Obama ad fires celebrity charge back at McCain

August 11, 2008

combo.jpgWashington – Barack Obama is firing back against John McCain’s ad ridiculing the Democratic candidate’s popularity. Obama’s campaign on Monday released a counter attack ad accusing McCain of being “Washington’s biggest celebrity.”

The ad features McCain’s guest appearances on NBC’s comedy show “Saturday Night Live” and on talk shows that usually host celebrity guests.

It is unclear whether the new ad will prompt the kind of news coverage generated by McCain’s ad accusing Obama of being a celebrity like Paris Hilton, but Obama’s hard hitting ad accuses McCain of embracing Washington lobbyists “running his low road campaign.”

The 30-second ad also shows pictures of McCain hugging President George W. Bush and accuses him of “lurching to the right, then the left, the old Washington dance, whatever it takes.”

Click here to see Obama ad, which will start airing on U.S. cable stations on Tuesday.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Rebecca Cook (McCain and Obama at recent campaign stops).


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But isn’t Obama playing the “same old politics” he accuses McCain of playing by running this ad? When will people realize that the statment “I will not sink to your level” is an insult in itself? (For those who don’t get it, by saying I will not sink to your level, you are implicitly stating that the person is of a lower character.) When will the press wake up and realize that Obama is nothing new. Same old politics, fresh new suit.

Posted by Adam | Report as abusive

Turnabout is fair play. This may help prevent the McBush campaign from continuing their lowroad attacks on Obama, although that’s pretty much all they seem to have to offer. I love all the hugs between McCain and Bush – pretty much tells the whole story. All that group love between the Republicans while our economy craters, while thousands die in a war that is dishonest and immoral, while our civil liberties are eroding, while our standing in the world plummets, while millions lose their jobs, while our natural environment is steadily destroyed, and while our national defict grows by trillions. Thanks GWB for your incredibly inept and corrupt leadership. Thanks MCain, for offering to carry us forward with more of the same.

Posted by oaklynne | Report as abusive

obama is playing the same old politics. where’s the change that he was talking about?


Posted by Carl | Report as abusive