Democrats see a little Cheney in McCain’s veep choices

August 5, 2008

(Posted by Donna Smith)

There’s a little bit of Dick Cheney in every potential vice presidential choice of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. At least that’s how the Democratic National Committee sees it. The DNC on Tuesday launched a new Internet site to drive home that point —

The Web site features an initial list of seven potential vice presidential choices for the presumptive Republican nominee and tries to tie them to President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, who suffer from low approval ratings in public opinion polls.

“After lamenting the missed opportunity to make Dick Cheney his own vice president in 2001, McCain will have a chance very soon to choose his own Dick Cheney and we think its important that the American people have all the facts at their fingertips,” DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse said in a conference call with reporters.

Woodhouse promises more information about the current Republican vice presidential possibilities and anyone else who might make it onto McCain’s list.


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It’s about time the Obama campaign started fighting back. And what better way than by tying McCain to not just ONE extremely unpopular Bushco official, but by tying McCain to both of them?

Finally, my faith in the bitter, hellish slugfest that is American politics is restored!

Posted by Steve R. | Report as abusive

You “think it’s important that the American people have all the facts at their fingertips”? How is labeling people as being like someone else fact. They are different, and just like Obama’s picks, they have good and bad points. No one is perfect. Fact is Americans should not expect miracles from any political candidate. No one can please everyone and no American candidate can solve all the world’s issues, nor should we.

Posted by GHS | Report as abusive

I mean I support obama…but this is just a dirty trick like the britney paris ads which I think is stupid.
Do we have to go so low to say every vp has a little cheney when we don’t even know who it is?
Does the obama side has a VP that has a little hillary …

Posted by andy | Report as abusive

This is just too funny if it weren’t for the fact the Democrats truly believe it. This is as much a creation of the mainstream media as it is Obama’s messiahship.

Posted by JayMar | Report as abusive

Given McCain’s apparently limited intellect and his lack of a moral compass… I think there’s a little more than a little Bush in McCain himself.

Posted by Pat Jameson | Report as abusive

Its very strange that the news media says nothing but good things about one candidate while bashing the other.You guess which on is which!

Posted by DES | Report as abusive

McCain like Bush needs a Vice President to tell him what to say, think, and how many innocent people should die under the McCain administration in unjust wars.

If I saw Cheney in real life I’d spit in his face if I had the chance, and have a hard time trying not to kick the living crap out of him.

Sorry liberals….that’s what he deserves.

Posted by ApostasyUSA | Report as abusive

This is hysterical. It reminds me of the game where you try to link everyone to Kevin Bacon (see Wikipedia site: _of_Kevin_Bacon).

Example: “McCain is considering Senator John Doe for his VP. Our investigative reporting has determined that John Doe has the same shoe size as Dick Cheney, both went to high schools with female principals, both like Italian dressing on their salad, both have blue ties and both know Bob Smith, who admitted voting for Cheney Bush in 2000 and 2004.”

What a joke. Admittedly, the Paris Hilton / Britney Spears commercial was lame and pointless. But this is a bit over the top.

I guess we all get to enjoy this from both sides for the next several months.

Ugh, what a goofy country we’ve become. We better figure it out soon and start talking about real issues. Our children are counting on us.


Posted by SMC | Report as abusive

Without knowing exactly who it is, it’s nothing more than ignoramuses trying to paint all possible candidates as like Cheney to influence the even more ignorant who would buy it without even knowing who was being characterized. Kind of like me saying all of Obama’s VP choices are similar in their beliefs as Rev. Wright. Inflammatory crap created for the benefit of lemmings – nothing more.

Posted by robt | Report as abusive

You have to feel a bit sorry for McCain. He’s got to be either a tightrope walker or a sleight-of-hand artist. In his attempt to win the “Conservative” wing while promoting his favorite personna as a maverick, he has to both vote the tired old party line while condemning his own party’s record. Kind’a like begging for a bone, and then biting the hand that offers it. Maybe when he gets his temper in check he really WILL acquire some diplomatic skills.

Posted by Henry Landis | Report as abusive

bush’s approval rating is 3x that of the democratic led congress. so lets stop hearing about how unpopular he is and how bad his approval rating is cause those idiot democrats are way worse. come on reuters with this biased reporting.

Posted by MIKE | Report as abusive

Anyone McBush picks will be like Cheney only I hope his health is better than Cheney’s so the taxpayer can stop paying for that ambulance and team of doctors trailing Cheney everywhere he goes. That is if McBush had a chance of winning the election which he doesn’t.

I agree with the California Nurses Association… We want health care like Dick Cheney.

Posted by BushGuiltyAsSin | Report as abusive

WOW some people amaze me. The Republicans obviously have some people out there employed for the specific purpose of misdirecting comments and blogs. MIKE – you amaze me. The McCain camp authorised negative adds against Obama comparing him to Paris Hiltin and Britney Spears, yet the DNC (NOT OBAMA) publish an add that ties McSame to Dick cheney (from his own words mind you) and yet this is unfair?

By the way, OBAMAS camp DID NOT PAY for any of this add. The same cannot be said of the Paris Hilton Add from McSame.

Congress has been stalled by Bush-McCain loyalist more interested in their own backside then the American people! Don’t blame Democrates, Republicans were in charge of Congress for Ten years and have had an incompetant President for 6 of those years (1996 – 2006)before Democrates got control in 2006.

Republicans made the mess we are in today!

Posted by Mathew Smith | Report as abusive

I feel sorry for all the mind numbed Democrats out there grasping at straws trying to label McCain’s VP when we still don’t know who it is. Furthermore what is wrong with Dick Cheney? He looks like the perennial grandfather, is intimately versed in foreign affairs, has a deep knowledge of the world economy and I’d rather go hunting with him than driving with Ted Kennedy. You Dems have an affinity for choosing great Presidents. JFK, philanderer drug addict, FDR, socialist, Carter, intellectually bankrupt, WJB Clinton, con artist philanderer and now the presumptive nominee Obama, communist empty suit. Good luck Uninformed, cultist Americans will get what they deserve this fall if Obama wins. God help us.

Posted by JD Carpanzano | Report as abusive