Somebody please buy this candidate a coffeemaker

August 22, 2008

coffee.jpgSEDONA, Arizona – Taking a few days off from the presidential race, Sen. John McCain nonetheless keeps the media on its toes with a daily, early morning trip for coffee.

The Republican presidential candidate, who is staying at his comfortable home in the hills near Sedona, has been driven with staff, Secret Service, reporters, photographer and a television crew in tow to a Starbucks.

There, he quickly gets a cup to go and returns home.

On Friday, the six-vehicle motorcade — four SUVS and two vans– drove him 19 miles roundtrip to a Starbucks in Sedona.

On Thursday, the entourage of nine vehicles made a similar trip to a Starbucks in Cottonwood and back.

Members of the media are kept well away, confined inside the two vans, where they occupy themselves determining what McCain ordered, whether Cindy McCain’s shorts were white or khaki, how much fuel the trips consumed or why the candidate doesn’t just send an aide out for the coffee instead. 

For the record, on Thursday McCain had a cappuccino. Mrs. McCain’s shorts were khaki on Friday. The questions of fuel consumption and why an aide doesn’t fetch the coffee remained unanswered.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Mark Avery (Make-up artist tends to McCain at forum in California)


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I expect the next blog by this writer to be why Obama doesn’t get himself a treadmill instead of going to the gym every morning.

Did it ever occur to the writer that maybe McCain does own a coffee maker but likes the coffee he buys better or just want out of the house.

I own a stove, but yet I eat out. I own a washing machine and dryer but I choose to give my clothes to a dry cleaner sometimes.

Parents could make their kids birthday cake, but they choose to go out and buy it instead.

People could walk around their neighborhood for exercise but choose to go to a gym or buy a treadmill.

The writer could be writing about something substantive,e but chooses to write about McCain drinking coffee. I mean why do we do some of the things we do? It’s a mystery.

Posted by coolrepublica | Report as abusive

Very insightful comments there pal.

Posted by Not Crazy | Report as abusive

coolrepublica – I believe the writer is stating this because it shows the fact that McCain has money to buy cappuccinos on a regular basis, use 6 vehicles to drive 19 miles for a cup of coffee, and doesn’t know how many houses he owns. Well, I agree, McCain shouldn’t be legal to drive at his age, definitely needs help with directions, and wastes tax money on things he doesn’t need (cappuccinos)

Posted by J. Houx, OR | Report as abusive

To me this just shows us how wasteful John McCain really is! I would never waste the gas to drive 19 miles for a cup of coffee, not even for my little maxda that gets 35 mpg. I can’t even imagine for a minute why someone running for president would be this wasteful! This is the reason gas prices are so high is because of waste like this! How in the world someone could even say they understand what ordinary people are going through when they drive soooo far for a cup of coffee, 500 dollar shoes and not even knowing how many houses they own?

Posted by Don from Wv | Report as abusive

Coolrepublica–I doubt when you go out to eat you require four SUVS and two vans and a 19 mile roundtrip. It’s a bit excessive and certainly shows absolutely no sense of responsibility for conserving energy or reducing CO2 emissions. Apparently that sort of thing is for the little people to take care of. KING JOHN NEEDS HIS DANG COFFEE and he needs to be seen getting his coffee.

Posted by PJ | Report as abusive

Truly in depth reporting Ellen. Obviously all of your home study at ICS has paid off, keep up the good work!

Posted by Tim, Richmond, TX | Report as abusive

The biased media has always protected their Golden Boy Bama. Had they let us know of his sordid past, before over half of America had voted, Hillary would be the candidate.

I don’t care who Obama selects as VP I will not vote for him.

He met with foreigners but would not do town-hall meetings, in America, and let us ask the questions. He snubbed our troops while he was on his celebrity world tour!

Now I know why Obama would not agree to the ten town-hall meetings with McCain and Americans. He needed 300 advisors and a teleprompter.

My Favorite moment during the Saddleback Forum was the Clarence Thomas moment – simply priceless! And there you go, another one thrown under the wheels of the Obama Nation Tour Bus! At least Grandma and Jeremiah Wright have company!

The Saddleback Forum will go down as a pivotal moment in this election. We got to see how they conducted themselves “Live” — without the aid of TelePrompTers and live feed. This is what we get folks!

An inexperienced Lawyer, whose ‘Nuanced” rhetoric could bore a coma patient with his long winded propaganda. Or an American Patriot whose life, and his family history has been one of honor and service to our nation.

Hands down McCain wins!

Posted by STOP-THE-DRAMA-NO-OBAMA! | Report as abusive

The man spends his money in the public sector at a business that employs thousands upon thousands of middle class people. He does this while we are in the middle of an economic downturn, while upper-middle class Americans have had to cut their Starbucks trips down to two a week. He does this and it is somehow construed in this new liberally charged America as a bad thing? He is one out of thousands of rich people who is still shopping at these places in a downturn and keeping these huge corporations that employ middle and lower class Americans and somehow he is the bad guy….it is spenders in this country that keep the economy moving…foolish liberal ideals can’t comprehend these kinds of crazy simple economics. How absurd.

Posted by karlthomas | Report as abusive

This just sounds like an informal way for him to meet a few voters – not a morning coffee routine.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

McCain strikes me as a guy who would gladly run out and get his own coffee without a motorcade, but I believe there is a slight problem with this plan. It’s called the secret service won’t let him.

So he has a choice, he could stay cooked up inside his house all day, and never leaves or he takes the secret service and the press and the hassle that comes with them along for the ride.

And that “he doesn’t know how many houses he owns” thing is stupid. My husband wouldn’t be able to tell someone how much money he has in the bank if they were holding a gun to his head. I know the detail of our finances. He could not care less. As long as his debit card is not rejected I won’t ever hear from him. Cindy McCain owns these houses or her trusts do. She buys them for investment or for herself. All these guys who said he should have known don’t probably know how many pairs of boxers or shoes they own.

Posted by coolrepublica | Report as abusive

McCain behavior inconsistent with his so-called ‘green credentials’…can’t really support another Bush for 4 years.

Posted by James Kay | Report as abusive

McCain behavior inconsistent with his so-called ‘green credentials’…is this guy a phony or what? Reminds me of ‘compassionate conservatism’…

Posted by James Kay | Report as abusive

No matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on or who you support in the presidential race, it’s hard to deny that taking this dog and pony show to town for ONE cup of coffee is wasteful. I think it’s also pretty silly to have all these Secret Service and staff people coordinate and execute these non-essential forays into town. Let one of McCain’s housekeepers buy a couple of pounds of *$ coffee at Safeway and save the taxpayers a few thousand dollars each time he comes “home” to Sedona.

Posted by SuznAZ | Report as abusive

I’m sure most of you who “don’t use a motorcade and guards to go to the store” are also not the subject of a Presidential bid or quasi-celebrity status either and don’t need protection from people who would like to shoot a potential President as well. If you don’t like that he has to use all that protection and vehicles, don’t subscribe to B.S. news like this. The fact that this kind of reporting has drawn a crowd, is the reason why all the accommodations are necessary. Just quit paying attention to this kind of reporting and he will at least be able to save the vans that reporters like this one ride in daily!

Posted by Joe J | Report as abusive