Is the media in love with Obama?

July 22, 2008

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain apparently feels just a little jilted by the media lately given all the attention being paid to the trip by Democratic White House rival Barack Obama to Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East and Europe.rtr20ejl.jpg

All three broadcast networks sent their anchors overseas to interview Obama during his travels. McCain has been maintaining his domestic campaign schedule, raising money and attending rallies in Maine, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.
McCain this week also tussled with the New York Times over an opinion piece he penned to respond to an op-ed Obama wrote about the Iraq war that ran in the newspaper. The Times sought revisions to his proposed piece, a request that McCain’s campaign rejected.

“The media is in love with Barack Obama,” the McCain campaign said in an e-mail to his supporters. “If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny.”
To generate a little of his own buzz, the Arizona senator’s campaign pieced together clips of television news talking heads (lots of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews) professing how enamored they were of Obama and discussing the media’s purported love affair with the Democratic candidate.
They put the video to the music of two different love songs — Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “My Eyes Adored You.” They asked supporters to vote for their favorite, and the campaign said the winning one would be aired.
Is the media infatuated with Obama or covering a legitimate news story?

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Photo credit: Top: Reuters/Brian Snyder (McCain in Maine July 21); Bottom: Reuters/Ali Jarekji (Obama in Amman, Jordan, July 22)


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This whole strategy sounds like another Karl Rove Big Lie campaign. The facts speak for themselves all of the media coverage is slanted in favor of McCain. He is Teflon-coated since every stupid mistake he makes is ignored or barely referenced by the media. CBS News on the other hand says that Obama’s popularity abroad could resemble that of Tony Blair who was disliked at home. They failed to mention that Blair was popular in Britain until he drank the Bush Kool-Aid.- Furthermore no clear effort is made to debunk the “surge success” since Iraq is quieter primarily because the US military has spent billions buying “loyalty” from the Sunnis and we have as many mercenaries working in Iraq as we have US soldiers. The media is dominated by conservative corporate forces and there is no “love affair” with Obama. It is a myth.

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McCain is just crying over nothing. McCain for a whole week told Obama to visit Iraq, McCain for a whole week attacked Obama on visiting Iraq, then when Obama does it McCain complains about it.
The media isn’t biased toward Obama, that’s just McCain trying to brainwash everyone into thinking that so that they slant toward him.
How is the media baise toward Obama?
Half of the media reports are anti-Obama.
Half of the media time is stuff like, “Is obama a muslim?” “Can obama do it?” “How will the Iraq trip hurt Obama?” “Obama doesn’t have experience” (even though obama has more experience then Reagan had before he was president). Besides that the media mostly covers Obama’s preacher or some guy Obama said hi to in the early 80’s and met once, or the media fabricates some flip-flops.
For example public financing and Iraq Obama never flip-flopped that was just the medias fabrication.
Not to mention hat the media doesn’t mention McCains 70+ flip-flops or the Keeting 5 scandal, the truth about the gas holiday and offshore drilling which even McCain has said will do nothing. Or McCain’s anger issues or calling his wife a c*nt.
The media isn’t biased toward Obama. McCain is just crying because he is losing.

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I think that’s the way it goes when you have a fresh, dynamic, bold leader verses an older, rather uninspiring Bush-clone.

Seems like this year McCain’s just playing follow the leader. So I can’t blame the media for not wanting to follow old news. Furthermore, McCain might be careful what he wishes for: with more media attention, his many gaffes might get the attention they really deserve.

Posted by greg | Report as abusive

NO…because he’s fainting that a VP candidate would be named was a play to get more attention which he has. Also this new vote for the song is a faint again…I read about a 100 stories in the last 1hr half…mostly all about his reacting to Obama attention. So about 90% of it is regarding him. As an Indian American I will state that he will not choose Bobby Jindal…the controversy for him would be that Bobby changed religion..even though every one he loves is not. Also he would as I assume would only be nominated as to prove the republican campaign is as colored as Obama…I am an independent and am very Wary of Obama…but for a change I am leaning toward Obama..I did vote for Bush last two times.

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“Obama! Obama! Obama!” John McCain is now the Jan Bradey of Elections!

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The reason that America is laughing at the MSM’s deification of Obama is that he has no credentials, no record of accomplishments, and no experience. He’s a classic liberal from Chicago, a political tool of the Machine. He’s a pretty face with a facile voice. He’s an Ivy league trained lawyer via the prep school circuit, whose only jobs have been professional activist and legislator who typically takes the moral vote of “present”. He has no loyalty to family or friends. He has no position that he won’t change for political expediency. In short, he’s the Ted Baxter of the election with only the shell of conviction.

So, pardon my laughter at your insipid question, as if any politician/media star gets the stunningly fawning coverage that Obama gets…

Posted by jkstewart2 | Report as abusive

Look at that, another whinning American!

I think the media should treat the candidates the same. Publish McCain’s response in the NYTimes. Publish all his “flip flops” the way he wants the media to track all of Obamas. Publish all his “mistakes” on foreign policy. Publish all his dirty jokes, and snyde remarks about women. Yes, I agree, the candidate SHOULD be treated the same!

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I watched the ad and it’s pretty good, but it also strikes me as risky. McCain has a long history as a media darling, so this looks more than a bit like sour grapes. There’s also the chance that you’ll simply agree with the media that Obama is a more charismatic, more inspirational leader, and that is a significant plus for him as a candidate for the American presidency.

I almost feel sorry for McCain. There’s just no excitement there. In the fall you’re going to have the pro-Obama vote and the anti-Obama vote. The only good news for McCain is that the anti-Obama vote is currently large enough to give him a shot at winning.

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Remember the straight talk express when the media fell all over McCain?I didn’t hear anyone complain then.We know McSame and the last 8 years was really enough.

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“During a question-answer session on Monday with Newsweek Magazine’s Evan Thomas, McCain felt so confident in front of the audience that he jokingly referred to the media as ‘my base.’ ”
— Jon Friedman, MarketWatch, Oct. 19, 2005

“Senator McCain, you know you’re in my heart!”
— Chris Matthews, Jan. 8, 2008

“The critique of the news media is particularly striking coming from McCain, R-Ariz., who has long enjoyed a cozy relationship with journalists. In 2000 and 2008, his Republican rivals accused members of the media of being too close to McCain…”
— ABC News, July 22, 2008

“McCain has even joked that the media is “his base” of support. It was a funny line, but there is an enormous truth at its core: the media has been hard on Obama but unbelievably light on John McCain.”
— Chris Weigant, Huffington Post, June 20, 2008

“In October 1999, for example, aboard the campaign bus, McCain referred to the Vietnamese as “gooks.” Not only did reporters not call the candidate on the use of the slur, almost none of them reported on McCain’s ugly word choice. According to one insider I talked to, there was a “gentleman’s agreement” in place — in exchange for access and freewheeling interviews, most campaign correspondents would knowingly look the other way from some of McCain’s more “candid” blunders.”
— Steve Benen, January 7th, 2008

Do I even need to mention the media-only BBQ suck up festivals? Or that positive coverage “earns” reporters better seating on the Double Talk Express plane?

McCain even said: “I would expect at various points, if I ran, to get some pretty good scrubbings from the media.”

So in other words, after years of being the media darling, McCain is throwing a hissy fit over someone getting the attention. Now it’s time for him to work the refs that used to favor him so greatly.

Phil Gramm was right — The McCain campaign has turned into a bunch of whiners, although I might not have that quoted exactly right.

IF there is a news story here, it is a question: how easily will the press get worked on this issue?

Posted by Jeremy Villano | Report as abusive

Perhaps it’s not so much that they love Obama as they are disgusted with President Bush and the Republican Party who have run this country into the ground over the past 2 terms. Obama is a beacon of hope to many who feel betrayed by the current administration and the party they represent.

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What a dumb question. Some are. Some aren’t. When you win elections, you get more attention than when you lose. Duh.

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It looks to me as if McCain & the republicans are the ones getting a free pass from the main stream media, as usual. If the media would have done their job and held Bush to the same standard as they did Gore in 2000 we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Posted by Robert Detwiler | Report as abusive

Geeze, is the media in love with Obama? Absolutely! Biased? You bet. There is a liberal bias for Obama! . He is articulate, a great speaker, young, attractive, what’s not to love? Not to mention the ratings they get as they cover the first viable afro-American candidate to the White House

Contrast the older, less articulate, more conservative McCain.

The press treats Obama’s trip to the mid-east as though he’s the savior of the mid-east crisis. Forget the fact he’s flip-flopped his position.

It would be interesting to see how often CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the major networks lead with stories with Obama vs McCain. I’d estimate it is 2-1. The there is the fact that the NY Times published Obama’s Op-ed story and refused McCain’s.

Call it bias, call it unfavorable coverage, call it liberalism, call it in love with Obama. IT IS REAL whatever you call it.

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We are so use to negative press with Bush that a positive approach to a candidate is almost a shock to our system. The problem is that we may not be getting the true and balanced picture of a candidate because of a liberal and/or star-struck press to the point it would be humorous if it weren’t such a serious election. Are there any true journalists or media people out there that are not controlled by a liberal press or so star-struck they can’t be objective and seek true answers not just mimic political rhetoric?

Posted by Dianne | Report as abusive

There is no contest in my mind between Obama’s intellect, communication skills and integrity, and McCain’s. I would equate his exceptional skills to Lincoln in that way – and I have never even thought that of anyone else.
And, not only does he know the law (he taught constitutional law for years) but he communicates ideas admirably (he won a Grammy for an audio book).
Additionally, I don’t mean to sound snobbish – I believe everyone has faults and should be forgiven them, however, McCain’s notorious and historical womanizing brings serious doubts as to his integrity in my eyes.
So, all in all, McCain is bound to get jealous of Obama, who really is a “golden boy” in the eyes of many Americans. I was impressed with him way back before he ran for President. Hearing him speak is pretty awesome.

Posted by Cathy | Report as abusive

I am so tired of John McCain complaining. Barack Obama’s trip overseas must be quite disturbing to him. Media is not showing favoritism. I just call Barack Obama trip well planned. John McCain could have done same planning. I do not want to hear he couldn’t attract coverage. Yes, he could.

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

Yes, I too have thought the same thing; that the media talk about Barack 9 times out of 10. I am willing to vote for any of the candidates that I think will help this nation, but I can’t make a choice if all I hear is one side. Jefferson could possibly be rolling in his grave, as we cannot possibly be informed voting citizens. As I jump from left wing to right wing media shows in an attept to figure out what really is going on, this just makes it harder. Please, mr. media, give me something a little more balanced, and less divisive.

United States citizen, Gthacher

Posted by Gthacher | Report as abusive

The news media is not just enamored by Obama, but incredibly blinded, blind-folded, on a blind date, going down a blind alley, to be blind sided, by a slick double talking blinder, in a game of blind-man’s buff in which he will prove that they are as superficial as he is, when the game is over. And you can’t figure why people are buying fewer newspapers, wasting less time watching TV news, which has become a pathetic (but very clever) daily campaign for liberal ideology which is rapidly leading us down the road to socialism. And you know what follows socialism.

Posted by LJ Sobel | Report as abusive

This is very real and very scary. I am an American and I know the press is biased towards Obama. The reason is that if you say you are against Obama, you are now a “RACIST” …everyone is afraid to say that Obama will be a bad president. I am not afraid. I would have gladly voted for Rice or Powel. Obama knows nothing of the Presidential position and it is scary that he may win. I was very for Hillary and very against Obama. I will vote McCain simply because I will not live in a country with a terrorist in the white house. Barak Obama is a Muslim, he is a first generation American who’s real roots lie in other countries. You foreigners who adore Obama so much are sooooo ignorant to what our nation is, you are just pissed about Iraq. We American are way more pissed than you foreigners, its our country that has gone to crap because of Bush. The mid-east will go to total ruin if Obama becomes president…so watch what you wish for, you just may get it.

Posted by Jeremiah T Shaw | Report as abusive

Obama is a good looking man, that is smart, articulate and represent best what we think of as great Americans. He gives hope to his generation, the generations that follow and hopefully those that predate him. He is the role model demonstrating that we can be responsible citizens who can rise above the current mess and be a legitamate and credible leader. Then there is his voice, style and charisma, genetic or learned, comparable to legends (Sinatra,JFK)and you wonder, who would not want to be around this guy… what is there not to be attracted to.

This man is one who much like the first president can say he is there not due to his father or family but because of them.

Compare that to McCain. I am sure he is a good man and I do like him based on what I saw on “The Daily Show w*” before he started his second bid.

Posted by R Logtenberg | Report as abusive

In answer to your question about the media being infatuated with Obama, my observation is absolutely they are. Todays events alone had me really annoyed!!
All morning long CNN covered Obama without commerical interruption. But at 12 noon Mc Cain was doing a Town Hall event that got interrupted and CNN never came back to finish the town hall meeting. Totally unfair!! I’m really annoyed at it too.
The American People have a right to listen to both sides without bias to any party or canidate. I don’t hold to either party and vote my mind on the best person i feel can do the job. Without knowing the other side; How can one do that??

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Oh, waaaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah. I knew kids like McBush in junior high school. They had nothing to say, no promise, no accomplishments, no friends–so they cried that everyone ‘liked’ good students better. Well, maybe they did. Because they were smart, productive, attractive (and I DON’T mean ‘pretty’) and creative. It wasn’t favored treatment. It was deserved positive responses.

Posted by deeppeace | Report as abusive

McCain himself made a big deal over Obama’s foreign trip. McCain should shut up about Obama if he doesn’t want the press to talk about Obama so much. Whiners are losers.

Posted by Bosley | Report as abusive

The answer is “Yes” the media is head over heals in love with Obama. Only the rabid ACORN, anti-war, psuedo-intellectual Obamamaniac would answer otherwise. What really galls me is that we even contribute tax dollars to PBS for their starry-eyed coverage of Obama. So much for the notion of a critical press that helps vet the qualifications and suitability of candidates for major office. We have now crossed over to a purely entertainment based media and, unfortunately, our leading candidate for President is running like a contestant on STAR SEARCH. God help us!

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

gthatcher, the problem with McCain is that he doesn’t do anything except complain about Obama and repeat the same things over and over. The press cannot be expected to give McCain equal time, because Obama just has more energy to travel and do newsworthy things. You want press coverage, you need to actually go places and do things.

Posted by Bosley | Report as abusive

I thought it about Obama vs Hillary and now it’s happening with Obama vs McCain.

The media has already picked their winner.

Posted by michael | Report as abusive

Yes, the media is madly in love with Barak, planning their days and nights around him like teenagers with their first infatuation. It is Puppy Love, the kind of love where reality and logic to not matter. “Ah, I’m in love, I can’t sleep unless he looks at me, pays me a glance….” They text their friends, “OMG, he talked to me!”

Media advertisers just love this Puppy Love phenomenon! Obama appeals to the same set that buys Bratz dolls for their kids, and spend as much as they can on their kids’ wishes and wants. (Media, above all, are capitalists, but for their socialist reporters).

The New York Times is suffering readership losses and need to appeal to the Bratz doll set, nuff said about their rejection of McCain. ABC, CBS and ABC have lost so much ratings, they are also excited about this Puppy Love phenomenon. Reporters? They need their jobs. Period.

One can only hope that the adult American public sees Obama for what he is: Nobody.

Posted by Lyn | Report as abusive

The media has had their nose up Obama’s butt from the beginning. Most of what comes out in print is hot air.

Posted by Jan | Report as abusive

Bias? Are you kidding? The media would have us all calling him President Obama if they could get away with it. I am simply disgusted with the media bias. I wouldn’t wipe my backside with some of these newspapers, they are completely unreputable.
If you want unbiased news coverage, you have to really look hard, but the biased news coverage is all too easy to spot. Why should I trust them to tell me the truth when the only thing they’re interested in writing is their opinion?

As if I ccouldn’t tell the difference between the two. For shame!

Obama is going to lose this election by a wide margin. The press is scared.

Posted by Penny | Report as abusive

Does McCain actually believe that the media favors Obama, or is he just dishonestly re-articulating the conservative fantasy of our media’s “liberal bias”? After all, John McCain is a principle-less, flip-flopping man who has publicly admitted that he will lie about his beliefs and opinions in order to deceive voters into supporting him ( 009 has the details on his Confederate flag flip-flop). Yet this supposedly liberal media wants to believe that John McCain is actually a principled maverick that support a position even if doing so costs him the support of voters.

Posted by Eric L | Report as abusive

What John McCain doesn’t understand that it is not the media that has a love affair with Barack Obama, It is the American people who have a love affair with Barack Obama.

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

The media is market driven. Obama on a world tour is exciting. We want to see Obama in action on the world stage, we want to see him interact with foreign leaders, we want to see how foreign leaders react to him, we want to see how people around the world respond to him, and we want to see how he thinks about issues in these sections of the world. We can watch Obama visiting all these dynamic places and interacting with these important decision-makers, or watch John McCain in a townhall meeting with a few local senior citizens. Which station do you think we are going to watch? Which newspaper story do you think we are going to read?

After all, it was McCain who challenged him to take the world tour, now that it is in progress, he starts crying that he is getting not attention?

The press doesn’t care about Obama. He merely brings all of us to the press, like few have done before. We have broken the meter on cable news, and anything that comes out from the trip is going to be read!

So lets be real here.

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

The NY Times revision request is not about liberal bias at all. The GOP has been using emotionally charged phrases such as “stay the course” and “victory in Iraq” for years. As the party has refused to define what, precisely, “the course” is (presumably it’s a course _to_ somewhere) or what would constitute “victory in Iraq,” these terms have just served as a smokescreen to confuse the public. The NY Times is simply doing its job to prevent vacuous rhetoric from paralyzing the electorate. At long last the war-hawks are being called on their deception.

It’s profoundly irritating, honestly, that Obama is dogged for the charisma and energy with which he proposes real policy when its his opponents who have made political careers on deceitful policy proposals.

Posted by John Pate | Report as abusive

I read both Obama and McCain’s op-ed pieces for NYT and must say McCain had every right to at least try to retaliate. Obama took shots at McCain every chance he could and continualy asserted the McCain is Bush proxy. Why was this acceptable and not McCain’s response?

“Unlike Senator John McCain…..”

“Instead of seizing the moment and encouraging Iraqis to step up, the Bush administration and Senator McCain are…”

“They call any timetable for the removal of American troops “surrender,…”

“But this is not a strategy for success…”

“…misguided desire to maintain permanent bases in Iraq…”

“Unlike Senator McCain, I would…”

“those responsible for the greatest strategic blunder in the recent history … ignored useful debate in favor of making false charges about flip-flops and surrender.”

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

The media were in love with Bill Clinton and now they want to ride Obama too. They can do wrong. It reminds me of all the German hysteria for Hitler. They were crazy for the guy. Hitler’s campaign was also all about change.

The great wizard Obama will wave his Obama-wand and solve all problems. What joke.

Posted by JB | Report as abusive

Gee, so the media is in love with an exciting candidate with ideas that the majority of Americans (and it seems the the rest of the world) seem to agree with!

Get over it!! Seems to me that Obama is just running a much better campaign than McCain. Hey McCain camp — grow up, quit your whining (ala Gramm) and just deal with it.

Posted by lucas | Report as abusive

It is shameful to see the media’s over exposure of Barack Obama foreign tour. Senator McCain, stay focus on your message…do not loose your mind.Be strong !
Like the Bateke of Congo say “Whatever the speed of a naked man, he would never loose his testicles”
Guy Blaise

Posted by Guy Blaise | Report as abusive

All great powers in the world have fallen, we are next. We are a country of Whimps, most want something for nothing, why work when you can sue someone. Why have our laws when they are not enforced. Pass more laws seems to be the plan of our Law Makers. With Obama the end will just come sooner. The only change he cares about is to be elected.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

It has never been the job of the Opinion editor of a newspaper to tell the submitter what they should be writing about.
The Opinion Editors job is to edit for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure to make that person’s opinion more readable… not to tell them what they should be writing about.
That’s why this stinks.

Posted by John Abbott | Report as abusive

The NY Times revision request is not about liberal bias at all. The GOP has been using emotionally charged phrases such as “stay the course” and “victory in Iraq” for years. As the party has refused to define what, precisely, “the course” is (presumably it’s a course _to_ somewhere) or what would constitute “victory in Iraq,” these terms have just served as a smokescreen to confuse the public. The NY Times is simply doing its job to prevent vacuous rhetoric from paralyzing the electorate. At long last the war-hawks are being called on their deception.

It’s profoundly irritating, honestly, that Obama is dogged for the charisma and energy with which he proposes real policy when its his opponents who have made political careers on deceitful policy proposals.

– Posted by John Pate

Vacuous rhetoric and smokescreens to confuse the public like, “Change” and “Yes we can” or “charisma and energy with which he proposes real policy.” Exactly what is different about a liberal promising to forcibly confiscate the earnings of the most productive members of society to fund all the wants of the lease productive?

If the “Paper of record” (what a joke) is truly objective and interested in fairness at any level, why do they not trust their own readers to make the judgment about McCain’s piece? It seems the NYT is telling it’s readers just what they think of their intelligence by blocking them from forming their own opinions.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

“Get over it”. Now that is funny, as it was exactly what the communications director for the Clintons’ said last night on O’Reilly. So, the fact is that democrats do admit that Obama is a media favorite and treats his coverage as such. It killed Hillary. But when McCain brings it up, he is whinning. The double standard is quite interesting. Just like the Times, the NY Times is a liberal mouthpiece and has lost all credibility. I canceled my Times Mag subscription. I would like to subscribe to the NY Times, just to cancel it, as well.

Barry will find (paraphrasing the quote) he can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people, all the time. At some point, he is going to have to stand up in front of the American people without a teleprompter and try to explain his positions.

Posted by al | Report as abusive

The coverage on obama from the “news” organizations has been shameless. Journalistic integrity is an oxymoron. I can see that the libs are going to be pissed again when their guy loses. Unbiased ROFLMAO !!!

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

I’m realizing now that yes, maybe the press is enamoured of Sen. Obama. Maybe that’s because they’ve been deprived for so long of a candidate who can string together a sentence properly. What bothers me more about the MSM is that they’re allowing McBush so many free passes on the (a) lies or (b) mess-ups that tumble from his mouth EVERY TIME he opens it.

Elections are contests. They’re comparisons. This candidate is more [whatever] than that one is. But that one is more [something else] than this one. It’s almost impossible to contrast without comparing and – duh – Obama wins everything except the ‘Hoo boy, did he really say that?’ award.

Posted by deeppeace | Report as abusive

[…] Obama’s Middle East trip comes to a close, many are wondering whether the media is having a love fest with Barack, who McCain aides sarcastically call ‘The One.‘ Today, while McCain visited […]

Posted by ‘The One’ « Calanoni | Report as abusive

Obama’s reverend was covered by the news everyday after the sermon about white people. Everyday on every channel going over and over about whether Obama was really a racist or not.

McCain was endorsed by John Hagee, who has repeatedly called the Catholic Church the “Great Whore,” who thinks women who take control of their household are “fallen women,” who believes that New Orleans deserved to be destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and who thinks the Jewish people deserved the Holocaust because God wanted them back in Israel.
How much press coverage did that get. Nothing. No huge day to day coverage over whether McCain is sexist, anti-Semitic, etc. Nothing. Where the hell was the “liberal media?” No where to be found except possibly in the imagination.

Makes me wonder if the reason McCain gets only a little coverage is that there would be too many disappointments.

Posted by Paleo | Report as abusive

Obama said of McCain that being a pow is not a qualification for becoming president… well neither is being black!

Posted by whosawake | Report as abusive

[…] has ramped up its anti-Obama campaign lately and the media (the same people who were supposed to be in love with Obama) have eaten it up. I can see where McCain is coming from: sure, Obama may be wildly […]

Posted by Obama and McCain on Taxes – | Report as abusive

I thoroughly agree with the news today that the MEDIA loves OBAMA. Ever since pre-nomination running against
Hillary Clinton the media always praised and put OBAMA
ahead. How can a Senator for such a short time with no
accomplishments run our whole country. Just because he
can make speeches doesn’t make him a good candidate for
PRIVATE LIFE. Why don’t they go after him after hearing
all the terrible things his previous Pastor said about
United States. They didn’t keep that up forever did they? Just look at all your previous reports including

Posted by DOLORES CLARKE | Report as abusive

The media is biased. I am glad the McCain campaign
noticed that the MEDIA is all for OBAMA. It is sickening’to watch. I was going to vote Democratic
but I can’t stand the attention OBAMA gets with the
MEDIA and I am just a citizen. Charisma doesn’t make
a President of the U.S. I want someone to lead our
country with honesty, integrity and experience. They
talk about Sarah’s inexperience tell me what has OBAMA
done except talk. I do not want him to be elected
President right now, I don’t think he has enough
experience to run this country. Personally I also think
the Men in this country can’t stand the idea of a woman
running for anything. I saw with my own eyes and ears
the MEDIA just praising OBAMA.

Posted by DOLORES CLARKE | Report as abusive