Schwarzenegger says “maybe” to GOP convention

August 20, 2008

arnold.jpgCalifornia Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to help kick off the opening night of the Republican Convention on Sept. 1, but the “governator” says his appearance is contingent on whether a state budget agreement is reached between Republicans and Democrats. 

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon where the governor rolled out his budget compromise plan, Schwarzenegger said he “made it very clear” to Arizona Sen. John McCain that he’s “honored” to speak at the convention — but the budget comes first. 

“The state of California and the budget is the most important thing,” Schwarzenegger said to reporters. “If I do not have a budget, I cannot speak at the convention.”

California Republicans and Democrats are battling over whether to raise taxes, hampering resolution of the stalemate.

Schwarzenegger urged both sides to “step out of their ideological corners and step in the middle.”

 With only a week and a half to go before the convention, McCain better have a substitute for Schwarzenegger handy.    
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 Photo credit: REUTERS/Fred Prouser. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks at a news conference in Los Angeles on Aug. 15, 2008.


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Arrrrrrrrrrnold is da man!

Posted by rls | Report as abusive


Of COURSE McCain knows how many properties he owns. It just makes better sense to say “I’ll get back to you on that”, IN ORDER TO SPEND TIME DISCUSSING IMPORTANT ISSUES.

I’ve heard all my life that real estate is a great investment (long-term). I imagine McCain heard the same thing.

Senator Obama, how many states will you be presiding over if you get a term in the White House? — 57? Really? Well, we’ve known for months that Senator Obama might have trouble with his counting skills!

The fact is John McCain is the real deal. A man who put his country first before himself. He is a true patriot who is willing to stand up against a resurgent Russia, developing China and to continue the war against Al Qaeda.

Being a community organizer in Chicago, cannot compare to John McCain’s sacrifices for his country.

Vote for John McCain in 2008!

Posted by OBAMA HAS VISITED 57 STATES??? | Report as abusive

Arnold is probably making a good move. In a Democratic state that values his moderate approach to government, Arnold has little to gain by endorsing McCain’s conserative programs. The “old” McCain would have been a much more acceptable bedfellow than the Bush convert he has become.

Posted by Jim Hollister | Report as abusive

Clips from Schwarzenegger’s speech endorsing Bush at the 2004 Republican National Convention was later used against him in his re-election campaign for governor in 2006. To me, it seems that his involvement with the national Republican party has been lukewarm, at best, ever since. California is his priority, and to maintain his “maverick” image with California state politicians and voters, by all means he should skip the Republican convention.

Posted by Stephen G | Report as abusive

To the second poster, talk about missing the point. The point was that that McCain, who left his first wife so he could marry into a 100 million dollar fortune and now owns at least 10 homes, is a hypocrite who tries to paint his opponent as an elitist while he is in touch with the “common man”. If what you call “standing up to russia” is injecting yourself into a politically sensitive situation, when you do not have the authority to speak for your country, do us all a favor and stay home in November.

The reason people [with intelligence] like Arnold, is because he stands for what he believes in, instead of towing the party line.

And in case you forgot, we are not at war with Al Queda, we are at war with “terror”.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

Wise move on Arnold’s part. A lot of other Republican office holders are staying away as well. Perhaps they feel that McCain is going to crash and burn big-time

Posted by MediaWatch | Report as abusive

It would be a real slap if he doesn’t show up! He could be becoming a real democrat! Is his wife running him??

Posted by nan | Report as abusive