Are you going to the conventions in St. Paul and Denver?

July 28, 2008

convention.jpgAre you going to the Democratic convention in Denver or the Republican convention in St. Paul?

This year’s nominating conventions are poised to be some of the most exciting and newsworthy in decades. And because of new technology and online distribution, entire elections can now hinge on moments captured not by traditional journalists, but by ordinary citizens and those closest to the action.

Reuters is looking for participants in a new mobile journalism project that will capture this year’s conventions from the ground up. We will be equipping attendees with video cameras, and helping them to shoot footage from their own perspective and upload it to and other sites.

We hope to capture an unseen side of the conventions, from those most involved — delegates, donors, convention volunteers and others. Unfortunately we can’t provide passes into the conventions. But if you already have plans to attend, or know someone who does, email for more details.

Even if you’re not going to Denver or St. Paul, what kind of coverage would you like to see? What questions would you like on-the-scene reporters to ask? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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We can’t afford to go to the convention, but we made a music video to support Barack.

Please check it out: 84



Posted by Tony Oppenheim | Report as abusive

Louisiana Broker wrote:

THE AUDACITY of an inexperienced, presidential wannabe …

Well “Barry” is winding down his sensational photo-op throughout the Middle East and Europe. He’ll soon be heading home in his freshly, repainted plane (where the American flag was purposely removed) and all of that great film footage…garnered by “the press” for him…will be carefully selected and edited for future, campaign ads.

This Chicago “Tom Slick” really missed his calling in life. He should have headed to Hollywood from the mean streets of Chicago and embarked on a movie career … brilliantly “playing” a presidential roll on the screen (pre-scripted).

It takes an empty vessel to be a great actor … one that can crawl into any roll and play it out convincingly. It’s the stuff OSCARS are made of.

When I saw how “Barry” pulled off that “I Am A Citizen Of The World” speech in Germany … I saw an OSCAR winning performance in Hollywood. And…I could see “Barry” snapping his gum, nervously … in the limo … on the way back to his hotel room that night … getting playful slaps on the back from his HANDLERS … telling him “you did a great job kid … we bowled um over out there today.”

Yes, I even heard rumors that his advance men made sure there was a rock concert nearby that day, with plenty of free food and beer…where attendees could easily be herded over to his site…when the cameras were ready for the big MONEY SHOT…just like they did in Oregon a while back. I think they call it “backdrop expense and management.”

It will be interesting to see now…how this HUGE EXTRAVIGANZA plays out…back home…with the ignorant, gun-toting, Bible-thumping people in the heartland of America.

Are they really too stupid to “get it” or will they peg this constantly-morphing, fact-dodging “Changeling” for what he really is: An ACTOR from Chicago who has been CHOSEN to play the roll of PRESIDENT — not only of the U.S. — but of THE WORLD !!!  ?rsrcID=2036

Posted by EAST COAST | Report as abusive

Sorry to join the others in being off-topic, but that last comment is a pretty ridiculous and childish attempted argument against an Obama presidency. The man was editor of the Harvard Law Review, reached a point at which his life became dedicated to public service, and yet your main strategies are to make fun of his name and make the ridiculous claim that he’s more elitist than John McCain (who owns SEVEN homes, wears $520 shoes and is married to the heiress to the Anheuser-Busch fortune, a.k.a. Malibu Cindy).

You call him a “constantly-morphing, fact-dodging ‘Changeling,’” yet it’s John McCain who’s shamelessly flip-flopped on issues MORE THAN 70 times: pflops

As far as the “fact-dodging,” how about the outright lying about Obama that McCain has begun to do after previously pledging to lead an honorable campaign?

He accused Obama of canceling a visit to American troops at a German military hospital because the media was not allowed. That was actually a lie. And, says the New York Times, the McCain campaign had “ignored Obama’s unheralded visit to a combat hospital in Baghdad.”

The Times says “Mr. Obama has distorted Mr. McCain’s record at times, but Mr. McCain’s false charges have been more frequent: that Mr. Obama opposes ‘innovation’ on energy policy; that he voted 94 times for ‘higher taxes’; and that Mr. Obama is personally responsible for rising gasoline prices.”

I don’t think your arguments are going to work against sane people who are looking for the leadership and the respect for the rule of law that America so desperately requires.

Also, you or whoever wrote that comment above simply sounds crazy. That won’t help your cause, either.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

He would never pick Hillary, and she is too smart to take it. He ain’t gonna get there. She is free for the next go-round. The Senate is where it is going to be for four years—Hillary vs Obama, a continuing primary for the next four years in the Senate.

Posted by maudgonne | Report as abusive

Hello Adam.

I am interested in the new mobile journalism project.
My web creator and I have maintained a grassroots Obama website since October 22, 2006.

featuring Barack Daily Buzz, Obama on Tour and Obama TV.

Also post my Buzzes on, Obama Rapid Response, Barack’s Inspired Phone Army, etc.

I will be attending the Denver convention and hope to
participate in your project.

Michael Collins

Every person in America ought to fear an Obama presidency.

It certainly scares me, and gives me the chills just thinking of it.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

I won’t even tune in. let alone go.A lot of wasted time and money.

Posted by Doris | Report as abusive

I’d love to go to the Democratic convention. I always watch the conventions on TV, and the Democrats always have the more interesting of the two. I’ll watch both this year, as usual, but it would be great to see the Democratic convention in person.

However, I live 2,000 miles away from Denver, and it’s probably too late to score tickets. No matter. I can do my part to make sure Obama gets elected this year. I was petrified of the last two times Bush took the presidency, and I was right to be. Continuing Bush-style rule under McCain is as scary as it gets. When a candidate talks about using martial law in America’s cities, I get scared. We all should be scared of McCain. Do you want soldiers marching down your street? The man is insane.

It’s all staged like the WWF wrestling matches.
Everyone gets their script. People are just really sick of all of this. Obama will just finish what Bush sr, Clinton, Bush jr and his minions started. Until we all end up in concentration FEMA Camps being Gassed! We’ll just get a kiss instead of a kick before we go. They all work for the Rothschilds.
We have had free energy since Telsa, but they want to tax us for breathing. They are parasites on humanity.
When is it all genocide, wars, starvation, nuclear pollution, Drilling for oil, GMO crops, poisoning, vaccines, splicing of animals just going to stop?
Lord hear my prayer!

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

I will be there on two separate days but not in the convention proper but if outside journalism is any help to you, I can do it.

Posted by erica calkins | Report as abusive

Mindless babbling from the obama crowd. If his name was “Bob” nobody would care about him. Why do flaming liberals addicted to the odd, obscure and insane?

When all the illegals in states like Wisconsin and Florida vote for Obama for the never-ending handouts, and the payoffs from the elite for his REELECTION campaign happen (any small business will die under the insane costs of national health care, let alone the new taxes he will punish us with…ending competition from The Little Guy, a repeat of the market crash of 1929 where the biggies bought up everything)

Stupid people that love Obama for no reason other than he isnt Bush will soon be worse off than ever, but TOLD they have it good. If anything goes wrong, obama will blame it all on Bush, just like Clinton blamed everything on REAGAN of all people.

Posted by Nobama | Report as abusive

I have read that video cameras and even photos taken by phones will not be allowed at either of the conventions, and that security will be super-tight at both of them. I live in Minnesota, and I will not be going to the Republican convention because I’m not a Republican. Forget the convention, the action will be in the streets! I’m going to go there and document what I can — how protestors are treated and the protests themselves. I’m very concerned that the police will be joined by private security firms like Blackwater. I’m very concerned that police will be armed with tasers and tear gas and will be using them. I hope to photograph as much as I can of what happens. I’ll be there for two days and will be attending the anti-war rally at the capital, the March on the RNC, and the concert, and probably the march on Day 2. There will be protest marches all four days. The first day’s protest march will be the largest! We are concerned about being penned in “Free Speech Zones”. I invite everyone to come to St. Paul Minnesota and join us in protesting. We need as many people there as possible!

I won’t be going to any conventions at all, as they are known by all to be staged, to me, it’s really not worth the 8 hour drive to Denver.

I live in a small town where it’s genetically bred into the populations DNA to be a staunch Republician. There are one or two quiet rebels around with Obama bumper stickers.

If I was allowed to vote I would choose Mr Obama, but not being a citizen the choice is out of my hands.

I’m English, we all moved here six year ago.

I have made arrangements to be out of state during the republican convention. Non-violent civil protest is not only a right but essential to democracy however: destructive violence and shouting abusive language is criminal. Most importantly nothing the protestors do or say will change the minds of any of the delegates or candidates. This is not 1968, and the only likely outcome is seroiously messed up traffic on 35E and in Saint Paul. People want free speech? why not blog it? start a flash momement. Even better got something to say say it on You Tube. Nothing to see here move along

Posted by Dawn Chawanano | Report as abusive

Can’t wait to see all the fringe Lefty loons on the streets of this beautiful city. I will be out with my video camera capturing the idiots in all there assininity. The loon is the state bird but we may want to CHANGE that once these Leftists protest all their irrelevant causes. We will carry a few of our own signs that will be over the heads of the uneducated:

“It takes a Communist village to raze a country”.
“When Obama is Prez, there will be no CHANGE for a dollar.”
“Lets give Communism its 1000th chance”.
“Obama lied, Hillary cried”
“Bring the troops home from Germany”
“Be humane, unhang Hussein”
“Two Americas!…double our welfare payment.”

Again, sorry for being off topic, but i’m torn. i grew up in a Democratic household, who thought welfare was great, but i think of myself as being conservative while holding the need for being humane and having a degree of empathy, there needs to be a balance.

However the current GOP isn’t producing those ideals or the process is definitely slow. There’s more arrogance and self-concerted motives than there is boldness. Sure, they sound off promises just like every party but there’s little product. The current Democratic party has gotten way way more left… i’ve only been alive for 24 years and even i recall the difference.

Obama, shows himself to be more of a socialist. We all know countries that are (at least i hope we do). And ppl i don’t want 60% of my pay checks going to Uncle Sam, no matter how much of i may love him, i need to have the ability to feed and clothe myself before i’m capable of mustering up enough energy to help my neighbors. And why shouldn’t it go both ways? Just because someone’s poor doesn’t mean they should have the right to pick how much they want from me. I should have the choice in how much i contribute to their needs not the other way around.

Sadly and by default i’ll be faithful to the GOP. i rather have a president who’s interested in the USA more than his global appearance or trying to be the next limited-Jesus addition. fyi, if you don’t know this by now you ought to, no one’s been able to meet the promises Obama’s been sounding, what makes you so sure that with him elected we’ll have a more prosperous and happy nation?

oh and btw… i’m more interested in seeing the response of the attendees. There might be moments during each candidate’s speech that might be appealing, but since i’m a bit pessimistic towards our national progress, i think those speeches will only cause me to be more cynical and aggravated. Thank you for a chance to respond.

To the above, britteny Tang,

It is clear that you have the completely wrong idea about socialism. “That it only benefits the poor” or you don’t want them deciding how much money they get from you.

Take a look at the way socialism works in France. All people benefit, not just the poor. I forgot, could you remind me what is wrong with helping those in need? That is the exact problem in the united states, we only look out for ourselves. The me first, I, mine, nation, who cares about others. The united states probably wins the award for most selfish nation on the planet. And believe me, we have it good, really good. The fact that you can buy clothes and food at all is a blessing. Our priorities are far out of balance, and one day soon there will be no choices, it will be far too late.

I suppose you only support socialism when it is for the good of large corporations and billions of dollars are involved, read below:

“The regulators should investigate themselves for bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the creditors of Bear Stearns and the financial system with new lending facilities. They have swapped U.S. Treasury bonds for toxic securities,” he told Barron’s. “It is privatizing the gains and profits, and socializing the losses as usual. This is socialism for Wall Street and the rich.”

Posted by Christine | Report as abusive

Item first: Kudos to Reuters for taking steps to plumb the process of a ship in desperate seas. The press is the fourth and ultimately most important power in a democracy. Only a government of informed citizens can address the issues of the day with the vitality of conviction. To hand this power back to individuals is not only timely because of the advances of technology, but revolutionary.

As a nation, we have migrated from the indie-owned opinion publications that flourished in our infancy, to the propaganda machinations masquerading as news, owned by large corporations. These mis-information media-roids are operated for one purpose…the bottom line…to sell you something. This change has been to the detriment of our nations literacy, as made obvious by a large percentage of the responses above and the predilection of a populace ready to elect leaders based on “high-school-aesthetics” over substance. So thank you again for the chance to educate each other. I hope this proves to be a glorious moment in journalism for you, as well as the people of this country!

Item second: Questions I would like to submit to the candidates and platform developers of the two parties:

1. What can you do get rid of the corruption of our process by large/wealthy corporations?

2. What will you do get rid of the corruption of our process by large/wealthy corporations?

3. Will you put that in a binding legal contract?

4. If not, when do you intend to – a. surrender to authorities and/or b. remove yourself from the process? Because to paraphrase the current mouthpiece, “You’re either against it, or you’re for it.”

Posted by swafo | Report as abusive

I’ll definately be at the Dem Convention. Can’t avoid it with my rickshaws rolling around the city during the event. I’d love to offer a unique perspective from the seat of a pedal cab. Count me in!

I live just outside St. Paul and think that the story will be the 3000 police/militia force (there to intimidate demonstrators). Hopefully, with Reuters help, the evaporation of the bill of rights is recorded as a memorial.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

This election will be about one thing only: undoing the damage caused by the republicans during the last eight years and replacing as many of them as possible with people from other parties. The perspective of the Reuters bloggers should be with this eight-year tragedy in mind. Just look at any of the sites dedicated to reporting the ongoing republican corruption such as

for a refresher on just how much damage has been done to our country and our world.

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

People always fear the unknown, especially when fed a one-sided monster story that plays on their emotions. I will be attending the St. Paul and Denver conventions for a web based media firm and I am willing to consider

I’d like to see coverage of the Rally for the Republic (   Please equip someone with a ticket to that w/ a videocamera.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive


Obama must not become president for the sake of this country!

People who support Obama please give me at least ONE reason why I should vote for him? Foreign relations? Achievements? Experience?

If you have any common sense you will vote for Senator McCain or a third party candidate.

Posted by richard | Report as abusive

I am going as a dnc member elect with the democrats abroad delegation. I would love to participate in this project. How do I find out more?

I am attending Rally for the Republic and have a complimentary ticket from the Leadership Summit, and I’m hoping we have the reserved floor seats. There will be eight of us there together, and we would be happy to man a camera. It is sure to be more lively and interesting than the RNC. Tucker Carlson is MC and speakers include Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul.

Posted by gnk | Report as abusive

Income tax, inflation tax, gas tax…undeclared wars,propaganda filled media, lies lies and more deception…maybe republican vs democrat is really fascist vs socialist, maybe it is time for real change.

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

Hi Adam,
Going to Democratic Convention with credentials.
We are the votefromabroad team who made the following
video with democratic activists and guest star Gwyneth Paltrow that launched on the web on Monday: watch it on YouTube oo

I am interested in participating in your mobile journalism project.

Christine, Aug 5, 2008 Reply.

I don’t think you understand socialism. as good as it may seem to you for everyone to be equal and happy cheery it doesn’t work like that. You want to use france as an example well there technically insolvent or BANKRUPT just like The USA. So it doesn’t work, sharing and caring is great but the whole American ideal used to be that it was choice and volunteerism etc. that helped out people, not the government dividing things up the way they want and controlling the lives of their citizens, and thats where things go wrong.

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

I am going to Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic just before the Republican National Convention. I think at least one of your “reporters” should cover that as well. With over 10,000 people in attendance it will be quite an event. In additon the conflict between NeoConsercative types and the Grassroots conservative movement will never be more defined than now. Either way I am offering my services.

Posted by n8 | Report as abusive

I am amazed at these so-called educated people who rant on and on about how affraid they are of Obama. No one is afraid of what the other alternative is? Everyone should be afraid of that man and his temper, of what this contry will continue to be if we don’t elect Obama. To be so ignorant as to make fun of his name and to not TRY to understand and want a change from the craziness we have now to me is the result of insanity. When you continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect differnt results …..insane !

Posted by tc | Report as abusive

I’ll be in Denver as a volunteer at the Democratic National Convention, I am a trained journalist, and I’d love nothing better than to cover my ground-level view, and the massive acceptance speech on that historic “I Have a Dream” anniversary. Please count me in.

WE need to get the information that the media don’t publish or edits, we want to see the low level features or the reality of the people coming there, not the top ones but their associates, that is the way we can understand the real image of the Top running giants.

Posted by Abukar | Report as abusive

How do you get tickets to the convention? I want to show my support for the real winner – Hillary.

Obama was selected by the DNC not elected by the people.

Posted by Andi | Report as abusive

I am interested in this journalism project. I live in Minneapolis and work in St. Paul. I am interested in a chrnical of how the convention will affect the large homeless population near the convention site. Please contact me to discuss further.


Posted by Tia | Report as abusive

Only the brain washed cult-like dolts will vote for the wrihkly old white haired man,( John McCain) as Paris Hilton has described him. Good description! His friend, Bush has put this country in the worst mess it has ever been. I don’t understand why ANYONE would want to walk into the horrible mess we are in with the current greedy, brain-dead Senate and House bunch. They are ALL one huge mess!!
I want to go, to Denver, but only to march with protestors about all the illegal alien moochers that are here.

Posted by Patricia | Report as abusive

I would like to know that should oil and gas prices fall again, is the candidate and the party going to remain active in promoting alternative, non-polluting and non-global warming enegy alternatives?

Posted by Jim Mendelson | Report as abusive

what is the party’s stand on reducing global warming pollutants?

Posted by Jim Mendelson | Report as abusive

Really this program is a great I idea. All of you should take part of it so that we can see even more of your one sided views. I mean come on I really think we need more single mindedness on this discussion of a project that is meant to bring the american politic closer to together. Go home LEFTY, stuff it RIGHTY; admit you have all failed and admit that maybe we need all of what you are all saying not just because everyone wants it some it but because the politic needs it. You all need schools, roads, protection for all forms of your welfare; not christians, communists or righteous indignant moralists facists. WE NEED HELP, from all sides, but we can’t cause the extremist wanna kill the extremist. Help prove this wrong. Go out and shoot examples of how great everyone is and not the horror their zealousness; which you have gutted out onto the screen already. How ugly you are.

Posted by werellama | Report as abusive

One commenter suggested that he was concerned that the police would be joined by Blackwater to fight the Minnesota protesters.. That is the most insane delusion I’ve heard in a long time. The whole world is not some conspiracy hatched by Bush. Get over it. The sixties are over. Obama wants to raise taxes and is ignorant about basic economics (i.e. windfall taxes.) For those reasons, I’m voting McCain. I can’t afford to vote for Barak Hussein Obama. The only ones that can afford to vote for Obama are the people that stand to gain a handout from the Socialist Messiah. I just donated $10 on It isn’t much, but it’s a start. $10 to McCain will save the country billions in taxes.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

Who cares about the effect of the convention on the homeless? Gas is $4+ per gallon because the Democrats are afraid to drill for oil, yet we are concerned about the homeless? The homeless don’t drive — they’ll be fine. It isn’t like they are starving to death. They’ll get along as they always have.. by begging from people that actually work for a living.

Posted by Brian in KC | Report as abusive

Obama’s energy plan is simple: let’s run our cars and businesses on rainbows and sunshine. Paris Hilton has a more coherent energy policy than that empty suit! I have a dream too.. it’s that Obama’s incompetence and ignorance is exposed before we’re stuck with him as President. Nancy Pelosi and Obama ought to hug each other. Maybe that will increase the oil supply.

Posted by SuperAcidJax | Report as abusive

Wake up sleepers McCain-Obama Obama-McCain …
It’s all the same. There is only ONE TRAIN!
Sit on the Right side – Sit on the Left side.
Pretend like it makes any difference.
Who’s the new engineer sitting up front this time?
Pretend like it matters.

Get the picture => the tracks have already been laid down, and this train is heading in that direction.

What it takes to get out in fron to the train and lay new track is NOT HAPPENING.

So hope for change, and watch how fast it gets rearranged. The machinery of Empire Building goes forward!

I think this project is fabulous and I would have loved to participate; however, I signed up in fall to volunteer at the Democratic National Convention — then never heard anything about whether I’d been chosen.

Then I learned any prospective volunteers would be expected to attend a training session in Denver in July, which would have necessitated two trips out there from the East Coast. Nice work if you can afford it.

However, I like this idea to harness grassroots talents. It will broaden the kind of coverage offered. I’ll be watching from home, applauding my candidate, Clinton.

Posted by Betsy | Report as abusive

i am homeless and multi disabled
just got a section8 voucher returned the paper not help/supports or hope of the actual accessible housing.
ill be lucky to get back home to renew the battle for the med psyche housing shelter VA help there .

I hope there is Someone able to represent the medical social agency non profit disaster thats too often increasing homelessness and health problems for disabled.

Posted by dc matthews | Report as abusive

Do you want coverage of the Rally for the Republic at the Target Center as well? This is where the real action will happen – freedom IS popular!

Neither party’s convention will be anything more than a scripted show. There will be no floor fights over the platform. There will be no opportunity given for delegates to raise issues or make nominations from the floor. No open debate between the delegates will be allowed under any circumstances.

I could write an article now about the GOP convention outcome based on the party leadership’s behavior at most of the state conventions. I don’t have to be there to tell you that they’ll listen to a bunch of speakers bashing Obama and the Democrats while lying about their commitment to conservative principles; they’ll all hold their nose as the RINO John McCain is nominated; and they’ll baaaaa like sheep for whoever he picks as VP. That is of course, if the delegates don’t wake up to their total disenfranchisement, call a RUMP, and move it on over to the Target Center!

Posted by Danielle | Report as abusive

The mobile project sounds interesting but I will not be attending the convention. My suggestion would be to get someone who would cover a reality inside look at the conventions, like what people talk about and is it all politics and cheerleading and who they meet. Also, cover what they do at the convention other then get ready to nominate and listen to speeches. Have them to interview people in different age brackets, with questions that make them think outside the box such as,.. “if you had all the money in the world to fix a single issue would it be the gas crises, cancer, poverty, hunger or terrorism?” Maybe interesting to see the one that gets the most answers.

Posted by R Rodgers | Report as abusive

I’ll be there… outside the conventions, where the real action is going to be and the living politics of the nation will be expressed. Particularly, I’ll be in the streets of St. Paul. If Reuters is brave enough to cover that, I’d be happy to help out.

Posted by Kathryn | Report as abusive


Some of those hoping to wrangle a seat for Barack Obama’s Convention speech were told this week they have to put in six hours of volunteer work for his campaign BY FRIDAY to have a shot at a ticket.

One Denver resident said, “It’s not fair. It’s elitist. And they need to practice what they’re preaching.”

Doing the volunteer work only makes someone ‘eligible’ for a ticket and doesn’t ‘guarantee’ one — according to the phone message from the campaign.






Posted by WE NEED TO REPLACE DEMS IN CONGRESS! | Report as abusive

“An ACTOR from Chicago who has been CHOSEN to play the roll of PRESIDENT — not only of the U.S. — but of THE WORLD !!!” Really, Lousiana Broker? Substitute California for Chicago, and how would the differ from REAGAN?

Posted by Anthony | Report as abusive