Obama takes shirt off again, goes body surfing in Hawaii

August 15, 2008

HONOLULU – Look out, ladies. Barack Obama has taken his shirt off in public again.

The 47-year-old senator from Illinois, who created a minor sensation with a shirtless photo on his last trip to Hawaii, stripped down to his trunks on Thursday for an impromptu body surfing excursion.

Obama and a few friends waded into the water and sportily rode a few waves to the delight of other beach revelers. Earlier in the day he went snorkeling with his family.

obama151.jpgDespite the hectic schedule of being the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Obama works out regularly and plays basketball to stay fit.
People magazine published a photo of the buff-looking senator emerging from the ocean in January 2007 on a page with other Hollywood stars.

His vacation here this week was Obama’s first return to his childhood home — his grandmother still lives in Hawaii — in nearly two years.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Hugh Gentry (Obama welcomes the crowd at Keehi Lagoon Park in Honolulu, Hawaii)


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My opinion-Its his vacation..leave him alone. i havent seen anyone surfing with shirts on.

Posted by Simpleguy | Report as abusive

I see that rueters has been bought and paid for once again by the republican campaign. Could you please explain how someone could be a Hollywood Star while not being a part of Hollywood? I see that you lost your impartiality and have decided to just use the right wing attack points. Shameless behavior for an organization that claims to be an impartial “news” organization. You should be ashamed.

Will you mention that McBush has had multiple cameos in big Hollywood blockbusters? I didn’t think so.

Posted by Robert K Wright | Report as abusive

This is shocking! Obama should keep his t-shirt on when he goes swimming, like every other American man.

If this doesn’t lose him the election then I don’t know what will..! Thanks, Reuters, for breaking this important story.

Posted by Scotty59 | Report as abusive

So where’s a picture of the emaciated Barack, the scrawniest nominee of the modern era?

If he’s so buff, why is he reluctant to show his torso or his legs in public?

Posted by Mugwump | Report as abusive

Are you nuts! This is news? Usually when swimming you wear swim trunks and take your shirt off. Try reporting on real news!

Posted by J. Hollywood | Report as abusive

I’m sure that Mr. Obama would be happy if he only received votes from people who have taken their shirts off at the beach. I guess McCain would look like Nixon when he’s at the beach.

Posted by George Busch | Report as abusive

[…] is an actual Reuters headline, by the way; “Obama Takes His Shirt Off Again, Goes Bodysurfing in Hawai’i“. I used to have such respect for you, Reuters. I would tell all my friends that you were way […]

Posted by Shirtless at the Beach? My stars! :: General Sod | Report as abusive

[…] is an actual Reuters headline, by the way; “Obama Takes His Shirt Off Again, Goes Bodysurfing in Hawai’i“. I used to have such respect for you, Reuters. I would tell all my friends that you were way […]

Posted by Shirtless? At the Beach? My stars! « NaterNet | Report as abusive

Can you imagine the heading if he hadn’t taken his shirt off? Obama keeps his shirt on while body surfing. What is he hiding? Or is he just not supposed to enjoy his vacation?

Posted by Phyllis Pircher | Report as abusive

Thanks Reuters! More material for another campaign ad. “Only a celebrity would take his shirt off at the beach.”

Posted by John McCain | Report as abusive

Slow news day? Not as if there are any wars going on anywhere.

Posted by Soprano | Report as abusive

[…] Obama takes shirt off again, goes body surfing in Hawaii […]

Posted by Save the GOP » Blog Archive » Another reason to vote McCain | Report as abusive


Thanks for staying on top of this breaking news.

Don’t know what we’d do without you…

Posted by harpmick | Report as abusive

Wow! Huge news! Barack takes his SHIRT OFF at the BEACH! Way to keep on top of the news, Reuters.

Posted by EiVE | Report as abusive

Are you Reuterians nuts? Do you expect presidential candidates to swim with their shirts ON? Do you expect him to perhaps commandeer a mile or so of Hawaii beach so that he can swim shirtless in private? This is a news story? This is blog-worthy? Please.

Posted by Walter Crockett | Report as abusive

Jeff Mason’s formal title with Reuters is 2008 Campaigns/Elections Correspondent.

Jeff, please promise us that you fought back, at least a little, in defense of real news when you were assigned to write this post.

Please assure the American voter that such drivel wasn’t the idea of someone with the job title as important as Reuters 2008 Campaigns/Elections Correspondent. Because what hope does American democracy have if this is what passes as actual journalism about our this important presidential election?

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

You call this news? What’s wrong with you people?

Posted by goethean | Report as abusive

Where are the pictures?

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

THIS is news?

This is why there are still 40 million Americans without healthcare, why over 4,000 US soldiers and countless Iraqi civilians are dead, and why McCain’s pushing for a new Cold War is still seen as “national security credentials.”

Keep up the good work.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

You’ve got to be kidding me. Jeff Mason should be fired. Access Hollywood wouldn’t even call this news.

Posted by Phillip | Report as abusive

“People magazine published a photo of the buff-looking senator emerging from the ocean in January 2007 on a page with other Hollywood stars.”

Other Hollywood stars? Nicely slippery way to perpetuate the Republican’s “celebrity” smear.

Like John McCain, I’m old enough to remember when Reuters was a genuine news service. This piece is truly pathetic and you should be ashamed.

Posted by Squeaky McCrinkle | Report as abusive

crappy healthcare, soldiers and iraqi and afghan terrorists dead, McCain’s pushing for a new Cold War? Yes, reuter’s article is the cause of this. Rueter’s article on Barack’s shirtless body has ruined this country, taken us off the path of “what we once were, what we could be…”

just wow…

We should just head back to sixty years ago when things were great…when reuter’s wasn’t publishing this crap and everyone was free…sure..what we once were…better healthcare, no soldiers dying, no terrorists, no cold war…Reuter’s, what have you done to this Nation?!?!? David, you are a twat!

Posted by karlthomas | Report as abusive

well at least he doesn’t have man boobies!

Posted by buffduff | Report as abusive

Are you nuts?!? Wars around the world, and THIS is news?

The next time folks ask why news orgs are dying, at least I’ll have an example I can point to.

Posted by db | Report as abusive

You’re kidding, right?


Posted by Chris N. | Report as abusive

The Big Story is really that McCain WON’T take off his shirt.
What is he hiding?
He doesn’t want Americans to see his cancer-riddled body.
If we did, we’d all understand that his VP pick could really be our new President.
McCain’s just a front to keep Republican cronies and corporate hacks in power.

Now, let’s see McCain without his shirt on.

Posted by stevie | Report as abusive

What a bizarre headline. Obama takes shirt off AGAIN? Are you a professional journalist, or a high school cheerleader?

Posted by Mark F | Report as abusive

I’m renting “All the President’s Men” to remind me of the good old days when journalists actually covered REAL NEWS.

Posted by gina wynn | Report as abusive

McCain CAN’T take off his shirt. It would show the “Anti-American” Tattoos he got as a celebrity film star in Vietnam.

Posted by Sam Smith | Report as abusive

How desperate is the McCain campaign?

But the bigger, more important question is, “Will this nonsense resonate with a gullible American electorate?”

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

What is this, 1908? Men take their shirts off to go swimming in this century. Pretty sure it happened some time after the airplane was invented, but before World War 2. Did they just thaw you out or something?

Posted by beedogs | Report as abusive

This non-news item is just another “puff-piece” by the Obama-loving media. I wonder if Obama visited his grandmother while in Hawaii. After all, she is just a “Typical white person”, all of whom Obama considers to be racist.

Posted by Hephaestus | Report as abusive

I believe Reuters expects Obama to go swimming/ surfing while wearing a suit and tie.

Posted by Sanjiv | Report as abusive

So Obama takes his shirt off while in the ocean?? Yes Reuters most people do that sort of thing, big story.

The point? This is just another thing that Obama can do that McCain can’t or just for decency, he probably shouldn’t take his shirt off.

Yeah, thanks for this big breaking story.

Posted by Bacchus | Report as abusive

The only reason this is reported as news is: Obama does not have any policy. He’s off on vacation surfing…nice that he can afford that one. Of course his tax plan….wow, I’m not even poverty level..so I guess he can afford a vacation this year.

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

Why in the world would I care about whether or not Obama has his shirt on or not? Not newsworthy…Why don’t you guys try to pin him down on a policy instead of this waste of space news? If you could do that….you would be better than any of the others. Cant be done! No policy..no experience.

Posted by DJ126 | Report as abusive

Wow, what outstanding reporting. I can’t believe somebody took off their shirt while enjoying the beach. And I didn’t know that US Weekly had changed its name to Reuters. Way to push the teen-heartthrob Tigerbeat meme. Keep up the great work.

Posted by Templeton Peck | Report as abusive

McCain versus Obama.

Leadership versus Celebrity.

McCain is running for President of the United States.

Obama looks like he is running for Student Council president.

Posted by carl | Report as abusive

Wow! Obama must be the first guy ever to take his shirt off while swimming in Hawaii!!
Ya’ll really do need to get to work on finding a constructive hobby.

Posted by Kat Hildebrand | Report as abusive

Try this headline and story… Obama vacationing in Hawaii, suspected to shower COMPLETELY NAKED.

You title is like giggling that he has nipple then you add a photo of Barack with a shirt on. Jeez, great photojournalism!

Posted by Curtis Spangler | Report as abusive

Way to go, Obama. You look good!

Posted by DRich | Report as abusive

so wheres this shirtless picture everyone is raving about? the picture on this page sucks.

Posted by Kristen | Report as abusive