McCain and Romney now “good friends”

July 15, 2008

romney.jpgALBUQUERQUE – For those of you keeping track of who Republican presidential candidate John McCain might pick as his vice presidential running mate, consider this:                
McCain told a fundraising event in Albuquerque that he and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, whom McCain defeated in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, have become good friends.

It was only a few months ago when the two were at each other’s throats in the often-acrimonious campaign.

“Mitt and Ann Romney and Cindy and I have become good friends,” McCain said in describing how he feels the Republican Party is united now for the battle against Barack Obama for the Nov. 4 election.

In fact, he said, based on Romney’s television appearances on McCain’s behalf, “He does a better job for me than he did for himself, as a matter of fact.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Ramin Rahimian (McCain and Romney in March 27 meeting)


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With Mitt on the ticket I will not have to hold my nose to vote for McCain this Nov. This will be an unbeatable ticket.

Posted by Tami | Report as abusive

Romney is the guy for the job.

Posted by Utah Patent Attorney | Report as abusive

BO has NO big names to choose from as VP, IMHO. Mitt would offer the people something credible to look at, and give McCain a tremendous boost. Master in Economics, spotless family man, religious.

A great pick.

Posted by Benjamin9 | Report as abusive

My vote for McCain is only a vote against Obama and socialism. Putting Romney on the ticket is the only way McCain will get any financial support from me.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Romney has more economic experience in his pinky finger than McCain and Obama put together. The only way I vote for McCain is with Romney. Otherwise, vote for Bob Barr.

Posted by orioncev | Report as abusive

Governor Romney would be a very good choice. That choice would guarantee my vote. It would also provide valuable insight on the economy and gasoline. Further, it would give the Republican Party something to look forward to in 2012.

Posted by Joel | Report as abusive

Romney would enhance McCain’s ticket substantially!

Posted by Axel | Report as abusive

Romney will expose Obama’s grasp of the economy as effectively as McCain is exposing Obama’s grasp of foreign policy.

Posted by Terry Gain | Report as abusive

Romney is not great on the economy like the media is trying to make him sound. He left MA with an approval rating of 30. He would not have been reelected as Gov. He raised fees in MA, hiding behind the word “fees” instead of taxes. He created Romneycare, which is showing to be a great failure for the state. He has shifted his positions on gay-marriage, abortions, immigration, etc…who knows how he would actually lead the nation on these issues? Romney seems like a politician that will say anything to get elected, which does not seem to fit the Straight Talk Express. If Romney is on the ticket, it will seem like McCain gave into the Republican elite who have been pushing Mitt all along. I will then need to really think about how I will cast my vote come November.

Posted by McCain08 | Report as abusive

I’m still writing in Giuliani.

Posted by MLO | Report as abusive

With Mitt on the ticket, I won’t have to worry about holding my nose to vote for McCain. With Flip-Romney on the ticket, the Republican Party will insure a victory for the Democrats.

We need to do a ground-up on the GOP, people!

Posted by Al-Ozarka | Report as abusive

Mitt as VP might actually get me to vote for McCain.

Posted by Cory | Report as abusive

Concerning Mitt Romney, thats about the only thing McCain would have going for him that would get me off my ass to go vote and actually for the Republican ticket, instead of having to stomach just voting to say it was a vote against Curious George and Aunt Ester of Sanford & Son …

Posted by AMTavizon | Report as abusive

MCCain08, there IS a big difference between taxes and fees. Taxes get paid by everyone, whereas fees get paid by the people who actually use the service. Tolls on toll roads are fees. If I drive on the road, I help pay for it. If I don’t, then my money stays in my pocket.

It’s a great line to say he just renamed them, but that is totally disingenuous.

Posted by zona | Report as abusive

McCain should get Colin Powell as VP. That would even things up. If B.O. gets in I think I’ll move out of the country. It will be scary!!!!


Posted by Linda L | Report as abusive

Romney is well-spoken, intelligent, proven, and has vast experience in many venues. He has an extensive track record of successful performance. He takes on tough challenges such as the Olympics and transformed it with his strong organization skills into a successful undertaking with ease and humility. At his core as a Mormon he has been coached that serving mankind is his most significant contribution not power nor personal gain. I would be proud of McCain for having the class and decency to choose Romney as his running mate for then I would know that he is truly putting the country and conservative principles ahead of his own feelings of competitiveness. Where McCain is weak, Romney is strong and McCain should celebrate that fact and seek his counsel.

Posted by Barbara Files | Report as abusive

The life experiences of McCain and Romney are exactly what the United States of America needs at this teeter-totter tipping point on history.

An M&M ticket is the best possible choice for solving problems in this country!

Posted by 2thePoint | Report as abusive

Mitt Romney is the one that could pull all Christian conservatives to rally around their party with the hero Senator John McCain. They complement each other in all ways including their physical appearance.Mormons have more in faith values with Christians than Obama’a religious left. 80820

Posted by Marie Jon | Report as abusive