Comments on: McCain’s epiphany: Obama thinks he’s a political messiah Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: Wake_Up_People Tue, 31 Mar 2015 03:07:37 +0000 I used to respect McCain. Now I only see him as a bitter old man.

Everything changes
– Heraclitus

By: dowens Thu, 14 Aug 2008 19:03:39 +0000 Wow! I think one can be fooled by this ad if you don’t critically think about the context of “when” and “where” Barack Obama said these quotes. A lot of sound bites can be taken out of the larger context, placed within the ad, and made to look much different than the original message. You have to consider that. I think McCain and his staff are emphasizing negative attacks on Obama instead of bolstering their own message. It makes me wonder if they have a message at all. And, furthermore, their attacks are not clear and forthright. In the ad, the commentator says, “He may be the one.” “But can he lead?” And, my response is, “Well, you just blatantly called Obama the one. So, that means you are admitting that he is very impressive.” Strange. On another point, have you noticed that a lot of McCain supporters are old, white, fat, and wealthy? Just wondering why that is. :)

By: Leeballz Wed, 06 Aug 2008 00:00:10 +0000 “Posted by M”

“McCain was in fact a bad pilot. Prior to getting shot down he crashed three planes. None of these crashes were combat related. In one instance he was flying too low and took out some powerlines.”

Luckily, a pilot’s license or skill as a pilot has nothing to do with being President of the United States.

“There are some Vietnam veterans that see him as a traitor for what he did on the ground.”

There are some that may think that, but what does the majority think? There are some that think Elvis is still alive too I bet.

“He has been accused of collaborating with the enemy, which McCain confirmed to some extent. He admited to providing the Vietnamese with information in exchange for medical treatment.”

Actually the article stated he offered to give them military information, not that he did give it to them. It’s possible that he would have given them disinformation in exchange. Who knows what information he would have given them since the article states that they did not take him to the hospital in exchange for military information but because he was an Admirals son.

“He also admitted that he recieved special treatment as a POW because his father was an admiral. (McCain’s aricle in the U.S. News and World Report from May 14, 1973 gives this information.)”

You’re right. They patched him up because of it (as stated in the article). This makes since, he is worth more alive then dead. What other special treatment did he receive because of his father’s status other than solitary confinement and regular beatings?

By: Mickeyrv Mon, 04 Aug 2008 21:23:21 +0000 I am a born again christian. I have to admit that in the last 3 or 4 elections we were voting for what was scraped out of the bottom of the barrell. Now the offering is what has been scraped off the underside of the barrell, that slime that a cockroach would not even go near. I think we should all just write in the Name of Colen Powell for president and get someone who would make a good PRESIDENT for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
GOD bless this country and save us from obama and mccain

By: Jeff Sun, 03 Aug 2008 22:56:58 +0000 I watched the video clip, and my immediate response was “scary”. These were all Obama’s words. I have to shake my head in disbelief as I read the posts from all you Obama supporters. What if this video clip was produced by a person you respected? Would you still be blind to the scary truths about Obama’s character?

For me this election is about the lesser of two evils. I don’t like our options, but, again, my response to Obama’s own words is “scary”.

By: BushGuiltyAsSin Sun, 03 Aug 2008 20:12:41 +0000 McCain is showing his “experience” by attacking Obama on the silliest of points. A page right out of Rove’s republican attack handbook. How sad to see an old man losing his mind.

Vote Obama, vote for freedom, vote for America!

By: Kestro23 Sun, 03 Aug 2008 19:03:11 +0000 I like this whole “experience” argument against Obama. I mean, yeah, we should definitely weigh experience more. When Bush won the white house he brought in some really experienced guys with him: Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Powell. One of those three didn’t agree much with the others so he was replaced. The experiences of Rumsfeld and Cheney led to some great decisions, right?

I’ll take good judgment over “experience” any day. So far in this race all I’ve seen McCain do is play by the Republican handbook to play to his base and to the fears of the rest. With 30 years in public office this is what McCain has to offer? Three cheers to “experience!”

By: karlthomas Sun, 03 Aug 2008 06:19:58 +0000 While a president has very little decision making when it comes to the economy, I am wondering what credentials obama brings to the presidency to claim he can fix the economy. McCain has admitted he knows very little. That seems fine, as there are many other economic policy-making entities that have much more clout than the president…
But to claim you have credentials in spite of the obvious inability to affect the economic policy in Washington seems intriguing. Someone with as much power as Obama has shown he can drum up may be able to affect policy. It would be very interesting and perhaps, a bit overstepping of presidential duties(but our federal government has increasingly leaned this way lately).
So to my question; What makes Obama qualified to make economic policy? What business role has he held? Has he ever had a leadership position that would yeild some economic knowledge to display a sound economic judgement? Does he invest in the stock market? Does he have friends who run companies and their knowledge of the game has been passed on to him in sermons ? What knowledge has made him the presidential nominee with a monopoly on economic policy?
Know it seems to me the best argument for saying Barak knows the economy is that he has to know it better than McCain who said he knows very little. But if this is really a null and void point do to the fact that the president has nothing but the authority and power to suggest to the congress what should be done, it seems unlikely that either candidates knowledge of the economy, the self-proclaimed economic-dummy or the media touted economic-junkie with no real knowledge, is enough to help the obviously unwilling and inept Congress.

Now as for the war, the second biggest issue for most of you out there…McCain has been given by default, the monopoly on this sector simply due to the obvious lacking of any knowledge by Barack on this subject. McCain’s war years are supposed to have given him a look into how the military runs, and his frequent visits to see troops domestically and abroad has given him a fairly sound look into the modern military. Barack has just recently toured parts of the world where peace is present and parts where there has been war for thousands of years. He chairs a committee on Afghanistan which would have allowed for some insight into the working of the war, but having only showed up to one of the three mettings leaves him a bit out of touch in the sector. His trip was a whirlwind trip meant to aquaint himself with the world and make publicity domestically. It worked both ways. but the problem still remains; he is lacking in foreign affairs. Great at foreign relations, but lacking on the war. You can give him credit for being against the war and thus sticking to his guns and staying clear of becoming acquainted with it;however, it is difficult to think that just disagreeing with something makes it disappear. You could compare it to the Phil Gramm gaff where he said Americans are just a bunch of whiners. Not wanting there to be a recession hardly makes it so. Though I believe it is not a recession but merely a modest slowing that has left those living at an accelerated pace very unprepared to face their ever-mounting credit card bills and ballooning mortgages for homes they did not need. And there are several million legitimate failures out there where the truly poor were trying to make a life and got screwed over. but without the middle class speculators, they would never have suffered…the economy would just have overlooked their readjusting mortgages and subsequent foreclosures. Large scale foreclosure and subsequent economic slowing is in the hands of congress, the banks, and the citizens who speculated on homes or got into mortgages and homes they shouldn’t have gotten in to. So yes, Phil Gramm was right about americans, liberals and conservatives. He was talking about the ones that got us into this mess and still don’t see what they did wrong. the ones who have no financial compass. He knew what he was saying and he knew it would be controversial. The truth hurts. Though gas prices weren’t and aren’t imaginary, rising food prices and cost of living aren’t imaginary, it is the whiners who got us in this mess and are now whining for someone to help them out of the mess. Sadly, this is many americans now-a-days. If it isn’t you, you know it and that is all that matters. If you get mad when you here americans are whiners, then you are probably one of those whiners.

Anyways, back to credentials…Neither is truly qualified for what they yout, though McCain is quite knowledgable on the war. War policy relies more on what you want out of a war than what you know. It is what you know and have to draw on about how the war is currently going and what has worked in the past that decides whether or not those policies are positive or negative. Having something to base decisions on is required and in both the economy and the war, Barack has nothing. Hate the policy or agree with it, Mccain atleast has some knowledge to back his decisions, no matter how wrong those decisions may be. I prefer more of the same versus blind change. The economy will come around, McCain will pull out troops, however slowly, and new programs to redistribute wealth will have been thwarted. Though Obama may be a great president, his lack of knowledge on any of the solutions he puts forth is far scarier than anything McCain has put forth. McCain has been the only republican in favor of some level of environmental awareness for several years now, opposed many Bush war policies when other republicans were blindly following, and supported Bush on the Surge when he agreed with the policy. His knowledge has guided him well over the last decade. Though I disagree with many of his policies, he has knowledge to back them up and does what he feels that knowledge points to. Obama has pledged continuously to put forth many policies that I agree and diagree with. None of these policies are based on any knowledge that he has gained. The man, though hardly directly comparable to Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, is truly lacking in substance to back up his statements much as they lack substance altogether. His written speeches are filled with Rhetoric that hardly leaves his self-importance in question. He is quite arrogant though equally charismatic and stragely gentlemanlly.

McCain risked very little in putting out these ads. This election has been and will be, to quote the media, “a referendum on Obama”. Obama will win this race or lose this race. McCain can only deal with the results. The American populace’s view of Obama will be reflected in the election results. It will be obama winning or obama losing, not Mccain winning or losing. Whether race, shear lack of experience, his ability to overtake Hillary, or some other underlying factor, the media has taken quite an interest in Barack and made this all about him. McCain can only do the same. He can hardly ignore Barack’s ascension to rock-star status. He has turned that status around, however seemingly distasteful the ad amy be. I think it is clever and hilarious, though absolutely ineffective in changing swing voters minds. It is more of a ploy to make the media talk about his rock star status and question his true credentials. His ideas are grand but his means are lacking. Anyone can dream…having something to make those dreams happen is the tough part.
I think I covered almost everything I meant to….if I pissed you off, let me know. Could mean I have you to blame, along with Congress and banks and credit card companies, for my expensive gas and food…though I love this stunt in suburb growth. Makes buying a ranch alot cheaper and keeps you damn city people the hells away from my lovely quaint rural town. Bring on 10 dollar a gallon gas and a 20 year long recession. I ahve a garden and a few guns and skills to suffice getting me through hard times and being able to offer expertise in necessary fields that you city people have long neglected. Oh, it is us farmers and craftsmen that will save the lot of you city folk from falling off the planet. We feed you, cloth you,provide you with beer and liquor and provide you with shelter through our lumber production, cotton and crops, and barely and hops. We would love to see a nice long recession…force you all into the inner city since you can’t afford your hour commute anymore and then watch you die off slowly from disease and famine. Morbid huh….but perhaps then, our infrastructure could actually support the falling population. Maybe then we would learn from our mistakes and not waste. The great depression had just that affect. We should see about getting another one of those.

By: rr Sat, 02 Aug 2008 17:41:04 +0000 McCain has no clue about the economy or anything else for that matter. He is obviously senile often misspeaking about the most simple issues. He is yet to read Adam Smith – which he should have done when he was in college. Also, he wont find the answers to today’s economic problems in that book.

His presidency will be the biggest disaster!

By: WOW Sat, 02 Aug 2008 15:26:23 +0000 And on top of that, have you guys seens Obama? He thinks he is too good for America. His wife is the same. McCain served in the military for 22 years. He was a Prisoner of War in Vietnam for 5 and a half years. He has been in political office for 26 years. He has the experience to lead the country. Obama has never served our military. He has only been in political office for 12 years.