Will Biden help Obama with the Catholic vote?

August 23, 2008

biden1.jpgDALLAS – With Delaware Senator Joe Biden on the ticket, will Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama make inroads with wavering Catholics in the race for the White House? 
In an election year that has seen both Obama’s campaign and that of his Republican rival John McCain try to woo voters of various faiths it is sure to be a question that pundits will ask in coming days.
Obama on Saturday chose Biden, 65, as his vice presidential running mate, ending days of frenzied speculation.  
Biden, originally from the battleground state of Pennsylvania, will bring not only foreign policy expertise to the ticket — he chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — but strong working-class roots and his Catholic faith.
Catholics had strongly supported Hillary Clinton in her failed bid for the Democratic nomination and a number of polls have shown a fairly close race among Catholics with Obama leading nationally by a small margin.
Conservative Catholics tend to line up with evangelicals on issues like abortion but there are also many liberal Catholics in America who like the Democratic Party on economic issues. 
Almost one-quarter of U.S. adults are Catholic but their electoral clout is somewhat diluted by their distribution.
According to a June report by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University in Washington, nearly four in 10 U.S. Catholics reside in New York, California and Texas, none of which are closely contested. The first two are solidly Democratic and Texas is Republican.
The report said states “where the Catholic vote could make a real difference are Florida, Ohio and Louisiana.”
Pennsylvania is widely seen as another battleground for the Catholic vote.

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(Photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed. Biden at a Democratic Party Debate in December)


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Joe Biden has excommunicated himself by virtue of his pro-abortion stance. Any Catholic voting for him will have done the same. Therefore by definition, there will be exactly zero Catholics voting for Biden.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

Catholics and pro-choice are not supportive to each other and definitely will “NOT bring in any propagandas for CHANGES”. By selecting Biden will push our country backward for decades! This is its old blood, there will be no guaranty for changes!!!

Posted by John Pham | Report as abusive

Catholics who proclaim to be pro-abortion & pro divorce
are not Catholics in good standing. Many of those so called Catholics defy the Church by receiving Holy Communion. Many of them are politicians who are really thumbing their noses at the teachings of the Church. Those types of so called Catholics will vote for Obama/Biden. True Catholics will not.
Biden is pro-abortion & pro divorce as are Ted Kennedy, Bob Kerry, Nancy Peolsi. Shame on all of them.

Posted by Yaeger | Report as abusive

Your article states “The report said states “where the Catholic vote could make a real difference are Florida, Ohio and Louisiana.” Here is one Louisianan, a Catholic, not supporting either Barack Obama or Joe Biden, his running mate, for the presidency or vice-presidency.

Posted by CK | Report as abusive

This will not boost the catholic vote at all. Those so-called “catholics” already supporting Obama will stay there, while those opposed will not jump on the Obama bandwagon for the simple fact that he and Biden represent a very strong pro-abotion team.

Furthermore, I think it is slightly ironic that while typing this comment I needed to spell out “life” as the anti-spam word. “Life” is something neither of these democrats support.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive


He helps Obama with everyones vote.

Obama / Biden 08

McDoodoo is too late!!!

Posted by Bob W. | Report as abusive

I’m Catholic, and I wish those Catholics who spend their waking hours publicly discussing their views on abortion and when life begins would, instead, spend their waking hours trying to help the sick and the poor. The abortion issue as well as the “when life begins issue” is a private matter and should not be discussed in public. And it should never be politicized!

Let’s keep religion out of politics; otherwise, religion risks being forever linked to politics and that would make it harder for those like me to enjoy the purity religion, any religion, for rebuilding and rebalancing the spirit!

Posted by Francis Hartman | Report as abusive

The abortion issue is, unfortunately, a “wedge issue used to get otherwise faithful Christians to vote for war mongers and poverty profiteers similar to the “tax collectors” depicted in the Bible. I am painfully aware of how many back alley abortions there were when abortion was illegal. Abortion rates have not declined in spite of all the republicans elected to office. Barack Obama has pledged to make policy to dramatically reduce the number of abotions in America, and he has my vote.

Posted by Father Mike | Report as abusive

I’m a Catholic born and raised. I attended a Catholic Elementary School; Catholic High School and Jesuit University. I’m an Independent. I was leaning toward Obama until I heard the news about Biden. I have never liked Biden and never will. His so called foreign relations skills are over=blown and I, for one, do not want him negotiating with Russia, China, Muslim Countries or, frankl;y, anyone else.

The only reason that he accepted the offer by Obama is because he can’t make it to the Oval Office the old fashioned way. His failed campaigns for President should be a Red Flag for everyone.

Attacks against Omaba in the Primaries and his new found respect for Obama shows that the man lacks integrity. I’m tired of disingenuous, oppotunistic political hacks controlling the Executive Branch of this Nation.

This is one Catholic that will NOT be voting for ObamaBiden.

Posted by angelocolangelo | Report as abusive

I really wish I could vote for Obama/Biden, as I think that Obama brings to the table many qualities that have been sorely lacking in the presidency of late. However, I simply cannot bring myself to do so because of his radical abortion stance. To me, a well-educated Catholic woman, there is something appalling and unsettling about any politician or political party that holds the destruction of unborn children as an unwavering and non-negotiable tenet of their platform.

Biden has, through his constant support of abortion, forfeited the right to be considered a practicing Catholic. Catholicism is not a social club, or something that one inherits from one’s parents (like blue eyes) but a faith whose basic beliefs (among them the sacredness of human life from the moment of conception) one must adhere to. I have nothing but disdain for hypocrites like Biden.

Posted by Mobilemom52 | Report as abusive

The taking of a human life via abortion is not consistent with Catholic teachings. As a Catholic I cannot support anyone who believes that people have a right to kill the innocent unborn. The taking of a human life under all circumstances except in denfense of your own life is wrong.

Posted by Dennis LaGrua | Report as abusive

How can Biden be catholic and come to the HBO show with Bill Maher use strong language to ridicule those who believe in creationism or intelligent design. “I refuse to believe the majority of people believe this malarkey”! I was raised catholic and the rule No. 1 of this religion is to believe that the first chapter of Genesis is accurate! This man is either a chamaleon or an atheist, but he’s no chatholic

Posted by AGT-R | Report as abusive

Most (65%) embryos created during natural sex do not implant in the uterus (50%) or else fail to develop further once implanted (15%). If you believe that life begins at conception, then it would seem that nature kills a lot of babies. This (very long, sorry) link will take you to the scientific reference.

http://books.google.com/books?id=dx1Kz-e zUjsC&pg=PA177&lpg=PA177&dq=what+percent age+of+fertilized+eggs+implant+in+the+ut erine+wall%3F&source=web&ots=jrRkdkjsSt& sig=NNPw6QS0H-Rekjes3PtEdCRFk4A&hl=en&sa =X&oi=book_result&resnum=1&ct=result

Meanwhile, niether Jesus nor the Bible makes any mention of abortion. By contrast, Jesus’ opposition to fornication could be reasonably interpreted as opposition to any child being born unwanted. Until abortion opponents pony up with massive efforts to support adoption of babies from poverty-stricken homes (particularly black and brown babies), and until abortion opponents pony up to end the social conditions that force young mothers to live in poverty, they have no moral standing before God.

Posted by Father Mike | Report as abusive

Catholic voters must vote in support of pro-life. If Obama and Biden are not pro-life (which they are not).. then they do not receive the Catholic vote… simply put… it is what it is.

Posted by jc | Report as abusive

As a Catholic, abortion is an important issue but to be honest it will be the subject of endless debate.

This war, however, was wrong from Day One and Biden voted in FAVOR of authorizing Pres. Bush to use military force against Iraq.

This is the single biggest foreign policy error in modern times and Biden supported it–therefore I don’t support Biden.

Posted by Michael Russo | Report as abusive

My three uncles were priests. I was raised Catholic and educated thusly through Jesuit University. so what? It’s what you do now and going forward, not where you’ve been. If you can’t vote for someone because of abortion, then you must also not vote for someone because of economic policy towards the poor, towards the oppressed around the world (bought anything from China lately?), in not letting divisive issues obstruct or narrow your thinking about others. Would you entirely abandon the Church because it’s leaders turned a blind eye to the molestation problem even after it was well recognized? That is certainly one of the most horrible sins, to transgress against innocent children. Moral theology is so dense because we live in a world that is not black and white, try as you might to make it.

Posted by p burke | Report as abusive

The Catholic church, of what I once was a part has a horrible history, from the crusades that murdered 10s of millions of Muslims, the witch trials, the inquisition, the hatred of the Jews that mostly was spawned from the church, to the hiding for decades of the rape of our children by their perverts. They have forfeited any right to speak out from the top level on most matters of substance, and particularly politics and morality. And they have gone backwards, not forwards on most social issues. And most of what we hear about them and family values, are just rehashed political words, which were used to try to deny women the vote, try to keep our armed forces segregated, and prevent legalization of inter-racial marriage for decades.

How they could possibly join with Bush is amazing. The Pope should not have come to see Bush, but should have publically humiliated him. Bush has presided not only over the Iraq debacle, but with his and his party is worshiping the golden idol of the God of Greed. They are destroying the middle class with their wild west capitalism, and Bush shows his contempt for life, e.g. with the number of executions in his state leading the nation. And McCain, who owns 8 or 10 houses – he doesn’t even know how many, should be compared with all those people whose homes have “for sale – foreclosure” signs.
The church should stand for the common man, not the super-wealthy, not for a war based on lies. While many local parishes do good charitable work, the top – the hierarchy has almost totally fallen into the trap of the old nursery rhyme about the “the king was in his counting house, counting all his money (and power re the church)….” A lesson about Greed which the church even talking to People like Bush and McCain, must cause Jesus to weep.

And if there ever was a way to put racism behind us, to begin to reclaim true, not republican perverted moral values, it will be to elect Sen. Obama as President.

Posted by SteveMD2 | Report as abusive

I am Catholic and Pro Life. Biden is not a good Catholic. For Obama to use it in his introduction is wrong.
Althought the abortion rates have declined somewhat under Bush we need to be more viligant now as much as ever.
The Catholic Church has remained the same as when Jesus said “Upon this rock, I build my church” while others have veered way off the path.
To SteveMD2 to say that under President Bush, Jesus would weep I would not presume to know this, I do know that Bush has never denied his faith in Christ.,

Posted by Patti | Report as abusive

‘Good’ catholics have been ‘practicing’ birth control for decades and divorcing for almost as long….Note that we see very few families with multipal children…And all you have to do is ‘pay’ the proper Bishop to get dispensation…Biden will help with those catholics that are living in reality and the rest will keep their heads in the sand.

Posted by Docb | Report as abusive

How sad that a Catholic could write: The abortion issue as well as the “when life begins issue” is a private matter and should not be discussed in public.

Consider: Either a fetus is a human being at conception or it is not. Either a partial-birth abortion of a mature fetus is the killing of a baby, or it is not.
These are pretty important issues, and discussing them is as important as any debate over off-shore drilling.

Posted by Joanne | Report as abusive

It is one thing to not practice abortion because of what one’s church teaches. It’s another thing to force your beliefs on non-Catholics. I feel deeply offended and personally threatened that so many people making posts disrespect and evince such contempt for the beliefs of non-Catholics.

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

For me, the Catholic Church is a front for a mafia-type extortion and money-making opganisation that has a ruthless and totally anti-Christian attude and edicts directed against contraception and homosexuals, for example.

The awful truth IS that the Vatican has a covert policy to expand the membership and revenue of the CC by forcing, esp. poor people, to expand their numbers. As for homosexuals – well they are seen as a similar barrier to contraception, and that they hinder, rather than encourage, the membership expansion imperative.

The truth is out there, only clouded and occluded judgement prevents people from seeing the truth and prvcent themselves from behaving like simple sheep. :-(

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

If you’re a Catholic, you’ll remember Reverend Wright. The biggest negative influence in winning any segment or block of votes based on religion has been Reverend Wright. Joe Biden will not help the ticket to win the Catholic vote. There isn’t any correlation between either candidate and the Catholic Church, nor the so-called influence of Caroline Kennedy or her uncle Ted, in winning the Catholic vote. The democratic party does not have any regard for the Catholic vote.

Posted by Carolyn | Report as abusive

The Republican Party only pretends to be anti-abortion. After years of having control of the White House, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, and a majority of state legislatures and governorships, not a single national bill was proposed outlawing abortion. The only state bill passed was so poorly constructed that it was guaranteed to be struck down by the Republican majority Supreme Court. (A sixth grader could do a better job of passing a bill that would have passed judicial muster.)

Given that the Republican Party does NOTHING on abortion, good Catholics should look at the rest of the platform. This Catholic will be voting for Obama!

Posted by commonsense…. | Report as abusive

Its more than a little startling to read Franic’s comment that the “abortion” issue is a private one and should never be politized. Ironic, indeed, that there are people who choose to believe that protection of the unborn is a wholly personal matter. If it were, the Supreme Court would never have had to take up the many state laws that prohibited it and go on to leglislate that in fact they are still allowed to in afater the first trimester of “life”. How much more fundamental a public issue can there be? The “choice” to privatize the status of the unborn, as if personal property, is a starkly primitive one. I am a practicing Catholic. I have actively supported Obama’s candidacy because he respresents change in areas where Catholics should demand it– in our foreign policy that presently “justifies” preemptive wars and domestic policy that disregards the needy. However, I am ambivalent, or worse, about his selection of Joe Biden as a running mate. I can not understand the construct of a “pro-choice Catholic.” It personifies the problem with the Catholic in the Democratic party. It is a party built on a history of promoting civil rights, defending the defenseless and promoting assistance to the needy. HOw can we, as Democrats, so rigorously protect an ethics of “choice” when it comes to the most fundamental right to life of the most defenseless class of all? Francis goes much farther to proclaim that the issue should be kept “private.” When the most trivial of our daily activities and personal choices from smoking to talking on cell phones is the matter of public study, debate and legislation, it is ironic indeed that some see this as a purely private issue.

Posted by Sean O’Neill | Report as abusive

Biden is anti-abortion just like the rest of us. He just happens to believe, like William Bennett, that there is more than one way to stop the. There are practical incremental ways to move us toward first reducing abortions before we try to end them entirely. Biden is an advocate that the way to have fewer abortions in the U.S. isn’t an all-or-nothing high stakes Supreme Court battle over Roe v. Wade, one that we have been losing for more than 30 years. Rather, he wants change, he wants to first win the hearts of women who have this decision in front of them (thats where Catholics should be investing their energy) and second, to help them make the right choice (thats where government comes in). I know that those among us who have spent a full generation refusing to compromise on this issue feel like they are fighting the good fight. And maybe they are– but their stubborn refusal to accept meaningful reform measures has no doubt been a contributing cause to the sheer number of abortions our nation suffers through. Obama was trying to make this case on his own before the announcement, but now Biden will help him make it even more passionately. To buy in to the fanatical fringe that denies there is more than one way to stop abortion in the country is a sell-out of all reason that Catholics have been known to possess.

Posted by louis Cinquino | Report as abusive

For the record, I am not Catholic, but many of my friends and relatives are Catholic. Abortion is certainly not a trivial issue, and there are, of course, arguments to be made on both sides. Many are passionate about this debate, and rightfully so. I wonder, however, when one considers the multitude of issues and crises facing Americans today, if abortion should be at the top of one’s priorities, whether one is Catholic or not?

Posted by RLM | Report as abusive

This is certainly an important discussion… I do not profess to have the answers and am still undecided regarding the upcoming election. I understand how awful abortion is and do not want to stand up and be counted with the pro-choice (pro-death?) people. Yet, the Republican platform has plenty of its own areas that are cause for revulsion. My plan is to think and pray long and hard before casting my ballot in November.

However, it seems to me that there is an awful lot of judging going on in the debate over these issues. I submit that our Lord would frown equally on us taking pot shots at others. Rather than take the moral high ground on one issue or another, I suspect that Jesus would ask us to tend to the beam in our own eye instead of pointing out the splinter in another’s. The issue of abortion, and more specifically of Catholics that mistakenly believe they can be “pro-choice” is one that must be addressed with love, not rhetoric and vitriol.

Posted by buffalo catholic | Report as abusive

No one ever reports that one of the reasons John Forbes Kerry may have lost was because he was a pro-choice Catholic (I iunderstan the arguments that there can be no such thing, but I mention this from the secular understanding).

“Almost one-quarter of U.S. adults are Catholic but their electoral clout is somewhat diluted by their distribution.”

While this is true, there are a lot of “economic issues” Catholics who will vote Democratic, but are also pro-life. Comes down to many of the “economic issues” Catholics not believing the Republicians will do anything about abortion.

However, these “economic issues” Cathoics run into a problem when the Democratic candidate is pro-abortion and Catholic. They might have vote for a protestant who is pro-abortion, but they have a hard time voting for a Catholic that does not represent the key views of the Faith.

My $.02

Posted by Joe – MI | Report as abusive

louis Cinquino wrote, “..top of one’s priorities, whether one is Catholic or not?”

If you believe a fetus is human life then you believe human (infants) are being killed.

That is like you asking those believers to not consider the pro-murder issue, because there is a greater issue to consider.

Posted by Joe – MI | Report as abusive

First, for the record, Joe, Louis did not write “‘top of one’s priorities, whether one is Catholic or not?\'” I did.

Second, please do not put words in my mouth. I did not say anyone should not consider the abortion question, quite the opposite, in fact. What I said was whether, in view of the crises facing Americans today whether abortion should be at the top of one’s political agenda. I think abotion is an important issue, and for good reason others do too. But what are the other issues facing Americans?

To be more specific, Joe, consider what impact a president may have on abortion in the next 4 years. He may appoint a U.S. Supreme Court Justice in the next 4 years, or he may not. The abortion issue is a constitutional question, specifically whether abortion falls with the liberty interest as set forth in the Due Process Clause. The U.S. Supreme Court is charged with interpreting the U.S. Constitution, not thePresident of the United States.

On the other hand, consider the environment. A number of scientific studies have indicated that the point of no return for global warming may occur in the next 10 years. There was a NOVA episode recently which succinctly summarized a number of these studies. The point was, if the planet passes the point of no return, it may not be fit for human habitation.

The point is, Joe, an American should consider which should be at the top of one’s list of priorities, the environment, or abortion — which would become a moot issue once the planet is unfit for human habitation?

Being concerned with the sanctity of human life is laudable, commendable. But sometimes one must look at the whole picture and choose one’s battles wisely.

Posted by RLM | Report as abusive

Does anyone know why Joe Biden was married by a Jesuit at the United Nations Chapel in New York? It’s often a way for Catholics to get married by a priest because of some irregularity in the background of either party.

Posted by Bob Moran | Report as abusive

sorry louis & RLM. I did quote the wrong person.

I am pro-life and Catholic.

RLM you make a good argument, but you fail to see the belief system of someone who believes a fetus is a human life. What “may” happen to the environment does not = what “is” happening to human life (via abortion).

What you are asking is for a person to do is vote for the pro-murder (in the view of a pro-life believer) candidate because ther are other issues to consider like the environment.

On a personal note, it has difficult for the last 17 years for me to vote Republician. I feel very used by Bush Sr. (esp given some of the comments by former 1st ladies Barbara and Nancy) and others I have voted for. I feel like they are only pro-life for the votes.

Ufortunately, asking me to vote for a pro-abortion candidate is like asking me to vote for the pro-murder candidate. It is like you asking me to consider the pro-environment policies of someone who is pro-genocide.

Posted by Joe – MI | Report as abusive

I am a traditional Catholic, one who actually does not believe you can pick and choose what teachings of the church one wants to adhere to, and even go one step beyond and adhere to the teachings pre vatican II when things were very clear and before the church decided to be more in line with the modern world, and where someone like Biden, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, and so on, would have been excommunicated for their support of death

Oh yes, as one lovely Jesuit educated poster stated earlier, you can fault republicans for not helping the poor enough (how much money goes to African in Aid this year?), or that the black and brown children if not aborted will cause their mothers to live in poverty, gee, what a wonderful arugument an actual “Catholic” would make for killing the unborn! Have you ever heard of abstinence? Waiting until you are married before you decide to commit to the conjugal act? Do you even know your Catechism (Baltimore that is)-what is the end means of marriage? To Populate Heaven that is.

Please, do not compare not giving enough money to the poor with killing the unborn, with 3 priests in your family, it is quite clear why the church since Vatican II is in such a mess

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

AS a practicing catholic and a committed catholic, I need to express my feelings about the issue that consumes so much of the political stage during recent elections. Catholics must begin to think things through very clearly.
The day a candidate tells me that the day after election all abortion clinics and abortions will stop will get my vote. The Republican party tap dances with the church on this issue. Nothing has changed despite the rhetoric that goes before every election.
It is time for Catholics to live their faith. Most catholics would not have an abortion but realize that we live in a country of many different beliefs. Not once have the beliefs of others changed me. I hope that the issue of abortion does not consume this election as it has others and that my church will not talk about the issue as the political season heats up. Yes you can preach about the right to life but not tell me how to vote or that I should be excommunicated if I don’t vote the issue. You taught me well , I spent months in bed to carry my children to term, I do respect life but live by my belief that we should always put ourselves in another person shoes. Those out there who have not walked the walk should not tell others what to believe. Let us pray away abortions, not use legislation as a crutch. Let us bring our church to its feet and let them know how we feel. Democratic candidates always help those in need and put bread and food on the tables of the poor. Let us not forget that . Yes, I am rambling but I am really upset that this will become the major issue

Posted by not me | Report as abusive

Any Catholic that understands the teaching of the church knows they should not vote for a PRO-DEATH party

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I cannot believe the amount of delusional thinking of some of these posts. I am a Catholic with strong faith. Let’s think about this abortion issue for a minute.

What I gather, from what I have read so far, is that some of you Catholics are saying is that the other issues should be placed above the abortion issue. But, let us zoom in on the abortion issue for a moment.

Abortion is the taking of a human life. Many people have abortions because its inconvenient, because they feel they cannot care for the child, or because they didn’t plan for it. So, the way they can make their lives right is to just dispose of it like throwing out the trash.

My question then would be, if this is the way you think, then why not have it across the whole board that has anything to do with life. There are people in my life and I am sure, in your life too, that are inconvenient or are hindering our lives. Would it be right to do away with them also? Would you like a law to come into effect to murder these individuals as well?

I bet not. Why, because those people have a voice and can defend themselves and vote to keep their lives. Once you are born and have a voice, you are protected.

We, as Genuine Catholics are about is giving a voice to the voiceless. Please don’t criticize us for protecting the life of those who cannot protect their own lives.

If you are thinking about voting for Obama/Biden, just remember one thing, a half right doesn’t make it right. And whether your a Catholic or not, it is one of God’s laws that “You shall not kill”. That pertains to all of us, even the unborn.

One more thing, if it wasn’t a life, then their would be nothing there and therefore the pregnancy test would read “NEGATIVE”. And any HCG in a pregnancy is of a human and therefore is a life.

Are you all saying that the Government is above God’s laws? Straying from God’s laws will have a devasting effect on our country. And when the plagues start coming in full force, all will call to who other than God himself.

Posted by sunrizedreamer | Report as abusive

Some don’t seem to understand that Democrats are not bad or evil people and that you can have a strong faith and still vote for a democratic candidate. People who vote for democrats are not killers. Most would not think of having an abortion but really get upset when they are talked about as if they were evil. I am not for taking one life but I really don’t think that anything will change if we elect a republican to be president. It hasn’t helped in the past.

Posted by not me | Report as abusive

Anyone who would vote for a Democrat whether pro life or not even is crazy. Taking the fact that they support the death of the unborn, they promote homosexuality, actually embrace it under “diversity”. Not saying one should ever do any harm to another human, but this act of sodomy is and has been condemned from the earliest of bibles. Has this changed?

Democrats and being “liberal” mean just that-they want an open sort of sodom and Gommarh style of living. I am no holy roller, but I do know right from wrong and we needs strict laws in place as we are all tempted by the evil one as well as stained with original sin so something has to be put in place

And it is so true that we have so many “cafeteria catholics” in place, the Pelosi’s, Ferraro’s, Cuomo’s, Guiliani’s, Biden, Kennedy and on and on-that have and dont know their faith, which since Vatican II has all but been destroyed and we need a true rollback of this council which has added so many modern and vague terms to catholic teaching just so one can get themselves in trouble and still say they are following church teaching, as Pelosi actually thought that abortion was OK and part of the church teaching going back some 800 years, so wrong, and it is they who have stopped the rollback, as well as the justices

In our Traditional Catholic church, where we only worship under the Traditional Latin Mass, our Priests tell us to pick the worst of two evils and McCain and Palin are just that, and I am glad to see a bright woman on the ticket I may add

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I did mean to say “the better of two evils”

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I noticed in all the information about Governor Palin that she CHOSE to have her fifth child, even though it was a Downs syndrome baby. How fortunate that she had the CHOICE. Why did she have a test if she intended to CHOOSE to bear the child in any case? These are the words of her supporters, not me. They all compliment her on her CHOICE. I, too, admire her for that, but I am equally glad that she was given a CHOICE in the matter, thanks to our laws. She ws not forced to have a child against her will.
What would Mr. Biden say on this question?

Posted by Ruth Powell | Report as abusive


Most people that are pro choice that have amnio’s and God forbid find out there is a defect is for them to PREPARE, as I think she even stated, for this child. Prepare both physically around the house, line up doctors, and more importantly is mentally prepare

My wife and I never chose to have an amnio but instead we took the less invasive blood tests to see if our children are OK. It did turn out that our first has a slight case of autism. She does have special needs but we would not trade her for the world as she is so beautiful and special, but she is indeed a challenge. Simple tasks sometimes like getting dressed or waiting in line can be a challenge

As far as having a “choice”-she did not take the amnio to CHOOSE whether to kill this child as you are insinuating or let it go onto full term, she did to prepare.

As a man, and even as a Traditional Catholic I once could care less about the abortion stance though I knew it was wrong. That was until my wife was pregnant with our first and came home with the first sonogram of our child. WOW-hands, feet, a nose, arms and BODY! Even a heart beat.It was person inside there. That hit home for me and made me realize that the church was right all along, and who the heck are we to pick and choose who lives and dies?

Think about it. Having a child with special needs is a cross maybe God intended for us to have, but we are taught as Catholics that God will always give you crosses as he gave his own son our Lord. So if you or someone choses to abort these children, not only will you have that stain on your soul when judgement comes, but God will make sure you have some other cross to deal with. There is no escaping it, as earth was not meant to be heaven and due to the stain of original sin, we all will experience our trials and tribulations

Sarah Palin has solidified so many undecided woman I speak to in voting for McCain, between his heroics and her as a working mom of 5 including 1 with special needs, compared to Obama who has no experience, has expressed his disdain for white people in his books, and suspect relationships and the cafeteria catholic in Biden, the choice becomes so much more clear

Posted by John | Report as abusive


What I meant to say in my opening sentence was “PRO LIFE”


Posted by John | Report as abusive

I used to be Catholic until I realized how much hypocrisy there is in the church. Catholics amaze me…all their pro-life nonsense yet have NO PROBLEM using condoms and birth control which is taught against in the church. Obama is not pro-abortion…he is pro-choice, there is a BIG difference. STOP equating the two together. He wants to reduce abortions and unwanted pregnancies.

Posted by Bram | Report as abusive


What Cathollics do and what is taught are two different things

Catholics that use condoms are in mortal sin and are also going against church teaching as the end means of procreation is to create life when MARRIED and at no other time should a Catholic be having relations

With respect to Obama, he is trying to reduct abortions? How?> Has he voted even against the partial birth abortion of a late term fetus? Educate us all here. He is pro choice? Gee, what a great play on words here, so another words anyone can “Choose” to kill the unborn as they “choose”? How about I choose to kill you? Is that my choice? Is your life more important than that in the womb? You and so many liberals are so lost

With respect to Catholics who promote abortion and or use birth control, they will meet their maker and Lord Jesus Christ and will either be judged to enter heaven or go to Hell, as the church today after Vatican II has been corrupted from within and in its aim to be more “modern” has done just as you say, created a bunch of Catholics who dont even know anymore what is right, and even then go against it

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Catholics who vote for more war should be excommunicated – hundreds and thousands of innocent lives lost – why are their lives less precious? I don’t get it. The Pope condemned the Iraq war! If you can’t vote democrat, then please stop conflicting your ‘catholic’ selves and vote for Ron Paul – he is against abortion and the Iraq war! He’s the real pro-life candidate!


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To reduce abortions: the Catholic Church needs to stop insisting that birth control is sinful. There is no theological or scientific or rational reason that birth control is immoral. Women die in Africa because condoms aren’t promoted as a way of preventing AIDS. Reading over some of the comments, I think many Catholics would actually be happier if they lived under Islamic law. Also, may I add that if Roe versus Wade is overturned, the problem will go to the states and it won’t stop abortion either. The lowest abortion rate in the Western world belongs to Holland. Why? People there believe that it’s wrong so they use birth contol. Sensible people! By the way, I doubt that European Catholic politicans are raked over the coals in the way that Joe Biden is!

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I am a Catholic woman in PA and I could not be happier with Obama’s choice of a Running mate. Joe Biden is going to make a great vice-president.
I am pro-life and always will be, there are far more issues to be considered here. I am pro-life from conception to natural death. Wake up America being pro-life is not just anti abortion, pro life is no death penalty too. Tell the truth America. If you don’t want to kill just don’t do it, know one needs a law to stop them from killing, they need a heart!

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Joe Biden claims he is a catholic and supports the culture of death. He claims he cannot force his opinion on others but does he have to proclaim a “woman’s right to choose” yet be offended by Sarah Palin’s choice to be pro life and try to slam her for it?

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More than one way to kill.

A political candidate’s position on abortion has become the de facto litmus test of morality, and of respect for life. However, the data show that economic policies, health care and many other issues may be just as deadly. Consider the matter of health care. For a study of life expectancy in the United States published in PLoS Medicine in 2006, Harvard Professor Christopher Murray analyzed 8 years of census and health statistics data. He found an astonishing 35 year gap – in life expectancy based on county of residence, income, and other social factors. In my home county, Fairfax Virginia, life expectancy is among the top ten in the US ­ about 81 years. Life expectancy in counties at the bottom is only 46 years, shorter than that in many developing countries! This isn’t a new finding – many other studies reported similar results. There are several reasons for such early death, but socioeconomic status and access to health care are the heavyweights. Thus, health care in particular and many other policy differences between the political parties can have as profound an influence on life as abortion. Clearly, the moral justification for voting cannot be based on a single issue.

As a Catholic, I am opposed to abortion and efforts to reduce abortions must continue. However, the pro-life concept must encompass all causes of death, not only abortion. The positions the Democratic Party has held with respect to universal health care, taxation, unemployment, war and torture, all of which have life-or-death consequences, are more consistently pro-life than those of the Republicans. My conscience requires that I vote for Barack Obama, and I will do so with great enthusiasm and hope.

Peter Kaufmann, Ph.D.
Past President, Society of Behavioral Medicine
Secretary, International Society of Behavioral Medicine
The views expressed above are not necessarily those of the SBM or ISBM.

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