Taking cue from White House, McCain talks economy in new radio address

July 12, 2008

mccain-wash-pic.jpgPHOENIX – Part of the drill when running for the highest office in the United States is simply looking  and sounding  presidential.

Cue John McCain. The Arizona senator and Republican presidential candidate started a weekly radio address on Saturday, modeled after President George W. Bush’s regular broadcast ritual.

“Good morning. I’m John McCain, and this week I’ve been on the road in Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,” the candidate said in his first address, according to a copy of the remarks.

“I’ve been holding town hall meetings to talk over the subject on most everyone’s minds these days — our slowing economy.”

McCain went on to review his week, speaking about the economy and his proposals to wean the nation from its dependence on foreign oil.

No mention was made of comments by a top economic adviser, former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, who described the United States as “a nation of whiners” in a mental recession.

McCain did get a few jabs in at his opponent, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, though.

“In an economic downturn, the worst of all ideas is to raise taxes. And Senator Obama will do just that,” McCain said.

He ended by saying the country had beat longer odds during challenging circumstances in the past. “Very soon, we’re going to get this economy running again at full strength,” he said.

“Thanks for listening.”   

 Photo credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst; McCain addresses League of United Latin American Citizens in Washington, D.C., July 7, 2008.

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McCain is Bush warmed over with no new ideas.

Oh, I guess I’m just an average american whiner.

Posted by bushguiltyassin | Report as abusive

Mr. Mccain, you can win this but not if you alighn yourself with the white house. People are really pissed off…with all the torture and this war and the economy. I was going for Hilary……but am looking at you because of your service record. You have been in war and endured torture…….but I have to admit I do like Obamas stance on companys that ship overseas american jobs. You can win this……stay with your strengths…….Military record and start becoming your own man….and do what is right for this country and her people. dignity and honor…..we want them back as well as a strong economy…not depended on foreign oil. Good luck to you….I am listening for this change. I don’t believe Obama has earned this yet…..but he speaks very well and he knows what people want to hear. I hope you can do that as well. Again…..good luck……I am leaning towards you.

Posted by Jaye McKinnon | Report as abusive

i don’t see Mccain getting the vote’s and i hope that he does not. i really think that who ever gets in will do nothing for the American people, and until we as americans start demanding truth and rights from our government nothing is going to change. we have brought this on ourselves by not standing or speaking for what is right.you have to play the game if you run for offfice or you don’t make it, so why do people think things will change.

Posted by wake up america | Report as abusive

Right on, John. The future of this country rests upon the leader who will keep tax cuts, not increase taxes, allow states to drill for oil to reduce our dependence upon foreign nations, and work to protect the sanctity of marriage and free speech (check out the “Fairness Doctrine”, its pretty scary!) O’Bama is for this “Fairness Doctrine”–anything but!

Posted by Marilyn | Report as abusive

McCain looks and acts like a douche bag. I’m sure that US citizens will vote him into office and it will be laughable and more painful for them.

Obama? He already lost it!

Posted by Guenter Monkowski | Report as abusive

Looking over Mr. McCain’s radio address, above, Mr. & Mrs. Reader…I can’t figure out if he is running from the Bush administration or running to it. There is a lot of demagoguery here.

I just finished listening to Pete Domenici, a republican senator. He is doing a lot of political demagoguery concerning offshore exploration/drilling. Mr. Domenici is simply one of the republican dots that you can connect to the McCain dot and the Bush dot.

If these guys really wanted to explore/drill offshore, they could have all gotten together in 2001 and passed and signed a bill to do it. Why wait until just before the presidential election of 2008 to even start talking about it?

Why? Because gas prices are going through the roof because of these guys, and they are seeking a diversion away from their inaction for the past 8 years.

Incidentally, Mr. McCain is using the same type of scare tactic that Mr. Bush used so successfully to get himself reelected in 2004. All of this stuff about small businesses and small estates being taxed is just plain demagogic baloney…and all these republicans know it very well.

What they are worried about is that the top marginal federal personal income tax rate for the privileged class AND the top marginal federal corporate income tax rate for corporations run by the privileged class AND the top marginal federal capital gains rate for the privileged class will all three go through the roof.

However, these three top rates can’t and won’t even find a dot to connect to in the small business and middle/working class communities. That’s because taxes will be lowered for small businesses and middle/working class individuals and small investors.

So come on you guys…give us all a break on the ridiculous rhetoric.

OK Jack

P.S. Now I’m going to give Mr. Obama some advice. You, sir, cannot rely on republican demagoguery alone to get elected. You (and Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid) have got to have legislation ready to go on January 20th (better on November 4th) that lowers the top individual rate for the middle class to 15%, and for the working class to 5%. Likewise, you’ve got to have legislation ready to go that will lower the top rate for small businesses to 20%, and for small investors to 20% as well.

That legislation also has to include raising all the top rates for the privileged class and corporations…as far through the roof as possible, while still leaving something left over for a chicken in every privileged class pot.

It’s time for the privileged class and the super privileged class to get off their lumpy butts and do something patriotic for a change, i.e., pay the bills of the United States of America just like the Revenue Act of 1913 and the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution said that they should.

Middle and working class Soldiers, Marines, Sailors & Airmen have been spilling their blood in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 8 years. Now is the time for the privileged class and super privileged class to start paying the piper by spilling the green from their wallets.

Posted by OK Jack | Report as abusive

Dear Senator McCain:Please act like a Commander.Quit the drivel,quit pandering the hispanics.Quit telling the American people what you are going to do when President;do something now.Tell it like it is.It’s Congress fault for oil crises;not companies,not traders.It’s the President and Congress and employers thats causing the immigration problem.It’s shameful that the leaders of my AMERICA would grovel at the feet of a mexican president beg for oil from asian governments.I could go on and on;jobs,health care,education,housing.All brought on by a do nothing president and a congress that has no political will.{GUTS}.Be a MAN so that i can salute you as my Commander in Chief and be proud in doing it.M.D.Johnson

Posted by Milt Johnson | Report as abusive

Moderator:You don’t like the intensity of my message sir?Don’t be forthright,don’t look me in the eye,don’t be courageous,don’t take responsibility.Just be politically correct.A commander at the”Battle of the Bulge”said”NUTS”Milt Johnson

Posted by Milt Johnson | Report as abusive