He’s the Daddy

August 25, 2008

daddy-yankee.jpegJohn McCain’s campaign has mocked Democratic rival Barack Obama as a celebrity, but the Republican candidate stepped into the world of show business himself on Monday with an endorsement from Daddy Yankee, a Reggaeton star from Puerto Rico. McCain introduced Daddy Yankee , 31, at a high school in the senator’s home city of Phoenix, ArizonaThe star, in a black shirt and sporting sparkling earrings and dark sunglasses, hugged some of the female students, prompting screams from the audience.

Some reporters covering McCain (including this correspondent) had not heard of Daddy Yankee and had at best a hazy understanding of Reggaeton, a style of urban music which mixes hip hop, reggae and other influences. But the 71-year-old senator seemed to have at least a passing familiarity with Daddy Yankee’s work. He praised the star, real name Ramon Ayala, as a “great American success story”.

McCain said the singer had come from a very poor family and a part of Puerto Rico where people often make wrong choices. He noted Ayala had been married for 15 years and had three children. Later, aboard McCain’s plane, the singer said he supported McCain because the senator had fought for immigration reform. “He’s always been a fighter for the Hispanic community,” he told reporters.

Daddy Yankee also displayed some impressive political skills when asked what one of his most famous songs, “Gasolina” — viewed by some as having rather raunchy lyrics — was about. “Energy independence,” he replied quickly, with a big smile.

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I wonder how much he was paid to say that, everyone one knows here that McCain has done nothing for the Latinos

Posted by Ewh! | Report as abusive

Daddy Yankee, what?
What does that mean?
I don’t get it.

Posted by juice | Report as abusive

Oh good, company for lonely Mccainiacs John Rich, Heidi Montag and Wilford Brimley. Meanwhile, check out the great Youtube videos done by Obama supporters who are musicians…starting with Will I. Am’s “Yes we can” and Dave Stewart’s American Prayer.

Posted by SuznAZ | Report as abusive

daddy yankey? that’s the best mcbush can do? oh, boy what an ‘endorsement’ :) haha

i mean the whole republican party is doomed. look at their front runner … it’s the best they could come up with. thx to bush this election will be easily won by the democrats

Posted by rantmono | Report as abusive

Ewh… clearly you don’t keep up with politics, at least in the real world. McCain broke with his party over immigration reform, siding instead with the like of Ted Kennedy. He supports “comprehensive” immigration reform that many on the right associate with amnesty for illegal aliens. He also opposed an Arizon state law that would bar illegals from using state-funded social services (on par with California’s prop 187 of the 90’s).

I am for freedom on the internet… say what you want. But, at least be responsible enough to educate yourself first.

Posted by Kyle | Report as abusive

McCain will say anything today to get elected. His words today are not the same as they were last year. In reality he is saying i will close the borders first to which I agree, but he is not saying what he will do with the Millions of Undocumented Hispanics ? We all know what the GOP wants, THEY WANT THEM PICKED UP JAILED AND THROWN OUT. That is not hard to See & Understand , Why do they abuse our Intelligence? Were not such big follies as the GOP THINKS>
You’ll Voted against the reform, now you’ll pay for it, BIGGGGGGGG TIME :)

What one dishes and wishes another is what Almighty god gives them.

Posted by Funny Man | Report as abusive

Immigration reform? Puerto Ricans are American citizens, although they lack the ability to vote in Presidential Elections.
Married since 16? That’s a great American success story, all right.
No wonder Obama is gonna wipe the map with McCain.

Posted by Josh | Report as abusive

Married for 15 years and he’s only 31? So….. married at 15? That’s a good role model? That’s an example of not making bad choices? I don’t get it.

Posted by Lynne Cohen | Report as abusive

amazing what politics will do for votes.

Posted by Freedom | Report as abusive

Is McCain so desperate to get media attention that he has to get an endorsement from Daddy Yankee? Does he really think that by doing this he will take the young Latino vote from Obama? I don’t think so!!!

Posted by LJM | Report as abusive

someone had to tell Mc Cain what the lyrics met because his mind with his hearing couldn’t move fast enough. He doesn’t even know how many houses he owns. he had to ask joe liberman what state they were in ???? presidential material, i don’t think so.

Posted by bill lepkowski | Report as abusive

I doubt that he was paid to say that, and just because McCain hasn’t done anything for Latinos doesn’t mean that there isn’t a support base for him inside the Latino community. Daddy Yankee probably believes McCain to be the better candidate and will probably vote him. Whether he’s well informed about McCain’s beliefs and political history…well, we can only wonder.

Posted by Juan | Report as abusive

Who cares??? Daddy Yankee?

Why does Reuters even mention this?

What a waste of space.

Posted by jeff | Report as abusive

Mccain should try harder and not make a fool of himself

Posted by latinoamerican | Report as abusive

All that comes out both McCain and Daddy Yankee’s mouths is nonsense that should be ignored. Both are tools.

Posted by blah blah | Report as abusive

So what? Puerto Rico cant vote this time!

Posted by Larry Oregon | Report as abusive


Why do I read these things. The stories are fine, but how people attack other humans in these comment boxes, both left and right.. attack people who have sacrificed and done more for their country then 99% of us ever will, put more time and energy into service then most of us would think about…. and we sit here and reduce them to jokes. Vote for who you think is the best candidate, but can we do it without belittling each other.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

McCain is 71 years old, after this, his political career is over. The man has nothing to loose, so I believe he will make the best choices for the country as a whole that will leave us in a better situation for future generations, particularly his kids generation. Obama, however, is still young and ambitious and has an entire career ahead of him, he needs to say whatever the far left of his party demands. McCain pisses off the far-right and thats proof there that the guy will push for something far more important than partisan BS.

Posted by B | Report as abusive

All those who love hip-hop should boycott Daddy Yankee for this one. Hit him where it hurts, the pocket book!!!

Posted by Sango | Report as abusive

McCain and his policy on immigration condones illegals.
Aside from that, at least McCain isn’t hanging with the likes of Reverend Wright.

Posted by Al | Report as abusive

…but he wears big hats!

Posted by ArtSpot | Report as abusive

I hope that by the time im McCain’s age I have more homes than he has. Maybe even let someone run them so I don’t have to be bothered with it. Real Estate, if done right, supports itself. What do you bet every person McCain rents a house to is a Obama voter. Thats the difference in the parties. Socialism vs Capitalism. If McCain is a tired, senile old coot then Obama shouldn’t have a hard time taking him in an open forum debate. McCain has offered that opportunity up to Obama many times, whats Obama afraid of?

Posted by Jake | Report as abusive

McCain is doomed.

Posted by Tock | Report as abusive

What would you like McCain to do for Latinos that he hasn’t done or won’t do for Americans in general? It is misguided that any politician should have to cater to Blacks, Latinos, Christians or anyone else. They should have a platform applicable to all Americans and then let it be challenged/modified from there. America’s civil rights and laws of the land should not allow latinos to be Mexicans in America or Arabs in America (etc…), but if a latino or Muslim is a citizen of the USA then they should be American first and foremost. Of course a person should be proud of their heritage, but it should not usurp their citizenship.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

The lead (lede) uses the word “mocked” to describe what McCain’s camp has done. Which of the following definitions of “mock” does the writer (cough) excuse me Reuters “reporter” intend to mean?

1. to attack or treat with ridicule, contempt, or derision.
2. to ridicule by mimicry of action or speech; mimic derisively.
3. to mimic, imitate, or counterfeit.

Was this a play on words? Blogs are not the same as news. But it would be nice if there was at least an attempt at impartiality.

And thank you Kyle for providing McCain’s record with Latinos and attempting to debunk the other comments alleging McCain had done “done nothing for Latinos.”

Posted by Jessica Farley | Report as abusive

good for Daddy Yankee(never heard of him) probably not good for McCain. Seems a shameless, desperate act. Gobama!

Posted by wesley | Report as abusive

so sad… just… so so sad…

Posted by Ash | Report as abusive

How is this news?

Posted by Max | Report as abusive

actually, I’m glad they posted this, cuz let’s face it, if it was Obama who did this, he’d not only be a laughing stock, but he’d lose all credibility. Why is it that McCain can actually do such idiotic things and escape unaffected?

Posted by Ash | Report as abusive

It doesn’t make any sense why DY would support McCain other than for some enormous cash. DY’s answer of ‘energy independence’ to question about his ‘gasolina’ song contradicts with the song’s chorus ‘dame mas gasolina’. Or was DY just using irony in his cleverly phrased allegoric pop references?

Posted by phantasmito | Report as abusive

Today Obama started loosing the internet vote when it was aired out the views of Biden on internet privacy, and internet monitoring (this dude wants to monitor p2p??? wtf)

Then McCain goes for the reggaeton vote, that’s a lot of young voters that want their families legalized in this country, I wouldn’t take that lightly, Daddy Yankee is known to millions and millions of latinos in this country.

End of the line, what daddy yankee says to them will matter, specially since many of them compare Obama to Chavez, they don’t want none of that leftist shit in this country, that’s what they’re running from

Posted by G | Report as abusive

I wonder if McCain knows that,”Gasolina” means raunchy sex? He’s so lame but funny.

Posted by Jimmy Green | Report as abusive

Obama Song Spanish Reggaeton

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0dMxqgS1 -8&NR=1

Cada día te quiero más que ayer y menos que mañana.

Sí se puede” Obama/Biden

Posted by Me haces feliz | Report as abusive

Funny, Daddy Yankee endorses John McCain but Daddy Yankee, who is from Puerto Rico, can’t vote in the presidential election.

Why does his endorsement matter?

You are a tricky one J.McCain!!

Posted by D.Rios | Report as abusive

I will never support Daddy Yankee again !!!! He has made his choice… He is a fake sell out!!!

Posted by zakel | Report as abusive

Thank you Daddy Yankee. Obamajust picked up a gazillion votes! Richard

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

Folks, this is politics. You’ve got to praise the strategists behind Mccain. These people are smart “can do” people. At the beginning of the campaign, Obama was riding high in the polls with Oprah Winfrey on his side.
Mccain was very concerned but with proper and carefully orchstrated diabolic strategic ads he has begun to destroy the reputation of Obama. For instance, one of the ads potrayed Obama as a good close friend of Paris Hilton. We all know that Paris Hilton has a low reputation – now that’s gonna hurt.

Obama has suffered in this process, from his alleged assocaition with Pastor Wright and more. The democrats need to re-strategize and come up with well thought out ads that will create confusion in the voters mind and Mccain look bad as well.

Hispanics are not going to vote for Mccain – No way. Yankee Daddy is Yankee Doodoo. This exposure is good for his record label and possible movie endorsement.

America is RACIST country. At last white people will vote for Mccain and that will be the deciding factor – nothing more nothing less.

Posted by The Shifter | Report as abusive

I just think that this is funny after all the celebrity ads about Obama. Like McCain isn’t just as celebrity, if not more.

Posted by Nichole | Report as abusive