McCain wants to do better with the youth vote

August 13, 2008

YORK, Pa. – John McCain, teased as “that wrinkly, white-haired guy” by Paris Hilton, said on Tuesday he knew he wasn’t connecting with young voters but urged them to give him a hearing.

“I need to do a better job … with young voters in America and I want to reach out to them,” he told a former Sen. Hillary Clinton supporter now pondering whether to support him or his Democratic presidential opponent Barack Obama.

The questioner said during the town hall meeting in York, Pennsylvania he wasn’t sure what McCain stood for on issues like education that mattered to young voters.

“I would like to say ‘tell all your friends, come to the next townhall meeting.’ I’d like to meet and discuss with them … especially those who are undecided in this election,” McCain replied.

Bryce Wagoner, a 19-year still trying to make up his mind about who to vote for, said the Republican senator from Arizona
had not managed to ease his concern that social security would not be worth anything when he eventually retired.

“Everyone says that we need to fix it but nobody has a plan … he didn’t have any real solutions,” Wagoner said.

McCain later swung by Manheim Central High School to watch football practice and continue courting the youth vote.

After suggesting that they run over the press corps clustered in the center of the field, McCain told the squad — 15 times league champions since 1989 — that “you win as a team or you lose as a team,” before reminding them to study.

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Photo credit: Brian Snyder (McCain talks to veteran Steve Dunwoody at a campaign picnic in Maine)


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Perhaps some of the youth of America can vist McCain in his new old folks home?

Sure, America really needs an OAP of uncertain health to lead them into the tough and stormy 21st century.

What? You mean some of them think that an old infirm white man is a better idea than a young healthy coloured guy? A coloured guy who has the strength and verve to make America what it once was?

People of America, please get real and be careful what you end up wishing for. To make one mistake is unfortunate – to make another is just plain stupidity.

Don’t let the world think the American people are stupid – vote for Obama and let McCain retire gracefuly.

The American people are not stupid, I feel they will choose the right guy – Obama.

See the light!

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Mr. McCain is the obvious choice for the election.

It’s time that people put the parties and partisonship aside and select the candidate that has paid his dues and has proven his allegiance to this country.

It’s not about who can create the biggest sensational story in the media, it’s about who can lead.

If any voter would just take one iota of time and research who is the more logical candidate, their research will prove, without a doubt, the candidate to be elected is John McCain.

We are all citizens that have been scorned by the Iraq war, no doubt. But running sheep off a cliff thinking that we are voting for something which a talker, crook, politician cannot deliver, is just plain insane.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA does not need change, it needs repair. We do NOT want to change our way of life and our Constitution,rather we want to repair our leadership.

It is only the experienced one that can effect the change we are looking for.

Give it a chance. As much as the far-outs want you to throw out the “baby” with the “bathwater”, think about the roots of a candidate. Think about the service that Mr. McCain has given this country.

Let us not be the knee-jerk society and stupid-consumers the media paints us to be. Let us be true Americans, true to the cause of our freedom, and the ability of our freedom to help others.

Make America a better place, Vote John McCain as our next President.

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John McCain is out of touch with the nation in general and younger voters in particular and will only perpetuate the failed policies of the Bush administration. He is not connecting with young voters because he has nothing to offer them. This country DOES need change, something that only Obama, not McCain can offer.

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