Holy Politicking! Obama, McCain share favorite superhero

August 7, 2008

LOS ANGELES – Holy politicking, Batman.

U.S. presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama have unmasked their favorite pop culture icons, including superheroes, with McCain favoring Batman and Obama choosing Spider-rtr20q6b.jpgMan and Batman.

In interviews with Entertainment Weekly magazine posted on its Web site Thursday, McCain, 71, and Obama, 47, also gave their picks for best on-screen president, top singers and most-liked television shows.

Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois, said he chose Spider-Man and Batman because “they have some inner turmoil.” McCain, a Republican senator from Arizona, said Batman is a quiet hero who pursues justice “against insurmountable odds.”

In the world of music, McCain revealed a weakness for the Swedish disco-era band ABBA, late singer Roy Orbison and 1970s star Linda Ronstadt.

“But I like Usher too,” McCain said, explaining he appeared on the TV comedy show “Saturday Night Live” with the 29-year-old rhythm and blues singer.

Obama favored an eclectic group of musicians, including Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow and John Coltrane.

For favorite actor in the role of president, McCain picked Dennis Haysbert from the Fox network hit “24.” Obama chose Jeff Bridges from the 2000 movie “The Contender.”

“He was charming and essentially an honorable person, but there was a rogue about him,” Obama said.

Obama said his first movie memory was “Born Free,” the 1966 film about African lions. McCain remembered the 1942 Disney animated feature “Bambi.”

“When his mother was killed. Oh, yeah, I cried,” McCain said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Rebecca Cook (McCain at campaign stop July 18, Obama at campaign stop Aug. 4)


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Mr. McCain also has a weakness for negative campaigning, Mr. & Mrs. Reader. These type of ads and this type of rhetoric are targeted at the stupid vote. However, Mr. McCain would have the stupid vote believe that they are at least as smart as who Mr. McCain hopes to succeed at the White House.

The real question is why Reuters is spending time talking about Batman and Spiderman when the real news is that Mr. McCain is consistently so far behind Mr. Obama, that he is desperately seeking the stupid vote through negative campaigning that makes little sense. Well, it makes little sense except that it usually hooks the stupid vote, and the stupid vote can actually put a figurehead in the Oval Office who cannot really think for himself.

Mr. McCain used to think for himself until he got desperate…and negative.

OK Jack

P.S. Hey! I like Batman and Spiderman too…but they’re not real. The problems facing the American people on the domestic and foreign policy fronts are real, however. So Reuters and the other mainstream media might want to think about raising a discussion concerning the solutions to those problems…rather than spend time on stupid reporting.

Posted by OK Jack | Report as abusive

It seems Jack has a fetish about the word “stupid.” Frankly, I appreciated a bit of the human side of both candidates. In a campaign for the highest position in the USA, our choices seem more limited by the campaign retoric, and dulled by the constant clamor to undermine and denegrate the other candidate. A bit of humanism can do nothing but improve the situation and make Joe Everyman feel a bit closer to both men. Jack needs to take his “stupid” back and concentrate on something good for a change.

Posted by Ernie | Report as abusive

I am pretty sure that both McCain and the “golden child” Obama were mentioned in this article, so before you start ragging on McCain about what was written please make sure you actually read the article.

Also if you are so concerned about the “real news” then why did you read this article? I would say that this is real news because something that might seem like a dumb question can sometimes reveal something interesting about a person. I am not sure that it this article is saying (seems like both are trying to pigging back on Batman’s success to me) is all that important but that doesn’t mean its dumb.

While I wouldn’t say this is a article that I learned a lot about the candidates, it is sort of nice to here some straight answers from a politician. And maybe this most amazing part of this article is that it pretty equally talks about both candidates instead just Obama. I am sure that Katie Couric and Brain Williams are out buying the movies and music he mentioned right now.

Keep up the good work Reuters, anymore articles you guys have about superficial characteristics of the candidates I will read. After all, Jerry Seinfeld told us years ago those are what truly matter about a person.

Posted by Starks | Report as abusive

August 12, 2008

Dear David Plouffe:

For starters, the communities at-large are in dire need, and they supports political change, advancement, and trusts. Candidate President Barack Obama, can you offer a bi-partisan olive branch of change that we can be raised through asking a proposed Vice President Michael Bloomberg, an economic, crisis management bi-partisan czar drafted to serve his country and address the 21ST Century crises of the energy and economy to aid in actualizing the advancement of this great nation through a central coalition that will calling for change. A coalition guided through the character, wisdom and commitment of a proposed Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a person quite familiar with the abilities, style, and character of Michael Bloomberg? The great city of New York was his dressing room of challenge!

This sort of administrative led coalition would head of thirty- two (32) months of congressional gridlock by interacting with a counterpart coalition and impact immediate change to expedite crises national management. These leaders can do it through their leading a coalition our well qualified government experts forward to dissolve the Great American Crisis. We can design, develop, and implement a New Big Deal of Change that can guide the United States of America into the 21ST Century.

We need an eternal community, political and national healing; hindsight would be detrimental. We can continue to be as we are the living progressive example of a nation of advancement and change for the world to see. We do have a fail proof government. What can we do for our country beyond party lines for One Nation under God to heal the further heal the scares of the United States of America? The people desire nothing less than – an honorable, respectful, national leadership of change. May we all seek and hail “God Bless America!”

E. RayEdward Walker, Community at-large for Obama 2008
Ernest RayEdward Walker


Posted by Ernest Walker | Report as abusive