Are you going to the conventions in St. Paul and Denver?

July 28, 2008

convention.jpgAre you going to the Democratic convention in Denver or the Republican convention in St. Paul?

This year’s nominating conventions are poised to be some of the most exciting and newsworthy in decades. And because of new technology and online distribution, entire elections can now hinge on moments captured not by traditional journalists, but by ordinary citizens and those closest to the action.

Reuters is looking for participants in a new mobile journalism project that will capture this year’s conventions from the ground up. We will be equipping attendees with video cameras, and helping them to shoot footage from their own perspective and upload it to and other sites.

We hope to capture an unseen side of the conventions, from those most involved — delegates, donors, convention volunteers and others. Unfortunately we can’t provide passes into the conventions. But if you already have plans to attend, or know someone who does, email for more details.

Even if you’re not going to Denver or St. Paul, what kind of coverage would you like to see? What questions would you like on-the-scene reporters to ask? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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It is ironic that we still are throwing allegations against Obama when we all have enough evidence to prove our points. Any man that has a wife who indicates that she is proud to be an American (for the first time in her adult life), has been affiliated with a Pastor who has preached anti-American sermons (if you can call them that), had refused to distance himself from the Good Old Preacher until it was politically necessary, and has his subs telling the rest of the world that we are all racist and xenophobic when we bring this to the public’s attention is NOT in my estimation worthy of the highest office of the land. I need to make clear that I am a Democrat, refuse to vote for McCain, and strongly believe that the media acted as a contagion in getting this man to be the nominee. He did absolutley nothing wrong in their eyes and could only find fault with Senator Clinton (Oh, did I mention I am a male?). It is of my opinion, whether anyone cares to hear it or not, that Senator Clinton should still attempt to get a roll call at the Convention to show this country just how many millions of people voted for her, and to prove to the Country that contrary to the media’s take, Obama did not pull a slam dunk. The media needs to get honest about the fact that out of the last 15 Primary Races Senator Obama won four; Senator Clinton won the rest. They ONLY way I will vote for this ticket is if Hillary is provided the VP slot.

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Why are you people so frenzied? The conventions really mean nothing. The protests mean nothing. How old are you? Never been through this before? You already know who’s in on both sides so just chill out, wait for November, and then pick someone. Or if you’re like my household – both stay home because you’re just cancelling each other’s vote out.

one way or another, come January we’ll have a new president. Until then, why waste your time?

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I would like to see coverage of the Rally for the Republic. The people that will be attending this event and those who are hosting/speaking are TRULY interested in making this country better, NOT in the glam and glitz of conventions. Campaign for Liberty and the Rally for the Republic should most definitely be an event of interest for Reuters.

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Obama is not a patriot. He will not salute the flag, he wouldn’t wear “that pin”, he looked down and there was a change in his voice (sign of deception)while saying that he found Jesus while speaking about the reverend W and the list can go on and on. He is just another politician. He did what he had to and associated with who he had to and changed his colors as the deemed necessary to get to where he is at today. There is nothing special about him. A great number of people voting for Obama are doing it for all the wrong reasons like Guilt, race, party affiliation, gay and liberal movements, and the list can go on. Never mind the inexperience, shady affiliations, thrash talking USA. Never mind his flip floppy self. Pay attention, he is chaining in the topics that have hurt him. Topics that at one time he so eloquently illustrated and smoke screened people with. He has people around him constantly advising him on what to say and change on. This is probably one of the reasons he will not go against McCain in town hall debates. People choose not to listen to the facts that give shade to Obama and totally dismiss them. Any fact that makes Obama looks bad is an attack, an assault or a racist remark. America! wake the hell up. In the end McCain will be the next President and we will be OK. If you challenge my first statement you are probably French. Semper Fi!!

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Why vote for an Obamanation? Media will not look into Obama’s past associations or voting record. Why?

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I would have rather voted for Hillary then the empty suit Barrack Hussein Obama! He wants you to inflate yours tires so that your car will float along life’s highway, while ignoring real solutions. Drilling for more crude oil will increase supply while lowering the price at the pumps! Obama’s ego is over inflated! So vote McCain and not for Hussein….PERIOD.

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All the partisan blather below ought to convince Reuters that “ordinary citizens and those closest to the action” are incapable of being anything close to objective. It’s a sweet, idealistic (and money-saving) idea — equipping citizen journalists with cameras. But is anyone left standing who can see beyond their own self-interests?

Read the junk that follows and get back to me… ;-)

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I have a question that I would like to have asked of both candidates.

What is being done about the voting booth fraud. We need a real paper trail to be counted. If this problem is not fixed, then we won’t really know who REALLY won. Which I believe happened before in the last election or two.


Martha Woodbury

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For the past 2 1/2 weeks, I’ve been working on the Electrics Crew, then the Video Production crew for the DNCC in Denver. I’ll be working with the Video crew for the remainder of the convention. Nobody has been brainwashed. No one is being coerced. There are massive Audio, Video, and Conferencing packages being installed to facilitate open debate on the convention floor, and to tabulate votes in real time. All of this is being handled by some of the most professional and capable technicians, engineers, riggers, carpenters, and electricians in the production industry. Security is extremely tight, and everyone involved has been through multiple background checks.

Whatever happens, this will be an event to remember, and I’m glad I get to be a small part of the production.

To those who think it’s all “staged” or somehow “faked” – you’re delusional. If you can’t lay aside the emotional baggage and see beyond the partisan hype long enough to put your country above your imagined “team spirit”, you’re not worthy of the vote which is your birthright. If you don’t believe it’s worth the effort to get involved, you have no one but yourself to blame for the outcome. Grow up, stand up, and be a part of the only activity that sets us apart from a dictatorship – VOTE.

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It is so obvious that Obama will be the better president. I don’t understand and excuse my language, but I don’t understand why the HELL would people be voting for McCain when he is going to do the same thing that George Bush is doing. I bet some of you all in here that is voting for McCain have family over in Iraq dying all because of a no man and a no reason war. Look into the facts about how the war got started. McCain is going to end up doing the same thing and asses like you all that is voting for him are going down also. You want to sit up there and complaint about why the cost of living is going up, why gas prices are going up, why people can’t find jobs and so on. This is why I don’t understand why people are voting for McCain. The theory is if they don’t have any lips they lie too much and they will turn around a bite like a snake. People don’t use their heads, but want to complaint. Our economy is already screwed up and for people like you all that are voting for McCain, it ain’t going to get any better. It don’t take a rocket scientist to know that McCain is no good, he tried to hange himself because of stress, what type of shit is that. To set the record straight to the person that said that they won’t go into Barack Obama’s history, they did and he had more acheivements than McCain would ever have you just don’t watch enough of t.v. Another thing is that remember the devil knows the Holy Bible best and that is what you all are voting for a damn devil (McCain). He don’t care about anybody because he is all for Bush. This is really pissing me off, because it don’t make any sense that people are not getting tired of going through what we are going through now. If you think about it, the one’s that are voting for McCain maybe the sameone’s going to Iraq to fight a bloody and sweaty war and hope or feeling that they will make it another day, but hey vote for McCain if that is what you all want. The man don’t even know what he stand for running for president and he even let that be known on television, he couldn’t answer. I can’t say anything about you all’s religion, but I can say that you all do not think at all. Another thing neither of you that are voting for McCain love your country. Our ancestors had to fight hard just to set our country free and all you all can do is run it down by the wrong choses that you all make by you all’s votes.

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Get ready for Hillary as VP. Obama needs her and her 18 million voters now more than ever…

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I will be at both conventions as a student journalist from the University of Utah along with 4 other students and 8 students from China. We might like to participate. How do we get more information or contact you?

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Go?? NO WAY, nor will I watch any of the insanity. Sad that U.S. choosing president has degenerated to this.

What crap: I want professional coverage of this important event; not that of amateurs. Anything to save a dime, eh?

obama is the right presidential candidate of our time.

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Who in their right mind would go to either of these hideous events. Both of these so called candidates are hopeless and offer NOTHING for the American People.
I just hope that we can all come together as Americans and brave through another horrendous presidency with either one of these clowns in office.

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I think is it funny how poeple get pissed at Republicans for actually making money and doing well for themself. I had a teacher in high school and one in college who said look at how pissed off others get at people with money. I didn’t understand until I got a little older. I watch people say this guy can’t be President of the United State if he has 7 houses or Tax the rich more. Believe me they tax the rich a lot more than middle class. You should be happy that you don’t have another free loading welfare case to have to support. It is you the democrats that whine more about taxes then the republicans. Guess where your taxes go…to the free loading welfare case down the street who is democratic bitching about taxes that she is supported with. How stupid. You democrats keep on sticking together.

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Blackwater is at the RNC. I work near the Police station in St. Paul and I saw one of thier Vans there on wednesday.

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Please ask these questions:

What is your position on the Federal Reserve? BE SPECIFIC!

What SPECIFICALLY do you plan to do about the Washington lobbying firms?


I am a proud America expatriate. I am an Independent voter and I choosing to vote for the DEMOCRATIC ticket this election 2009.The very best thing that can happen to American is OBAMA and BRIDEN. For THIRTY years I have watched my country change from a positive to a negative force in international politics. The last eight years with horror: BUSH’s behaviour and actions starting with not agreeing to KYOTO ratification and population development, followed up by his stupidity not to act with respect for the people of New Orleans during Katrina— These three actions clearly demonstrated to Europeans, Asians, Africans and others that American government does not care about the world body or its own people…..
America has lost its way to lead in a positive way for “ALL WORLD PEOPLE”. Before BUSH and BUSH presidencies the world thought in a positive light about AMERICA===they saw and came in large numbers to receive their “AMERICAN EDUCATION’ because it was the best. And, they learned first hand about America from inside our country ( HOW MANY AMERICANS HAVE STUDIED ABROAD for FOUR OR MORE YEARS AND LIVED AS AN EXPATRIATE AND LEARNED FROM OTHERS? These people left because AMERICA used to provide the best training. But today, foreigners are being denied student or residency visas, and choosing other locations for study and work. And, view their denials as the spin off of 911 discrimination and BUSH ADMINISTRATION STUPIDITY. There exists now a total disrespect for the REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION of GEORGE BUSH ( NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AS INDIVIDUALS BUT THIS GOVERNMENT). If AMERICANS do not make change and elect the Democratic ticket of OBAMA and BRIDEN, the world will shake a finger of ‘SHAME ON YOU’ and think of the American people as equally as stupid as its government. I fear for this, because I know we, the Great America, will not for many many years obtain respect or support of the world body. And, to those of us who live abroad representing AMERICA it remains important to have our country lead….. both for ourselves and our world. We are not stupid, but we are very vulnerable by our decisions. I believe it is only the ticket of OBAMA and BRIDEN that will carry international diplomacy and make positive CHANGE for the future. THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY TWO INDIVIDUALS who have the temperament and demeanor to handle international affairs. PLEASE VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC TICKET… its our only way forward.

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agreed… but you Jenna must of typed too fast because elections are in 2008! You are already there with OBAMA and BRIDEN elected as PRESIDENT and VP!!! The only way forward is the Democratic ticket. They are the only people that will have any chance of influencing “WORLD CHANGE”. To keep our power we must elect these people in 2008!!!!

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the gop convention should be interesting.

they are so against affirmative action and this is token token token all the way.

not sure how they are going to justify
and say shes ready to lead when the ailing mccain doesn’t last.

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Just do something to show what a joke the Democrats are! Lets drill for oil in Alaska,Florida,and Miami too!
Lets increase global warming,not slow it down.
Kill the whales,make paper out of the trees.