Clinton and Obama as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire?

July 10, 2008

clintonobama.jpgNEW YORK – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire — that’s how Sen. Clinton put it on Thursday at a women’s breakfast where she joined the Democratic White House hopeful to campaign for him in New York.

She said Obama had noted that she looked rested since she ended her campaign against him for the Democratic nomination, and she told him she’d been exercising for a change.

“During the campaign …  Barack would get up faithfully every morning and go to the gym. I would get up and have my hair done,” she said as she introduced him.

“It’s one of those Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire things.”

Obama’s comment on Clinton when he took the stage: “She rocks.”

Clinton said the hard fought Democratic primary had been good for politics, boosting turnout and motivating more people than ever to vote.

“Anyone who voted for me has so much in common with those who voted for Barack, and it’s critical that we join forces,” Clinton said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/ Jim Young (Obama greets Clinton in Washington June 27)


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This kind of chit chat isn’t getting us anywhere, Mr. & Mrs. Reader. Frankly, I don’t believe that the Clintons are that interested in the Obamas residing at the White House. What it’s really all about is POWER and the MONEY that accompanies that power.

If Mrs. Clinton sees herself as being able to advance her AGENDA with Mr. McCain in the White House (rather than Mr. Obama), then I believe that is exactly how she will play it.

Mrs. Clinton still has her eye on the presidency. A 1-term McCain presidency would move her closer to the Oval Office (i.e., faster) than a 2-term Obama presidency…especially if she is NOT the vice president.

In the long run, one should never forget that these politicians aren’t necessary thinking about what is best for you, as they are thinking about what is best for their agendas.

And here’s another thing to remember folks…take a close look (if you can) at the people who are clustered around both Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain. These are the people who will (if their candidate is successful) be the future political appointees who will actually have the INFLUENCE to shape the domestic and foreign policies of the United States government, i.e., your next temporary government.

I’ll flip my good ole 50:50 coin this morning and say that when all is said and done after November 4th, that the STATUS QUO and QUID PRO QUO will win out in the end.

You’ll know this, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, when during the first 100 days after the inauguration on January 20th: 1) taxes are NOT immediately & substantially lowered for the middle class & working class, i.e., 15% & 5% top rates, respectively 2) taxes are NOT substantially raised for the privileged class and super privileged class, i.e., a 70% top rate (they CAN afford it) 3) the withdrawal of Our Best & Finest from both Iraq and Afghanistan does NOT immediately begin & legislation is NOT passed to fully fund the very best that America can offer to take care of Our Best & Finest, their Families & their Survivors, as well as to reconstitute our military’s personnel & equipment and 4) the FISA Act of 1978 (as recently amended on the backs of your Constitution’s 1st & 4th Amendments) is NOT repealed.

OK Jack

Posted by OK Jack | Report as abusive

This reminds me of the late, great Ann Richards who once said, “If you give us a chance we can perform. After all, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.”

Posted by Psychodrew | Report as abusive

My God, listen to yourselves. It’s as if you are so used to looking at the dark side of all things politc that you can see it in no other way. And all this rightous morality from people who seem to me to just have an ax to grind. I’m not naive and I’ve watched politic’s for 35 yrs now. believe it or not most of the people want to do good. the system can make it hard yes but the worst of it is how it hardens our heart to the point of know return.

Posted by Jerry Hance | Report as abusive

This is a very interesting comparison, for Fred and Ginger exemplify genius and grace–as well as class and good humor–respectively (and a little bit shared). This is a charming perspective that appeals to the heart, celebrating the strengths of both sexes even if we haven’t quite worked all the kinks out; and this sort of romanticism is a very real, if not yet ideal, part of the American Dream as it has evolved in the modern age–and that progression started pretty much about Fred and Ginger’s heyday.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

Years after their screen performances, Ginger Rogers told an interviewer that Astaire was not the best dancer she had partnered – would (will) Mrs Clinton say that about Mr Obama?

Posted by David Cunard | Report as abusive

The two of them together would be a dream ticket! Let’s hope they feel that way too. Two very intelligent people (for a change) running the country… about time.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

What it is really about for Clinton is her agenda.

Posted by Jan Colman | Report as abusive

Which one is Ginger Rogers?

Posted by Tim Slagle | Report as abusive

Sorry, but I just can’t see Hillary (and Bill) moping around in the background of the White House. I think Hillary as VP would be a stone around the neck of Obama.

If you want to continue to dance with the devil then vote for McCain.

Posted by bushguiltyassin | Report as abusive