Obama: Russia, U.S. should not ‘charge into’ other countries

August 21, 2008

LYNCHBURG, Virginia – Democrat Barack Obama scolded Russia again on Wednesday for invading another country’s sovereign territory while adding a new twist: the United States, he said, should set a better example on that front, too.

The Illinois senator’s opposition to the Iraq war, which his comment clearly referenced, is well known. But this was the first time the Democratic presidential candidate has made a comparison between the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Russia’s recent military activity in Georgia.

“We’ve got to send a clear message to Russia and unify our allies,” Obama told a crowd of supporters in Virginia. “They can’t charge into other countries. Of course it helps if we are leading by example on that point.”

Foreign policy has become a dividing line in the race for the White House.

Obama favors a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq over 16 months, while John McCain, his Republican rival for president, opposes a timeline and says U.S. forces must stay to finish and win the war.

McCain, an Arizona senator, sought to highlight his foreign policy credentials during the Russia-Georgia crisis last week, giving a series of harsh statements directed at Moscow soon after the conflict began.

Obama, who was on vacation in Hawaii, followed suit with statements that became sharper over time.

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This is a good judgment.At least we have one sensible politician in our country.

Posted by raphalito | Report as abusive

US and Russia should stop conflicts,but now US support new war in Georgia,amd make promices to join NATO,Saakashvili can invave to Tskhinvali again

Posted by eran.ru | Report as abusive

Every time I read something which Obama has said, I just get a feeling of excitement in my bones. Could this be the man that changes things up for my nation finally? Lord, I pray my fellow Americans feel the same way. I could not fathom McCain having a majority of support….

Obama ’08!

Posted by Tommy | Report as abusive

Obama looks to be the voice of restraint, reason and calm whilst most others seem intent only on increasing tension with other nations. With realisitic comments like this the world can only become a better and safer place were he to be elected.

Obama ’08!

Posted by Simon C | Report as abusive

and, if obama feels that strongly about what russia has done, why isn’t he throwing a complete sissy fit about them not taking their issue to the UN security council, of which russia is a permanent member?

And, last time I checked, there were NO sanctions against Georgia…they had NEVER attacked their neighbors…they had NEVER used chemical or biological weapons against their neighbors OR their own people…

Alright you obama backers…where is his justification in keeping silent on those issues??? He has NONE! Because you CANNOT DEFEND A NEGATIVE!!! He would much rather try and make political hay out of something he knows nothing about….

As I said…he’s an idiot. And empty suit. And those that continue to back him aren’t any smarter….

Posted by Chris W | Report as abusive

Thats some nice moral equivalence that Obama is spewing.

And Tommy,
you might be praying for an Obama led socialist regime but I’m not and it seems like a lot of Americans are starting to realize they don’t want one either.

Posted by Colby | Report as abusive

Well obviously we shouldn’t help our allies. U.S. will have better and stronger alliances if we simply bail on Georgian and let them be invaded and taken over.

In fact, we should let Russia invade and conquer Poland as well. You know, just for fun.

Then I’m sure all our allies will know where they stand. They’ll understand that an alliance with the U.S. will get them invaded and destroyed, while allying with Russia against the U.S. will actually provide them security and safety.

Finally we can have the U.S. destroyed and our economy crippled. What the communists and socialists have strived for so long to do, finally, through foreign powers we can bring down the U.S. and promote Communism and Dictatorships throughout the world.

Nobody is happy unless they’re the control of jack-booted thugs, having had all rights revoked.

Woohoo, lets do that… elect Obama.

Posted by Gekkobear | Report as abusive

Did Obama point out the ‘Wag the Dog’ connection between Georgia’s war and McCain’s lobbyist/consultant?
McCain has helped make the US a paper tiger with the Iraq war, but is not above putting the US back into a cold war with Russia in order to win the White House.
A note on McCain’s military judgement: McCain’s surge is currently being undone by the Iraqi government’s own timetable to undo the ‘Awakening’ that enabled the surge. See: Key U.S. Iraq strategy in danger of collapse By Leila Fadel/McClatchy International News.

Posted by jk mac | Report as abusive

Sheer lunacy. On the bright side, though, idiotic statements like this will guarantee Obama’s defeat.

Posted by Bugler | Report as abusive

Hmm. How many UN resolutions was Georgia in violation of when Russia “charged in”? How many visits did Russia make to the UN pleading their case?

Obama is truly a blessing…to conservatives.

Posted by ElGoodo | Report as abusive

The idea that Russia bases its behavior on the US’s example is beyond laughable. Russia has a thousand-year history of naked territorial aggression. Perhaps one of you Obama supporters can explain to me how the capture of the Ukraine or the First Partition of Poland were simply Russia acting on the example of the then-nonexistent US as well?

More importantly, it’s a demonstration of exactly the kind of small-minded, arrogant, everything-is-always-all-about-us mentality that allegedly makes the rest of the world hate Americans. I know this may seem as a shock to some of you, but sometimes stuff happens in the world that has nothing to do with us, and there are people in the world that are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, exerting their own wills, and committing their own acts of evil without any American influence whatsoever.

Posted by Mikhail Voloshin | Report as abusive

Is it really possible that Barack Obama is as naive as he appears? Does he really believe that Vladimir Putin would be somehow transformed into a kind, and gentle man if we hadn’t gone to war in Iraq? Is Obama’s hubris so significant that he believes that our moral example will somehow calm murderous tyrants and dictators around the world? I think he does … and that is just a little bit scary.

Posted by Soflauthor | Report as abusive

Despite Russian claims, no parallels exist between U.S. Iraq involvement and Russian Georgian aggression. With that and other pretexts Putin unilaterally attacked into Georgia, after NATO membership rejection portended a flaccid response. In contrast the United States, heading a U. N. coalition exceeding that Churchill and Roosevelt assembled to confront Hitler’s Germany, toppled Hussein’s regime, forcing the U.N. to confront the reason for its’ existence.

The Iraq ceasefire ended, because Hussein materially breached international obligations defined within U.N. Resolution 687, and reaffirmed by Resolution 1441. Resolution 687 incorporated 678 and 19 previous resolutions without amendments, offering Hussein conditional ceasefire in 1991. Instead he ignored responsibilities to submit comprehensive declarations of all WMD stockpiles and programs, and missiles with greater than 150 kilometre range. He thwarted the program envisioned by menacing, eluding, and deceiving inspectors. The U.N. resorted to surveillance, analysis, and investigation to destroy material and disrupt programs, until Hussein expelled inspectors in 1998. He continued forbidden involvement in international terrorism.

Russian statements are especially egregious fabrications, because they helped draft and acquiesced to every resolution. Concerning Hussein’s responsibilities, diplomats and politicians laboriously parsed each phrase for clear focus on verbs instead of nouns, behaviors not WMD stockpiles. The key words were guarantee, reaffirm, accept, submit, declare, yield, forgo, agree, inform, comply, cooperate, lie, omit, and thwart. Concerning consequences, the U.N.’s ultimatums in Resolutions 678 and 1441 authorized disarming Hussein’s regime through military operations “to restore international peace and security in the area”, and did not instruct coalition forces to merely expel Hussein from Kuwait. U.N. precedent from the Korean War ensured the above phrase intended invasion of Iraq. The term “in the area” used phraseology, confirmed by Congress, authorizing military action above the 38th parallel to disarm North Korea. Congress ratified U.N. Iraq positions with resolutions in 1991, 1998, and 2002.

As Russian forces crossed South Ossetia into Georgia, the moment arrived for inescapable acknowledgement that Putin had revoked the Cold War armistice. Justifications contain too many parallels to Hitler’s concern for Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia to ascribe less than brutal motives. Extravagant armored attacks through the Greater Caucasus Mountains demonstrate traditional Russian ruling elite neurotic insecurity; neurosis requiring rival power destruction without political compromise. Genetic, multi-millennial paranoia infects the current cabal to regard NATO, former Warsaw Pack countries, and former Soviet republics as encircling enemies. Such perceptions, not shared by the Russian people, repudiate years of Western support for emerging Russian representative government, political security, and economic stability.

There can be no permanent peaceful coexistence with a totalitarian Russia, but traditional warfare is not inevitable. Illogics lead this cabal onto unacceptable paths, but these elites remain highly susceptible to logics of force accompanied by determination to use it. Forceful initiatives require immediately curtailing efforts to integrate the former Soviet Union into the economic, cultural, and political life of the Free World. Next initiatives require increasingly serious discussions of cooperation and membership between NATO, and former Warsaw Pack countries and former Soviet republics. Finally, the United States must update Cold War plans through cooperative military exercises in Europe and the Mediterranean. This country must wage war, where diplomacy uses overt and clandestine activities to exploit, contradictions, stresses, and tensions between Putin’s ruling elite, and the Russian people and countries with which he needs alliances.

Such progressive, consecutive initiatives establish constraining negotiating positions Putin must consider. Such actions must proceed inexorably, subject to adjustment only following verifiable pacific initiatives for representative government and non-belligerent relationships with neighbors. Effective containment will reveal fragility of a totalitarian rule needing solidification within a disaffected, cynical population. The West must not squander this opportunity to make cruel subjection of Georgia become Putin’s undoing.

Posted by Nolan Nelson | Report as abusive

How’s this for a coincidence?
On July 10-13, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and Karl Rove were at the YES conference in Yalta. (that’s where Rove was when he was supposed to be testifying to the Senate Judiciary) Three weeks later, Georgia invaded Ossetia.
McCain’s foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, is a lobbyist. His firm, Orion Strategies, has received $800,000 from the government of Georgia. McCain said himself, “we are all Georgians now”. No just the man who is in charge of his foreign policy is.
What is going on here? Did Rove tell Saakashvili to start this conflict under the pretense that Georgia would have US military support? Is this a ploy to shift the presidential debate back to the cold war(instead of Iraq and the economy)? Or am I just delusional here?

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

Obama proving once again that President is above his pay grade. You cannot equivocate the Russians invading a sovereign country which has done not violated any international or UN Resolutions with American actions.

The US went into Afghanistan because they were housing and training Al Qaeda terrorists after the 9-11 attacks. Though controversial, the US went into Iraq after it had violated over 10 UN Resolutions and failed to allow WMD inspectors to do their job.

Obama’s amateur hour foreign policy is not going to cut it in the dangerous world in which we live.

Posted by RB Miller | Report as abusive

You’re guys are kidding right? Did we “invade” South Korea in the 50’s? Did we “invade” South Vietnam? Where would those countries be if we hadn’t acted? “Gone” is the right answer, and both North Korea and North Vietnam would be even bigger problems today. Both of the countries we helped were positively impacted because of our actions, just like Iraq will be better in the future because of our actions. For a Presidential candidate to be so anti-American is bad enough. For so many Americans to support his point of view is appaling.

Posted by madman_5117 | Report as abusive

This will play well in the patriotic Midwest…for McCain.

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

Every time I read something which Obama has said I get a little tingle in my bones as well. The more this guy talks the more John McCain’s poll numbers will increase, lol. Haven’t the Democrats learned that the majority of Americans actually like their country? Don’t they know that comparing our actions to those of thuggish nations won’t get them any extra votes in November? Obama will lose at least 5% from this comment.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Prior to Iraq, I remember watching resolution after resolution. Inspectors in…inspectors out. Deadlines come….deadlines gone. Attempts at diplomacy went on for far too long (in my opinion). The U.S. also had a “coalition of the willing”. What nations do Russia’s coalition consist of?

Posted by mmichaels | Report as abusive

Looks like the Reagan democrats will be voting Republican again.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

[…] is exactly like the situation in Iraq… August 21, 2008 — whatthecrap? via Reuters Democrat Barack Obama scolded Russia again on Wednesday for invading another country’s sovereign […]

Posted by Because the Russian invasion of Georgia is exactly like the situation in Iraq… « What The Crap? – whatthecrap.us | Report as abusive

[…] politics is on display again today, as he says the US needs to set a better example for Russia: Obama: Russia, U.S. should not ‘charge into’ other countries. “We’ve got to send a clear message to Russia and unify our allies,” Obama told a crowd of […]

Posted by Obama: We’re Not Setting a Good Example for Russia « LGF II: Charles and Killgore Free Footballs | Report as abusive

Great work Obama – a proper attack is a two-step process, the 2nd step is: do not apologize for the attack.

Posted by OH | Report as abusive

Republicans: WRONG about Vietnam

Posted by OH | Report as abusive

Right, because the U.S. wasn’t justified at all in taking out a dictatorship murdering…scratch that…butchering hundreds of thousands of people. Oh and the U.S. never tried diplomacy huh, oh wait they did. I’m sorry, you are just an ignorant fool and you are making our country look like we should apologize for doing something right. What we did wasn’t wrong, never was, and never will be. This is sad, I liked Obama better when he was slinging mud only at McCain, and not at his own country. This is how it starts, we have a new Neville Chaimberlain. He’d rather the U.S. be a sacrificial lamb. I’m so upset by this, I can’t believe he would compare the two. The U.S. pushed the UN for a decade to do something about Iraq, and they fumbled it, just like they fumble everything. The U.S. exhausted every diplomatic possibility before going into Iraq, but you can’t be diplomatic with a country that lies to your face. No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

Posted by Shawn | Report as abusive

Like most Americans I am waiting to make up my mind as to vote. Many Europeans can delude themselves with anti-American bashing & hate for GWB (since so many are think the educated cannot possibly doubt the wrongness & failure of American policies > I have multiple post-graduate professional degrees with various state professional licenses). I travel often & extensively for int’l biz travel & must listen diplomatically to frequent tirades as US is viciously run down using GWB as pretext – way more in Europe than Asia or even Middle East (where there is surprisingly discrete support)). Ironically, Europe’s entire collective security is funded by roughly 10% of Americans who pay nearly 70% of federal taxes of which bulk of little actual discretionary spending (rest is welfare entitlements which consume bulk of federal budget which no American President can really impact without major congressional support) is for the US Defense Dept which protects them. The US Marine Corps is larger than the British Army – maybe entire UK defense force. Only Poland, with each passing year of modernization and increasing professionalism, has a legitimate defense force for its size. Where is Germany (understand the budget stress of cushions for EGermans under reunification) or the rest of Europe? Maybe former Chancellor Schroeder who blames little Georgia will donate some of Gazprom’s compensation to his as Putin;s stooge to help the tragis Georgians – oh that
‘s right, its the bully Pres. of Georgia who is to blame – how convenient. Schroeder’s worse than Galloway because it is so more crass & insidious. Where are Europe’s defense forces which you refuse to fund or modernize yet you regularly and immaturely rip apart America who defends you? Yet so many Americans think it is cool & sophisticated to identify with ‘trendy’ more ‘advanced’ European political thought that is quite far left from traditional American norms. But in their infatuation these Americans cannot distinguish from this historical & normative difference. So many hyper-liberal/’progressive’ Democrats fall into this pseudo-intellectual trap. That is the potentially fatal flaw in the US political mix tis year which most Europeans cannot see because they stiilll rely for news on their biased media fitlers – journalists. A good part of the traditional Democratic party has sold its soul to the anti-war & anti-American left for funding, energy and to retake Congress that it might backfire on them. That is why these comments and moral equivalency by Pres. Obama are so stunningly stupid yet revealing.

Point: to equate Rof Georgia and Iraq/Afghanistan is the height of moral relativisn. These utterances comes from the same who tout the UN as a global solution yet Saddam corrupted it blatantly and this even-then corrupted UN still managed to issue many UN Security Resolutions – what 17 of them – all signed by PRChina & Russia which sent coalition forces into those countries – versus blatant thuggery & intimidation by Mob Putin? Talk about delusional; this i quite black & white – even for those who love to immerse themselves in ‘nuance’. Blatant in your face predatory intimidating conduct with a tiny pushover neighbor has to get tied to anti-America/GWB bashing. Typical

Thank you already pronounced President Obama for telling us how you realy view Russia & Rof Georgia tragedy – through a prism of ant-GWB moral relativism. Putin has your measure just like Kremlin had measure of Jimmy Carter when they invaded Afghanistan in late 70s – and Jimmy felt so bad that his trust in kremlin was violated – which leads all of us to 35+ years of tragedy in Central Asia and for the poor Afghan people. Now Barack throws RofGeorgia over the side to equate it to his anti-Iraq/GWB views. This is too obvious & stupid a comment by Pres Obama to even waste more words addressing. And it is supremely terrifying that so many – even in defenseless 40% socialistic Europe (there is little socialism in the USA except for some wannabes in the Democratic party- which increasingly look like the wing that Pres Obama is coming from) – agree with it wholeheartedly. God help all of us. Maybe this is the Sudentenland because Putin will see this ridiculous self-abuse or blame of GWB as license to act even more boldly …. yet Pres Obama says we/GWB brought it on …. unbelievable. And those of us who see what really may be starting to happen will have to shed our blood and our childrens’ blood to save/defend all the idiots out there.

Posted by Reaction To Closed Minds | Report as abusive

Ahh yes, the blame America candidate the left and America’s enemies have been dreaming of. Who the hell are you people voting for this guy?

Posted by rotgut | Report as abusive

Saddam Hussein…country of Georgia are equals? Only to the morally depraved left.

Posted by rotgut | Report as abusive

Saddams regime was tyrannical, despotic, murderous and bloodthirsty, and he was a real threat to others in the region and to America in the long run. He had violated 17 UN mandates.

Georgia’s regime was fully democratic and transparent, a result of free and fair elections, and they were trying to build a nation out of the rubbish left over from the former Soviet Union, another tyrannical despotic ruler.

So Obama thinks what we did in Iraq is the same as what Russia has done to Georgia?

Iraq is becoming MORE democratic because of what we did, and Georgia will LOSE its democracy because of Russia.

Barack Hussein Obama is one sick twisted dude.

Posted by DAve | Report as abusive

Obama has once again demonstrated that he is willing to cast aspersions upon the United States in order to pander to his leftist base (and those in the World that hate America) in order to further his personal ambition. There are only two possibilities – either he knows the comparison is absurd, but voices it for purely political reasons, or he is actually this stupid.

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

I don’t know what astounds me more: the fact that Obama does not understand the difference between two totally different situations, as set out by other posters here, or the many comments by knuckleheads who don’t see any difference. The conspiracy theories are also beyond the pale. So, who rescues the Georgians? If we wait for the “world community” the Georgians will all die. Should we wait until the Russians invade Poland or even nuke them? What excuses for Russia will the left make up then? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

Posted by deAne | Report as abusive

from PL: So our “charging into” Iraq–with dozens of allies, supported by a U.N. resolution, as a last resort after six months of build-up and negotiations, to unseat one of the cruelest dictators of modern times who had twice invaded neighboring states, was in violation of more than a dozen U.N. resolutions and was responsible for the deaths of two million people, who was shooting at American aircraft and had tried to assassinate a former President of the United States, in Obama’s childish mind, was just like Russia’s “charging into” Georgia, which resembles Saddam’s Iraq in no respect. And, of course, we invaded a horrifying charnel-house so as to establish a democracy, whereas Russia invaded a peaceful democracy that it wants to re-incorporate into its empire.

Posted by Gaffedetector | Report as abusive

The big difference here that Mr. Obama likes to obfuscate is that there is actually a UN resolution authorizing force in Iraq. It’s in effect until Jan. 1, 2009. But what’s a UN resolution anyway?

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

Obama is obviously does not have the necessary reasoning abilities to lead this country.

If he cannot even disern the difference between the LEGAL invasion of Iraq, and under the conditions it was invaded, and the Russians going into Georgia…THAT IS SCARY!!!

Obama seems to have a pattern of flawed logic. He surrounds himself with radicals and terrorists. He sees no problem associating with former unrepented BOMBERS, and scam artists, and racist who he calls his “mentor”.

It is obvious that Obama has a “screw” loose somewhere and I suppose that is why he was recently called “the most dangerous candidate ever for US presidency”. And who called him this? A former critic of GW Bush and author.

Obama is Dangerous, and I would go further to question his loyalty to this country.

Obama should run for the UN as a citizen of the world, and leave a patriot to run for this presidency…someone who loves this country….and even HILLARY would pass that test!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

It’s amazing people follow this man. His lack of experience shows, and I have to question his judgment and patriotism. Does a day go by where he does not take a jab at his own country?

Posted by AginstObama | Report as abusive

“Republicans: WRONG about Vietnam
– Posted by OH”

Typical liberal who doesn’t know history. We went into Vietnam during a Democrat administration and got out during a Republican one.

Posted by ElGoodo | Report as abusive

Georgia invaded territories which seek autonomy, Russia then proceeded to invade Georgia to remove Georgia from the autonomous territories. Do you neocons not recall what the U.S. did when Iraq invaded Kuwait?

The U.S. and Russia are fighting over Georgia and looking towards Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan because of an oil pipeline. Both are greedy monsters who benefit from an extremely uninformed population. Georgia and the other two former Soviet nations are not exactly shining examples of Democracy either. Instead of taking everything FOX5 tells you so “matter of factly” how about some research?
Like for example the fact that the U.S. supported a military coup in Georgia back in 2005…

Posted by dscprlnt | Report as abusive

Why are all you libs so quick to BLAME the US and try to make what Russia did equivalent to the US liberating Irag. And also, why aren’t there any “blood for oil” cries coming from you libs? You surely love that phrase when it comes to the US and the so-called “big oil”.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Anyone who thinks Obama’s comments are valid on this is as clueless as he is. We went into Iraq with a coalition of other countries after over a dozen UN Resolutions were ignored and defied by a known terrorist. How does that compare to Russia invading Georgia? Obama is so clueless it scares me to death… we could elect a roulette wheel or a ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game and get better decisions. By the way his VP hasn’t been named yet because when asked to pick, he keeps voting ‘present’….

Posted by russ | Report as abusive

Mr. Obama is completely out of line in comparing the US involvement in other countries, such as Iraq to the Russian invasion of Georgia. Our country went after mass murderers/war criminals such as Milosevits and Saddam Husein… This can not possibly be compared to the Russians going after the democratic governement of Georgia, its people, and its democratically elected President. We all know why the Russians attacked Georgia – they want to control the oil and gas pipelines in a country that has declared its alliance with the US and its desire to join NATO. Mr. Obama, by this statement shows for one more time his lack of knowledge of World history (we shed too much blood already in Europe to allow Russia to bully us today), his lack of understanding the Russian questionable motives, and his lack of judgement in matters of National Security and Defence. For one more time we have to hear his rhetoric which I find very “unpatriotic” given the current crisis in Georgia (a staunch ally of the US) while much of Europe has not once made the comparison of what the US does in other countries with what Russia did to Georgia. Not even countries who have opposed the war in Iraq came out criticizing the US or even comparing what the US did in Iraq to what Russia did to Georgia. Mr. Obama is totally inept when it comes to foreign policy. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out when listening to his “grandiose” statements and endless “rhetoric”.

Posted by Natasha | Report as abusive

Russia invades Georgia and undermines a democratically elected, democracy supporting regime.

The USA invades Iraq and removes a brutal dictator who suppressed democracy and murdered and tortured his own people.

Russia invades neighbor who poses no threat to their country.

USA invades nation believed at the time to possess weapons of mass destruction and believed to be willing to use those weapons directly or indirectly against the US and other western allies.

Obama equates the two??!!

And some of you are seriously considering electing this man president? Mind blowing!!

Posted by NYR | Report as abusive

[…] Once the teleprompter goes off he becomes a blathering idiot. The remark above? No teleprompter. The remark below….no teleprompter: Democrat Barack Obama scolded Russia again on Wednesday for invading […]

Posted by Flopping Aces » Blog Archive » Obama – Communist China Infrastructure Is Vastly Superior To America | Report as abusive

Wow … Obama gives Russian Communist aggression the same moral equivelancy as American foreign policy. I guess Saddam Hussein needed to Murder 50 thousands American citizens before we should have done something about him huh? Only then its too late and after 911 why should we risk it? Ask yourself this simple question. When Obama becomes the 44th President of the U.S. and he makes all this Change to George Bush’s “Failed Policies” What possible can he say to the American people after the next 911 type attack? When you context that make sure you imagine its your family and friends that are murdered.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

America, America, Embrace the change. It has been a long time coming, soon very soon we will be a nation of peace and prosperity again. It is about time that American Foreign policy is equal to that of our neighbors. For so long we have been the bully on the Playground and now we will have a President that is strong on National Defense and treats everyone in the world according to God’s will. The bible says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Obama follows that meme and this nation will be much better off. Nancy Pelosi is right Obama is a gift from God to all of us. Embrace the change, Embrace the change.

Posted by Applecore | Report as abusive

Mr. Obama obviously has something against our great country – the country which actually gave him the opportunity to be where he is today.

Mr. Obama should take a look at this video in which the people of the Baltic countries are actually using the name “The United States of Baltics” in a video titled “NATO against Russia – NATO always wins”. Yes indeed, the people of Eastern Rurope know better than Obama Barrack what America represents in their hearts and minds… what America represents in the worls we live today.

Here you have it Obama……

Video: NATO against Russia. NATO ALWAYS wins!!!!!!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU8bbgzfJ u8

Posted by Natasha | Report as abusive

Applecore- You mean to tell us that Obama is strong in “National Defense”? On what criteria you base your observation – his statement equating American foreign policy to that of Russia???!!!

Also, what exactly do you mean by your comment, “It is about time that American Foreign policy is equal to that of our neighbors”? Last time I checked around Canada was with the US in all major conflicts. And, I do believe that Canada strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Georgia without making references to even remotely compare the Russian aggression to our foreign policy.

Obama does not have ANY experience in National Defense/Foreign Policy – this is a well-known fact.

Posted by Natasha | Report as abusive

Unbelievable, if he is elected our military and defense will undoubtedly be weakened. The guy is delusional in what this country needs. Judgement lacking indeed.

Posted by jennifer | Report as abusive


Posted by John | Report as abusive

Oh my GOD, these comments are hilarious!! Yes…YES you’re all right!! The war in Iraq was a valiant, heroic effort by the U.S. government to rid the world of a tyrant! Nevermind the fact that 60+% of Americans and 90% of the ENTIRE PLANET think it was wrong, immoral and a craven power-grab for Iraq’s oil. Never mind the fact that even McCain has reached the same conclusion, that there should be a withdrawal sooner rather than later, that Obama had months ago! Ignore that the Iraqis are marching in the streets and that their government is calling Bush by secure phone damn near daily to get his troops out of their country!! Never mind the fact that the U.S. military is supporting Obama over McCain by 6-1 in donations!! You’re all RIGHT! Dear God, you’re all so right that McCain is the best choice for this country, even if his FELLOW REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE as well as military groups around the country want him tarred and feathered for being a quick-tempered, foul-mouthed idiot who graduated at the bottom of his class at Annapolis and went on to screw up EVERY SINGLE VENTURE that he put his mind to!! Why would anyone want an educated, traveled, insightful CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER when we can have yet another vapid, close-minded child of privilege in the White House?? I’m so proud to call all of you my countrymen, I just can’t say it enough! After voting for McCain in November, we can sit and watch our country die a hideous, flaming death at the hands of its morally bankrupt, loser leaders together!! Viva estupidez!!

Posted by DeeDee | Report as abusive

Obama would make a good president — in Europe, definitly NOT in the United States of America!

Posted by ToTo | Report as abusive

To DeeDee:

Did you just say that Mr. McCain is “a quick-tempered, foul-mouthed idiot…”? Idiot he is not! As to the “quick-tempered, “foul-mouthed” I think that you are confusing Mr. McCain with Mr. Biden!!!!!

As far as judgement is concerned – yes, many of us trust Mr. McCain more than Mr. Obama who is willing to sit down and talk to the leaders of terrorist states! Even his VP choice – Mr. Biden had repeatedely criticized Obama on this issue. Also, wasn’t Mr. Biden who in August ’07 said about Obama, “he is clean… smart… but certainly not qualified to be President”?! And Mr. Biden was absolutely correct.

Obama showed us that his judgement is flawed when it took him some 25 years to figure out his pastor’s “anti-American” sentiments – his pastor’s cruel remarks/bashing of America.

Yes DeeDee, we love our country – our America – and that is why we will not entrust her in the hands of Obama who constantly changes his positions according to where the wind is blowing.

Shame on Obama for equating – morally – America with Russia.

We are not going to elect Obama so we can have our country be “bullied” by terrorists and communists! Mr. McCain said it best, “[in the eyes of Putin] I saw a “K” and a “G”, and a “B” !!!!

Posted by Natasha | Report as abusive

South Korea: When sacrifice for freedom wins over the “Blame America First” apologists.

Vietnam: When “Blame America First” wins out.

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“Andrew” wrote:

“What is going on here? Did Rove tell Saakashvili to start this conflict under the pretense that Georgia would have US military support? Is this a ploy to shift the presidential debate back to the cold war(instead of Iraq and the economy)? Or am I just delusional here?”

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Since you asked, I think you are….Even if your outrageous “conspiracy” theory – after all liberals are notorious for coming up with conspiracy theories – had any hint of validity to it, the Russians had absolutely no right to invade Georgia using such disproportionate force. Last time I checked around, I did not see or hear Russia bringing their concerns to the UN security cancel. But of course the Russians are always the ones criticizing America for acting unilaterally.

At least, America had dozens of resolutions at the UN that Saddam violated before the Iraq war. How many resolutions did Russia obtain against Georgia prior to “charging” with massive forces against a democratic country – member of the UN?

The Russians were planning this and were planning it a long time ago. Even Hillary Clinton addressed her concerns about Russian aggression against Georgis in a statement that she made on 4/18/08 (right after the NATO summit in Bucharest). So, please stop the “Obama” rhetoric. Both Obama and his left-wing supporters not only are cluless when it comes to the geo-political issues of Eastern Europe but they also prove to be delusional with their rediculous “conspiracy” theories.

Please post your conspiracy theories here next time…who knows? Someone may take you seriously…..

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McCain stood up to Russian expansionism, while Obambi did just what the Russian’s expected. He hid behind empty words and rhetoric. McCain is 1st string, in real world politics.

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The people of Assetia want to be a part of Russia. How is it that we in the US hear nothing of the genocide committed by the Georgians against the people of Assetia? There are even stories of Georgians placing bombs in hospitals where the injured were taken following the Georgian invasion of Assetia.

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There is no comparison to Russia’s invasion of Georgia and our occupation of Iraq. Putin is trying to overthrow a democratic government – the US expelled an oppressive dictator. When it comes to foreign policy Obama is an idiot.

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Moral equivalency. Everyone here who believes these comments were intelligent need to examine their own sense of morality, because you’re giving moral equivalency to Saddam and the Georgian president. That’s intelligent? That’s reasonable? That’s sane? My God, I am almost afraid for the future. No one here seems to have learned from history, specifically the period leading up to WWII. Shoot, people don’t learn from Obama’s clone, Jimmy Carter, under which the nation’s morale was at its lowest in decades.

If this is progressiveness, I want no part of it.

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A. Doerfler wrote”

“The people of Assetia want to be a part of Russia. How is it that we in the US hear nothing of the genocide committed by the Georgians against the people of Assetia? There are even stories of Georgians placing bombs in hospitals where the injured were taken following the Georgian invasion of Assetia.”

– Posted by A. Doerfler

To A. Doerfler:

Do you mind telling us the sources of your information? We in America listen to respectable and reliable news media (including foreign media sources). Some of us also have relatives, friends, in the region. We also heard what Amnesty International had to say about the conflict as well as Human Rights Watch, etc. Obviously your sources must be pure Russian propaganda.

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To A. Doerfler:

If there was genocide occuring by the Georgians I am sure we in America would have heard about it from legitimate – reliable sources. If the Russians who happen to be execellent in spreading propaganda and outright lies believe that geonocide by the Georgians is taking place they should bring it up to the UN so they can invstigate their rediculous in my opinion allegations. Last time I checked around – Russia had not obtain a resolution confirming this at the UN… Please stop reading Russian propaganda blogs!!!!

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By the way, if you want to see the sources of information I’d start with Reuters, then try other international news agencies.

And try picking ones that put the correct pictures with the story – unlike CNN that posted pictures of ruined Tskhinvali and claimed it was Gori!

If you don’t agree with what they say on Russia today then turn the sound down and just look at the pictures, someone was responsable for all that damage, actually someone in the US ultimately.

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Barack Hussein Osama shows the same attitude as Jimmy Carter: He never met a dictator he didn’t like.

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Obama’s take on the Georgia crisis was enough to convince me that his foreign policy would be akin to that of Neville Chamberlain in 1938 – and we all know how that panned out. History has proven time and time again that soft talk and appeasement doesn’t work in the face of genuine aggressors. Obama seems to have his heart in the right place, but he doesn’t seem to understand how the real world works. Obama is showing himself to be terribly naïve. His message of hope is inspiring, but in the end, his naive policies could very well bring the United States (and the rest of the western world) to its knees.

When Neville Chamberlain stepped off the plane after his meeting with Hitler, the British public hailed him as a visionary and a hero, chanting “peace in our time!” A year later, after Hitler had gobbled up two more countries, the world was plunged into the most devastating war in human history.

I believe the current world landscape is a dangerous one. The next US president is going to have a lot of responsibility thrust upon their shoulders, and the decisions they make could quite literally alter the course of human history. We all need to be very, very deliberate and thoughtful when we cast our votes in November.

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