Bloomberg-led group pushes McCain, Obama on guns

August 6, 2008

bloomberg.jpgNEW YORK CITY –  A bipartisan group of 325 U.S. mayors on Wednesday sent a questionnaire to the U.S. presidential candidates, challenging them to take “common sense steps” to tighten the background check system for gun buyers.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his Democratic rival Barack Obama have until Sept. 8 to respond to the six questions, the group said.

“Illegal guns are used to murder 34 Americans every day, and we deserve to hear from those who seek the presidency what they will do to keep guns out of the hands of criminals,” said New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a coalition founder.

Bloomberg, a political independent who considered running for president this year, said that criminals and terrorists can easily evade the current system.

His crusade against illegal guns has made him into something of a pariah among influential gun-rights groups in the United States.

The group proposes four ways to strengthen background checks, including ensuring that people who are barred from boarding airplanes are also forbidden from buying guns, and requiring gun shop employees to undergo criminal background checks.

It also urges the candidates to close a loophole making it easier to buy guns at gun shows, and change a rule that in some cases allows dealers whose licenses have been revoked to go on selling guns.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Bloomberg testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington on June 18, 2008)


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It’s simple. Let’s just pass more laws, but…..this time we’ll pass a law to make owning, possessing, or even manufacturing guns illegal… the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Central America, Europe, Asia, the Mid-East (dammit, we just solved that problem over there), and lets not forget Russia. After all, it was from Russia that the first illegal AK-47s came into this country from back in the 70’s.

All we need is more laws. After all, we’ve solved the drug problem with more laws. We’ve solved the problem of crooked politicians with more laws. We’ve solved the problem of insider trading and the cheating in our financial and investment systems with more laws. We’ve solved all these problems with more laws.

These out of touch mayors need to get back in their limousines and get back to City Hall. Actually, they need to get back to their cities and get out and walk the streets at night on the other side of town from where they live. Then they’ll understand the need for all citizens to own guns. All these laws they want will only affect law-abiding citizens. Makes you wonder how they got elected being too stupid to understand this one simple concept. (It’s not really about gun crimes as much as wanting to control us peasants.)

AK-47s were illegal in the 70s, but that didn’t stop ’em from being on the streets. And all the way from Russia. Now how do these morons think they’ll stop that, especially now that we import millions and millions of unchecked containers from China where most of the cheap AK-47s and other cheap military type guns are made these days. I got it, we’ll put each mayor in a port of entry for the container ships and let him/her search every container. They can also check containers for terrorists and weapons of mass destruction.

I can hear them now. They’ll say “Oh, we can just pass more laws for that and not have to worry about it”.

Now Mayors, get back in your cheauferred limos and get your rears back home where your ignorance is adored and forgiven.

Posted by Mikhail Antonovich Streicher | Report as abusive

Guns dont kill people, kill people.
The british and Canada already have extensive gun control.
Now they are bannig bread knives, and baseball bats.
What are they gona ban next, mean spirited thoughts?
There was a movie about that, I think???
Futhermore review history. Who took (banned and collected) all the guns and weapons just before the rise of thier dictatorships.
The list of Despots is endless.
If the British had banned guns in the americans we would all be speaking like Fergie and Charles!
I bet Bloomberg has never had to stare down a burgler in his home at 3:00am all by his self.

Posted by rls | Report as abusive

One last thought.
If we banned and magically made all the guns in the world disappear right now, by this time tommorrow there would be more made, and likely in the hands of criminals.
Who is gona save you now?
Mr Wizard?

Posted by rls | Report as abusive

Moderation staff:
that post earlier was sappose to say:
Guns dont kill people, people kill people.

Posted by rls | Report as abusive

Bloomberg is such an idiot. What to him, qualifies a gun as an “illegal” one. This is just word play nothing more. The fact of the matter is, criminals will always have guns just like they have drugs. Even the United Kingdom has a problem with armed criminals and is having to use so called “armed response units” as a matter of routine and they have some of the toughest gun laws around. There is a reason we have the 2nd amendment and it’s not about hunting. Its about defending your family when the local gang decides to pay you a visit at four in the morning.

Posted by Joseph Lotta | Report as abusive

I don’t have any problem with citizens owning a gun, esp. when most would use it to protect themselves and their families at home. But what’s the problem with laws that prohibit criminals from owning firearms, or require qualified citizens to have proper training before purchasing a firearm, or even that prohibit dealers from making undocumented/untraceable transactions. Having the right/freedom to own a gun doesn’t mean we should make it easy for criminals to own them.

Posted by Shaun | Report as abusive

Nanny Bloomberg should worry about NYC and leave the rest of us alone. I don’t remember voting for him at my last Florida election.

Posted by Bill Brandon | Report as abusive

Mexico has very tuff gun control laws.
The average citizen is banned from possession of guns, handguns and long guns.
Americans routinely get in big trouble when they go south of the border and have a gun or just ammo. I scuba dive in Mexico on occassion, the dive charter makes it very clear about the gun/ammo ban in Mexico.
Anyhow, we all know how screwed up and corrupt the mexico government is, and how the drug gang wars are out of control. The average citizens of mexico have thier backs to the wall and have no hope for better life. The average citizens of Mexico are victims of the military, Government, Drug gangs, local police, local government officials, and any other thug with a banned weapon.
Is it any wonder that everyone wants to come to America?
The framers of the constitution were very clear that the second ammendment was to repel opressors of freedom, no mattter from where they come.
Guns dont kill people, people kill people.

Posted by rls | Report as abusive

Hey Bloomberg, who elected you King? Take care of NYC first before you start running the country. Gun control doesn’t keep any guns out of the hands of criminals.

Posted by Neal | Report as abusive

To Shaun – The fact that you get on a blog to ask idiotic questions that you’re too lazy to research show that, like most gunbanners, you just don’t “get” it, and you never will. By the way, the rights guaranteed to you and all U.S. citizens by the Constitution are independent of and have nothing to do with what you or anyone else has “any problem with”.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive