Obama says John Edwards won’t be at Democratic convention

August 9, 2008

HONOLULU – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says his former rival John Edwards, who disclosed on Friday that he  had an extramarital affair in 2006, would likely not be attending the party’s convention later this month.
Edwards, a former vice presidential candidate who bowed out of the raedwards.jpgce for the Democratic presidential nomination earlier this year, was said to be in the running for a high-level position in a potential Obama administration, including attorney general.
Probably not anymore.
The Illinois senator, when asked about Edwards, told reporters in Hawaii he thought the former North Carolina senator and his wife, Elizabeth, had already decided not to attend the Democratic convention in Denver in late August.
“If I’m not mistaken I think that … the Edwards family indicated that they probably wouldn’t be attending the convention,” Obama told reporters. 
Healing,  yes. But Obama no doubt also wants to avoid another distraction at an event that he hopes will emphasize his campaign message of change and party unity.
Edwards endorsed Obama in May while the primary contest against Hillary Clinton was still running. He told television network ABC on Friday that he didn’t think he had a political career in his future. 

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jeff Haynes (John Edwards and Barack Obama at a rally in Grand Rapids,  Michigan,  May 14, 2008)


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Poor obama he’s damn he if do and damn if he don’t

Posted by Letha | Report as abusive

what resonates for me is that Mr. Edwards says he was not unfaithful until his wife went into remission from cancer!..What earth does that mean? That its okay to be a rutting pig as long as your partner is in resonably good health.. Mr Edwards, along with so many other politicians, Democrat or Republican does not deserve to represent us. He has no sense of shame, decency or honor. And then, to thoroughly disgrace himself, has the temerity to go on national television and try to rationlize his disgusting conduct. I feel badly for his wife.. What does she do, in her situation. Leave him, or stay and see his doughy adulterous face each and every day… He is truly so low..

Once again the Republicans have taken the lead as “immoral heads” of our nation. McCain cheated on his wife (and quickly divorced her and married again months later), and he did it decades before Senator Edwards. Way to go “McNasty” McCain.

Learn more at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzQe8m_92 hc

Posted by Michael J | Report as abusive

Did Obama know in advance of John Edwards’ confession/interview and planned his vacation letting Hillary go “solo” for him in Nevada and get no media attention!! Is that fair politics???

Posted by didi | Report as abusive

Fiddle dee, fiddle dum. How do you know when a politican is lying….

Posted by jm | Report as abusive

RE: Infidelity and Republicans.

Reagan (he had a couple of wives I believe).

McCain – he showed true values in the way he treated his first wife.

Posted by An observer | Report as abusive

Just so ironic that they aren’t going to let one adulterer attend, but they will have another give a key speech Wednesday night.

Posted by Obamaisgonnalosesobad | Report as abusive

I personally believe that Hillary and Edwards wife have no self respect for staying with them. I would submit to anyone, that if Hillary had divorced Bill, she would be on the way to the White House right now, because everyone else would respect her, too.

Posted by Obamaisgonnalosesobad | Report as abusive