Meet the Obama girls

July 9, 2008

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama doesn’t like sweets, prefers minty gum to bubblegum and leaves his luggage in everybody’s way when he arrives home on a break from the malia1.jpgcampaign.
That’s the scoop from the Democratic presidential candidate’s daughters from a family interview for television’s “Access Hollywood.”

Malia and Sasha Obama have joined their parents on the campaign trail a number of times in recent weeks. They spoke for the first time in the interview which began airing on Tuesday
“When he comes home and leaves his big gigantic bag in the mudroom, sometimes I trip over it,” said Malia, who celebrated her 10th birthday while the family campaigned in Butte, Montana, on Independence Day. 

“You always put your bag on my shoes,” seven-year-old Sasha scolded her father. 
The girls joined their mother in showing that the Illinois senator does not live up to his public imagine as a fashion plate. 

“I think it’s funny that he’s involved in this fashion icon stuff, because these pants he’s had for probably about 10 years,” Michelle Obama said.  

“And that belt,” Malia chimed in. 

Obama said he was “baffled” by the whole fashion thing himself, “because I hate to shop.”                                                                                                   

Asked about the possibility of living in the White House, Sasha said: “It would be very cool.”                                                                                               

“I think my most excitement about it is that I’d get to redecorate my room,” Malia said. “I enjoy decorating.”

Photo credit: Reuters/John Gress (Barack Obama with his family)


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Wow! am impressed in everything about Sen Barack Obama.He is the first African American President.He is a God sent President.He need not to go for campaign because he is already the PRESIDENT.Remember me in the Promise Land.With your combination with Hillary Clinton is a good one and also a mark of uniting to make a CHANGE.Bye 4 now In God We Trust.God’s Own Country.

Posted by Ohaegbulem Chibuzor John | Report as abusive

I enjoyed watching the interview. I believe this proves to the world that Barack Obama is a great father. He is not elitist as Hilary tried to identify. Over the 2 years that I have been following this race I have been very impressed byBarack’s inteligence, honesty, and determination to name a few of his virtues. His books are good read. Try them.

Posted by ann bain | Report as abusive

The Obama girls are more articulate than our current President, how embarrassing for our country! I’m glad we got a glimpse, it does show how average the Obama family is. I’m glad they’re not going to let the girls get interviewed again, too. The right wing started talking about Barack “pimping” his daughters, thanks to the stupid hurtful language a liberal pundit used against Hillary and Chelsea, so Barack is placing his kids behind a wall of privacy again.The way this is playing out in the media shows why Obama is so brilliant to just demand an end to the nasty personal attacks in campaigns that determine not only our national future, but the world’s future. We demand our politicians prove they’re just like us, when they can’t be just like us and be politicians too. How many of us take into consideration the impact every law has on every segment of society? That’s a good politician’s job, and it’s a good citizen’s job too, if we’d take an interest in it instead of in fluff or slander.Until then, it’s in the hands of those we vote in. I just read today that most voters don’t know the three entities that govern our country (Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, folks), can’t find Iraq on a map, and think a President can revoke the Constitution whenever he wants. We’re a sad bunch, we’d better get busy learning how we’re ruled if we want to change it!Gotta get ready to go to a Dem Club meeting – I won’t let my government get away from me ever again.

Posted by Earthbound | Report as abusive

I look forward to seeing how President Obama handles China. More importantly, I look forward to seeing how China deals with President Obama. Nonetheless, his kids are cute, and that’s always a good way to get votes.

Posted by China | Report as abusive

Articulate, bright and clean! ;D

Posted by newfam | Report as abusive

now I know where he got his charisma from. If he can maintain the peace in a house of three women what can’t he do in the white house.

Posted by Jane h. | Report as abusive

I was really impressed with the girls.Poor Barack – looks like he gets beat up a little by the women of the house. But it was all in good humour.Totally impressed.He has beautiful children and an outstanding wife.

Posted by Roxanne | Report as abusive

Endlessly varied joy! Will-I-Am’s Hip Hop hymn, sexy Obama Girl (Obama himself disapproves but we men like her anyway!); appropriately stern lectures on improving race relations and responsible fatherhood. Michelle; a stunning fashion plate, brainy and a model mom too.And now Malia and Sasha, cute and lovable. Also bright; Malia at 10 explains differences between girls her age and teenagers’ reactions to parents’ affection displays.And Barack inherits the mantels of John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, all at once, and is mega-intelligent and perceptive, with the right policies in every area.

Posted by David Irby | Report as abusive

first of all, he’s half white too – he’s not African American – he’s an American who will stand up for everyone, not just blacks – I’m sick of people forgetting the aspect of who he is & does it really matter? The man can run a country – anyone can see that – but whether or not it’s based on his blackness or whiteness is crap.

Posted by snoogins | Report as abusive

Nice to see black families we can be proud of! Nice going Obie!A true testament to the freedom to be who you want to be promised by the US! :)

Posted by BlueHOUSE | Report as abusive

There were mixed reaction from the media about letting the girl do the interview. I am making complaints to the cable stations that made negative comments. CNN, FOX, and ABC were the ones I saw. FOX was not surprising.McCain makes false statements about taxes and his balanced budget with very little media attention.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Brilliant interview. And those girls are gorgeous. Poor Barack, he got beat up by the girls in the house. It was funny, he could not defend himself from the relentless attack from those cute girls. I just love the whole show. Good parenting Barack; you make us parents proud of you

Posted by SIAM | Report as abusive

Yes, Obama is the real deal. I hope he wins. His family is so down to earth and held together. For me, he’s the only possible candidate. Obama for America!!! Please visit We are trying to help campaign for him. Vote for Obama!

Posted by Sally White | Report as abusive

Barack gave a powerful message to young Black men on fathers day. I hope they heed it, and follow in his footsteps. Barack is a wonderful father, and it shows in his children.

Posted by Catherine | Report as abusive

Hey, it’s got to be rough being Obama’s daughters. You’ve got to wonder how they actually feel about politics. Actually, the same could go for Hamza bin Laden, fledgling poet and Osama’s youngest son… f_they_imd_hamza_bin_laden_an_1_7620.php

Posted by eliana | Report as abusive

I have always seen Barack Obama as a terrorist ever since he started campaign for the office of the American President until he was declared as winner, then i said to myself that if Obama is not a terrorist he will definitely be the ‘God sent’ to make a CHANGE in the world, i also said to myself then that he will never win the elect under the close monitoring of the world intellects, if he is a terrorist or in support of terrorism. Definitely he is not a terrorist, and neither a failure as he emerged as the first black American President. Barack Oba’magic CHANGE the world. Long live America, long live the world.

Posted by Oluwatoyin Gbenga | Report as abusive

am so happy that blacks are now been noticed. the gals are really cute ones and i pray God strenghts their dad to be good president for all

Posted by ayo | Report as abusive