McCain camp tries to rub salt on Clinton-Obama wound

August 24, 2008

With many Democrats upset that Hillary Clinton was not their party’s presidential or vice presidential nominee, rival Republican John McCain’s campaign tried to rub a little salt into the wound.

McCain’s campaign launched a new television ad using clips of the New York senator criticizing Democratic hopeful Barack Obama during their bitter primary contest, including about his policy proposals and negative attacks. 
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Clinton’s team quickly responded, reiterating her strong backing for Obama and laying into McCain.
“She has said repeatedly that Barack Obama and she share a commitment to changing the direction of the country, getting us out of Iraq, and expanding access to health care,” said her spokeswoman Kathleen Strand. “John McCain doesn’t. It’s interesting how those remarks didn’t make it into his ad.” 

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If John ‘Wayne’ McCain authorizes anti-Obama political ads like this one, meddling in the way the Democrats are conducting their campaign, what in heavens name might he authorize if he gets the power of the President of the United States in his hot little hands?

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amen! Oh and by the way McCain, there are many Christian who aren’t afraid to say that they are and who are supporting Obama.

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Good for the McCain campaign for pointing out the type of hypocrisy, manipulations, racial discrimination and lies displayed by Obama and his campaign in the primary election that have also boiled over into the general election. It is apparent that Obama is no friend to truth. While we already know Hillary Clinton has displayed some consistently underhanded and manipulative behavior, Obama seemed to often more times eclipse Hillary Clinton’s underhandedness as the democratic primary progressed all the while calling himself change and speaking like his above that sort of thing. So even more disgusting than that underhanded behavior about Obama and Obama’s campaign then was how hard they worked to create one HUGE manipulative contradiction speaking like he and his behavior was better than Hillary Clinton and her behavior but in reality Obama’s actions again didn’t match his rhetoric and were much more manipulative, lying and dividing than Hillary Clinton’s actions at a lot of campaign moments.

Like, one example of oh so many manipulations, Obama’s racial manipulations that he used to attack Hillary Clinton when she was giving a speech seemingly trying to connect with voters of darker skin color when she said that it took a president to pass the civil rights legislation several decades ago that people like Martin Luther King fought to implement and she went on to imply that she would work for the dark skin colored community in similar ways if she was elected president.

Obama manipulated that situation at a time when he was polling very poorly among those who CNN referred to as “black” voters. Obama lied, bypassed the English language dictionary that defines the words Hillary used and made up his own definition terms of the words Hillary Clinton used and the Obama campaign put out rhetoric that what Hillary said was racist and discriminatory and Obama himself said it was disrespectful of Martin Luther King.

Obama said that a short factual historical time-line of the American legislative civil rights act process from the political perspective was disrespectful.

It doesn’t surprise me that he has continued to usurp the truth time and time again since then and supplant it with more manipulative and racially discriminatory and dividing rhetoric to TRY and get him-self elected.

Like when McCain said Obama had no experience and Obama went around telling people they (implying McCain) will try to attack him because he has a funny name and looks different and doesn’t “look like all the other presidents on the dollar bills.” Not once addressing the reality of what McCain really said, “That Obama lacks experience and good-judgment.”

Yes Obama tried to once again manipulate by utilizing the all so commonplace “try to divide as many black people and other colors of people, who he is able to reach through manipulations by a twisting of facts, against white people by attacking vocabulary that a white person has spoken and twist it and interject fallacies and then brand it with completely unreasonable laws of your own definition for what the person was really saying, not the true definition of the words, and say the things that the white person said, which are clearly not racist by any definitive terms, are racist to divide the racial make-up in one’s favor” – Which many people are sooo sick of.

Look at the facts not the rhetoric. The McCain campaign’s Hillary ad is just another reminder that this isn’t Obama’s first trip to the manipulation rodeo. That this isn’t Obama’s first time disrespecting the will of the people. That this isn’t the first time Obama has acted like he is so widely popular that he doesn’t have to concern himself with the expectations of the U.S. constituency. He BARELY won the democratic primary and Hillary Clinton received 18 million votes (almost as many as Obama). But you wouldn’t know it to talk to egotistical acting Obama. Remember, as McCain campaign sarcastically points out about Obama’s behavior – “he is the one”. But he is not the leader of the: us, we and ours of a democracy.

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I’d encourage every Clinton supporter to vote for McCain. Not only does Obama pick Biden for VP, ignoring the 18 million of us who voted for her, but Obama can’t even give Clinton the courtesty of a phone call to let her know Biden was his choice. Once again, the Elitist shows his true colors. Obama has no regard for 18 million voters who, once, supported the Democratic Platform. For me, and other Democrats just like me, it’s a vote for McCain.

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Here here. I’ve been pretty aggravating as I’ve sat back and watched Obama play literally the same tricks that George Bush 2 played to get elected. It’s all about getting people so emotional, be it fear or adoration, that they turn off their common sense and disregard the candidates real issues and track record. It was pretty insulting to have him lecture America with his “racism” speech he gave shortly after the Rev. Wright fiasco got rolling. That speech should have been given 10 years ago to Pastor Wright if he really believed what he was saying. Where does he come off? I’m not the one who attended the racially divisive, often anti-American pastor’s congregation for 2 decades, named my book after a quote from one of the pastor’s “sermons”, married my wife and had my children blessed at said church, so don’t shake your finger at me, sir. Unfortunately, there are many many Obamacrats out there who have turned off their common sense, who have created their ideal picture of what they believe Obama is about, and whom the democratic party is embracing in the naive belief that these people’s Obama obsession will translate into democratic party votes for candidates other than Obama. Here we go again, letting ourselves be fooled all over again.

It literally disgusted me when it turned out that he was considering allowing off-shore drilling, as he certainly must be educated enough to understand that it is absolutely irrelevant in relation to the current fuel prices, and the overall energy situation America is in. I would have been impressed had he instead used his supreme oratory skills to educate people as to the irrelevance of the off-shore oil drilling, as there seems to be an enormous number of people out there buying into the idea that it will help them at the gas pump, ever. Why not step up and outline what the real push behind the off-shore drilling will do? Its simply a way that oil companies can ensure they’ll be able to continue making their record profits ten years from now, and has only an isignificant relation to gasoline prices. The reasons those areas were made off limits haven’t changed just because gas prices has shot up.

Its just too bad to see a man of such obvious talent using it to decieve rather than educate, and to divide rather than unite. And it is truly unfortunate to see so many Americans falling for the same old trick, again and again. I would truly consider voting for McCain, and for me that is a big deal, were it not for his confounded “an unregulated free market is the answer to everything” approach. Sure, if you don’t care about people and all the collateral damage along the way, that theory has plenty of economic soundness, but the idea that the economy is more important than the human suffering created along the way is sickening. Too bad all the human collateral damage doesn’t represent enough money to most current poloticians to create the real “change” Obama keeps pretending to be talking about.

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It appears that some of these supposedly “Hillary” supporters’ comments that they may actually be Republican comments made just to stir up trouble.

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Clinton supporters rightfully argue that by choosing Biden as his running-mate, Obama completely ignored the 17 million or so voters who cast their votes for Hillary…. and that was only on his way to the nomination. How many more people is he going to ignore and overlook, should he become president?

Obama is noting more than a weak, vendetta-filed persona who thinks he can win the presidency on a lot of slogans and absolutely no substance. How is he going to bring together this nation on the key issues if he wasn’t even able to mend fences inside his own party?

I am sorry Mr. Obama – No thank you, NObama!

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McCain is showing his age as well as his serious flaws.

Instead of accepting that he is ‘passed it’ and ‘over the hill’, he persists in firing inept, discourtious and inappropriate barbs and vacuous accusations.

McCain as PRESIDENT? If America votes for him then they will be voting for failing power, failing mastery and eventual international oblivion.

Inexorable and impending, America under McCain would be seen as a country of yesterday, has-beens, the infirm and of a place where people refused to see the light.

I pray this is not the case! :-)

I hope that the US people will act decisively and stop allowing the element of skin colour to cloud their judgement.

I hope that America starts to address the issues and votes for Obama.

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I meant ‘discourteous’ in para 2!

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JB: You call yourself a Democrat, but you’re going to vote for McCain. That makes sense… not.

Hillary is not going to be President. Get over it. She has.

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Does it matter for all of the “patriots” supporting McCain that their candid is going to finish what G.W. Bush started – destroying US economy and US international status?
Bush never carried about the people. He just successfully manipulated them so his cronies in the oil and military industries can make more money. Just read the recent profit reports.
Are you so ideologically blind that you are willing to see oil traded at $250.00 a gallon?
Are you ready to march into another war with Iran if thousands of killed and maimed Americans in Iraq is not enough?
Do you really believe that you can establish democracy in a tribal society?
You either naïve or hate America, or both?
Shed the ideology and vote with your stomachs instead.

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To cj, posted 8/24 5:41….”voters of darker skin color”?!!?
“who CNN referred to as “black” voters.”?!!? “try to divide as many black people and other colors of people,”?!!?

ok – “black” people in quotes, black not in quotes when referring to “other colors of people”, voters of darker skin color……hmmmm….does that refer to white people with a dark tan?

Is this 2008 or have I been transported waaaaaay back in time, to like the 1800’s when we passed laws against the Chinese?

That was the most amazing and strange post I have ever read.

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

For those Hillary supporters who plan to vote for McCain, you don’t really support her and never supported the party platform if you are willing to throw the rest of us under the bus because you didn’t get your way.

Aside from demonstrating an absolute lack of maturity, it also speaks of an incredible disregard and lack of understanding of the issues facing this country and the destructive force that would be reaped upon us by a McCain presidency.

Please…if you are that upset, either don’t vote or write her in. You can still vote for your candidate that way, but don’t vote for the man YOUR candidate was running against, which was ultimately McCain.

It was just hard to see that because she spent more money attacking her fellow democrats than she did her Republican adversary. That, my friends, is simply politics.

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Voting for McCain just because Hillary isn’t on the ticket isn’t going to help us out at all. You should only vote for McCain if you truly believe that he is the right man for the job and you agree with his policies.

I certainly don’t agree with his policies so there is no way that he is going to get my vote, no matter how many ridiculous commercials they come up with.

Don’t throw your vote away just because you’re upset. We wait to vote until we are 18 because we are supposed to be mature adults making rational decisions, not throwing hissy fits.

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I’m hoping for Rudy Giuliani as the veep for McCain. That would be perfect. All Joe would have to do on the stump is say “McCain = Noun, Verb, POW” and “Rudy = Noun, Verb, 9/11″.

And the ads about Rudy? Wow, sorry but I lived in NYC during the Rudy years. Rudy has a pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage record, and he has no foreign policy experience. He’s so deeply connected to fortune 500 interests and lobbyists that it would make McCain look like another GW patsy. He wasnt’ even a good mayor. It could easily be argued that the only reason the streets of NYC were cleaned up during his years as Mayor is because Joe Biden brought Republicans and Democrats together to pass the 1994 crime bill, putting 100,000 cops on the streets and starting an eight-year drop in crime across the country. Rudy just rode the coattails on that one, some would say.

And lastly, just think about the pairing: two adulterers on one ticket?

What a romp that would be. I’d sure like to see it. Like watching a plane crash, train wreck and Death Race all at the same time.

Kevin B

I’m saying it now: President Barack H. Obama, Jr., 2009 – 2017

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Well here we go again. Both parties bickering about what the other has done while we the American people are like a tennis net between them. We have been hearing about health insurance for 30 years. How about this. How about we hear about what the solutions are to the problems we face. Maybe then we could vote for the right person.

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What has Obama done to earn the support of Clinton voters? Just once, I’d like to hear from him that he believes he needs US. I’d like him to look us in the eye and say, “You know what? I’m understand your disappointment that your candicate didn’t win. But, here’s how my platform is similiar to hers. Here’s why I believe that we can be partners in creating the world we both want. I’m asking YOU to support me, because I need you.” When did that happen? He’s always so busy preaching to the choir: all of his speeches are designed to be heard by people who already support him. Let’s have him try to earn the votes of Clinton and McCain supporters. That I could respect. How about a little humility on his part that he might actually need our assistance to win this election? And believe me when I say that I’ve been a died in the wool liberal Democrat all my life and that a vote for McCain makes me sick. For once in my life, I wanted to vote FOR a candidate instaed of against one. But, it’s not going to happen in this election.

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McCain ‘Don’t Know Much’
Amazingly funny, and accurate: … s/2008/08/obama_ad_mccain_dont_know_much .html

Pass it on!

A new Obama ad uses the classic Sam Cooke song “Wonderful World” (with altered lyrics) to show that McCain doesn’t “know much” about the economy and would continue the policies of the Bush administration. The closing line: “Do we really want four more years of the same tune?” The ad begins airing today on national cable in battleground states.

Kevin B

I’m saying it now: President Barack H. Obama, Jr., 2009 – 2017

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Vote for McCain – go ahead – vote for the rich to get richer while your wages stay the same – vote for a reversal of any timetable to withdraw American troops from Iraq while McCain pursues his ‘victory’ – vote for increased carnage in Afghanistan – vote for melting polar caps – vote for continuing an ‘abstinence’ policy to reduce unwanted pregnancies – vote for corporations paying no tax whatsoever – vote for negative job growth and a resumption of the Cold War – you get a vote – go ahead

Posted by Bob Malone | Report as abusive









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What every voting American needs to do is become informed on the issues, decide which ones are the most important, determine the candidates’ stances on the issues and vote accordingly. Forget, disremember, cast aside vanity and hurt feelings — and most of all — the labels of “democrat” and republican.”

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JULIE (08/25/2008 – 6:12am), exactly that kind of manipulative behavior that you displayed is a good example of what I was talking about. Don’t try to critically think and understand what someone is saying just try to lie, manipulate, fallaciously attack with spite and snide behavior and implications and racial discriminating insults and TRY and divide to get what you want. I can definitely see you voting for manipulative and racially discriminating Obama.

The word “black” is in quotation marks when referring to skin color because first of all a statement of referring to someone by summing up their humanity by skin color is wrong, when describing someone’s features it’s fine sure but to sum people up by skin color is fallacious. It is also fallacious and a misnomer to describe people’s skin color as black or white as there really are no large demographics of white skin colored people or black skin colored people in America yet you imply you want to call all darker skin colored people “black”? Look at an accurate color chart and then go around town and look for “black” people. Brown, sure. Yellow tinged, maybe. Not many “black”. Yet you want to describe all the darker skin colors of people’s skin color as “black.” “Black” more commonly refers to a subculture and mind set of behavior in America not a universal skin color. Maybe you can remember about a year ago we had some people of darker skin color going on to national television and saying Obama wasn’t “black” or wasn’t “black enough” for them to vote for him.

Not to mention that in the realm of defining a person and their humanity and people who, this may surprise you, are real people, and which, this may surprise you too, voters are real people, their behavior and character is what should be of paramount importance – not skin color statistics. So when I quoted CNN, I used quotation marks. They weren’t my words and I don’t call people “black” or “white” when seriously describing a persons skin color and definitely not when describing a person’s or group of people’s character and behavior – they aren’t accurate words. And when you thought the word “black” above wasn’t in a quotations, it was in the quotation of the entire statement that was quoted which is describing the behavior that you displayed by a person who wouldn’t quote it.

People who want to call themselves “black” or “white” when they are actually closer to brown and tan can call themselves that if they choose. From my visual experience, most people who happen to be of lighter skin color do not have skin the color of white and most people who happen to be of darker skin color do not have skin the color of black. And note, yes us reason pursuing people have to take the burden of communication and justice and be extra thorough because your behavior refuses to do so, to address your manipulations before you have a chance to bring em out again, black is not in quotations marks in the previous sentence because I am not quoting anyone and I am not using the color as sole word to refer to and sum up a real person or to refer to and sum up a group of people, I am not referring to people as skin color I am actually referring to the color black which needs no quotes.

You can also get an accurate color chart and go around town and look for white colored people. You won’t find many. Also, if I am giving a description of someone’s skin color I do it in a more accurate way than just describing all darker skin colored people “black” and all lighter skin colored people “white”. That is reality. They all aren’t black or white – but seems like that doesn’t divide people enough for you. Open your eyes and stop racially discriminating, treat people with respect no matter what skin color they are and start pursuing reason.

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Pelosi and the other big-wig Dems are destroying our country. In 2004, she promised to unite our nation. All they have done is bash our President (and our troops) and further divide us. NOW THEY ARE FORCING HILLARY TO SUPPORT THEIR “GOLDEN BOY”.


Biden was right — we do not need a president in training!

In the Primary debates, Biden himself said Obama was not prepared to be President and that it wasn’t a position to “test drive”.

Therefore, Obama already knew how his own colleagues felt about his inexperience. If Obama wins, he will be the puppet and Biden the puppeteer.

The only difference is that Biden doesn’t know when to shut his mouth or turn on his filter!

Biden does not change the nature of the race. At the end of the day, we will vote for a president — not a vice president!


Posted by STOP THE DRAMA-NO OBAMA — GET A BRAIN-VOTE McCAIN! | Report as abusive