Kaine introduces Obama, spurring VP talk

August 21, 2008

RICHMOND, VA. – Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine  introduced Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama at a townhall event on Thursday, spurring the latest flurry of speculation about whether an announcement was imminent on Obama’s running-mate pick.
Kaine, along with Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh and Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden, obamakaine.jpgare thought to be among the finalists to become Obama’s vice presidential running-mate.
Obama and Kaine appeared together at an event on the economy at a community college in Chester, Virginia. It was part of a two-and-a-half day bus tour through the state.
Further stoking media interest in Kaine was a visit by him to Obama’s hotel in Richmond on Thursday morning.
But Obama’s campaign played down the significance of that.
“They’re just riding over to the event together,  pretty standard fare,” said Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki.
After meeting for 15 minutes with Obama at the hotel, Kaine walked out with him. Pressed by a reporter about the VP talks,  he said, “I’m going to let the campaign speak for the campaign.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria (Barack Obama and Tim Kaine wave to supporters in picture taken February 9)


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Kaine may be just the person the ticket needs, although I believe it will be Seibilius, Richardson, or Biden.

It must be someone that is not in the Washington Loop. Someone willing to make the sacrafices to change the way we do things in this country, anti lobbyist, and pro JOBS.

A turn around candidate willing to go for the win.

Posted by Tad Arizona | Report as abusive

I hope Obama doesn’t pick Joe Biden because it would be too painful to watch the person the Democrats should have made their nominee play second fiddle to Barack Obama, a far less qualified man. Biden would have made an excellent president, but the Democrats prefer superficial window dressing over substance. The US is in too much trouble to trust our stewardship to someone still wet behind the ears.

I can’t bring myself to vote for the poorly prepared Obama, but if Biden is chosen to be his running mate, I will be conflicted. McCain certainly has more genuine intestinal fortitude than Obama will ever have. The Democrats have made such a gross terrible mistake. I no longer consider myself a Democrat and doubt that I ever will again. Not after this.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

“Obama and Kaine appeared together at an event on the economy at a community college in Chester, Virginia”.

Yes, they are at “John Tyler” Community College.

Tyler was the last Vice President to hail from Virginia. After President William Henry Harrison died from an illness, Tyler became president, nicknamed “His Accidency.”

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

McCain is of the ruling-class and he will protect ruling-class interests, not the interests of the everyman. McCain cannot be trusted. If you’re a working-class person who cares about keeping a roof over his head, you’d better do yourself a favor and vote for Obama.

Posted by Hilary Smith | Report as abusive

McCain is just dumb. He doesn’t care about anybody really. Look at this shoes, he’s out of touch from the common man’s life. He has no idea bout the economy. VOte for Obama! He cares about us. Visit WHYOBAMA08.ORG

Posted by G Green | Report as abusive