Pelosi keeps Hillary’s VP embers glowing

August 5, 2008

WASHINGTON – Pundits see Hillary Clinton fading as a possible running mate for Democrat Barack Obama. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday referred to her as “the big name” who “would make a great vice president.”

In an interview with Reuters on a range of political and rtx885x.jpglegislative topics (as well as her new book “Know Your Power, A Message to America’s Daughters”), Pelosi said there was a deep bench Obama could choose from in rounding out the Democratic ticket.

Pelosi was asked whether the Obama campaign had signaled Clinton was out of the running because the New York senator and ex-presidential candidate has been slotted to speak on the Tuesday of the Aug 25-28 Democratic convention. The vice presidential nominee traditionally addresses the convention on Wednesday while Obama will speak on the final evening — Thursday.

“I think convention schedules can be changed,” said Pelosi, who will chair the Minnesota convention.

Pelosi was quick to add that she does not have “the faintest idea” who Obama will pick. “I think the only person who knows maybe is Barack Obama himself and Michelle Obama.”

– Photo credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts (Pelosi with Obama last month)


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I’m afraid he should pick Hillary, much to my chagrin. I am not and never was a Hillary supporter and I’m a 60 year old woman. Obama is not perfect, but he will make a great President because he is willing to reach across party lines and compromise in order to get things done. Hillary would help him with this….she’s a great “process” person and would do everything she could do to help make his Presidency a success.

I still think he will win without her, but she has more positives than negatives in that her followers will ALL come along if she’s the VP.

Posted by Peg | Report as abusive

I think that Obama would win with a bigger margin if Hillary was his running mate. She would complement him. His vision needs people like Hillary to bring them to fruition. I am leaning towards McCain but will definitely swing over if Hillary was his running mate.

Posted by Indiresha | Report as abusive

I wasn’t a fan of Hillary but frankly I can’t see a candidate who brings anything more to the table than her. That’s the only thing that matters. 18 million votes.

Will she help him carry any state? Nope. Will she help the conservative base unite even more strongly around McCain due to the prospect of another Clinton in the White House? Yep. That’s going to happen no matter what, however. They’ll be out in droves to stop the ultraliberal black muslim. So why not unite the party? Why not excite Obama supporters AND those enthralled with the Clinton brand? Why not have Obama, Hill & Bill out on the campaign trail battling another 4 or possibly 8 years of George W. Bush? Could those three be stopped?

These past few weeks have proven that they’re coming after us no matter what. Let them come at a united Democratic front and we’ll bulldoze over McCain and Mitt Romney. Just imagine how Hillary would tear Mittens up in the vice presidential debate.

Posted by Mike H. | Report as abusive

Nancy Pelosi should be ousted for not allowing a vote on off shore drilling. Americans should be outraged at this wealthy woman saying no to an open vote. She said sunday that she is from califorina and is a consevationalist so she will not allow any new drilling vote no matter what the american people want. I say Nancy Pelosi if you are a true conservationalist than take your horse and buggy to California and see how long it takes. The American people need to drive to and from work each day and that is where 90% of all fuel is used. Even though it will take 6-8 years to reap the rewards of off shore drilling its better than then never. Why wouldn’t you Nancy Pelosi want to make america 100% self sufficient? Oil in vehicles will not dissappear in the next 20 years. Pelosi you are out of touch with the everyday american people and you just don’t care.

Posted by Dan Cooper | Report as abusive

Even though Dan Cooper sounds like what seems to be a new army of “Drill Here Drill Now” spam drones thrown out into the blogosphere powered by data server centers at Exxon, I agree that Nancy Pelosi is handling the energy situation terribly. What little capital she had with me is pretty much gone at this point.

However she seemed so adamant about throwing cold water on the idea of Hillary as VP during the primaries, so that’s why this about face is somewhat meaningful.

Posted by Mike H. | Report as abusive

Um, if Pelosi is chairing “the Minnesota convention,” as this article sez, she is chairing the Republican National Convention. The Dem Convention is in Denver. Way to go, Reuters!

Posted by J Doer | Report as abusive

Ummm Dan? Even if we allowed new offshore drilling it would not help us until 2030…not 6 to 8 years. Nancy Pelosi is right on the mark. Also a real heads up. Even IF we allowed offshore oil drilling in new areas there is no guarantee that U.S. oil companies would charge less per gallon vs. the foreign oil coming from OPEC. If you watched any of the congressional hearings this year with the oil companies you would have heard them say…”yes we know our price are hurting Americans but we are simply making profits commensurate with any other business”.

Posted by Thomas Dark | Report as abusive

Ummm Dan? Even if we allowed new offshore drilling it would not help us until 2030…not 6 to 8 years. Nancy Pelosi is right on the mark. Also a real heads up. Even IF we allowed offshore oil drilling in new areas there is no guarantee that U.S. oil companies would charge less per gallon vs. the foreign oil coming from OPEC. If you watched any of the congressional hearings this year with the oil companies you would have heard them say…”yes we know our price are hurting Americans but we are simply making profits commensurate with any other business”.

Posted by Thomas Mann | Report as abusive

Hillary needs to be at the top of the ticket – hopefully the Supers will change their minds by the convention now that MI and FL are seated in full. She will outshine Obama in every way and she’s way too smart and talented to be wasted as the VP. She will be the brains and he will get the credit. And if he didn’t win, she would be blamed. I hope she steers clear and runs for the job she was meant to have in 2012.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Mike H. could not have provided an even more reasonable argument for a Clinton veep than that. Yes, Hillary may send out a few conservatives to vote come November BUT that is already a done deal considering the amount of venom being spewed already from the conservative base against the soon to be First African American president of the USA. So the REAL benefit of Clinton on the ticket is to ensure that those of her supporters who plan on staying home or voting third party basically change their minds to ensure a historical landslide …

Posted by Kimmy S. | Report as abusive

She’s the best choice for VP all around. If he doesn’t pick her, two votes in Montana won’t pick him.

Posted by Delia Keane | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton is the only choice that would provide the badly needed anchor that Obama needs. She is solid, strong and smart. Since VP Cheney, the job of VP has forever changed. And then there are those 18 million votes… including mine.

Posted by texasgal | Report as abusive

Peg – You are so ignorant of the facts. Hillary has a much greater history of reaching across party lines. I can only imagine what other disinformation you bought, that was spewed by Obamamaniacs and the media. I will vote for Obama, albeit regretfully. As for Hillary, there’s no question that she would be the best VP, as she would have been the best President.

Posted by Susan Christian | Report as abusive

If Hillary came without her angry and petulant husband Bill then I must agree. Though I am also a 60 year old NEVER been for HRC woman, I think she would do a great job for our ticket. After watching in amazement how Bill Clinton was unwilling to answer a simple question yesterday about Obama being ready to be President how in the world do you think Obama could deal with him if he was wandering the White House?

This remains a huge connundrum. He is an egotistical and angry man. He feels slighted and cannot get beyond himself to support his party’s nominee. He is childish and
I have no doubt would cause great havoc if Obama were President. End of story.

Posted by Jaquelin Pearson | Report as abusive

Republican’s biggest fear is that with Clinton as the VP choice they will absolutely have no chance to continue increasing the deficit.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

What is the maximum deficit we can amass without declaring bankruptcy?

Posted by Andrea | Report as abusive

The DNC twisted the rules and annointed their golden boy wonder- Barack Obama. Let Obama sink or swim on his own. I am a lifelong Democrat, reliable contributor to the DNC and Dem candidates in the past years- but not this time. I am voting John McCain. I mail all of Obama’s mail solicitations back (in the pre-paid envelope) with a “Not a Dime” written in bold face.
I would urge Hillary not to accept the VP slot even if offered. We simply cannot afford this arrogant empty suit as President in these perilous times.

Posted by American Voter | Report as abusive

Obama will lose this election if he does not have Hilary on the ticket as VP.

Obama and his supporter need to do the SMART THING and GET HILARY ON THE VP TICKET.

Otherwise they will lose and we will all be the worse for it…and Obama will be another has been … like Kerry and Gore.

Obama you need to be a BIG GUY and now is your opportunity.

Mike NJ

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

She’s probably the best choice for VP. I doubt Obama would want to face a McCain/Romney ticket for example with some no-name Democrat. Obama right now is nowhere near where he should be in the polls considering Bush’s low popularity. Mind that, Democrat congress isn’t all that popular either.

Don’t care much for Clinton, but she’s a fighter and much better than Barack. She’s probably better off waiting till 2012 and hope McCain wins. Don’t be shocked if Obama blows it.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

Picking Hillary for VP is a no-brainer. She brings 18 million voters and appeals to demographics where Obama is weak. She’s strong on issues where Obama does less well against McCain (e.g., national security). It would unite the party (for real) and minimize McCain’s divide and conquer strategy. It would bring excitement and energy to the ticket. The majority of Obama supporters are lukewarm about Clinton at best but it’s not like they’re going to abandon their candidate. The Clintons are prolific fundraisers and terrific campaigners. Obama needs Bill stumping for him in rural OH and PA. Obama is a new product and seems risky to some people. Obviously the republicans will exploit that. The Clinton brand, tarnished though it may be, is well known. Bill left office with a 68% approval rating.

Bill is scheduled to speak Wednesday night at the convention before the VP nominee. Who could follow him other than Hillary? And the next night, who could follow Hillary except Barack? Then our one big happy family can take back the white house by a landslide. Otherwise, I think it’s a toss up.

Posted by Lex | Report as abusive

I was not a Hillary Clinton supporter but I think Obama would be wise to select her as VP. I think the obama campaign is underestimating the women voters. She would make a great vp.

Posted by Mary kiger | Report as abusive

Obama’s a smart guy – he knows the importance of branding. If he really wants to excite democrats in a way they’ve never ever been excited before he will pick Hillary. If he picks some unknown it will be a major let down to the party and he’ll alienate half his base. He is not as exciting as he thinks he is, and the point that she would have won if it weren’t for Edwards is a viable point. He must keep that in mind in picking the VP if he really wants to trash McCain come November.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Picking the V.P. and who Obama picks will be one of his first big decisions we will see Obama make B/4 the run for the White House begins ! This is where we see just how smart he is , its obvious to even me that his best pick by a big margin would be Hillary Clinton. If he fails to pick her ,it will be the beginning of the end for Obama and his wish to be the first multi-racial President ! This is not speculation ,its a fact ,he neeeds to set his pride aside and make the smart choice ,the only choice. His biggest concern should be will Hillary accept his offer ,not if he should chose her or not !

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

I will vote for Obama when I see Senator Clintons name as the VP. Without it I will vote for McCain. No threat, but I know the OC-“Dream TEam” is Senators Obama and Cinton. Together the things they a accomplish will be amazing. Since he is able to reach across the party aisles, then why not reach across to Senator Clinton and her supporters. GO Dream Team—-OC

Posted by Dane | Report as abusive