After attacks, McCain crowd happy not to hear about Obama

August 11, 2008

ERIE, Pa. – After a week of slamming his opponent in a barrage of controversially negative advertisements, U.S. presidential hopeful John McCain spoke for more than 20 minutes Monday without mentioning Barack Obama by name once. 
His audience seemed to like it.
“I want to hear more about the issues, not bickering between the candidates,” said Ron Holden, a locomotive assembly worker who listened to the Republican senator from Arizona address staff at a large GE Transportation plant here.
“I don’t want to hear about what Obama’s been doing from McCain and I don’t want to hear about McCain from Obama,” said Holden, a registered Democrat who said that he was undecided about which way he would vote in November.
McCain did aim one nuanced blow toward his Democratic rival, recalling Obama’s comment about bitter small town Americans clinging to their guns and their church.
Obama’s rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton, had taunted him over the remark, saying it was evidence he was out of touch with heartland America. McCain gently took a leaf out of her playbook.
“You’re going to seeing a lot of me in this state and we’re going to be on the bus and we’re going to go from town to town, and we’re going to tell people that we know that they love the Second Amendment and cherish their religion, because they believe in America,” McCain said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (McCain at a July 21 campaign appearance in Maine)


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So we have the citizens’ desires (“I want to hear more about the issues, not bickering between the candidates,”)

And we have the candidates’ product (“we’re going to tell people that we know that they love the Second Amendment and cherish their religion, because they believe in America,” McCain said.”)

So, we should vote for McCain because he knows people cherish their religion because they believe in America? Could a more meaningless, trite phrase exist? Obama is as big or bigger offender than McCain in this area as well, so I won’t let him off the hook either.

We demand that our candidates address the issues, and in response all we get is worthless jibberjabber about “believing in America” (do we not?), unqualified “change”, and John Edwards choice of bed fellows (is he suddenly back in contention for the nomination or something, or why the heck are we hearing about him again!?).

Wake up people – neither candidate is candidly addressing issues that are important to you and I. They are saying, repeating and re-repeating happy-go-lucky sound bytes about hope and change in America and how they understand people have hope and want change, and love America.

This campaign makes me sad for our future. It is hard to, as McCain says, “believe in America” when our “leaders” do not communicate anything of value to the people they are supposed to be leading.

Posted by matt | Report as abusive

Wouldn’t it be nice, if the McCain Campaign actually did speak issues? But, unfortunately, the GOP doesn’t know how to campaign on issues… only on fear & personal attacks.
Sadly, Senator Obama has had to respond to the slime campaign, via ads, since the Media refuses to scrutinize McCain, with the same zeal they scrutinize Obama.

Posted by jon | Report as abusive

Would all of you Obama supporters go ahead an get bumper stickers so the rest of the world can laugh at you as long as you own your car.

Posted by Jon Iscream | Report as abusive

If Obama were to remove attacks and empty promises of “hope” and “change” from his lips, he would have nothing to speak about. I was a fan for a while but he is all hype and no substance. He should have spent a few more years getting some experience before running. That fruit isn’t ripe yet.

McCain 08.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

I guess McCain realized that the nasty stuff is backfiring. Now all he needs to do is apologize for all the lies he’s telling and stop telling them. No more having it both ways, the opponent is not a “flip-flopper” while you simply “change your mind” And BTW..I do not believe anyone who claims to be a DEM could ever vote for McCain and 4 more years of the same garbage.

Posted by Shirley S, Bethlehem, PA | Report as abusive

this man really has nothing sufficient to say other then talk about Obama. It would be nice to hear his agenda once and a while. Even during this meeting, he couldn’t resist saying at least something in regards to Obama. He’s Obama’s best advertiser. He talks about Obama more then the news media which shows me he’s a loser with nothing to say.

What I would be interested in knowing is what did he talk about that’s different or more helpful then what we have alreadt heard from Obama. As far as I can see he has not
say anything that can change lives for the better, all we
hear is the same old Bush policies.

Posted by Jofi | Report as abusive

It’s a good thing McCain is not attacking Obama anymore because he was losing that battle hands down. If McCain focuses on the issues he has a much better chance of winning the general election..especially with Nader on the ticket..

Posted by Jaycat | Report as abusive

If we start talking about the issues this race will start to get more interesting.

Posted by chicguy | Report as abusive

Good. At last the old 72 years mccain is learning on how to market his Bush -Cheney Ideas instead of talking about Obama.

At the end of the day,Republicans like me will VOTE FOR OBAMA who seems to be sharp, active,eloquent and stands a chance of improving our image abroad.Am proud to be American and i cant stand the current state of detest for americans.
Obama understands the ECONOMY Mccain Does NOT.


Posted by wesley | Report as abusive

wesley, the above author, is not a Republican, but a democrat. As part of the obam-i-nation, the democrats have taken the low stance of posting all kinds of b.s. scripts like the above post all over the internet. No Republican in his right mind would vote for a communist elitist anti-fuel tax monger like obama.

Posted by wesley | Report as abusive

Great – maybe McCain was told to ‘grow up’ and stop this bickering, complaining and whining. Let’s keep to the issues and talk about what he plans to DO to solve the awful state of affairs that Bush-Cheney have put this great nation into both in foreign and domestic. The last 8 years have been a disaster for this country and the world – time to make a change and get on a better path.

Posted by Marc from San Diego | Report as abusive

McCain cant talk issues. The only issue he was able to get traction with was his off shore drilling stance which is popular with voters even though it would take ten years to actually get the oil and would have little to no effect on its market price. This is a man with no vision, as eveidenced by his droning teleprompter speeches in which he butchers the names of foriegn leaders, moves the borders of countries on global maps, and confuses the various factions in the Iraq conflict. This foriegn policy “expert” is nothing more than a warhalk sending the ame old tired dogs out to hunt. FEAR. Yawn Yawn. Its bedtime for old man, out of touch McCain.

Posted by Penny | Report as abusive

Yes Matt, there is a phrase that is much, much more trite: “Change we can believe in…”
Cleverly defined and backed up with the longest streams of dribble and empty propoganda in the history of the English language.

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

I love it that all you Obama Kool-Aid drinkers are crying over McCain’s ads. I guess they hit a little too close to home. The ivory tower is coming down and we see that it is no Messiah underneath, it’s simply Jimmy Carter and his tired old politics (better yet it is Mike Dukakis). Keep crying about the ads, you guys can’t take it because they speak the truth and the truth is something that a cult member is afraid of.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

It doesn’t really matter what spin McCain tries to put on more tired old rhetoric from this tired old man. People are voting for Obama because this country can’t stand another 4 years of the same old catastrophic policies we’ve just had from the most disasterous administration in living memory. McCain offers nothing better, insisting on the same ‘plan’ (lol) that has bankrupted what used to be the richest and most successful nation on earth. We want hope and new direction, not more failure and deeper depression. Obama is the best chance we’ve had for years, but to be honest I’d vote for Homer Simpson’s dog before I’d vote for another Republican.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

I’d love for the candidates to talk about the issues — like the issue of how the Republican Party has completely abandoned Christian voters like myself by nominating a notorious adulterer like John McCain to lead our nation.

Didn’t we tell them when we elected President Bush that we were tired of immoral men like Clinton — that we wanted the president to be someone our children could look up to as a role model? What, didn’t we vote LOUDLY enough?!

We Christians have been used up and spit out by the Republican Party. They run candidates who keep on promising to end abortion, illegalize gay marriage and do all the other things that Christians want for America, and they haven’t done a thing. Then they want us to vote for them again, because “this time they’re really going to do it!”

Well, I say that Jesus sent us out as sheep among wolves, and it’s time for us to recognize the wolves that have been pretending to share our values while nominating the adulterer McCain and then having the guts to ask Christians to vote for him.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

To Stephen…There is nothing wrong with being a person of faith and giving others the chance to understand your faith (so they can independently think for themselves).

I think then maybe most republicans are starting to see that maybe some of the christian right isn’t right on the issues.

For example… Gay marriage… to band gay marriage would be unconstitutional…just like telling someone they cannot enter a bi-racial marriage 45 years ago was unconstitutional.

All what the christian right wants to do is impose their believes on everyone else and that is not right.

As for John McCain being an “adulterer”, doesn’t your religion preach forgiveness for one’s sins? Everyone makes mistakes, one of yours is hypocrisy.

As for George Bush, he was a huge disaster… i do believe John McCain would be slightly better but not not good enough to lead the United States of America.

My Vote is with Barack Hussain Obama.

Posted by J.C. | Report as abusive

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