Did Clinton convince supporters to back Obama?

August 27, 2008

rtr21qb9.jpgFormer White House hopeful Hillary Clinton offered a forceful speech at the Democratic National Convention aimed at convincing her backers to throw their support to the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and reunite their party.

With the stakes high, do her supporters believe she made the case for throwing their backing to Obama? Will the party factions start to coalesce around their candidate for November?

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Let us hope that this grotesque, demeaning and unnecessary anti-Obama campaign is finally over.

It was a fair contest overshadowed by rancour, and Obama won fairly and squarely.

If some of Clinton’s supporters are so unreasonable, resentful and deluded – then that’s the kind of support only an idiot would want. :-(

Hilary, you must now bury the hatchet and vow to support Obama behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera.

It is not rocket science – just plain decency! :-)

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

Hillary, your speech was just amazing tonight! You were GREAT! It demonstrated once again why most people voted for you in the primary. Sorry that the rules of your party hijacked your nomination over the popular vote that you won.

Posted by Dale | Report as abusive

Yes, well said.

Posted by jvill | Report as abusive

It’s attitudes like TTI’s that perpetuate the rift between Hillary supporters and the Obama camp. Nearly half the Democratic electorate don’t feel Hillary’s trek to convention grotesque, demeaning, or unnecessary. If Obama supporters believe otherwise, no words of unity or acts of support for Obama from Hillary will bridge the gap. And even Obama understands that he can’t blithely dismiss Hillary’s supporters and expect to win in November. Perhaps TTI is really an agent for McCain, for his or her words are the same toxins his recent ads seek to inject into this convention.

Posted by Out There | Report as abusive

Let us hope that this grotesque, demeaning and unnecessary anti-Clinton campaign is finally over.

It’s debatable whether Obama won it fairly and squarely but it’s irrelevant at this point.

If some of Obama’s supporters don’t finally ease up on the vituperation which they have directed at Clinton then I can only imagine the kind of support which Obama’s supporters are seeking are those which an idiot would want. :(

Obama, you must now bury the hatchet and woo Clinton behind the scenes as well in front of the camera.

It is not rocket science – just plain decency. :)

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

Great speech honey, you never disappoints. That being said, I’m really a Hilacrat, I vote for a character not for a candidate or a party, in other words, if she’s not in it, so wont my vote. Let the Pelosy, Deans, Richardson and the rest of the democrat elite suffer their own making in November. <== PUMA

Posted by Miguel Gomez | Report as abusive

The language used by TTI is just plain demeaning and meant to be divisive. He/She’s a spoiler meant to create rifts and inflame Hillary’s supporters. Just ignore him/her.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

Hillary could have beat McCain in November. BO has no chance. So we will be stuck with 4 more years of the same.

Posted by disappointed | Report as abusive

Hillary was amazing last night. Not a hint of regret or bitterness about her plight – think about it: how many of us could lose such a public fight, be overlooked for the second-in-command role only to stand up with such a clear and concise endorsement for Obama. The speech was flawless and delivered with the fundamental ingredients of heart, reason and ethics. If the democrats win this election, Hilary should be recognized for playing a significant role in cinching the deal. Bill is up next – for Obama’s sake, let’s hope he can offer his support with equal clarity.

Posted by Carole | Report as abusive

She did her job and now its the turn of her supporters.Either way Hillary won and she is carrying much more respect then ever before.She has made the platfarm for new president to follow and those who understood her message knows what it will take to be a best president ever in modern history of America.I am so proud of her and proud to be an American.Good luck Obama

Posted by Dinesh Gangola | Report as abusive

I was a Hillary supporter before but I’m not letting the fact that she is not on the ticket take away my chance to make a difference. There is no way that McCain will get my vote and no way that I will refuse to use the opportunity I was given when I turned 18. I will vote for the candidate that most agrees with my ideals.

Obama will have a chance against McCain if we all realize that we can make a difference. We can rally the troops and get the votes needed to make sure that we don’t have another Bush in the White House.

Posted by Nichole | Report as abusive

Sorry, but as usual, nothing of any real value was said at the DNC. No discussion of real values, no valid comparisons or stances on issues. Just a bunch of ambiguous “togetherness” rambling. Maybe if the dems spent less time arguing about how they need to start “change” in America, and spent more time outlining pheasible ways to accomplish change, we might put more faith in BO or the Pantsuit queen.

Posted by Repub | Report as abusive

Why should Hillary’s speech change any minds? Did anyone have any doubt as to what she’d say? Democrats have to come together and elect Obama. That’s what she had to say if she wants any future in the Democratic Party, so she did what she had to do. I don’t see why that would change any minds. It still doesn’t negate the fact that Barack Obama is simply not qualified to be president.

There has to be a certain degree of earning the presidency. Bush didn’t clear this bar and look what a disaster he was. Obama fails this basic qualifying litmus test as well. Do we want to repeat this same mistake? Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, have to learn how to choose the most qualified candidates, not whomever has the best shtick or who can best radiate the pop culture Britney Spears appeal.

Posted by James Kelley | Report as abusive

Sadly the Dems just know ways to lose an election.

Being a non American, the world is better off having McCain than OB for the simple fact that we know what to expect.

This OB guy is a flip flop. How can a guy who could have buried the Reps for the next 8 years, not have chosen Hillary???

If you cannot get that right, how can you get other issues right..

Posted by RD | Report as abusive

Due to her suporters’ eerily fatalistic loyalty, Hillary’s become the ultimate spoiler. Most people who lose the nomination battles, simply go away, they don’t continue to leverage their support base to influence the winning candidate and the party to the enormous extent Hillary does. It’s debatable whether Hillary would help Obama beat McCain, but she can definitely help him lose. It’s a strange sort of hostage situation. And let’s not forget, for all her loving supporters, few politicians have as many detractors who revile them as our benevolent friend Hillie.

Posted by Kombo | Report as abusive

How about a real convention, where real votes are taken, real nominations are made, and seconded, and voted upon. How about a convention where floor fights, repeated ballots, and demonstrations for a number of candidates are made. Just like back in the fifties and early sixties of the last century. These so called conventions are meaningless drivel and I do not watch them any more. I have not watched a convention in many years, so no so called ‘coronations’ or ‘throne speeches’ like in England affect me. Since there is no real convention for settling issues or candidates, the real convention will be the general election in the fall, where the cold surprise of a landslide for John McCain on an avalanche of cheated Hillary supporters and lovers of freedom and privacy and Christianity as opposed to muslimism and supporters of the Second Amendment will bury the crooked schemes of the ethnic Somalian native of Kenya who rode to the nomination on the back of manipulated caucuses, empty delegates from red states, and backroom deals among superdelegates that robbed us of a real contested convention. I am a Hillary supporter who will never convert to Islam under a presidential order from Obama. I will never live under Sharia in the USA, but would emigrate to Mexico first. They like professionals there. And no backroom deal that pressured the Clintons will change my vote for John McCain. And I am not alone. I am not racist. I think that a real American like Jesse Jackson, the forgotten man, would have been more appropriate a nominee. Or maybe Gen Colin Powell,USAretired, would have been a good choice if he would have us. But not a foreigner who happens to be an American only by accident, and who clings to the names of Buraq (barack is anglicisation of a transliteration of this from Arabic, the chariot the carried the Prophet to Heaven), and Hussein (the Prophet’s grandson and heir to the old Caliphate). So go ahead and show only those comments from Obama supporters in order to continue to spew propaganda for him. Keep it up. Suck in sponsors to pay for ads on the site, and prepare to lose money in the general election when the truth shows up in the election numbers.

Posted by Joe Smith | Report as abusive

Clinton and Obama are strange bedfellows. You cannot flip-flop that way after criticising him so much for so long during the primaries.It’s true that the party’s unity is paramount but still I believe it was too much of a lavish for Obama.

Posted by richard, hollywood, Fl. | Report as abusive

I wanted Hillary, and if I have to settle for second best then John M gets my november vote.

Posted by dennis crafton | Report as abusive

Enough is enough. I get it. Hillary would make a great president, but so would Obama. I understand that the Hilary fanatics (PUMA) are all fired up because she lost, but it’s time to look at the big picture. Do you think sinking Obama’s campaign is really going to benefit Hillary in the future?? If you really care about this country and the direction it’s going, then you would vote for Obama. Even if you feel is not experienced and Hillary would make a better president; ask yourself can this country really survive 4 more years of the same??

Posted by enough | Report as abusive

If I can’t vote for Hillary I am going to vote for John M

Posted by John Fiveash | Report as abusive

All of these people predicting doom for the Democrats will receive the same benefits under the Obama Administration as those clear headed enough to know why their gasoline costs four dollars a gallon while Exxon Mobile posts records profits and why their good paying job was sent to Indonesia. If I had my way, they would be stuck in the world they apparently want to vote for while the rest of us make the changes necessary to embrace a better future. Doesn’t work that way in a democracy. Everyone gets a vote whether they ‘get it’ or not

Posted by Bob Malone | Report as abusive

I like what Hillary stands for and she is my candidate. I will not vote for BO. Especially, since the VP was not given to Hillary. I’m bitter but its my choice.

Posted by JC | Report as abusive

Hillary, you have sung your swan song. Obama goes on to the presidency and we are at last rid of you.

Posted by ATHELSTAN | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton gave a superb speech and did her part to emphasize that unity was needed to get Barack Obama elected. However, the reality is that it is not Clinton’s problem to get the party united, it is Obama’s problem. He is the one who should be giving the unity speech and asking for the votes of the supporters of Hillary Clinton. He had no problem giving her the “finger” and no problem letting the Clinton’s be called “racists”, so he should have no problem talking to the Clinton supporters and explaining some of these childish actions and justifying why that type of behavior makes him qualified to be the Chosen One for the office of President of the United States of America.

Posted by Grace | Report as abusive

Just to be sure everyone knows this, the John McCain website actually offers REWARDS to pro-McCain postings on blogs.

direct from the McCain site: “report the details of your comment by clicking the button below. After your comments are verified, you will be awarded points through the McCain Online Action Center. ”

So as you read those “I voted for Hillary but now I’m voting for McCain” postings, consider they may be plants from folks trying to get McCain points.

What is really sad about this is that the lies McCain’s campaign spreads, like the new ad which says Obama is unprepared because he said Iran isn’t dangerous. Sounds bad, until you know that Obama really said: Iran isn’t dangerous, like the Soviet Union was at the height of the Cold War.

This is all from the Karl Rove book of tricks. Make people scared with false issues.

If you loved the last years of Bush, you’ll love McCain. Just tune into YouTube to hear him sing “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”

Posted by Vox Locus | Report as abusive

I decided in January that Obama was not qualified to be president, and that, should he win the nomination, I would not vote for him.

That has not changed. He is still not qualified; I will still not be voting for Obama

Posted by Deb | Report as abusive

I’m not a democrat, but still watching the convention…my observation is that Mr. Obama made a bad decision in not selection Mrs. Clinton….she would have added much to the Democratic Ticket….mostly experince…and lots of women voters! A big mistake, Mr. BO…..’party unity you have not”…no matter what Hillary said in her speech. It will bite you in the butt come Nov.

Posted by Orkie | Report as abusive

I don’t really understand where the egotistic indignation comes in from all the die-hard Hillary supporters. Why are so many people personally insulted that she wasn’t chosen? Please don’t give me that crap about winning the most votes, because she knew the rules before the primaries started, didn’t complain about them, and then suddenly decided it was unfair when those votes would’ve given her an advantage, which is a dishonest thing to do. Now, understand that I think both sides ran a dirty campaign to an extent, and no one can claim that either side acted more maturely than the other. If anyone tries to claim that Obama pulled more dirty tricks than Hillary they are delusional, because their campaigns were pretty much similar, as are their platforms.

Where does this pure hatred come from that people would rather vote for Mccain than Obama? Are you seriously going to let your personal anger select the course of an entire country for the next 4 years? Grow up, you are all acting like your teenagers. If you really think Hillary has the moral highground in this election you have your head way too deep in the sand.

Oh, @ John Smith, I also don’t get fanatics like you who actually think (or are just spreading fear) that Obama is Muslim, when one of the biggest problems Obama had during the primary was the fact that his CHRISTIAN minister said some stuff at his CHRISTIAN church he had been attending for many years. Yea, muslim, wooo.

Posted by J | Report as abusive

And Hillary had no problem letting people believe Obama is a Muslim…..so what’s your point? It’s politics…..grow up.

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

Ladies and Gentlemen, we all seem to be forgetting one very, very important factor in looking at the big picture for the up coming election. For the first 6 years of Bush’s terms, we ahd a republican congress and house, whihc allowed him the opportunity to pass many of his ideals inot law. The last year and a half the Bush reign has been hampered due to a democratic congress and house which caused grid-lock in washington. This grid-lock is part of the problem with being able to move forward. When the president and the legislative brach do not agree our country tends to stand still. If we bury our frustrations over the Obama-Clinton issue we have a chance to put someone in office who can work WITH congress and the house to make real CHANGE. Now I ask you all, do you want to move forward with real relief at the gas pump? Do you want to move forward in turning our economy around? Do you want to move forward protecting our planet? For those who say yes, please, vote for Obama this fall (even if you like Clinton better) so we don’t end up with 4 more years of congressional party discussions with no movement to fix anything.

Posted by Understanding | Report as abusive

The anti-Clinton campaign is over. If a person wants to get into another war in the Middle East, ruin the economy even more, then McCain is the man to do just that.

Of course, neither candidate is offering the USA much choice.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

I wanted Hillary to be the nominee, not someone who sits down when the National Anthem is played. So, I will be voting for McCain instead, a true American hero.

Posted by Pete | Report as abusive

Hillary supporters,

listen to yourselves! Think beyound your blind bitter passion. Don´t tell me you will vote for John Mccain just because Hillary lost the election. Vote for John M if you really believe in the Republican philosophy, which you cleary don´t since you voted for Hillary in the first place. It is so plain dumb to do this. It does not make any sense. It is really sad to see this sort of attitude. Hillary is a great candidate, and she would have represented well the democratic party. However, she did not get elected. If you do not like the person, elect the ideal. Vote for the philosophy. But not for anger

Posted by gbarbs | Report as abusive

I just can’t understand how anybody supporting Hillary would vote for Mc Cain, it’s like spitting into everything Hillary has worked for. Obama is infinitely closer to Hillary’s policies.

Posted by jose | Report as abusive

I heard just the sound bites on NPR this morning. Didn’t convinced me. I’m onto McCain just for kicks.

Posted by greijing2008dotcom | Report as abusive

Many of us who are Clinton supporters are voting for McCain and nothing the Clintons’ or Obama can say will change our minds. This is not about Dem and Rep or about being bitter that Hil lost the nomination. It is strictly about voting for whom we feel will best lead this country. I am a libertarian by the way.

Posted by Adrian Southworth | Report as abusive

Everyone has a theory about why some HRC supporters aren’t backing Obama. But the truth is that some people vote for personalities instead of on issues. For them, I can see that in some ways McCaiveman’s personality and approach to governing would be closer to HRC’s than Obama’s. By this I mean no disrespect. It’s simply a fact that Obama’s approach will be to work within the framework of the constitution, which he knows so well, while the others will continue the dominance of the presidency. There are examples as well, but you probably get my point. For those supporters who supported HRC because they liked HER but not for her specific goals, then McCaiveman is a better choice for them. But, as she said last night, for those who were backing her for her goals, Obama is clearly a better choice. This shouldn’t worry Obama, because he’ll pick up support from the independent voters who would not have voted for Hillary.

Posted by Jerry | Report as abusive

1. hillary really gave a great speech and would be a great president.

2. hillary ‘supporters’ who will vote mccain need to open their minds and listen to what their own candidate is saying. further, those like john fiveash above are who will vote mccain because they “can’t” vote for hillary need to realize that they can of course vote for hillary anyway. simply write in her name if you are really that dedicated to her cause. at least that way you can say you voted your conscience.

3. those who argue that the nomination process was fixed and that obama is merely the choice of party insiders have things EXACTLY BACKWARDS. hillary was the inside candidate and the one backed by the big wheels in the party. obama came out of left field riding an unprecedented wave of grassroot support that no one saw coming.

4. those who continue to argue that hillary should be the candidate because she won the ‘popular vote’ are confused. this has not been an election. it is a nominating process. there was no popular vote.

5. people like ‘joe smith’, who posted above, claim that obama is a muslim and that he will somehow seek to convert this country to islam. those claims are worse than false. they are malicious and perverse and those spreading them probably know them to be false. the willingness to spew that kind of garbage only shows them to be hacks who are not interested in the truth or in any form of serious debate.

Posted by j.nice | Report as abusive

Well said Jose.

Everything that Hillary stands for is out of the Republican agenda by miles apart.

Pure hate, and bitterness. It is just deplorable, sad.

Posted by gbarbs | Report as abusive

I am not a US citizen. In my country we don’t suffer a president but a prime minister. This means the personality of the candidate plays a very minor role compared to the policies of the party it represents.
I don’t conceive of people who vote for someone because they like him. I couldn’t care less how nice you are, Mr(s) candidate, just get the job done :)

Posted by jose | Report as abusive

Mrs. Clinton is not quitting. The message is written in stone. “Keep going.” It takes no reach at all to conclude that the HRC supporters at the convention, in the country, understand that they are not beaten, not second best, not good losers, not cowed or tainted or forgotten. “Keep going.” And how does this work practically? Wait out the Obama phenomenon, stand back and let the second best man lose in November, and then begin again for 2012. Before Mrs. Clinton finished her speech, it was everywhere that while she would attend the Nuremberg rally of a celebration at Invesco for the candidate’s words of change on Thursday, President Clinton would depart Denver earlier in the day. Back on the trail for the next Clinton presidency, when Chelsea Clinton will get the opportunity to vote for her mother for president at the final poll.


Vote McCain

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

Lame Grace, Hillie was pouring acid on Obama during the primaries. Her of the negative ads, gimme a break on the delusional ‘Hillary-as-victim’ faux narrative. Bolox

Posted by Kombo | Report as abusive

Just out of pure curiosity to the libertarian who was going to vote Clinton…

…isn’t a candidate who aggressively supports universal healthcare basically the opposite of a libertarian’s ideal president?

Posted by jersey | Report as abusive