Obama’s vice president a ‘he?’

August 20, 2008

sebelius.jpgRALEIGH, North Carolina – Barack Obama won’t say yet who his running mate will be but on Tuesday he did describe the qualities he wants in a vice president.

Briefly put: “he” will be the opposite of Dick Cheney, the man who hclinton.jpgcurrently holds the office.

“My vice president will be a member of the executive branch, he won’t be one of these fourth branches of government where he thinks he’s above the law,” Obama told a crowd in North Carolina.

Note the choice of pronoun. An Obama spokeswoman said not to read into that word choice but Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton — two women said to be on the Illinois senator’s list — may want to take note.

Obama went on to describe what he was NOT looking for in a running mate, painting a stark contrast with Cheney, who spearheaded President George W. Bush’s energy task force, influences White House foreign policy, including the Iraq war, and has claimed to be a member of the legislative branch because of his tie-breaking role in the U.S. Senate.

“I won’t hand over my energy policy to my vice president,” Obama said. “I won’t have my vice president engineering my foreign policy for me.”

Moving on to the qualities he did want, Obama said, “I want somebody who has integrity, who’s in politics for the right reasons. I want somebody who is … independent, somebody who is able to say to me, ‘You know what, Mr. President? I think you’re wrong on this and here’s why.'”

Cheney, considered a nemeses by many Democrats, has been described as one of the most powerful vice presidents in U.S. history.

Obama is expected to announce his choice for vice president in the next few days.

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 – Photo credit, left: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama and Clinton prepare to board a plane in June after she dropped out of the Democratic presidential race.)

 – Photo credit, right: Reuters/ Jason Reed (Obama embraces Sebelius after she endorsed him in January.)


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Elitist and sexist? hmm…Put Hillary on the ticket so the democrats can have a chance this time around….its been years since we picked a candidate that wasn’t a sabotage to the party. Don’t ruin it again with egotistical and unexperienced sexist! Hillary 2008 and 2012!!

Posted by karlthomas | Report as abusive

OKay here we go again. Barak, smarten up and pick HRC or at least 1/2 of the 18 million will be writing in her name on the ballot and probably means Maverick McCain will win and HRC runs in 2012!
This has nothing to do with race or gender. The people as a whole have voted and they showed they want Hillary just as much as you…

If Hillary Clinton is not on the ticket, I will write her name in and she still gets my vote
I encourage many reps, inds, and dems to do the same!

Posted by Write in votes count too | Report as abusive

You all are aware that Hillary is just one of many amazing members in our party, right?

We do not need HRC to win. We need unity behind our candidate and whoever he chooses. You want change? you have a chance, if you think for one minute that John McCain is going to do ANYTHING for women, you are in for a surprise. A big one.

Bill Clinton told us… the primaries are when you fall in love, now is the time to fall in line. Forget 2008, AND 12… we need a DEM now. if you are a dem, you get behind our candidate. HRC would say the same thing. It is time for people to stop the Hillary pot banging and get on board. We are all Dems. Let’s respect the process and get on board. WE are going to vote these republicans OUT!

Posted by femdem to the core | Report as abusive

If BO is wise, he’ll involve the Clintons as much as possible in his quest for power. BO will most likely lose without Hillary, and because she isn’t at the top of the ticket, he may anyway, in which case, I wouldn’t want HRC anywhere near him. If HRC wants VP, I hope she gets it, but I am not convinced she even wants the position. The race has certainly gotten boring without her.

The pundits are all scratching their heads wondering why Obama isn’t doing better in the polls….when to some of us who strongly supported Hillary, the writing was on the wall for this to happen to Obama once he got in the general election, but Obama didn’t believe it would happen, and his supporters were certainly blindsided by the poll slippage. Geeeezzzz…you left wingers!

Posted by kmb08 | Report as abusive

On Meet the Press a couple weeks ago, Obama said “he” then seemed to realize what he said and added or “she”

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive



Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

The man has the right to pick whomever he can trust.

The rest of you who think throwing tantrums is the way to win, maybe you deserve “Mr. Anger Management” instead. Grow up.

Posted by ursula | Report as abusive

All these Obama supporters saying “grow up”, “stop throwing tantrums”, “Obama doesn’t owe you anything”, etc to Clinton supporters: well, voters don’t “owe” Obama anything, either. The only person they “owe” is themselves, and they owe it to themselves to vote their CONSCIENCE, to vote for the person they WANT as president. If Obama’s followers don’t want the behavior and sentiments of Clinton’s followers, fine, how about if you do without the behavior AND the votes?

If Obama had amassed the numbers Clinton did, but Clinton had won, Obama’s supporters would be screaming in the streets that he deserves the VP slot and would be threatening not to vote for Clinton. The ones who need to “grow up” are Obama’s supporters, and stop whining and complaining and insulting other voters who have different views and different people they support.

Take note: in November, when Obama LOSES because his supporters are so myopic and self-centered, they’ll want to whine about Clinton’s supporters being “at fault” for Obama’s loss. NO, folks, get this straight: the ones who will lose this election for Obama are his followers and himself, PERIOD.

Posted by rollintruth | Report as abusive

An empty suit, teleprompter reading , lightweight will need some gravitas . Maybe Dick Cheney ?? Worked for Bush. Maybe hollywood can conger up a pretend VP and the democrat ‘feelings’ crowd can crow about the great pretenders??? Don’t have to get anything done – just suggest ‘tax the rich’ and promice everyone everything free. Works for me.

Posted by charles higgins | Report as abusive

If Obama does not pick Hillary for VP…I am afraid we will be at the mercy of republican’s again until Hillary can save us in 2012. Obama leans to far to the middle–and we really need a TRUE DEMOCRAT in office. If Obama picks HRC, he will continue his votes–the young, moderate, blacks and independant voters…but with HRC–he will have it all–the true democrats, blue collar, poor. With anyone else, he will just struggle to keep even with the republican attack machine!

Posted by Jody | Report as abusive

I’m sick of the whole thing. Am beginning to feel “used” by the Obama campaign. My excitement has waned considerably and mostly because I’m tired of all the hoopla associated with the ploy using “notification by email”…a way to get more names and more money. It’s becoming annoying and certainly makes one feel unimportant and “used.”

He needs to pick Hillary….unfortunately. He’s down in the polls and she will re-invigorate the campaign. He should also be honest with the public about his stuttering problem. Did he stutter as a child?

Again, I’m sick of the whole thing.

Posted by Peg | Report as abusive

[…] Reuters also questions a possible gaffe by obama saying that “he will be the opposite of Dick Cheney” […]

Posted by News of the Day » Blog Archive » Obama Vice President | Report as abusive

I am a Marine Mama, who Backs Obama!! I want my son home
from Iraq; If McCain gets into office, he will send more
troops to Afganistan, and I don’t think I can take another combat tour for my Marine son. He’s only 20 now,
and left when he was 19yrs. young. Vote for Obama!!!!!!

Posted by Rebecca Lehman | Report as abusive

If McCain wins…We ALL lose. Do we really want another 4 years of HELL?

Posted by robin martin | Report as abusive

Let me start out by saying I will be voting for Obama in November.
There is no other choice for me and yes I am happy to have this choice.

Now, here’s what concerns me. All I’ve read and heard is Obama does not want Clinton as his running mate, for one of two reasons or it could be for both. Reason one, HRC will over shadow him. Reason two, WJC will get too involved. Hmmm, he wants to be the most powerful man in the country, but he’s afraid of the “Clinton” influence. So, one can reason to remain top dog, he’s only willing to choose people weaker than him to be on his team, but he is willing to work with some that have experience he’s light on. I wonder what will those right wingers make of that message. Obama can’t handle a Clinton and is afraid of being publicly challenged by their intelligence. Yup, McCain’s the man for the job…. he maybe old but he’s got the guts to lead. No “girlly man” is he… and sure enough McCain will win this November

Our next president is going to have a major clean up to deal with. He will need very strong partner(s) with him to move this country back on track. This mess is too big for one man. I believe both Clintons have proven dedication to this task and will do what’s best for the country… they have made history already…now they are just being good America citizens.

America needs to shatter the glass ceiling for women. It’s no longer just a man’s world. Obama has the greatest chance of taking down sexism along with racism with his VP choice. Given how well Hillary did in the primary, no one would question him for choosing Hillary as his running mate. I truly believe with her by his side, they will win this November. Without her, there is very strong chance he will loose. It’s my hope he’s smart enough to want to win as a team and understands the risk he’s taking with running on his name alone on the ticket. In the end, America will pay for that loss.

If he choose HRC, then he’s proven to me he wants what best for America more than wanting to be in the “Rock Star” spotlight for the next three to four months.

Democrats, we need the “Redeem Team” in 2008, lets not wait for 2012.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Hillary is a liar. Bill Clinton is a fraud and misogynist. Tell me why people like them? Crazy Clinton die-hards. Hillary would trash the party in a second (in fact she has already with her despicable primary tactics) if it served her interest, just like Bill did, setting the stage for 8 years of Bush.

She ran a lousy campaign based on fear, hatred and divisiveness, and she and her blind followers continue their hating. Oh, and she ran it deeply into debt. What happened to all that “experience”? No thanks, I don’t need anymore Bushes OR Clintons.

Posted by Al | Report as abusive

Obama has clearly oulined his requirements – integrity and not being above the law so Hillary is out on both counts.

All those who want Hillary on the ticket seem to be blind to the fact that she ran a campaign purely based on women this, women that, women the other i.e. i am only interested in 50% of the population. I have not seen a recent campaign in which any male candidate displayed such open and agressive bigotry. nor have I seen such campaign ineptitude from such an “intelligent” person as Al highlights.

We do not need to shatter any glass ceilings by electing women, we need to ensure that the best person wins. Corporate America is now becoming littered with so many so called smart women who proved to be no better than their male counterparts (and in a number of cases worse) at running big business.

Her husbands hinderance aside, you Hillaryites need accept that Hillary ran an exceptionally poor campaign, exhibited absolutely no charisma or personality, was highly economical with the truth and was intolerable of other peoples opinions. All this was presided over by her campaign manager who was a…. woman (though she later terminated this arrangement).

All this makes her radioactive as a potential VP.

Posted by nick | Report as abusive

It’s a question of winning in November… and reducing the risk of losing.
I want Democrats back in control, with Republican oversight.

Like it or not, we were in better shape as a country when Bill left office. Bush set this country back decades, not Clinton. Bush eroded the positive Clinton years.

Like it or not, Obama/Clinton is a winning ticket and them working together will move this country back on track. The Republicans do not want this ticket.

Al you must be a Republican or someone who just likes to loose and whine about it. I recommend you offer up some positive points on the topic over calling people that you disagree with crazy. With an entire statement filled with negative and hate you should feel right at home with Bill and Hill.

Other than Clinton, who gives Obama better odds at winning this fall was my point.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Obama would of picked John Edwards as his vice president but since he was set up he is out. Obama will pick Hillary Clinton. She has been out of the public view the last few weeks and this will lend itself to the surpris.

Posted by James Klich | Report as abusive

Obama said today that his VP pick is “Prepared to be president”; “independent”; “somebody who can push against my preconceived notions and challenge me so we have got a robust debate in the White House”; “a partner with me in strengthening this economy for the middle class and working families.”

All code for Hillary. It’s obvious. He probably didn’t have much of a choice. This also explains the Hillary roll-call and the scheduled Bill Clinton speech in Denver next week.

I think he’s making a big mistake. This is going to turn off a lot of the independents, moderate Republicans, and Naderish Democrats who liked Obama precisely because he wasn’t Hillary. I think they outnumber the so-called Hillary Harridans. And I’m not convinced that having her as VP is going to placate the HHs anyway. Get ready for a painful week.

And McCain is rising in the polls; I’m getting very worried…why couldn’t he pick Richardson or Biden?

Posted by kalaresh | Report as abusive

Not like Cheney?? Old and washed up is the same.

Posted by Liberal | Report as abusive