McCain’s epiphany: Obama thinks he’s a political messiah

August 1, 2008

Barack Obama’s soaring rhetoric on the campaign trail has given rival John McCain yet another epiphany.
Not only is Democratic presidential candidate the most popular celebrity in the world, not only has he injected race into the election, but he also must think he’s some sort of political messiah.
That’s the message the Arizona Republican put in a new video sent to his supporters.
“It shall be known that in 2008 the world will be blessed. They will call him The One,” the announcer intones in a voice of reverential authority.
The text of the one minute, 14 second video strings together phrases and pictures loaded with religious imagery and uses them to ridicule lines from Obama’s high-flying speeches.
“A light will shine down from somewhere. It will light upon you. You will experience an epiphany and you will say to yourself, ‘I have to vote for Barack’,” Obama says.
In case you missed the point, McCain trots out Republican icon Charlton Heston in his role as Moses in the epic movie “The Ten Commandments.”
“Behold His mighty hand,” Heston shouts. And as the actor raises his staff to part the waters of the Red Sea, Obama’s presidential-style seal comes swirling through the waves while a chant of “O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!” swells in the background.
The video comes at the end of a week in which McCain has turned to negative attacks and ridicule in an effort to blunt Obama’s advantage in the polls for the Nov. 4 election. McCain’s campaign accused Obama of injecting race into the campaign and said he was attention-grabbing celebrity, more popular even than Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Obama has fought ridicule with seriousness.
“It’s downright sad that on a day when we learned that 51,000 Americans lost their jobs, a candidate for the presidency is spending all of his time and the powerful platform he has on these sorts of juvenile antics,” said spokesman Hari Sevugan.
“Barack Obama will continue talking about his plan to jump-start our economy by giving working families $1,000 of immediate relief.”
“We were having some fun with our supporters,” McCain told a news conference.
“I don’t think our campaign is negative in the slightest.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts (Obama on Capitol Hill July 29)


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As a Christian I am sickened that McCain thinks it alright to have “fun” comparing Obama to Jesus Christ.

Has he lost his mind or is he just anti-Christian?

Do we really want he and his frat-boys in the White House poking at peoples’ religions for “fun”? Anyone worried about the potential for an international incident because of their religious mockery of others?

With McCain and his disciples of dirt, it could happen.Vote no. Give tolerance a chance.

Posted by McMary | Report as abusive

John McCain is showing his true colors. It is obvious to me he does not have any respect for Obama and conveying these feelings with the ad. He is a phony who is hiding behind an air of respectability because people continually refer to his military service. What bothers me is that mocking a man who has accomplished so much in life in a relatively small period of time is undeserved. McCain need to stick to issues and refrain from childish taunts. It is obvious to me Obama is the only adult in this election.

Posted by Flojo | Report as abusive

Oh, my goodness.

Old John is flailing and there is not a windmill in site.

If ever there was a reason to shorten the campaign in America it is John McCain.

Posted by Richard McDonough | Report as abusive

McMary – are you serious? Are you saying that this ad is the first time you have heard Obama compared to Christ? This has been going on for weeks by the mainstream media – WEEKS – and you either haven’t noticed, or you just got back from a relaxing vacation in a cave. As offensive as it is, don’t limit your offense to the person you hate while excusing those you typically agree with. The whole point here is that McCain’s ad was poking fun at those people who have been making those comparisons.

Posted by breeboo | Report as abusive

It’s about time someone pointed out how pompous and full of himself Obama has become. Very funny.

Posted by Fred Miller | Report as abusive

Umm.. the point of the commercial is to mock the fact that Obama has brought on these Messianic references himself. Listen to any one of his speeches, and he has this overtone that he is the chosen one to lift up “a people.”

I’m Christian too, and I don’t find it offensive whatsover to my religion. McCain isn’t trying to bash Christianity, he’s trying to poke fun at the self-infatuated candidate that is Barack Obama.

Hopefully people actually start looking into Obama’s policies and how they will affect our nation in the next 4 years, rather than getting sucked into his empty rhetoric. If he’s so worried about the economy, then maybe he should take a lesson from Reagan and bring the tax level back down to a reasonable percent. Not the 70% top rate he’s proposing. Talk about crippling the economy.

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

“I don’t think our campaign is negative in the slightest.” Baffling, outrageous, and entirely predictable words coming from McCain. The guy and his campaign have completely checked out on reality and now live permanently within the neo-con echo chamber, exactly like Bush and his cronies.

Posted by Bane | Report as abusive

The last four ads have told me far too much about just what kind of man John McCain really is. He’s a liar (falsely accusing Obama of not visiting wounded soldiers in Germany because he couldn’t take reporters with him), a juvenile whiner (Obama is a celebrity of no more substance than Britney or Paris and his supporters are nothing more than drooling groupies), and now a blasphemer, ridiculing Obama and comparing him to Christ.

I have to wonder, has Senator McCain regressed to adolescence? Because these ads are so…so…well, if one of my teenagers had done something like this, she would have been grounded for months, just for being so disrespectful.

Worst of all, these four ads tell us everything we need to know about the temperament of the man who wants to sit in the Oval Office next year and represent the people’s best interests. Is that the kind of guy you want with his finger on the nuclear trigger. If he acts this immature and jealous during the campaign, is this how he will govern? I’m afraid it is, because these ads reflect very badly on the man.

Posted by windrider | Report as abusive

Obama has been acting as if he is the “Chosen One” for some time now, and the media has been eating it up. So what is wrong with McCain’s people simply throwing Obama’s words back in his face? If Obama can’t take the heat of a few jest-full campaign ads how would he react to the real pressure of the Ovaql Office?

Posted by Mike McAtee | Report as abusive

McCain has been forced into a corner because of his inherently weak presidential campaign and because of immense success of Barack Obama in Europe. McCain is now saying over the top political propaganda. His campaign has become a spectacle of negativism in his attempt to topple Barack Obama who on the other hand must defend himself everyday from absurd accusations from the McCain TV ads. Are these low down tactics going to continue to work in presidential campaigns. I remember catching Rev. Maggis, the TV evangelist one night in 2004 before the election saying with all his heart and soul to his audience that if they did not vote for George Bush something terrible was going to happen.
I couldn’t believe it when I recently saw John McCain laughing and saying he was amused at his terrible and false TV ad accusations against Barack Obama.

Posted by Carole H. | Report as abusive

How many times at rallies or small campaign events has John McCain miss-spoke about something?

I think the man’s inability to keep facts straight and his willingness to shoot from the hip would cause irreparable harm when (not if) he disses a foreign head of states’ religion by making in inappropriate attempt at humor. His sense of humor is very much out of touch – he’s perspective of the world is that of a 72 year old. The world has changed and he’s has not changed with it.

We need a Statesmen when dealing with foreign heads of state, as Barack Obama has so eloquently established that he IS such a statesmen during his recent tour of the Middle East and Europe. The reason Barack Obama was so well received is that the world is begging for fresh start in international relations with the United States. Barack Obama is NOT a rock star, NOT a messiah, NOT a celebrity. He’s the much needed “Statesmen”, that the President of the United States should be.


“I don’t think our campaign is negative in the slightest.”
McLame was done at word #3.

Posted by Dr. Dave | Report as abusive

While McCain says it is only fun , Rome Burns.
Are we to forget the 10 trillion $ national debt?
The record deficit? The Jobless? The inflation?
The recession? The elderly trying to get by on
their savings? On and on of the Bush / McCain
lies ??? God help my Grandchildren if McCain is
elected president. WWii vet.

Posted by westexacan | Report as abusive

Its frustrating to see the McCain adds because they are sophiticated as the taunts of a 5th school yard social bully yet they will influence a significant number of voters towards McCain. Thanks for dumbing down the discussion John. Jez

Posted by Eric Doberstein | Report as abusive

As a Christian, I find Obama rallies to be more similar to a church service than a political rally. McCain is just repeating Obama’s words. Obama is the problem. Listen to his words. He believes he is the Messiah.

Posted by G Halley | Report as abusive

McCain is just having fun with the silly pompous rhetoric that Barack uses daily

Posted by George Q | Report as abusive

McMary misses the point entirely. It’s Obama that portrays himself as the Messiah reborn and vastly improved to boot. (“We are the person that we have been waiting for”.) If that’s not proof positive that this man has delusions of grandeur of the first order, then what are you looking for, an Ascension or two?

McCain is only accurately noting Obama’s Messianic images of himself.

Posted by Bill M | Report as abusive

Added to this, Obama started negative ads before these fun ads from McCain began. I can point to several against McCain that were in different states. Obama is the one changing his words and breaking campaign promises (remember, I will accept public funds no matter what). You are just upset because McCain is using his own words and actions against himself. Face the facts, Obama is a GREAT politician — not someone who is going to change things.

Posted by G Halley | Report as abusive

I think you either missed the point of the AD or you chose not to listen. If you will notice, the AD does liken Obama to some Messiah. The AD points out that Obama himself has likened himself to some political messiah, and the AD rightly questions whether that is so.

I am a Christian as well, and find myself really questioning who to vote for in this election. For me, this election is truly turning into the selection of the lesser of 2 evils. As a Christian, McCain would have to be the lesser of 2 evils. The question I think you have to ask yourself, as a Christian, is what answer would you give to Christ if you were standing in front of Him and He asked you why you voted for Obama when he obviously stands against basic truths mentioned in the Bible. McCain isn’t exactly a shining Christian example but I do think a selection of McCain is easier to explain. Just ask yourself, what would Jesus think of Obama’s support for partial birth abortion? or of his close radical left associations with the likes of Bill Ayers (a known terrorist) or Jeremiah Wright who condones the killing of babies solely at the whim of the mother or father? May I remind you that one of the primary reasons God allowed Israel to be overtaken by the Babylonians over 2000 years ago was the sacrifice of innocent children to idols. Sounds a lot like what happens today where mothers (and fathers) choose to abort their unborn children to the idol of convenience.

You mentioned tolerance. Tolerance is not the issue. As a matter of fact, tolerance in this day and time is just a code phrase for “Shut up Christians, we are tired of hearing what the Bible says.” As a Christian, we shouldn’t be espousing that kind of tolerance because what it yields is tolerance of all other beliefs except Christianity. That is not what the Founding Fathers wanted and that is certainly not what Jesus wanted either. True tolerance would be the environment that the Founding Fathers intended to create in a Christian based nation that allows people of all races and religions to live and worship peacefully together, and does not single out Christians as intolerant of other faiths simply because they believe in the basic tenets of the Bible.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

All Hail our Mighty King; Barak Hussein Obama. Kneel in his presence; lower your eyes.

Kind of has a ring to it doesn’t it?

Sure, One ring….to rule them all!!!!!!!!

People, you asked for a King…….that’s what you will get…

Posted by Trevor | Report as abusive

hey… you can’t have it both ways… Obama supporters have exhibited hero-worship in their adoration for him… now they have to withstand the scrutiny that comes with taking such an extreme position on any person or thing… if you can’t take it, maybe you don’t truly “believe”

Posted by lili | Report as abusive

Judging by all the teeth gnashing and shrill outrage from Obama’s supporters, the commercial is apparently quite effective.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

If this is McCain’s attempt at ridiculing Obama, he doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. Image is everything, and McCain is just giving voters more reasons to vote for the guy in the video. McCain is doing a great job at campaigning for Obama.

Posted by Johnny | Report as abusive

John McCain does not have a clue on how to run a campaign! His plan is to belittle his apponent. Instead of offering a well thoughtout plan on “anything,” Mccain stays in the sandbox as a 5th grader trying to beat Obama with 5th grade language. Mccain’s record in the Senate is anti POW and anti anything for the vet – Look at his voting record! It cannot be changed.

Ah, Mr. Rove, so nice to see you’ve come back…

Posted by Jake | Report as abusive

“I don’t think our campaign is negative in the slightest.” – John McCain

John McCain stating he’s proud of his campaign and the way they’ve been operating shows he is full of himself. And that would convince me to believe he’s being very negative. Just one point that many of my fellow Americans fail to realize is that yes, we do have the overall choice of who’s elected next president, but – at the same time the entire world is expecting us to get out of Republican rule and elect someone who is charismatic, honroable, intelligent, and can unite people to get things done! Think of how much more respect we’d receive from fellow peoples if we were to elect Barack Obama instead of John McCain! I am embarrased quite often from the way foreigners view us because of the present Administration. Not that I’m a perfect man – but I do know morals and I live by those day to day. It is depressing to know that there is so much ignorance in my country. People foreign to America: There are still good people in this country – don’t give up on us! We’ll soon eradicate the “hill-billys” and the “trash” that makes up roughly 85% of our population. Oh yes – it’ll be so sweet…

Posted by J. Houx, OR | Report as abusive

What a great ad.

I love hearing all the democrat whiners on this one. What’s the big deal, the man is acting like the chosen one.

Here is a great idea, Obama stops speaking to crowds in Germany and tries to seriously discuss how to help fix things here. If McCain is so full of it, Obama should take up McCain’s offer to debate him.

After all, if McCain has nothing to say Obama has a chance to prove that he is all he claims. WHY NO DEBATE MR. OBAMA????

Posted by Ernie | Report as abusive

I think a lot of Obama supporters are upset about McCain’s recent comments/advertisements because earlier in the campaign season he pledged to run a positive campaign, not one clothed in spite and personal attacks. So far I haven’t seen any such personal attacks coming from Obama’s camp…

Posted by Matt S | Report as abusive

Obama is a shell. Why can’t anyone see the guy has no substance? McCain is saying exactly what half of America is thinking. The other half of America is soaked up in either:
a. “I hate republicans”
b. “White guilt”
c. “Absolute Ignorance”

A lot of Americans are down right stupid to believe Obama will bring back manufacturing jobs, universal healthcare (that works!), and save the rest of the world. People are condemned for pointing out the obvious.

Posted by Toonces | Report as abusive

I have been following Obama and McCain the last couple of weeks and I fail to see how people are coming off that Obama is anymore egotistical than any other presidential candidate in the last 200 years. What you want him to stand up there and say, “well im not all that great. but you should vote for me cuz …well…. ”
Freakin Morons, McCain is doing the exact same thing that Obama is; he is trying to convince the US that he is a great and wonderful man who is smart, caring, basically an all around good and competent guy, though his political ads say otherwise.
At least Obama is acting like a man and not a child who is angry that he isnt getting all the attention.
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH OBAMA HAS MORE FRIENDS THAN I DO WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOOHOO” is this really the man you want running the country? another idiot who lets his emotions get in the way of clear thinking.

Posted by gabe | Report as abusive

>We’ll soon eradicate the “hill-billys” and the “trash” that makes up roughly 85% of our population. Oh yes – it’ll be so sweet…
- Posted by J. Houx, OR

Now, if a conservative talked about “eradicating” America’s GLBT population or the African-Americans population… that’s bad.

But a liberal fantasizing about racial genocide is A-OK.

>hey… you can’t have it both ways… Obama supporters have exhibited hero-worship in their adoration for him… now they have to withstand the scrutiny that comes with taking such an extreme position on any person or thing… if you can’t take it, maybe you don’t truly “believe”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I am a deeply religious person, voted republican for decades. This ad is distasteful and mocking what I believe in. I am deeply offended and while I don’t vote for barack I won’t vote for McCain. He simply is not a religious man by taking our donations and spending it on comparing him with our Lord. It is blasphemy and I would have expected more. My friend has lost her job, 3 kids, no husband. While I see solutions presented by Barack, McCain is having fun with his Britney stunts and blasphemy games meanwhile his people are starving and in dire need of a solution.

I am deeply troubled that this is the best we have to counter the liberals. God save us all, and having our hard earned dollar’s spent on blasphemy that is offending to many of us is a shame.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

McCain’s campaign is surprisingly fun and fresh. he is enjoying himself and his Obama videos are onestly creative and very funny!
On the other hand, Obama was against drilling yesterday and for it today and he is going to raise taxes on your employer and tax “big oil” 65 billion dollars and on and on and on….
I think Obama is, and I mean this is truly my take, my opinion… a half-baked socialist who can’t even articulate his simple-minded, vaque, tax-and-spend environmental whacko message. Besides, after his mentor, Reverend Wright, no thinking person would vote for Obama.

Posted by Larry Clifton | Report as abusive

McWhiner has totally lost it. He wentt from someone people thought of as a honest, trustworthy person to a old grumpy man calling names. Whats next, is he gonna say Obama has cooties and likes girls?
Grow up John.

Being shot down doesnt make you a hero, it makes you a bad pilot.

Posted by Joe AMerica | Report as abusive

I think it matters less who the person is. A president heavily relies on how he can manage to get something done. So the ability to surround himself with quality people is crucial and much more important then the personality.

Obama has proven that he can run an excellent campaign, that is focuses and can take down the mightiest symbols (clinton). So I expect him to do the same in the white house… he is likely someone who can get stuff done. Picking the right people managing it correctly.. and the polls prove it.

McCain on the other hand never really got going. He wasted half a year with a bad campaign, while the liberals were fighting it out, and now he has the style of a 5 year old. He seems to me like those senile seniors that love watching cartoon again… and that would be ok if he’d know to leave the decision to others.. however it seems that the type of ads.. .britney, paris, messiah… is a heck of a lot of fun… but honestly all I see in those is Obama’s face… And yes I am sure he thinks that funny, but it proves that his management style is non existing. His campaign is a mess, unfocused, unguided. He can’t even talk straight, has no clue about many issues, gaffe’s about iran bomb bomb bomb iran… just show that the people he chose don’t know how to run a campaign or they would have stopped things like that from happening. So to summarize it, I don’t care about him, but he is NO LEADER. Obama is, and you can tell best by the way they run their campaign.

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

This is an example of the kind of response we may expect from McCain when he feels pressure. You feel pressure when you know that you are not prepared for the task at hand. He’s not prepared so he tries to make a joke…(and it is usually a very bad one).

Posted by Bob Williams | Report as abusive

Barack has stood before millions and tried to tell us that he can change the nation, the world, heal all our ills and fill my pocket book, and make sure we all have a job to go to.. But, one thing i havent ever heard is HOW HE IS GOING TO DO ALL OF THIS? To me he is all blow and no show.
I dont trust him as a man making a speech, i dang sure wont trust him with MY country and with my 2 sons in the military.
How much is he going to raise our taxes, because that is the first thing a democratic president does…That is how they figure to fix all our problems.
Oh and how i would fix the gas problem is this, Tell the gas companies we want $2 a gallon gas again, if we dont get $2 a gallon gas we will tax them double the amout, and if they dont do it in say one week, we will triple their taxes and so on….
See if one athiest woman can change this country with no prayer in schools then why cant we as a whole countries people lower the price of gas?????

McCain is using code words for calling Obama an uppity you know what. Hasn’t Karl Rove caused our nation enough disgrace and created enough divisiveness? Is McCain really so desperate that he’d hire a loser like Rove to be his hatchet man?

Heaven help you Republicans this November … we’re taking the governorships, the Senate, the Congress, the school boards and we’re working on my home state of Texas.
Get ready for some changes.

Posted by aurum79 | Report as abusive

So, Obama talks about energy, health care, and joblessness while McCain talks about…Britney Spears? Umm…okay.

And he wonders why he can’t break 50% despite being in the public spotlight for almost three decades. He’s given us every reason to vote against him and not for him. How sad.

And to think, I used to respect him as a politician.

Posted by Tony S. | Report as abusive

To the poster Jim
Get over the Christian thing. You mentioned it so many times, I am not sure who you are trying to convince. We were forced to listen to the right wing nuts like by a Supreme Court who installed your leader over the constitutionally correct action. History will not be kind to your kind.

You are the reason we are in this mess. All religions are evil by nature. You are right that the rest of us who can think are tired of your hate filled garbage.

GOD did not write any books. Why would a being who created the universe care about your trivial pursuits? You people think that God loves you so he can torture you and test you! How human is that? A supreme being would not show such tendencies. The bible and the rest of the books are just error filled history books which do not have any intelligence. Get over it.

Read history, the bible and the rest were written by men. It is all about resources and power. It equates to Money.

Bush takes money out of soldier’s pockets (all services included here) by giving it to Big Corporations. DO you know how many lower ranking people in the military live just above the poverty level? Do you know how hard the Bushies have made it for the average soldier to get benefits? Yet you want us to wage other wars. Get over the need for oil and the bushies go away.

All politicians make compromises which may be over the legal limits or close but they do that to get elected. You want change, keep religion out of politics. Your god is a mean vengeful and hurtful being. We need something more peaceful now.

I do not like Obama and definitely think that McCain is a Bush clone now. Someone here said welcome Carl Rove. I think that poster is correct. We should vote and let the chips fall. I predict that AZ and Ohio will have issues with the election. It will be a close one but fraud in both states will give the election to McCain unless the young people of this country overcome this religious garbage and vote.

I ask the young folks to vote and even if Obama is inexperience and lot of other frailities, it will be a change from Carl Rove’s america. The founding fathers are rolling over in the grave with the last 8 years of depravity and rape of the constitution. The real terrorist is Carl ROve

Posted by sydney | Report as abusive

Hey, it’s his money, donated to his campaign, by his supporters. I would rather he talked about real issues, but the last I checked, freedom of speech is one of those ideals we hold with high esteem. If I were an opponent, I would simply ask what the ad has to do with real problems and then move on, talking about my suggestions for change.

Posted by Daniel Jones | Report as abusive

This week the McCain campaign has seemingly switched gears. At first I was shocked, but not anymore. The Celebrity ad, the Messiah ad, and calling Obama out on the race card were great moves. It shouldn’t be considered negative to show your opponent how you see them. All of those topics and how they were presented is how a large portion of the population sees him. If Obama, or his supporters have a problem with the content, then they might want to look at Obama’s message and his campaign tactics.

Posted by Leeballz | Report as abusive

“Being shot down doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you a bad pilot”

AHAHAHAHA!!! Thank you, Joe AMerica!!! That is a perfect point!

And from anonomous mom – I don’t know what GLBT stands for.. but Barack Obama’s quote of saying most people cling to guns and religion.. It is true. I have witnessed it myself. And if you have experienced the hate and ignorance of many Americans as I have, you would consider my post to be valid. The ones who voted for Bush and wish to support McCain are ruining our chances of succeeding. It’s not because I’m liberal, it’s because I’m a critical thinker. I usually choose the best answer to a question. Conservatives seem to take the best outcome to their liking from a question. So give me a gun, give me a religion that says I can kill in the name of my lord, and I’ll be on their level. Until then – I will change this country with my man, Barack Obama!

Posted by J. Houx, OR | Report as abusive

Can we ALL agree that John McCain needs NEW set of Advisers? His recent erratic campaign ad movements leave many shaking their hands!

This is hillarious – Obama is over the top!

Posted by KC | Report as abusive

Now McCan will force Obama to speak about substance and McCan will run circles around him with that. Brilliant tactic, go negative to wash the hype out and force substance in the campaign instead of news media coverage of the “celeb” or “chosen one”!

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

Turns out that Sen. McCain has been a closet REPROBATE all along!

McCain thinks he’s even more entitled to be President than Obama. Heck, everyone who has ever run for President thinks they are “the one.” McCain is no exception. He thinks he is so entitled that he has thrown his personal integrity out the window.

Posted by Geoff | Report as abusive

“Being shot down doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you a bad pilot”

By the same token, failing at making better lives for people as a community organizer (admitted by Barcak himself saying that e needed to get to a higher office to make changes in their lives)doesn’t make you Presidential material it makes you a failer at the lowest level.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

“Being shot down doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you a bad pilot”

Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen: 80 confirmed kills – Shot down and killed in combat

Frank Luke: 18 confirmed kills – Shot down and killed in combat

Lilya Litvyak: 12 confirmed kills – Shot down and killed in combat

Katya Budanova: 11 confirmed kills – Shot down and killed in combat

I have only listed 4, but the above pilots are all “Aces.” They were also all shot down in combat. So you see the statement that getting shot down makes you a bad pilot couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The statement that being shot down doesn’t make you a hero is actually very true. However, what you do after you get shot down does. For example, Frank Luke was shot down in combat. Instead of surrendering he tried to fight off advancing German troops with his side arm until they eventually killed him.

What John McCain did on the ground after being shot down is what makes him a hero.

Posted by Leeballz | Report as abusive