Comments on: Do Americans have ‘Obama fatigue?’ Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: Eric Sun, 10 Aug 2008 11:01:40 +0000 “OBama bin Lying” maybe untrustworthy and he maybe the antichrist! Maybe? We have no history to tell us who he really is all that we know is that he is constantly disavowing everybody and everything in his life. It stated with his name when he changed it to Barry and then when it was “cool” with his friends to be black he changed it to Barack. He disavows his father and then his mother. He went from being of mixed descent to being black. After 20+ years of supporting a Pastor he disavows him when his teachings finally become public. He first went to this church just because it was the largest congregation in his district so probably his faith is only political too? He says one thing to this group and then turns and says the opposite to the next. I would never follow him into any battle. HE CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

By: kitty hogan Sun, 10 Aug 2008 04:26:08 +0000 WHO orders a “stack of pancakes” to go? Talk about being

out of touch………….did he get syrup on the side?

By: kitty hogan Sun, 10 Aug 2008 04:25:06 +0000 He’s slick and cool, but he doesn’t SAY anything!

Give him a few more years to gain some experience and

he’ll be terrific.

By: Mel Sat, 09 Aug 2008 18:12:29 +0000 There is really a paradox: The corporate media both on FoxNews and increasingly CNN (esp. Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Gloria Borgia, Campbell Brown), repeatedly tell us Americans (still) do not know the Obama story. It is not because Obama fails to tell it. Rather, the corporate media revels in reproducing false stories generated by the McCain camp. Further, the slimy world of subtle racism also contributes to problematic stories — the slimy emails circulating that tells lies about Senator Obama’s faith. When you have to (a) tell your story and (b) counter falsehoods, it does mean you will be in media a lot, perhaps too much. But the media is dreadfully biased against Senator Obama and the public should be sick of them, not one of the best leaders America has seen in several generations.

By: BushGuiltyAsSin Sat, 09 Aug 2008 16:49:00 +0000 Obama naive? unexperienced?

I see his as fresh, unbeholding to lobbyists, smart, standing up to big oil and big business, progressive, able to see things others don’t and make hard changes for the betterment of our future, thats how I see his so called “inexperience”.

By: Scott Sat, 09 Aug 2008 16:22:12 +0000 Mr. Obama seems like a nice man but he clearly isn’t ready to be the leader of the free world. Maybe down the line after he’s been in the Senate a few years and gets some seasoning. I feel he means well but is far too naive for such an important position.

By: The Truth Is... Sat, 09 Aug 2008 02:31:16 +0000 Fatigue? It’s more about the ‘Hills effect’!

There is something much, much more to worry about than fatigue!

Obama is nor more concerned about the Hilary Clinton factor.

Still she weaves a dark web of political intrigue and downright manipulation – especially as she seeks Obama to lose to McCain, so she can win the 2012 nomination and maybe even the Presidency? Sure – she is as duplicitous and as cynical as that.

She, it appears, wants McCain to beat Obama and for her to also attain some kind of revenge over a) Obama robbing her of her birthright nomination, b) not being considered for VP and finally, c) her request for Obama to help with her massive campaign debts vitually denied.

The sheer unadulterated megalomanial nerve of this woman beggars belief – especially when the shadow of her appalling treatment of Obama during her reprehensible tyrade against him still casts a pall over the current proceedings.

She has proved time and time again to be dangerous and fatally flawed – her hubris rendering her true self visible and wanting. Her ‘being there’ being both devisive and caustic.

That many have glimpsed the inner workings of a dark and obsessive soul, aided and abetted by an equally driven plutocrat, is not in dispute.

What is in dispute is the idea that ‘Hills’ cannot and will not capitulate and subsume her ego and it’s dreams of power and greatness, into the democrat machinery.

Deus ex machina is beginning to look like what it really is: a Clinton spanner in the Obama works.

The damage that Hills is still attempting to inflict on Obama is both unforgivable and reprehensible – but still she proceeds and still she persists.

Like a an incurable and dangerous disease, Hills and her nearest and dearest ally are both attempting to dislocate and annihilate Obama’s intentions and aspirations to victory.

Hills truly believes that no one but her democratic rear should occupy the oval office desk chair.

It is now up to the US people to see through her and realise that America could end up being robbed of the best president they may never have – if Hills has her way.

And remember, Hills has eyes, even if they are occluded, blinkered and politically jaundiced.

Obama had better take action soon. The worst thing he could do is to allow this woman to wreck his chances.

By: BushGuiltyAsSin Fri, 08 Aug 2008 20:15:54 +0000 Like many others I’m sick of the long election campaign… period. Thank goodness its almost over but the bad part is that from now on its going to get real ugly up until election day. McBush has found that he gets a little press from negative ads (which is all he has to offer) so look for this mud slinging to intensify, especially from the republican camp. I can’t wait until Obama is our next President.

Vote Obama, vote for freedom, vote for America!

By: pm Fri, 08 Aug 2008 18:12:28 +0000 Are we as Americans really prepared to sink our own country just so we can feel individually superior and ultra righteous? It would be wise to elect Obama and have a Democratic controlled congress so we can get things done. Don’t worry so much about who the President is going to be, remember Congress wields the purse… have we already forgotten the last 8 years already? A Republican president and Republican controlled congress catapulted us into the largest uncontrolled spending in history and we now have the largest deficit on record ever. All of this from “fiscal conservatives”.

I’m going to vote Obama if you guys want to see our country fall then vote McCain and then nothing will get done for the next 4-8 years. GG

By: MiB Fri, 08 Aug 2008 17:49:20 +0000 There are too many people saying they don’t know who Obama is, so how can he possibly be overexposed. This is a presidential campaign and Obama is being critized because people love him! Obama is being critized for being popular. Obama is being critized for drawing big crowds. Obama needs to continue to hold his townhall meetings to define himself and campaign even harder. If he pulls back now, the Republicans will do the defining. IMO the opposition is mad because Obama is bigger news than even the president!