McCain: always ready with a quip about his age

August 26, 2008

mccain3.jpgBURBANK, Calif. – Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who turns 72 on Friday, is used to jokes about his age, so when he appeared on NBC’s Tonight Show on Monday he had no trouble countering suggestions he was around for some of the big moments in history.

Host Jay Leno suggested McCain saved Washington, D.C. from British forces in 1814.

“A lot of people think I shouldn’t have,” the Arizona senator joked, playing on widespread disillusionment with all branches of U.S government.

McCain noted, jokingly, that his social security number is ‘eight.’

McCain also suggested Leno could be his running mate. The timing is not quite right — the next president takes office in January and Leno is not due to stand down as Tonight Show host until next May. But Leno didn’t seem interested anyway.

“I can make more doing a week in Vegas. But thanks,” he joked.

McCain — who would be the oldest person to enter the White House for a first term if he won November’s election — plays on his long political experience as a plus factor in the race against Democrat Barack Obama. But some analysts say his age could be offputting to some voters.

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 – Photo credit: Reuters/Scott Audette (McCain with his wife Cindy at an event in Florida on Aug. 18) 


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Now that Joe Biden (born 1942) is on Obama’s ticket, don’t they realize Biden is only 5 years younger than McCain (born 1936)? Mocking the elder statesman because of his age doesn’t seem right now with Biden on the Ticket.

But do you think anyone in the Obama Campaign will notice? I know that Mr. Colmes on Hannity & Colmes, completely ignored it. What do you think?

Posted by Bob Elliott | Report as abusive

John McCain can’t stop mentioning that POW thing. Guy’s bringing that up like it’s the answer to anything. How many homes do you have? “Well I should remind you I was a POW”.
Yeah John. You also were a member of the Keating 5 That bilked SNL investors out of their investments and taxpayers out of 2.5 billion dollars but you never mention that.
Get over yourself old man. You’re too old for this job.

Posted by MarkD | Report as abusive

We are living longer these days so why does it matter. Have you seen some of the people still working high impact jobs lately. One of the things that makes me like McCain is the fact of his age and experience.

Posted by Storm | Report as abusive


I’m done with my grandpa’s generation. It’s time to bring on a new hope. There is no ‘good war’ to win in the Middle East. My children will not serve there with rifles as a tool of the outgoing generations. They wasted their youth in the jungles of Vietnam … and appear to have not learned the lessons of national vainglory.

My father and father-in-law both served in Vietnam. My college Navy ROTC instructor in the 1980’s was a pilot and a POW. I was a Navy Diver. We are all shocked with Iraq and the innocence of the American public who were taken yet again.

The Nixon power generation needs to leave and allow the next generation, post Vietnam, to begin to rebuild this country and stop with the last gasp of empire and focus on ourselves and a positive role internationally. Europe is aging well … we are not. Asia is the next rising contintent.


Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

Biden’s age is irrelevant, to a large extent. Dick Cheney took office with everyone knowing he had a high probability of a fatal heart attack. A new VP can be picked at any time. Having an ill or dying president is another matter, although the VP pick may lessen any concern.

The main problem isn’t McCain’s age. It is that he has been in agreement with Bush’s main policies. And those policy’s haven’t worked very well, have they? I couldn’t believe McCain brought up the privatization of Social Security again. That didn’t fly for Bush at all.

Posted by Bruce, Colorado Springs | Report as abusive

McCain is definitely old. No question about that. He has most certainly been in the Senate a long, long, long, long time. The question is, does that automatically make you experienced. I say NO. What has he accomplished?
The media tries to portray Obama as the “unknown” candidate. I submit to you that I know a lot more about Obama than McCain. There have been numerous stories about Obama and Michelle. Everytime they sneeze the media covers it ad nauseum. They do in-depth investigations on the Obamas’ past and their gaffes.

I would like to see more reporting on the McCain’s. What is his Senate voting record? What really happened on the Forrestal? What did he accomplish in the Navy BEFORE he was captured? Is Cindy still addicted to drugs? The media should ask the McCains to explain their pasts and their plans for the future just like they ask the Obama’s. Although the McCains have been around for a long, long, long, long time, they have not shown that John has the knowledge, intellect or judgement necessary to lead this country in the right direction. He has not proven that he could be trusted to handle his own household budget.
And another thing, McCain is not funny. His handlers should instruct him to never tell another joke.

Posted by 4real | Report as abusive