $84 million in the two months between the Democratic convention and the Nov. 4 election and barred him from taking additional donations.

McCain does not expect to match Obama’s fundraising success.

A spokesman for Obama said the Republican candidate had a history of his own when it came to changing stances. “Senator McCain’s path to the nomination required repeatedly changing his positions to appeal to the Republican base,” Tommy Vietor said.

“From supporting Bush tax breaks for the rich that he once voted against, to saying he’d now vote against his own immigration reform legislation, the John McCain of 2008 is completely different from the man we knew just a few years ago.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Steve Marcus – Republican presidential candidate John McCain speaks at the University of Nevada Las Vegas on June 25.


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Obama kept his word to over 1.7 million donors who have contributed to his campaign. This is more important that John McCain’s attempt cut these voters out of this election cycle.

Posted by Yeil Raven | Report as abusive

Obama scares me, He has proven that he will say and do anything he believes his friends the media will embrace.

He is an experienced manipulator, Not an experienced leader.

Posted by Really Afraid | Report as abusive

If Obama’s word cannot be trusted, none of words from McCain can be trusted.

Posted by mcbush | Report as abusive

“This election is about trust and trusting people’s word,” McCain said. “Unfortunately, apparently on several items, Senator Obama’s word cannot be trusted.”And needer can we trust mc cain, he has been posturing contrary of what he stand on most of the issues as a senator, just to appear trustworting on the corporations and to , the most conservative , “Christians”(those ho say they are, a by their actions they seem, “APOSTATES)

Posted by rleb | Report as abusive

McCain is breaking not only his word, but also the law–right now. He signed up for public financing for the primaries and agreed to abide by the spending limits thus imposed. Later, when it seemed to be to his advantage, he changed his mind and just ignored the agreement he had already made–and already received public money based on.

The guy is not someone I would listen to when he starts calling other people dishonest.

Posted by Sportin’ Life | Report as abusive

OKAY, now I’ve got it. McCain accuses Obama of not sticking true to his word (TRUE). Obama’s handlers, in response, say that McCain has “a history of his own when it ame to changing stances (ALSO TRUE).

CONCLUSION: Politicians lie. Their word is NOT to be trusted.

QUESTION: If you can’t trust what any of them are promising, then what do we use to judge and distinguish them — apart from the same kinds of characteristics chimps use to select a leader — who looks the smartest, who thumps their chest the loudest, who speaks inthe smoothest voice….

American politicians… you gotta luv ’em.

Posted by Les M | Report as abusive

Obama’s word can’t be trusted? That’s hilarious, coming from McCain. It’s a classic Rovian trick: accuse your opponent of your own failings. It’s a shame that the media keeps falling for it.

Posted by Whippy | Report as abusive

If John McCain could raise the kind of money that Barack Obama can, he would not use public funds either. Senator McCain is crying sour grapes already. This tactic will cost him votes. Unfortunately, next to Senator Obama, Senator McCain appears old and bitter.

Posted by Rattlesnake Bob | Report as abusive

Oh, well excuse us. Trust McCain and the party he supports are this countries big bunch of arrogant lairs who have cause thousands of unnecessary deaths, pissed away billions of dollars, increased the deficit, supervised the dollar collapse, broke numerous laws and failed to accomplish anything productive and of value to the people of the U.S.

Posted by pee | Report as abusive

What do you mean Obama can’t be trusted. Obama is the only one that speaks the truth about Iraq. McCain is the one that wraps the Flag around Lies, Propaganda, and Guns as our soldiers die over these lies. I only trust Obama. McCain there isn’t one thing I can trust you on. Your flip flopping on all the issues, how can anyone trust you.

Posted by Patty | Report as abusive

McBush, we cannot trust your words. Stop asking Obama to do town hall kmeeting with you. Your staff did all the up front pre planning and his staff did not have any input. I do not blame him for not participating. Obama is a leader and not a follower. McBush went back on his words for public funds during the primary – so who is talking out both side of their mouth.

Posted by Deborah | Report as abusive

Wow! I’ll rescind my support for Obama immediately. Oh, I can’t. That would make me a flip-flopper and just as guilty.

Posted by phredd | Report as abusive

Hey McDum,
at least try to change the words from the last ‘swiftboat’ campaign when you plan to use the same tactic.

Posted by freedom | Report as abusive

McCain is the arrogant one.

Posted by Robin | Report as abusive

This is funny coming from a man who has broken the campaign finance law.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

Who you trust, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, is what any vote is really all about.

I lean toward Mr. Obama because he SEEMS to be more independent of the puppet strings of money-power-corruption that have plagued Mr. Bush…and which I fear also hamstring Mr. McCain to an extent.

I don’t see Our Best & Finest…Our Sons & Daughters…pulling out of the bloody 7-year (2001-?) counterinsurgency in SW Asia (Afghanistan, Iraq) if Mr. McCain wins in November.

On the other hand…as a retired Soldier and Veteran of the long and bloody counterinsurgency in SE Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos – 1963-73), I’m dismayed to hear Mr. Obama saying things that are variations on the late Richard Nixon’s (and Henry Kissinger’s) 40-years-ago failed wordsmithery of “peace with honor” and “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama is too young to personally remember much of the preceding. Of course, he is an educated man and should be up on his history…even if his “he-she rocks” generation may be too lazy to read a history book.

My late Oklahoma Dad used to tell me that “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Well, the not pulling out of an unwinnable counterinsurgency isn’t going to make the getting into an unwinnable counterinsurgency any more palatable, that’s for sure! So Mr. Obama’s wordsmithery of being as careful at getting out (of SW Asia) as Mr. Bush, General Franks, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Wolfowitz, Mr. Rumsfeld, Ms. Rice, General Powell, Mr. Rove et al were reckless at getting in, is obliquely saying the same thing that Mr. McCain is directly saying.

That is, Our Sons & Daughters won’t be home any time soon…even though Mr. Obama keeps repeating “2 brigades a month” and “16 months” during his careful-at-getting-out oratory.

The republican politicians that I just mentioned are all amateurs…including an amateur commander in chief (Bush), an amateur army general (Franks) and an amateur secretary of state (Powell). By this I mean that while they all may have been professionals at one time or another in their careers, they resorted to amateurism when it came to getting Our Best & Finest into the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq…and into the bloody quicksand of the resulting unwinnable counterinsurgency.

I must say though, that Messrs. Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rove et al were just the opposite of reckless when it came to carefully and personally avoiding active duty service in the uniform of America’s armed forces of the 1960’s and 1970’s during wartime in SE Asia.

The preceding “draft dodging” is just the opposite again of the honorable U.S. Marine service of Senator Jim Webb of Virginia in SE Asia, and of his U.S. Marine son in SW Asia. Mr. Webb, however occasionally irreverent he might be, would make a perfectly imperfect vice president to Senator Obama’s imperfect president in my view. Mr. Webb escaped the surly bonds of the republican party with an independent streak that took him in the direction that I like. He strikes me as a complex thinker, yet one who knows how to boil cowardly politicians of his and my generation down to their base elements in a flash, e.g., Mr. Bush. I believe that I could trust a Vice President Webb to check and balance a President Obama, i.e., to provide Mr. Obama with reality checks whenever Mr. Obama strays from the honorable path. A Vice President Clinton would be unable to do that, I’m afraid.

Getting back to my premise of TRUST in a presidential candidate, Mr. & Mrs. Reader…well…a lot of what trust boils down to is FAITH. Frankly though, I don’t have much faith in Mr. OBAMA, and even less in Mr. MCCAIN. So, as fictional British naval captain Jack Aubrey once said in a Hollywood script aboard Hollywood’s HMS Surprise (Rose)…America’s middle and working classes will simply have to trust in the “lesser of the TWO WEEVILS”, I guess.

Said another way, it is a “dammed if you do, damned if you don’t” situation…this business of faith in the intentions and follow-through of Mr. Obama v. Mr. McCain during the first 100 days beginning on January 20th.

Or as the legendary Kingston Trio once expressed it during a performance at San Francisco’s hungry i nightclub, “clean mind, clean body…take your pick”.

OK Jack

Posted by OK Jack | Report as abusive

McCain should start counting his loss from now on for the statement he made

Posted by hakeem | Report as abusive

McCain has failed

Posted by hakeem | Report as abusive

Well, anyone who defends either one of these guys by pointing the finger at the other one, needs to grow up. That is like your kid coming to you and saying he broke a window cause Johnny did it too… should not work with your kid, and it sure should not work with two grown men. Both of these guys have things we all should be worried about… it will come down to which one you worry less about… and which is more consistent in what they have done in the past.

Posted by Not Impressed | Report as abusive

McCain belongs in a retirement home – period!

His mind must be wandering…

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive


It’s one thing when Obama tries to cover up mistakes he’s
made in private, or when he feebly tries to cover up or misdirect
us, by saying that he never heard Wright’s anti-American sermons
over a 20 year period … but, when Obama tells us that the
Palin lipstick/pig remark wasn’t an insult directed towards
Governor Palin, then Obama is adding insult to injury towards
the American people. This creep is not Presidential material.
P.S. The biased main stream liberal press which is attempting damage control for Obama, also must think the American people are stupid

Posted by Gina | Report as abusive