Saving the world, one papier-mâché head at a time

August 26, 2008


DENVER – “Saving the world is my hobby, I guess you could say, because I don’t play golf,” said Rick Fitzgerald, wearing a striped prison costume and holding a papier-mâché Dick Cheney head.

Moments earlier he had been wearing the Cheney head outside the Democratic National Convention chanting “Cheney in chains!” and shaking his plastic shackles for an obliging New York Post photographer. A papier-mâché Condoleezza Rice head sat at his feet.

Fitzgerald, who drove in from Longmont, Colo., was joined outside the Pepsi Center on Sunday by about a hundred protesters. But Fitzgerald doesn’t like the term.

“I’m an advocate,” he said. “We’re not protesting anything. We’re advocating for democracy.”

The convention to nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate has drawn tens of thousands of delegates and journalists to Denver, along with hundreds of others who also want to make their voices heard.

“It’s awesome,” cried a spiky-haired young woman in a pink t-shirt as she surveyed the colorful protests. “The whole world is watching.”

What the world saw was a brigade of costumed protesters carrying colorful signs — some hand-lettered, some professionally printed — with demands that included the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, the impeachment of George W. Bush and sustainable development all over the world.

Many of the protestors plan to continue on to St. Paul for the Republican National Convention next week.

bob-kunst.jpgBob Kunst of Miami (left) was one of the few anti-Obama protesters, with a sign reading “Obama is bad for America and Israel,” to which he’d added a second, smaller poster reading “Democrats not united. Biden can’t help!”

Despite being outnumbered, Kunst said he was surprised by the positive reaction he received in Denver, with supportive comments from people driving by outweighing the negative ones.

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Great story. Photo made a big impact.

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