Obama says John Edwards won’t be at Democratic convention

August 9, 2008

HONOLULU – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says his former rival John Edwards, who disclosed on Friday that he  had an extramarital affair in 2006, would likely not be attending the party’s convention later this month.
Edwards, a former vice presidential candidate who bowed out of the raedwards.jpgce for the Democratic presidential nomination earlier this year, was said to be in the running for a high-level position in a potential Obama administration, including attorney general.
Probably not anymore.
The Illinois senator, when asked about Edwards, told reporters in Hawaii he thought the former North Carolina senator and his wife, Elizabeth, had already decided not to attend the Democratic convention in Denver in late August.
“If I’m not mistaken I think that … the Edwards family indicated that they probably wouldn’t be attending the convention,” Obama told reporters. 
Healing,  yes. But Obama no doubt also wants to avoid another distraction at an event that he hopes will emphasize his campaign message of change and party unity.
Edwards endorsed Obama in May while the primary contest against Hillary Clinton was still running. He told television network ABC on Friday that he didn’t think he had a political career in his future. 

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jeff Haynes (John Edwards and Barack Obama at a rally in Grand Rapids,  Michigan,  May 14, 2008)


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Edwards’ judgement was extremely poor in engaging in an affair with Hunter. His judgement again was extremely poor in lieing about it. This is what happens when people mess up, one lie leader to another and to another. At this point is hard to believe anything Edwards says. He denied the affair, he said, because the Enquirer had a lot of “falsities” and he was 99% HONEST! What kind of garbage is this?? A lie is a lie, period, there is nothing HONEST about telling a lie, Talk about spin. Elizabeth was dishonest too, if in fact she knew about the affair, by encouraging Edwards to remain in the race and campaigning for him. They are both guilty in the “cover up”. As for Hunter, obviously she was hired so she could be close to Edwards. I cannot imagine hiring an inexperienced person and paying her $114,000.00+ for the work she actually did…four videos. Pretty pricy, don’t you think? On top of that, Edward’s finance manager was giving her more money without Edward’s knowledge. Was this to keep her quiet?? Looks like Hunter was entertaining Edwards and his campaign males by providing most of them with her sexual favors; guess this explains why she got paid so much for such little actual work. Why was he even meeting with Hunter two years after the affair. Blackmail, perhaps? Had she raised the ante for more money? Was Edwards refusing? I believe she and her friend set Edwards up for the Enquirer. How else would have the Enquirer known of their meeting? Then Edwards makes it worse for himself by running away and hiding in the men’s bathroom!! All of this will make a good movie very soon! If it weren’t to disgusting, it would be funny! Both John and Elizabeth are guilty of deceiving the nation. How very, very sad!

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CRUNCH!! CRUNCH!! That’s the sound of John Edwards under the bus wheels!! LOL!!!

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Once again, Obama is so quick to toss out anyone that will spoil his image.

Posted by Tired | Report as abusive

We already have a serial philanderer, WJC, speaking at the Convention that lied about it…Why not have one that did not lie about his ONE affair?

Posted by Docb | Report as abusive

Interesting, in an associated press article today about the dificulty of validating the charges leading to the MSM not running the story, they fail to state that Fox News came out with a statement validating that the enquirer’s version of the beverly hill hilton events were indeed true.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

I figured marital infidelity was a resume enhancer among Democrats.

Posted by JWF | Report as abusive

Considering world-class philanderer Bill Clinton will be bloviating at the convention speech-wise, what’s one more adulterer in the mix?

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Once again the agenda of mainstream American media is exposed. And they wonder why they are despised and their viewers and readers are leaving in droves? If subjects were covered fairly and accurately instead of a constant leftward slant it would be a completely different story. But I suspect they wil continue to undermine their credibility and go on cutting their own throat.

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Hello! Why don’t you repubs get your facts straight for once… Obama didn’t ban Edwards from the convention, its not up to him. Obama said… “If I’m not mistaken I think that … the Edwards family indicated that they probably wouldn’t be attending the convention,” Obama told reporters.

And for MSM. I think they were just looking for a story because Edwards is out of the race and his personal life doesn’t matter to anyone except to sell news. So who is surprized at that?

Posted by BushGuiltyAsSin | Report as abusive


I know you would not be so naive regarding infidelity found only on the resume of Democrats. If we reviewed the current resume’s and past resumes of Republicans we can not only include infidelity but pedophilia, should I go on…so unless you are without sin put the rocks down before your glass house cracks.

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What exactly is the code of conduct demanded in American politics if Edwards is persona non-grata but Bill Clinton, the poster boy of marital infidelity, is the key note speaker at the Democratic convention. These decisions are more transparent in their true purpose, to manage images and win at all costs. Nothing at all to do with moral character in the end.

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What John Edwards did was wrong, but at least it was adult man with adult woman. Unlike Republican sex scandals which are adult man with adult man, or adult man with little boys, or adult man with little girls.

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This just proves once again that the current Democratic leadership has no soul whatsover. That inhuman condition has crept into the dying MSM.
Both beasts will not be missed when they expire.

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I’m surprised that Obama didn’t say “He’s not the John Edwards I used to know”

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Who cares about candidates’ or politicians’ sex lives! It’s a wonder any sane person runs for office anymore. We harp on keeping our own privacy but refuse to grant it to public figures. What hypocrites we are.

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John Edwards can’t be at the convention….but Bill Clinton is going to make a speech!!!


Democrats are so F-ing stupid!

Posted by ToddonCapeCod | Report as abusive

Edwards is a phony. He suddenly remind me of Republican Party . Lied / cover up and kept lying and hope everything will goes away. John , you should switch to GOP. Please

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Now it’s time for all good liberals to “think about the children,” specifically John Edwards’ newest baby girl…John, John!!! It’s not about you….it’s about the child! This child needs food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, a father figure (try hard on this one, John), and a moral compass (might want to pass on this one, John).

I have only two words of advice for Rielle Hunter: “Gloria Allred”. You need a shark with a heart. She will help you, just google her.

Hmmmm……so John Edwards thinks he’s off the hook!!! I’ll bet half of his interview on Nightline was a lie. You know darn well that he had sex with Rielle Hunter the last time in Beverly Hills…and, now he’s lying about holding up his new baby girl in the National Enquirer photo… On Nightline, Edwards said that he has “no idea” where the photo came from or who is in it. Is this idiot for real? This guy is just a pathological liar!!! It’s so rare to see one on tape! John Edwards doesn’t have to agree to a paternity test….the child support judge is going to demand it. Get busy!!

Now, for all you John Edwards supporters who are let down…what in the hell were you thinking? Couldn’t you spot this phony the second you saw him? I did. Edwards made his money suing doctors!!!!! He is a professional liar….just like Obama!!! You’re all smucks!!!

Obviously Obama knew about the allegations against Edwards for a long time. If Obama didn’t, then he’s a dope! So, right up until Friday, Edwards was still on the short list for VP.

Yes, this whole “affair” shows that Obama is stupid and needs vetting team (not sleaze hiders) for the VP spot! Now, let’s show that Obama knew about the affair and still wanted Edwards.

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It doesn’t matter. John Edwards is just another (I can get away with it) Democratic Candidate. And Barack Obama is an empty suit.

He shall lose in November. Mark my words

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it is wonderful how many blameless people are out there. these are all human beings, nothing more. easy for obamba to say anything he wants, who really knows what was said by edwards family?

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I’m sure it went like this; “That is not the John Edwards that I know.” Once again, Obama shows himself to be an exalted leader in judgment; actually considering Edwards to be either VP or Attorney General. At what point will everyone realize that Obama is EXACTLY like ALL the people he has thrown under what has become a fleet of buses?

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Let’s diagnose this quote:

“If I’m not mistaken I think that … the Edwards family indicated that they probably wouldn’t be attending the convention,” Obama told reporters.

If I’m not mistaken (questionable) I think (speculation)
probably (based on what) wouldn’t (opinion based on wouldn’t, shouldn’t or couldn’t)

This is the type of comment that is made by an amateur politician, not a professional.

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Obama… remember, Jesus said you may not be the judge and jury. Don’t hate. Don’t hate. Don’t be a hater. John Edwards was just looking for some comfort at a sad time in his life. Jesus has already forgiven Edwards, and we all must as well. Even his wife has forgiven him.
I think Edwards and his wife should go to the Convention. People get real. this is life in living color. People boink and people do things behind closed doors, and we all know people do these things – but as long as we don’t know it ‘must’ be ok. So if it’s ok when it’s behind closed doors, and we know it’s happening, why is it not ok when it comes out. Don’t be hater. Don’t Judge. Jesus can judge…

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John and Elizabeth Edwards tell Obama they will not be coming to the DNC Convention. Obama repeats their intent. And THIS is throwing them under the bus? What logic is this? For pity’s sake.

Posted by Pavane | Report as abusive

The issues are too BIG….. vote OBAMA

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

Why did the mainstream media suddenly stop reporting the story about McCain’s infidelity with a reporter.
Where are the tabloids when you need them ? It’s not like we don’t know that John McCain screws around.

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

Elizabeth knew in 2006 about John’s sexual affair. Thanks for being such a great enabler, Elizabeth. John would be paying off blackmail to the Iranians next if he’d been elected!

Posted by Try | Report as abusive

Maybe Obama is trying to protect Hillary Clinton from being embarrassed. After all, any time anybody thinks of a man cheating on his wife, it is still Bill Clinton who come to mind.

Posted by CC | Report as abusive

obqama if you won’t let johnny edwards speak, how come billy bj gets to speak. we didn’t even have to have a blue stained dress an impeachment for johnny to admit the cheating. billy bj still trying to blame somebody else. throw the bum off the convention.

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

The person that I saw yesterday was not the person that I had come to know over 20 years. Uh, wait – why does that sound familiar?

Posted by Barak Obama Impersonator | Report as abusive

How come Bill Clinton gets to speak at the Dem Convention, but John Edwards can’t even show up?

Posted by kitty hogan | Report as abusive

I just can’t believe that anyone is surprised about a democrat lying about sex.

Posted by Tom P | Report as abusive

This is a very sad situation, particularly for his wife of some 30 years. But he has attempted to get out in front of this and come clean, and it should be noted he brought this to his wife. What really concerns me is the monies given to this woman, where they from the campaign, or Mr. Edwards pesonal money? I think this might be the bigger story. And finally, candidate Obama again shows his lack of experience and expterise in this situation, maybe he also should stay away from the convention.

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Looks to me like the Edwards-Hunter affair had not ended! (This is a big problem if the wife had been told it was over.) …Then, following this thread, the paternity impossibility might be ANOTHER LIE! And,today- privacy issues prevent a DNA test…Oh, what will happen to the money pay-outs? This is like a soap opera plot synopsis. How insulting to the American people! I want the truth to come out now more than ever. Disgusting.

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“Obviously Obama knew about the allegations against Edwards for a long time.”

Of course he knew about the allegations, but he couldn’t know if they were true until Edwards told him.

On the other hand there is one man running for president who is a _confirmed_ serial adulterer: John McCain. Not only did he cheat on his wife, he dumped her for one of his concubines; a twenty-something, filthy rich heiress young enough to be his daughter. That’s character you can count on my friends.

Posted by Itchy Brother | Report as abusive

This is not a democratic party issue. This is a politician issue, and has been since politics began. If we didn’t give so much power to individual personalities, this kind of egomaniacal flandering wouldn’t be so bad.
Read Plato’s Republic.

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If the Edwards are being asked not to attend the convention so should the Clintons. Obama will change his mind 10 times before the election.

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

I can agree, if in fact, John Edwards made his own decision to NOT attend the Democratic convention for personal reasons. However, if was presured by the Democratic National Committee toward that decision in order to not detract from the NObama image that I think Bill Clinton should be asked to NOT attend either. Edwards only had one affair (not that I’m excusing it) but, slick Willie had MANY that he lied about and tried to cover up. He even had one while behind his desk in the oval office which, in my opinion, was a real discrace to our country and lied under oath to a congressional hearing. He was very close to being impeached becasue of it. If anyone is going to detract from the NObama image it’s WJC. Now, I don’t want to be accussed of being a REPUB. I’m a registered Democrat with a lot of heart burn.

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I don’t think this wil have any negative effect on Obama. Edward is his own man. I feel sorry for his wife. She does’t deserve this.

Posted by Agya Odi Asempa | Report as abusive

John Edwards always talks about there being “Two Americas”.

I guess he thought that he should have a woman in each one.

Posted by Joan | Report as abusive

Why would John Edwards visit this gal and the baby for hours during the middle of the night in a hotel if he wasn’t the father? If he was “just a friend” visiting a friend’s baby, he (and Elizabeth) would have visited during the day (and not in a hotel).

She lives in the area. She doesn’t need a hotel. John Edwards wasn’t registered at that hotel.

Posted by Joan | Report as abusive

So… if the affair ended in 2006, why did Edwards visit Hunter and the baby in July 2008 ???? And… why did she have that hotel room??? She lives in the area!!! BTW… she was the registered guest at the hotel, not Edwards. It’s obvious that they were afraid to meet at her nearby home, so she got the hotel room so they could meet in the middle of the night.

Posted by Joan | Report as abusive

They are all stinking lying Liberty rapers. Why should I care what functions they go to and what unity they want when my Liberties get STOLEN from me every day.

Posted by bobo | Report as abusive

Interestingly enough when its a Republican sex scandal it is more likely to be an encounter with a gay prostitute.

Posted by NeedarealCandidate | Report as abusive

It’s interesting to me how so many people said that Bill Clinton’s lies to the nation about his affair with Monica Lewinsky were no big deal. Now everyone seems bent on making out Edwards’ to be a monster.

I was very critical of Clinton when he lied to the nation as Commander-in-Chief, especially when he lied under oath to the grand jury (if I remember right, he was stripped of his license to practice law in some jurisdiction as a result).

But I suppose Clinton had the sympathy of much of the nation because of what many decided was a witch hunt by the GOP.

It seems to me, though, that lying under oath in a court proceeding — regardless of any so-called witch hunt — is far more egregious than Edwards has done. Don’t get me wrong. I think what Edwards did was horrible.

But Clinton has much more charisma than Edwards, so I suppose that makes what Clinton did OK!

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

Folks…your rabid speculations are not particularly what ‘God’ has in mind either. Men in politics are notorious for affairs…affairs have been going on since the beginning of time as humans. What offends me, is the quick paced attack mode of slinging mud and worse. This moralistic tone, while back stabbing and ranting these horrible judgments…check out the Bible. In some circles speaking poorly about people is considered worse than murder. In murder you only kill once, in backstabbing you kill a persons character over and over again. You will be subjected to the same judgment as you judge others…actually, according to the Bible, you have no right to judge at all. You are asked to look at yourself.
Just because we were founded by hypocritical Puritans, doesn’t mean we have to keep up the tradition. And yes, I love my country, and yes, I have the right to question.
You need to have a serious talk with God about your thoughts and behaviors.
Those that throw the stinkiest mud are usually those that are stewing in hatred all of the time. I’d rather have someone who serves the public slip up sexually, than someone who stands on their pulpit poking other peoples eyes out, and yakking up hatred.
Leave the man alone, if his wife forgives him, that is all that is necessary.
It is none of our business.

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OK! Why don’t we blame Obama for John Edward’s discretion as well as all all other things that we are displeasd with in this country, but no one seems to mention John Mccain’s cheating on his flormer wife!!! Where are your heads?

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What a shame. A huge hope for our future and once again we are reminded that committment to anything is nearly impossible. We are a society of cheating in every way. Wow, they must laugh at us around the world.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

Poor obama he’s damn he if do and damn if he don’t

Posted by Letha | Report as abusive

what resonates for me is that Mr. Edwards says he was not unfaithful until his wife went into remission from cancer!..What earth does that mean? That its okay to be a rutting pig as long as your partner is in resonably good health.. Mr Edwards, along with so many other politicians, Democrat or Republican does not deserve to represent us. He has no sense of shame, decency or honor. And then, to thoroughly disgrace himself, has the temerity to go on national television and try to rationlize his disgusting conduct. I feel badly for his wife.. What does she do, in her situation. Leave him, or stay and see his doughy adulterous face each and every day… He is truly so low..

Posted by saucy sea breeze | Report as abusive

[…]  Obama(PBUH) has said that John Edwards (who endorsed Obama(PBUH) and was supposed to deliver “The South” to Obama) will NOT be or speak at the  Democrat National Convention in Denver. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says his former rival John Edwards, who disclosed on Friday that he  had an extramarital affair in 2006, would likely not be attending the party’s convention later this month. “If I’m not mistaken I think that … the Edwards family indicated that they probably wouldn’t be attending the convention,” Obama told reporters. —-Jeff Mason, Reuters […]

Posted by Radio Free Canada » Blog Archive » Another One Under the Bus | Report as abusive

Once again the Republicans have taken the lead as “immoral heads” of our nation. McCain cheated on his wife (and quickly divorced her and married again months later), and he did it decades before Senator Edwards. Way to go “McNasty” McCain.

Learn more at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzQe8m_92 hc

Posted by Michael J | Report as abusive

Did Obama know in advance of John Edwards’ confession/interview and planned his vacation letting Hillary go “solo” for him in Nevada and get no media attention!! Is that fair politics???

Posted by didi | Report as abusive

Fiddle dee, fiddle dum. How do you know when a politican is lying….

Posted by jm | Report as abusive

RE: Infidelity and Republicans.

Reagan (he had a couple of wives I believe).

McCain – he showed true values in the way he treated his first wife.

Posted by An observer | Report as abusive

[…] week the Democratic convention in Denver. John Edwards won’t be there. Last month his name was still mentioned as a possible VP pick for Obama. Now he may be […]

Posted by Adultery, Betrayal & Confession– The ABC Exclusive | The Radio Kitchen | Report as abusive

Just so ironic that they aren’t going to let one adulterer attend, but they will have another give a key speech Wednesday night.

Posted by Obamaisgonnalosesobad | Report as abusive

I personally believe that Hillary and Edwards wife have no self respect for staying with them. I would submit to anyone, that if Hillary had divorced Bill, she would be on the way to the White House right now, because everyone else would respect her, too.

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