House rules help Obama family stay organized

July 23, 2008

WASHINGTON – In case you were wondering how the Obama family keeps an orderly home while juggling jobs, presidential campaign, school, gymnastics, soccer, piano, dance, drama and tennis, People magazine has delved into the matter and found an answer: house rules. 
The magazine this week said it interviewed Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama and his family in their Chicago home earlier this summer and came away with seven rules that keep the family organized and happy.
They are:
1 – “No whining, arguing or annoying teasing,” says wife Michelle Obama.
2 – Make the bed. “Doesn’t have to look good-just throw the sheet over it,” she says.
3 – Set your own alarm clock. “They get themselves up, get their own clothes,” says Sasha and Malia’s grandmother Marian Robinson. “They’re very easy to take care of; there’s not much left for me to do!”
4 – Keep playroom toy closet clean.
5 – Allowance from dad for doing chores: $1 per week.
6 – No birthday or Christmas presents from mom and dad, who spend “hundreds” on birthday slumber parties and, as Barack puts it, “want to teach some limits.” Says Michelle: “Malia says, ‘I know there is a Santa because there’s no way you’d buy me all that stuff.'”
7 – Lights out at 8:30. “They got an extra half hour when they were ready to read on their own,” says Michelle.

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Photo credit: Reuters/John Gress (Obama with wife Michelle, elder daughter Malia and younger daughter Sasha at an election rally May 20)


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WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!

Posted by MICHAEL MORETTI | Report as abusive

The Obama family are people who live in my former neighborhood. I have a lot of pride as a former Chicagoan, and as an African American mother of 2 sons and 3 daughters. When I was raising my children as a teenager and young woman in my twenties and thirties I needed a family model to immulate. Now as a great grandmother I can say for others that this is a very nice barometer for all families who can use some modeling for parenting. In the past I lived in poverty and ignorance about parenting, and since then I was able to become educated and am now a woman with the means to go places and do things. Whether Barack becomes President of the United States is not the issue as much as how much of an impact he is now making on Americans and people the world over.I enjoy learning about his family life. Blessings to everyone.

Posted by Barbara Walters | Report as abusive

He says he regrets putting his girls on display with Access Hollywood, then he does THIS? He truly is Both Ways Barack.

Posted by Taylor | Report as abusive

In response to Taylor – questioning Obama’s commitment to keeping the kids out of the spotlight:

The fact is that the People interview was completed the day before the Access Hollywood segment.

Obama remains consistent.

Posted by susan | Report as abusive

this so horrible.

how can you treat your kids like that.

they are growing up with the possible new presadent of the united states and they get $1 a week for alowence, that is bad. I mean when I lived at home i got how much a week to how old i was, so if at the time i was 15 i got 15 dollars a week for allowence.

and no christmas or birthday presants i mean come on, at least i treat my kids with joy. i mean you have to appricate and respect them. you need to give them presents, you know that shows you respect them.

well yeah.

Posted by susan | Report as abusive