Two potential VP picks to join Obama at Indiana event

July 16, 2008

obama.jpgCHICAGO – Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama is determined to keep his process for choosing a running mate a closely guarded secret, but he will appear in public on Wednesday with two men, Evan Bayh and Sam Nunn, who are widely thought to be under consideration for the No. 2 slot.

Bayh, an Indiana senator, and Nunn, a former Georgia senator, will appear with Obama at an event in Lafayette, Indiana that will focus on national security.
The event, billed as a “Summit on Confronting 21st Century Threats,” will cover such topics as nuclear non-proliferation, bioterrorism, cyber security and emerging national security threats, the Obama campaign said.

The Lafayette appearance comes a day after Obama renewed his call for an end to the Iraq war in a speech in Washington in which he urged the United States to refocus attention on Afghanistan and other national security priorities.

Obama, a 46-year-old first-term Illinois senator, is trying to counter the criticism of John McCain, his Republican rival in the November election, that he lacks the foreign policy seasoning to serve as commander-in-chief.

The Washington speech was aimed at laying out Obama’s views ahead of his upcoming trips to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Jordan, Israel, Britain, Germany and France.

Nunn, 69, is a former chairman of the Armed Services Committee and is a respected voice on foreign and military policy.

The 52-year-old Bayh campaigned intensely for Hillary Clinton during the Democratic nomination battle but he has since thrown his support behind Obama. As a member of the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence committee, he has been vocal on foreign policy issues.

Bayh is said to have an even temperament that might be a good fit with fellow Midwesterner Obama. 

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama makes foreign policy speech in Washington, July 15, 2008)


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Yikes… I used to have some respect for Sam Nunn but that will go out the window if he ever aligns himself with the socialist Obama. I am certain that most Georgians will feel the same.

Posted by Marge Wood | Report as abusive

Oh yea. Bayh and Nunn for VP. THUD.

Posted by pekopper | Report as abusive

What about Chris Dodd? He has a deal?

Posted by xenu | Report as abusive

Well, Margie, I guess Georgia is turning socialist because Obama actually leads there now. Your comment is somewhat expected from a pro-recession, lynch mob state like Georgia. But things are changing Marge, so go back under your bed and hide.

Posted by Chris Smith | Report as abusive

I am so very disappointed that Evan Bayh has aligned himself with Obama & can only hope Hoosiers feel the same way.

Posted by CoCo | Report as abusive

Marge’s comment is funny because I would lose all respect for Obama if he selected Nunn as his running mate. As for her concern about Nunn aligning with Obama: He already has.

Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

I am delighted to see Evan Bayh campaigning with Barack Obama. In Bayh, I think we are seeing his Obama’s pick for VP. They make a great ticket. And no one else brings the positives that Bayh brings to the ticket, not Hillary, Hagel, Powell, Nunn, Richardson, or Biden.

Let’s get this ticket going.

Posted by TheSiege | Report as abusive

Obama’s success has been grounded on presenting himself as a candidate for change, not for the increasingly unworkable status quo. The choice of a conservative throwback like Nunn would undercut this. He loses geographical coverage if he goes with Bayh, but that probably doesn’t matter. Bayh is still the better choice. (Obama? Socialist? Was this something else on the New Yorker cover?)

Posted by Lance Wilcox | Report as abusive

If you all think Obama is socialist, for christs sake, leave the country and go to a country where true socialism is used. You in the states are so wrong in thinking there is a true polarization between Demos and Repubs. There is about much difference between Demos and Pubs as there are Coke and Pepsi. OMG a huge difference! NOT@! It’s a two party system. not much of a choice.

Posted by ijd | Report as abusive

I do not know why Obama messes around with his inexperience.
He has been in the Senate for only 17 months!!!
Just choose Hillary and move on – after all she has more experience and has 17000000 votes.

Posted by Tony Lopes | Report as abusive

I’m telling you what, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, these two politicians just don’t do it for me, i.e., Mr. Nunn and Mr. Bayh.

In the first place, Mr. Obama needs a VP with MILITARY SERVICE in my view. I would prefer service that was in-country during the counterinsurgency in SE Asia between 1963 and 1973. Both Mr. Gore and Mr. Kerry had such service, the latter’s being in a combat role. There are vital lessons to be learned from such service.

In the second place, Mr. Obama needs a running mate who was at least neutral during the democrat primary campaign, or who supported him. I don’t believe that someone who actively campaigned against him will do him much good on November 4th.

Like Senator Obama, Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana has no military service, although he could have enrolled in ROTC in college, or served as a military attorney after graduation from law school. Secondly, Mr. Bayh is an avid supporter of Mrs. Clinton, having campaigned for her during the democrat primary. He will be 53 years old on inauguration day in January 2009. Mr. Obama will be 47 years of age on January 20th at noon.

Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn served briefly on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard reserve after graduation from law school. Mr. Nunn endorsed Mr. Obama during the democrat primary on April 18th. Mr. Nunn will be 70 years old come inauguration day, although with age often comes wisdom. Max CLELAND, Mr. Nunn’s successor in the U.S. Senate, had combat service in SE Asia, having lost three limbs in the process. He was ousted by Georgia voters in favor of a republican who avoided military service during the SE Asia counterinsurgency, i.e., C. Saxby Chambliss [“Five student deferments (University of Georgia 1966; University of Tennessee College of Law 1968) and 1-Y medical deferment for bad knees (football injuries).” ews/the-sunshine-patriots/].

I would much prefer Senator JIM WEBB of Virginia as VP. He is a Marine combat VETERAN of the counterinsurgency in SE Asia. He is eight years younger than Mr. Nunn, and nine years older than Mr. Bayh, making Mr. Webb almost 63 years old on inauguration day. He was neutral during the democrat primary, but later campaigned with Mr. Obama. Mr. Webb is a former Reagan republican who strongly believes in taking care of Our Best & Finest, of which his son is also one. He personally took Mr. Bush on concerning the counterinsurgency presently being conducted in SW Asia. He’s got the right attitude from my point of view. He is a successful writer, another thing I like about his curriculum vitae. In some ways, he reminds me of me…although I have never supported a republican candidate for president, and few democrats. I have an independent streak. However, it is not so independent as to be in the twilight zone. Mr. Webb’s independent streak is a good thing that bodes well for the democrat party, I think.

I flipped my 50:50 coin months ago, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, and Mr. Obama came up as the democrat nominee, and as the president who will be inaugurated on January 20th. However, of late he’s been doing things which I do not support (supposedly to get my swing vote), e.g., voting for the FISA amendments bill of 2008 and talking of mere table scraps insofar as tax reductions for the middle class and working class are concerned (and not talking much about raising taxes on the privileged class and super privileged class so as to get our at one time tried & true progressive tax system re-synchronized with the first U.S. revenue act, i.e., the Revenue Act of 1913). In my opinion, FISA of 1978 is unconstitutional (although not challenged in the courts). Fortunately, FISA 2008 (also in violation of the 4th Amendment) will be so challenged.

The one thing that I strongly favor from Mr. Obama’s agenda is to get Our Best & Finest out of the counterinsurgency being conducted in Iraq. Likewise, I favor one final major military offensive on the eastern frontier of Afghanistan (western frontier of Pakistan) to root out Osama bin Laden Ayman al-Zawahiri. It is important that the cost of harboring these two mass murderers be as high as possible. As with Iraq, there is absolutely no reason for Our Best & Finest to continue being bogged down in a counterinsurgency in Afghanistan. It is beyond me why U.S. politicians don’t read history, e.g., the Russian counterinsurgency failure in Afghanistan…as well as our own counterinsurgency failure in Vietnam. Our Best & Finest can win battle after battle, but when a counterinsurgency doesn’t prevail over an indigenous insurgency, then one has to get out and let the indigenous peoples settle their differences on their own…supply them economic and other assistance (and perhaps even CAS, i.e., close air support)–but not U.S. ground forces.

OK Jack

Posted by OK Jack | Report as abusive

I applaud both Nunn and Bayh for appearing with Obama. However I feel for foreign policy credentials he would be better served by selecting Bill Richardson of New Mexico.

Posted by LIAM | Report as abusive

Obama is a nice young boy, but I can think of many, many men who know more about national security than he does. Given the fact that our nation is at war, I think we should keep Obama in mind for the future…his time has not come yet. He’s a charming and bright individual, but he needs more experience at the state and national level before he’ll be ready to lead the free world.

Posted by Johanan | Report as abusive

Someone tell me,what do you mean, its not his(OB) time yet? Who are you to tell anyone it’s not their time. The problem is, time has by-passed you and if time came around the clock once again mentally you would think that it’s 6:00 p.m. 10 years later. I have worked with people who have 25 years of experience and they are still stuck in the 70s. As technology changes we must change with the time. Bad experience is worst that little experience. I am an Obama Girl! Like it or not!

Posted by kycee | Report as abusive

With Obamas war of hatred against America in full swing, and escalating, there isn’t a whole lot of humor going around about his presidential dreams these days. Being Americas greatest enemy from the inside isn’t anything anyone can find a happy future in. And America is only beginning to pay the price for his life in Washington DC that is still only speculation at best.

Posted by Freedom_Road | Report as abusive

Dear Reader,

HRC has 17,000,000 voters right? How many Reps. voted for her in the primary? I would never vote for any Clintons every again. The people has spoken? Hillary has lose the primary election, get over it! Looks as though her experience did not work in her behalf.

Posted by kycee | Report as abusive

people keep talking about foreign policy experience like the president runs the country from a box. Fact of the matter is the president has intelligence agencies, issue experts, educated confidants etc. who help gather information and he then uses his JUDGMENT to make national security decisions. Being in Washington doesn’t make you a better decision maker and we’ve already seen the results of John Mc’cains Judement and I for one don’t want another 8 years of it! Barak had the correct judgment to oppose GWB’s was and he has my vote for it.

Posted by solu | Report as abusive