Bush Sr. praises McCain, muses about history and his son

July 22, 2008

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine – Former President George H.W. Bush doesn’t advise his son, won’t criticize Barack Obama and wants John McCain to be the next occupant of the White House.

That was the gist on Monday after he hosted the presumptive Republican presidential candidate at the lush Bush family compound in Maine.

Bush, the 41st president of the United States, had nothing but praise for McCain, the man he hopes will succeed his son, George W. Bush.

bush-sr.jpg“My respect for him knows no bounds. He will be a great president. I’m confident of that,” Bush said of McCain.

Bush let the Arizona senator take questions about Iraq and other hot topics of the day, which McCain did. Asked to comment about the appropriateness of Obama’s high profile trip to Europe, Bush demurred.

“A little jealous is all,” he said, noting he expected Germany to give the Illinois senator and Democratic presidential candidadte a warm reception. “He’ll figure it out.”

And that was that. McCain had to leave for his next event but Bush appeared to enjoy the interaction with reporters, some of whom had covered him during his own White House years.

Some journalists poked around his property for a tour, which he was happy to let them do, while others stood and visited for a few affable minutes.

    1) the Cold War and former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev (“When are we gonna see Gorby?” he asked an aide.)
    2) Renewable energy. He pointed out a windmill on his property and bragged about the new Smart car belonging to his wife Barbara.
    3) And his son, the 43rd U.S. president, who is close to ending an unpopular term in office. Bush said he hoped George W. would spend more time in Maine once he left Washington and admitted he would miss the access he has had to his former residence and White House staff.

But does Bush advise his son? Nope. At 84, he said the current president didn’t need advice from an old guy like him.

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— Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (Republican presidential candidate John McCain and former President George Bush answer questions from reporters in Kennebunkport, Maine on July 21)


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Bush, Jr. is certifiably insane. He has said, on more than one occasion, that God told him to create the “Axis of Evil”, to go into Iraq and (he will soon say that God told him) to go into Iran. He and the homicidal maniacs the Neoconservatives actually believe that they are the chosen ones, who are meant to bring about Armageddon and the Apocalypse, along with the Second Coming & Rapture. If that is not sufficient grounds for Impeachment, then I don’t know what is. Apparently stealing two elections and lying about WMD has not yet been enough to Impeach.

Posted by OakRaidFan | Report as abusive

George Bush Sr. doesn’t need to “muse” about what history will say about him and his son Dubya……their legacy will far outlast them, which was probably their calculation. In history, I am sure THEY WILL NOT BE JUDGE KINDLY…Bush Sr. for the father that BOUGHT HIS SON THE WHITE HOUSE…and Dubya for avenging his father’s honor at a tremendous cost to our great nation. The jig is up…..and the sooner the media realizes that almost 70% aren’t buying the stuff the media is shoveling down our throat…THE BETTER.

Just like Corporations and the Government, the media is just too stupid to know when the JIG IS UP. Bush, McCain….and all the other FAT OPPRESSIVE SUPREMACIST MISOGYNISTIC WAR MONGERING (WHO DON’T SERVE) WHITE MEN…are history…like the Republican Party. Even the Evangelicals have smarten up to some degree…at least they realize when they are continually lied to and deceived for a vote.

Yet, the media always tries to hype McCain….another absolute moron that probably knows even less than Bush. If the Republicans wonder why they are the party everyone is running away from….all they have to do is look to their tired old crony example of leaders….and then there is no guess. The Republican Party was hijacked….and Republicans were not patriotic enough to take back their party from Neo-Con Pretenders. Now their brand is MUD AND THE HAVE NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THAT TUNNEL.

Enough with Bush, McCain, the Republican Party and all the BS lies, deception and propganda that comes with them. Long live the age of enlightment…..gone from us the dark age of oppression.

Posted by pj3360 | Report as abusive

George Bush senior was and is an ethical and honorable man. What went wrong with George Jr.?

Posted by geibelb | Report as abusive


He’s a mamma’s boy.

Posted by sara | Report as abusive

Perhaps junior will be remembered as an inept buffoon of monumental idiocy who extravagantly proved the point that being thick in the head did not exclude you from being the president of the USA.

Sadly, we are all the poorer for it and as for the Irag fiasco, that alone will be seen as Bush’s monument that personifies exactly where his mental faculties were coming from. :-(

The man proved that he was, is and always will be, the very worst US president ever to have disgraced the White House.

For me, it was the cant hypocrisy and the abject duplicity that summed up this politically banrupt dynasty dinosaur.

He was, after all, a man of many faeces.

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

pj3360 —

While I consider myself to be a staunch centrist, you clearly are an unthinking buffoon who gladly swallows whatever you are spoonfed by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Howard Dean and the like. While many conservative Republicans are certainly as you describe them, George Bush senior is by no means fat, oppressive (to whom?), or a white supremacist. Nobody has ever said any of these things about him. Couple that with your absolutely disgraceful ignorance of former President Bush’s World War II service, and it becomes clear that you are simply put the worst part of American politics; you a slave to an established and generally corrupt two-party system. So, go on hating every Republican who ever lived, as it is your right. Just don’t expect much respect from me, or anyone else who is able to see the relative merits of each party on a case-to-case basis. Oh, and don’t forget that McCain also served as a POW. Well, you’ll probably characterize that as some sort of pre-meditated PR stunt.

Still going to vote for Obama, just give respect and credit where they are due. These men have offered more to this country than most everyone else, so give them credit for sacrifice.

Posted by wem | Report as abusive

If you beleive that the abuse of power is limited to only the Republican Party you are a lunatic.

I fear Barak(no-name with no acheivements 4 years ago) who is suddenly the cure to every social, economic, political, and says: “yes we can” to anything else that is asked of him. Beleiving that this rookie has any of the skills and qualifications neccessary for administering the most advanced society in history makes you far dumber than the folks that beleived Bush was a “compassionate conservative”.

Personally I beleive that if anyone is going to make it as a candidate of either party in a presedential election they are corrupt.

But come on…..

Obama started his presendential campaign before he even finished serving his first term in the US senate. He is a pawn in someone’s chess game and otherwise he wouldnt be the democratic nominee for president. He spoke @ DNC convention in 04 before he even was elected as senator for his first term.

Acting like liberals are the underdogs and are the “picked on” political group makes all of you seem like you have your heads buried in sand. Bush is in the presedential bunker getting shitted on by every news agency in the world(fox isnt news). Barry Obama of The Whineocrats and World War 1 Vet of the Slobpublicans can offer us two choices for 08.

1. grumpy gramps
2. hopey dopey

Everyone write in your own name when you vote. Maybe if half of the electorate dosen’t vote for either one of these morons people will beleive their vote actually counts.

Sponsored by ME 08(I’m me and I support this message.)

Posted by Political Arsenic | Report as abusive

Hey PJ,,
here’s a news flash for you,, the media is 90% leftist liberal,, the stuff being “shoveled down your throat” is your own BS… (Obama comparisons to Kennedy?? um,, I think not,, you want to talk about wingnuts,, Obama and the flip-flop crew around him)..

All the media does is beat on Dubya… if you don’t like our country and the opportunities provided to earn your way,, then leave. Handouts and 40%+ income tax rates for all are readily available in Canada.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

For the last 8 years we have witnessed the gradual destruction of our American dreams and values by a misguided president named George Bush.
What we are witnessing at the present time is the birth of a great rational and pragmatic political leader named Sen Barak Obama. Sen Obama is young, smart with an impeccable education. A superb manager and an excellent decision maker. A very intelligent listener with the highest quality of all presidential values. With the above-mentioned qualities, Sen. Barak Obama doesn’t need to have 30 or 40 or 50 years of experiences to make us forget the miseries given to us by George W. Bush.
All those who are currently critisizing Sen Obama, have no qualified assumptions. They, such as: Mitt Rumney, R. Giuliani and even Old Man John McCain failed in their campaign. At the age of 72, Old Man John McCain cannot and will not be able to deliver any solutions to the current miseries of the American people. Old Man John McCain is indeed suffering from old age. Recently Old Man John McCain could not distinguish the border countries of Iraq and Pakistan. All comments that we heard from Old Man John McCain about President P. Musharraf and about Pakistan came out to be wrong. Old Man John McCain is wrong about Iraq, is wrong about Afghanistan, is wrong about Pakistan and Iran and has nothing to offer about our current economic disasters.
The undersigned is a Christian, American and Republican. Has a son currently serving in the U.S. MARINE CORPS. and lost a U.S. MARINE nephew in Iraq. Our current Republican Leadership is a disaster. Should Old Man John McCain occupies the White House, that will be a catastrophe to the current and future generation of America and the entire World at large.
God Save America the beautiful and the mightiest of all.

Posted by JOHN DEAN, A REPUBLICAN FROM FLORIDA | Report as abusive

Bush Sr. was a very honorable man..He stood up for Civil Rights in Texas as a Congressman despite widespread opposition from his constituency and even threats of violence. He served his country. He would never speak badly about any of his political rivals. He did not want to be drawn into mud politics. He was respectful towards everyone. I didn’t know that much about him until I watched the American Experience documentary that came out recently. I am sad he didn’t get a second term.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

One of the major evils in our world, bush sr. How could anyone say that he is Honorable, and ethical man. Sr. is quite the opposite. He isl New world order supporter and will do everything possible to break America. Honor to me(an American) is obeying your constitution and neither jr. or sr. have even came close to that. Americans have to stop being ignorant.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

This would be better titled: “Tales from the Skull and Bones Society.I keep reading these responses and wonder where these creeps come from. The media,are running this entire country and taking orders from some higher trash. How many people have heard any media support for Ron Paul? How many People have even read or heard where Ron Paul is coming from? No. The media take their orders from somewhere else and it certainly biased. If any of you were to read where Ron Paul is coming from, you would realize that the people who really run and operate America can not tolerate a man of his caliber and a platform such as he has put together. If you read his book on “Revolution” You just might see that the CFL and the neo-cons will not tolerate what he stands for. America has been a concentration camp without fences and barbed wire for a long time, The wire will come soon enough. The two party system is for the benefit of those too ignorant to see where the truth lies. Both parties are bought outright by the capitalists. America is not a Democracy, rather an outright Aristocracy. Just add up all of the millions of dollars these candidates rake in tax free to run their campaigns. If the common citizenry were to beg or solicit money in this fashion for the purpose of forestalling foreclosures they would be stopped and probably charged with some sort of crime, yet these politicians have a free hand in building up a pile of cash. Why? The rich and famous own America and everyone else is a pawn. There are no solutions to our problems, The country is too large and illiterate to do anything about it. They do not realize that politics are absolute power and absolute power corrupts. I wish I had thought of that. It is too much for the American masses to handle, so instead of voting for the lesser of two evils. I will just watch and listen to confirm what I already know.

Posted by Ralph Garner | Report as abusive