Democrats wrap up their convention, tell us what you think…

August 29, 2008

rtr21sox.jpgThe last balloon has popped, the last piece confetti has fluttered to the ground and the last word has been spoken by Democrats who wrapped up their nominating convention Thursday.

Did presidential hopeful Barack Obama win over doubters, was he able to spell out enough details about his plans if elected, and did his attacks trying to tie rival Republican John McCain to the Bush administration work?

Let us know your thoughts and what you want to see from the Republicans in St. Paul next week.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (Obama arrives to deliver his acceptance speech)


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Very very polished. The Democrats are really masters of the media. Their whole DNS was like a rock concert/ Evangelical sermon. The Republicans now have a hard act to follow.

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive

Only if we will have a president that knows our problems – and that is obama!Thats enaf for me!Because he will find allready some way to solve our problems.But if he dosn’t realy knows our problems than we our in big troubble!Obama – he wants peace and a good american economy!mcain – he wants only war war war!

Posted by chkw | Report as abusive

I guess the expectations for me were too high. It was a disappointment.

Posted by Roger Thomas | Report as abusive

I will be voting Democratic in November. Obama is not only the better candidate to get America off this shnide he is a historic figure.

Posted by NJ Republican | Report as abusive

I thought the speech was FANTASTIC. Tonights victory will be marked in history as the turning point for AMERICA. I truly hope that all will vote on Nov 4th, my vote will go down for the CHANGE for the future, BARACK OBAMA.To use the football field and the technology sweep was just a sample of the new politics forthcoming. I cannot see how John Mccain plans to deal with this being that he is an old war veteran and BARACK OBAMA is a soldier of the Future. Even John Mccain’s own sister in-law is voting for BARACK OBAMA. That has to count for something.

Posted by bruce billions | Report as abusive

Obama crammed five seconds’ worth of substance into thirty minutes. This arrogant Marxist will be SOUNDLY defeated in November.

Posted by Geo | Report as abusive

Two simple questions. Is he a politician? did his mouth move? If the answer is yes to both of these questions then you must know that he is a liar. Additionally, anybody that wants to do away with the second amendment then he does not need to be president. He will always look for loopholes to justify his self induced goals. Most of what I heard was lets increase taxes to pay for all of the pork belly spending that he has already proposed and then more afterward.

Posted by careful label | Report as abusive

Unbelievable Job. I don’t remember the last time people waiting with anticipation to hear a politician speak, the last time a politician struck a cords in peoples’ hearts that resonated in us as a republic feeling a sense of national community. I didn’t even think it was possible to be moved by a man in words.

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

Obama skillfully crafted reason and emotion, plan and purpose into his speech.He’s right. This is a time for change. The country is ready.If we come together as a nation and in the next ten years do the things he’s called us to do, America will be a great nation for another 200 years.If we don’t, another nation will take our place.The challenge is ours. I hope we elect him

Posted by Cody Williams | Report as abusive

I have to say, as an undecided Independent, I was completely bored with the past four days… but Obama’s speech tonight blew me away. I had no idea who this guy was until tonight. And I have to say, I feel like I’ve just witnessed a turning point in American history. He’s got my vote.

Posted by Howard C. | Report as abusive

I was hoping Barack would confront McCain’s claims that the Democrats are going to raise taxes. He could have argued that, if we weren’t spending so much money in Bush’s war in Iraq, we would be saving $100B a year that could fund the programs Barack is suggesting.By the way, I’m a Republican who is about to vote Democrat for the first time in my life. To me, Barack represents the leader of a much needed revolution to turn the country back onto a positive path.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Obama nailed it.Obama needed to silence critics who said he was a fine speaker, but didn’t know how to throw down. Tonight, he mixed soaring rhetoric with what can only be called as a unambiguous laying down of the gauntlet. Obamas speech was at the same time moving and a rallying cry for a Democratic party that was really starting to question could he deliver.All through the speech I heard the theme from Rocky going and by the end of it there wasn’t a dry eye in the room and everyone was hoarse from yelling. I was a little leery of the whole rock concert feel of the venue, but by the end of it I wasn’t even thinking about the fact he was in a stadium, he pulled the audience in and made it seem like he was talking to all of us as individuals.Right on time Obama, right one time. I almost pitty the GOP next week.

Posted by tlhwraith | Report as abusive

unreal…most moving speech ive ever want Mccanes world?…..WHY??…

Posted by scott | Report as abusive

He can still read a teleprompter.

Posted by Jen | Report as abusive

Barak Obama is what this country needs to put eight years of international embarrasement behind us. After Katrina, swift boats and Dick Cheney, what a breath of fresh air! And let’s not forget the fortunate son of president who still needs to master the english language!

Posted by Edward | Report as abusive

Great speech following excellent speeches by Hillary & Bill earlier in the week…momentum to the Dems and it will be tough for the GOP to match I’ll be very interested in seeing McCain’s speech on Thursday night.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Like all of his other speeches, I thought it was all rhetoric. I am biased though; I’m in the U.S. military and can’t stand this wussy socialism put forth by this guy. I’m not terribly fond of Mr. McCain either, but he is by far the lesser of two evils. Also, for a “uniter” and a “post-partisan” kind of politician… He sure attacked Republicans a whole lot. His fake little speech just reinforced the already poor opinion I’ve always had of the guy.

Posted by Malcolm | Report as abusive

It is wonderful to see this nation rise out of the miry politics of the last eight years through this young man’s dream.

Posted by Mr. Thomas | Report as abusive

Barack Obama delivered an inspiring speech in Denver, demonstrating an important leadership quality. Obama made the case that he is the Presidential candidate representing real change.

Posted by Sheldon | Report as abusive

This man shows the intellect that leaders are made of. Obama is clearly the direct opposite of the ignorance that has ran this country for so long. It’s time for change in this country and I am more than honored to serve a man of his INTEGRITY (something Republicans have very little of nowadays). May our divided country open it’s doors to the leadership of this great man and pass Mccain back to the Senate where he can continute to follow what others tell him to do.

Posted by HarryIV | Report as abusive

Masterful. A political speech for the ages.

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

Sounds like he would run the country like he does his campaign….a lot of show and mouth and millions of wasteful spending, Why didn’t he bring his white grandmother to his big night? He has kept her in hiding all thru his campaign.

Posted by Jen | Report as abusive

It’s a nice message that ”IF” we work hard we can make anything possible. It’s a republican theme… to be accountable and responsible for ourselves. I’ve always thought his messages are nice. Independence from outsider’s fuels… that’s also a republican stand. It’s nice to see Obama telling us what we want to hear… But I am not confident in these promises.For one, I am not sure how redistribution of wealth will entice people to work harder. It’ll sure be nice that I get to stay home and not have to worry about tomorrow.I say if Obama can do all this, he’ll be a president of all presidents… and would have proven all his predecessors wrong. Redistribution of wealth has never worked… but nice to hear that no one will have to ever suffer again… and that’s what his promise is.

Posted by Chicago | Report as abusive

Spectacular speech by Obama. Historic. What a terrific leader!On another note it seems to me tremendous irony that the guy from Focus on the Family told people to pray for a deluge in Denver tonight, and it looks like there may be a hurricane next week during the Repub convention. God has a tremendous sense of humor….

Posted by Janice in the mountains | Report as abusive

Good speech? Maybe. Good president? I don’t think so. Untested, naive, simplistic, hateful (of average Americans who work hard but are now considered ‘rich’). He is a socialist. God help us if he becomes our president. We will be taxed to the poor house. And Keith Olbermann loves him. What else do you need to know to not vote for him?

Posted by Hank | Report as abusive

It was an absolutely amazing event to see. I was extremely impressed and was glued to the web cast from when it started — to the very end. The man is truly an inspiration once you learn about him. And he really knows how run a campaign. The planets really seem to “be aligned” for Obama and the message he is giving. His time seems to have come. God speed.

Posted by RJ | Report as abusive

I thought that Barak Obama did a fabulous job. My favorite part was when he said that if we can’t agree about abortions at least we can agree on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies.I am a 54 year old white pro-life woman who is supporting Obama.

Posted by Cathy | Report as abusive

Great Speech. The man is smart and it shows. I was concerned about his “lack of experience”. Those concerns have been washed away with hope and admiration of a man who has instilled the dream of better tomorrow into so many.Great Job Barack.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

If anyone said that it was boring… same old speech… and I nearly fell asleep. Really… I am honestly not being a smart A$$ here.Nothing new, just lots of spin… but then I’ve heard him say one thing one day, and something else the next.So, nothing new. And if I get attacked w/this post… a previous poster said “wow, I never knew this guy before. But after tonight he’s got my vote”. EXACTLY… if you don’t follow what he says from the beginning… then he’ll look good to you the first time.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Obama Hit a Home Run tonight, we have come a long way in 44 years. JFK and LBJ are smiling tonight.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Are we electing a President or a rock star?He gave a great meaningless speech off a teleprompter and may as well be a robot creation of the DNC.Use common sense:He promises tax cuts to people who do not pay taxesHe promises great government programs without telling you who will pay for themHe says he will tax US corporations more but the greatest problem the US has is that its corporations are already relocating to countries with lower tax ratesHe talks about us succeeding “on our own” but then immediately dictates how government will essentially run your life for youHe has no interest in the US as a premier nation but merely a step in his personal goal to becoming the world leaderHe has written numerous articles and reports directly based on Marxist-socialist philosophyHe ridicules George W. Bush but our country’s greatest failure has come in the last few years when a Democrat Congress has hampered all possible policy improvementsHe ridicules the Iraq war but we have now successfully succeeded in bringing a true democracy to a once world threatHe had absolutely nothing to do with the decision-making for the Iraq war but flat out lies that he was somehow a part of the decisionHe is not the answer for America but the absolute worst solution

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

His grandmother is in Hawaii and old, I can understand that she wouldn’t want to travel to the States. Heck, I’m scared of an airplane ride to Chicago from Minneapolis…As for the message and the setup: he’s talking business because he’s shown that in the 21st century, you have to execute politics with pizazz.

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

He aced it and sent a strong message to McCain, who has cast the first stone with negative advertisement. Now Joe Six pack will be fed a slew of negative messages about McCain/Bush. He will eat it up and the Democrats will win by a landslide which will put the fear of god in this paralytic congress. Obama will have them eating out of his hand.

Posted by Hartley Lord | Report as abusive

I have to add, that regardless of my boredom… his speech tonight was the best he has delivered. But then its expected … isn’t it. he delivered to his voters. He lost his message for a while there… but it may be back.But the debate is where it counts… not during speeches… as I expect the RNC to be the same.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

The Democrats had a fantastic ethical, smear free, substantive convention. They draw quite a contrast to the Rovian garbage spewing machine. What do I want to see from the republican convention? How about if every last one of them get down on their knees en masse and beg the American public’s forgiveness for the deceit, corruption, pain, war crimes and trashing of our constitution that they have inflected on us in the last 8 years?Idaho Bob

Posted by Idaho Bob | Report as abusive

I am once again proud to call myself a Democrat…I have not worked on a campaign since I was in High School and distributed leaflets for John Kennedy…I am volunteering to get this young senator from Illinois (my home state) elected President…when he said “…it’s not about me it’s about you..” it brought tears to my eyes and restored my faith in people wanting to be public servants…

Posted by bunny martin | Report as abusive

I just heard our next President, Barack Obama give an excellent and comprehensive policy speech. Chicago’s earlier remark posted on this blog is absolutely on the money, Redistribution of wealth schemes have never worked out as demonstrated by our current state of affairs after 8 years of Republican governance. WE ARE WITNESSING THE GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH FROM MIDDLE TO UPPER CLASS IN THE HISTORY OF OUR NATION (UNDER GW AND PALS.) Think again, the details of Obama’s speech this evening are credible, eminently doable, and downright moral and decent. I feel like yelling U.S.A. from the rooftops again, after 8 years of dishonest, reprehensible governance that has caused me at times to be embarrassed and even ashamed for my country. After tonight’s speech I have renewed hope for the US and further, I understand the importance of my showing up to do my part in remedying what ails us.

Posted by Boris | Report as abusive

Obama is a symbol of hope, while McCain is a symbol of fear.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

In style, a fine speech and well delivered although he seemed to lose momentum and focus at the end and ended on a bit of a flat note compared to more cohesive points earlier on. In substance little more than a rehash of liberal themes from the past 40 years. In particular, he fails to convincingly explain how he’s going to pay for his “New Deal” type of social redistributions of wealth by cutting taxes on 95% of Americans and raising them on just the remaining 5%. The math doesn’t work. Moreover, with all the IOU’s he incurred to get the support of special interest groups like Big Labor, it sure doesn’t look like “Change” to me. For example “Card Check” is nothing more than a payoff to the unions for their support and is one of the most undemocratic and corruption-prone labor practices to come down the pike in a long time. But the labor beast has to be fed. Instead of Change, it looks like the “same old wine in a different bottle”.

Posted by Rich Jacobson | Report as abusive

Spectacular. I’m so hopeful that maybe we can correct this mess and improve the lives of all Americans. Historic – wish I would have gone to Denver!

Posted by Janice in the mountains | Report as abusive

“The Party of Roosevelt and Kennedy”Roosevelt-country sat in depression and did not really escape until WWII revived the US economy, but he immediately responded after Pearl HarborKennedy-very aggressive internationally including military pressure on Cuba and initial start of VietnamObama-we will simply ask countries to be nice to us or not have nuclear weapons, maybe I can give speeches all around the world (using a teleprompter) and people will just like us

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I am really torn. I’ve been waiting to hear something of substance from Obama and he certainly delivered that tonight. He is an excellent performer and likely the best public speaker in a generation. However, there were moments all throughout the convention that showed careful crafting. Notably the Barney Smith/Smith Barney reference. He’s got some obviously talented speech writers and he has great delivery. But it makes me question how genuine he is. There were times that a real person could be seen behind the campaign polish, which is exceedingly rare. The moment he said, “It has never been about me, it is about you.” Seemed to cut through any rhetoric that may be aimed at his credibility and experience. Overall, he was very careful to address all of the criticism that had been directed at him directly and clearly. I’m still not entirely in the Obama camp, but McCain better deliver big next Thursday if he hopes to win this thing.

Posted by J | Report as abusive

Three words: I was inspired!

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

As a person of mixed nationalities (immigrant) living in Canada, it prides me to say that finally, not only Americans but Canadians and people across the world, including those in supposed “third world countries” can hope for a change.That true leaders can arise out of the ashes of despair, that the fire of hope still burns deep inside the hearts of the hard-pressed, that not only knowing thy neighbour but helping him in times of need without selfishness is what makes not only a strong America, but a strong global community. The is the true genius of Barack.Congratulations citizens and residents of the United states of America. You will be soon be choosing a leader that generations of Americans and world citizens will be thankful for.Have a peaceful night.

Posted by Bobby D | Report as abusive

Obama finally put things into words that we all can understand and made them seem simple too. It will be hard if not impossible to accomplish all his clear-cut goals but we now know what they are and what direction he’s clearly aiming for.McCain isn’t as good a speech maker but like Bush he does know how to charm and play up to his audiences desires and beliefs even if thier desires are naive like defeating the devil or chest pounding against our enemies instead of dealing with them intelligently and with care and strategy.If Obama can stay on target in the coming debates like he did tonight in his great political speech and keep it simple and direct he will win.

Posted by Timothy Lewers | Report as abusive

Barack did it. Some of the cynical above make me believe they didn’t watch or are so blinded that they can’t see something Fantastic when it’s right in front of them. But to say he has kept his grandmother in hiding is just pathetic. She is an old woman who can’t travel. But that person sounds like she doesn’t think, I wonder what her grandmother would think. I guess when you can’t find anything wrong you have to make something up, usual politics. But after tonight I think more and more Republicans will be voting Democrat. If they aren’t happy with their nominee, they try to dish the other one. I am proud to say this Republican will now vote Democrat. Move to the future not back to the past. McCain is wrong Barack is right.

Posted by Linda M. Myers | Report as abusive

I wasn’t going to vote…….. but I am now.Obama’s the real deal, like it or not …………

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I am ready to participate in helping the country I love most, the U S of A, move forward from its current terrible mess of debt and destruction, a mess I’m sorry to say that Senator McCain would continue. Our country can be a shining leader again with decent paying jobs here at home in the U S for hard working people. Senator Obama has my vote.

Posted by On a break from work | Report as abusive

Now I’ve seen everything. A Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear.He speaks with such flair…………..he is still a sow’s ear. he has no substance…only hot air. He has no experience. He has no direction. He only has a damned good sales pitch. He should be selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. He would clean up.

Posted by angelocolangelo | Report as abusive

I knew I was going to be witnessing history tonight. The speech was amazing. He addressed my concerned and at the same time finally struck back at the Republican party which has been running such negative campaign for so long.Quick comment on Mccain’s reaction to the speech. John Mccain is not only out of touch with normal American voters he is also out of touch with politics and the entire campaign in general. One of the points he(Mccain) got from Barack’s speech was that Obama was going to raise taxes on Americans making 40g a year. Did he even listen to the speech?? He does not even know the views of the person he is competing against? Either he has no friggin clue or he he slipped up and he meant to say those making more than 4 million a year. So Mccain is either blatantly lieing or a complete idiot. Either way he is running the exact same campaign as the Bush/Cheney administration. Four more years of of Republicans would be a disaster for this country.

Posted by Natheya | Report as abusive

Wow! Obama gave a good speech? Who would have thought that was possible?Yes, it included more specifics than some of his other speeches, although I agree with other posters who question how these programs will be paid for.The parts about removing tax breaks for companies that outsource is BS. US companies ALREADY move overseas because of the high tax rates (2nd highest in the world after Japan. Even such “socialist” nations like Sweden and Finland have lower corporate tax rates. Don’t we want to be like Europe? Heh heh.)as well as other regulations/mandates/etc.I would also like to know how Obama defines “working families”. Many people who earn six figures and higher work damn hard. Small business owners and entrepreneurs also work damn hard.I am not swayed by speeches especially when they do not appear to be backed up with actions. I would LOVE to believe Obama could accomplish what he says he would like to do, but I am too familiar with politicians who say one thing during a campaign and end up achieving very different results once elected.To me Obama, McCain, Clinton they are all alike: They are nothing but typical politicians. Until their actions back up their words, I’m not buying the rhetoric.

Posted by Not a sheep | Report as abusive

It was high time that very poor leadership was called what it really was. The Bush administration leadership and management of the countries affairs has been very poor. Entry into the Iraq war and the handling of the war were a major mistakes. The failure to regulate banking was a major mistake. The Bush administration at best has third rate managers. The only time any problem was even recognized by the Bush administration was after the damage had been done. We can do better

Posted by Fred Belz | Report as abusive

I was not alive to witness the amazing times and ideas and changes of such leaders as MLK or JFK or Lincoln. My generation has had no great and inspiring voice. It is not would I vote for him… I will vote for him.

Posted by now | Report as abusive

I am not sure if Americans realize how lucky they are to have someone like Obama at this defining moment. If they do not want him, We surley love to have him as our leader for Australia.

Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

The talk was extraordinary and I’m in.If each one of us who’s in talks to ONE undecided person about why we want to elect Senator Obama as our next President — we can make a difference.

Posted by Gingerale | Report as abusive

To the naysayers and people who say it is lies, boring or just spin–how long have you been following these campaigns in how many media outlets. As someone who has watched closely all three leading candidates since last winter in red,blue and in between media outlets Obama gave a great political speech one of the best in 60 years. Hopefully it will positively affect undecided voters. We don’t need anymore war mongers who give away the people’s money to their already rich friends–to the comments of socialism, if you want to take society back to dog eat dog when some huge,broken toothed biker takes you apart limb by limb wouldn’t you like a government then that would try to help everyone? Now apply that thinking to tax loopholes and deregualtion that lets a Swiss company buy and sell up to 11% of the oil futures so all of us can pay more at the pump for the gas we need to get to work or school. Grow up-there’s always someone bigger,stronger, tougher, or richer–government has to have a sense of humanity.

Posted by stephen hapke | Report as abusive

Seems to me that these reporters and the John McCain need to get their facts straight, claiming the Barrack Obama would be the youngest man to be elected president is incorrect it both John McCain and the Republician party were to do their research they’d find out the John F Kennedy was the youngest man ever elected to be President of the United States in the history of this country, JFK was 43 when elected president in 1960. Check your facts before opening your mouth reporters and John McCain.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Again, the news media is ga-ga over Obama. As a Hillary PUMA supporter, Obama missed the mark. What an idiot!!! He never said one thing to Hillary supporters and he is so in love with himself he cannot admit a dirty smear campaign and how the dumb super delegates got him the top spot.I am thoroughly disgusted with the Democratic Party right now. I am a REAL Democrat, no Republican, but I am sick of the news media, Obama, and the DNC ordering Hillary around like a puppet and then showing no respect. Obama supporters, cherish the moment, because in November you are going to lose the White House. Your candidate showed no class or gracious act of mending the fence with Hillary supporters. The Clinton’s were ordered to deliver, will they did, but Obama dropped the ball.Now, I will vote Democrat for all of my local politicians. However, I WILL Vote for the GOP nominee for the first time in my life as a protest vote. I AM NOT A BOT, I AM A PERSON AND MY VOTE DOES COUNT. Obama is too liberal for me. It is so frustrating and demoralizing where the Democratic Party is and what has happened to it. After this election, I will do what I can to ensure that the party returns as the party of the people and where every vote counts is a reality, not a slogan!!!!

Posted by APS in Hawaii | Report as abusive

Great speech, I was impressed. He has been attacked so he fought back and did a very good job.

Posted by DAA | Report as abusive

Obama embodies decency,morality, being your brother’s keeper, caring for the community,empathy for the less fortunate, walk a mile in anothers shoe etc.We all know it’s the right thing to do, a lot of us had similar proper upbringing and equal gentle caring Mothers but these are strange times and it is sooo sooo hard when CEOs are running off with $ bonuses while chanting the organizational shrill that greed and selfishness is good for the country.Shrub himself chants that spend, spend, spend, it is better for the economy.Obama’s speech was so what we longed to hear, coming out of the US that we are left transfixed, mesmerized, in his words of hope.

Posted by lydia | Report as abusive

Very impressive! i wish America all the best!!

Posted by Joy | Report as abusive

Unfortunately I didn’t see him deliver the speech. I did read it however. It reads like a typical campaign rally speech – full of wonderful sounding phrases, and promises to cure all of our problems. There’s no substance here. I remember JFK and MLK challenging us to be better people, to rise above our current situations, to make something of ourselves! Barack promises to give us more and we are required to do nothing ourselves………..a recipe for disaster on a personal, community, and national level. Are we as Americans going to elect someone on style rather than substance? Directly the opposite of what MLK preached! Come on people put your brains to work! This guy has yet to provide any serious solutions to real world problems!

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

It is a shame to see the detractors convey their messages in a blog like this and not even try to be truthfull to their nation without one sided. OPne needs to be for the nation and not for a particular party. I for one have always been a registered Republican and alaways voted republican because I beleived they can do the right thing. But in this case I have to say that he has delivered an excelent speach that was on target on what the voters need to hear and see happen. Congrats to Senator Obama for such an inspiring speach and hope that the rest of the politicians lear from him and start talking about what they are going to do for us instead of degrading the reputation of the other. McCain, if you want my vote then I ask him and his supporters to show that the republicans do have respect to every human being and not run a smear campaigne.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

I was born into a republican family in a red state. In 2000, I thought Bush was the way to go, although I was sixteen and naiive. Since the begin of Bush’s tromping his muddy boots through the Whitehouse, I have read more, learned more, and realized the policies of this administration are the biggest and most embarassing failure for our great country, thus far in my lifetime. I know that with McCain, the policies will be nearly the same if not exactly.Obama is our man, he is the one who can actually bring change. It is too bad the Republican party can’t realize that change is necessary, but I guess the fact that Repubs are afraid of change is what makes them Republicans.With Obama as our president, we will all be brought closer together, we will be one nation of a diverse people. We will be better domestically and in the foreign world.Our time to change is now. Without change our country will not progress, will not better itself or it’s people. Change is upon us, the future is upon us.I hope all you Reds are ready for the change. It’s okay don’t be afraid, we Bluehearts will pick you up when you fall… Because in the end, red or blue, we are all Americans. If we can’t take care of each other, we can’t help the rest of the world.

Posted by Boga | Report as abusive

All glitz and no substance. Blaming all of the ill ways of the last eight years on government is shameful. Americans need to take responsibility for not saving; spending over their income; being innovative; working hard. This is what the rest of the world see’s: An America that is complacent, fat and lazy. This has nothing to do with our President but with the American people.I am a democrat the is switching over to the republican party. We need a President that won’t sell off our constitutional rights to the government in order to fix a problem that we should ALL stand up and fix ourselves.If you don’t have “boots” then go bare foot – figure out a way to make it happen and quit relying on the government to solve it for you. This will force us Americans to be innovatve, creative to make things happen. If you rely on the government for hand-outs, then this actually reduces our willingness to be creative, to work hard and make progress.

Posted by MJ Gus | Report as abusive

i saw the entire speech…no doubt Obama delivered a great speech,but the reason why Democrats will fail this time will continue to be same as last general election…by defending the stand they took to bomb Iraq…they (R) will continue to impress upon the fact that the risk of inaction would have been far to great to take with Saddam in office.And they will get away with that argument.And unfortunately Democrats have not and would not be able to discredit R on this matchwinner argumentJ. Kerry lost on that premise.Its Obamas turn this time around.

Posted by Sanjay | Report as abusive

Change change change thats all you hear from this empty suit Obama and heaven help us if he is elected because change is all that will have in our pockets by the time he finish all his spending.

Posted by ifymens | Report as abusive

It was an extremely well delivered uninspiring speech. More of the “I will” promises that is always offered in political rhetoric… The ONLY person to ever attain the office of president without promising “change” was…. George Washington… Because our elections are shaped and controlled by the media, Senator Obama will most likely win the election… He will enjoy a Democratic majority… so, after reality sets in, let’s see just how much of the “I will do’s” actually become “I did” for the 2012 campaign…

Posted by Stan Brody | Report as abusive

Obama Rising.The last night of the Democratic Presidential Convention belonged solely to Barack Obama.The clear-eyed candidate strolled out confidently before a thunderous crowd of supporters (75-thousand people) and stepped into history as he uttered the words “I accept the nomination.” The Democratic Presidential Nominee set a new standard in discourse as he challenged his opponent step up to the plate in serious, not sullen, debate on the tenets of leadership. The nation’s stock and the world’s stock in “change” rose on Mr. Obama’s every word. This unlikely foot-soldier demonstrated with impeccable precision, poignant tact, healthy humility and deft definition wisdom, which has been long absent and at great cost in the body politic.NewsJReview

Posted by Jay Suber | Report as abusive

The blogs I have read seem to reflect people who have very little knowledge of history or understanding of economics, They just know what they yearn for. The machine behind Obama understands these yearnings and feeds them. This machine wants socialism,control over all money made by individuals to redistribute to those who will vote for them. Our attention span is that of a mosquito.

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Let me ask you some questions:1. Did you know that the bottom 40% of income earners pay no income taxes?2. Did you know that the bottom 60% of income earners pay 1% of the income taxes?3. Did you know that the top 10% of the income earners pay 71% of the income taxes?4. Does anyone remember the fable of the goose that laid the golden egg?Evidently, Obama answers no (or hasn’t taken to heart) to question #4 and doesn’t think that #3 is “their fair share”!!!!What happens to our democracy when the top 1% of income earners pay 100% of the taxes? What self- interested citizen would vote for a politician who would change this? We would then be a nation of entitlees riding on the backs of that 1%! But they’re rich, so they can afford it!When did European “get it” and start revising their oppressive tax system and go “capitalist”? [In case you didn’t know, their income tax rates are well below ours!] Do we want to go down the road that Europe did in previous generations? They seem to have learned their lesson. Should we learn from their mistakes or do we have to make them ourselves?If I didn’t worry about the health of that golden goose, or my love of democracy, or “fairness”, I would be all for having the rich pay even more of the freight as Obama is suggesting. When will people emotionally get over the jealousy of someone else’s wealth? Thank God we live in a system where anyone [John D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates did not come from an aristocracy!] with the talents and inclinations can become part of that 1%. Personally, I think it’s highly overrated, but to each his own

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The DNC convention was a big victory for terrorists and communists around the world. Whenever a completely inexperienced politician is hailed as a ‘biblical figure’, you can be sure that change is coming, ala Mussolini and Karl Marx. Change is neither inherently good or bad. Those who think things cannot get worse in America are in for a real eye opener.

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We are a nation of whiners. We willfully sign mortgage contracts, then whine when we later do not like the terms. We choose to be irresponsible with money, spending disposable income on unnecessary items from China because it makes us feel good.Granted, there are many, although not as many as liberals like to contend, that have hardship, that struggle to get through life, that have misfortunate events from which they require assistance. There are countless government and faith-based charities that are available to help, people just have to ask.Yes, the US has ‘poverty’, but no one living in shanty-towns of the Great Depression era; no groups dying of starvation because they are unable to farm.Hardship in the US is living without cable TV, air conditioning, or a cell phone. As a nation of 300 million people, we have 263 MILLION people with cell phones! ( Excluding the extreme elderly and under 10 years old, thats almost every man, woman, and child in America!The Democrats are in the pocket of trial lawyers, big union, and environmentalists, in every way that the Republicans are in the pockets of big corporations, oil companies, and some religious groups.Obama’s change means more inefficient union jobs; No limits on tort lawsuits to ‘punish’ companies, which end up costing jobs; inefficiency in the name of being ‘green’. For that last point, look at the DNC in Denver and the lengths organizations went to just to label themselves ‘green’. If you are inefficient, you are wasting energy, time, and money. Yet that’s what our whining nation wants; big government to take care of us so we have more time to spend on the internet, in front of TV, or stuffing our faces.

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Thank God there is John McCain!

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People who label Obama Marxist and Socialist not only are incorrect but they make themselves seem petty, fearful of greatness and married to an unsupportable status quo.If you were smart or wise or thoughtful you’d have his degrees, his credentials, his resume and his ideals and ability to express them.

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I bet you John McCain wins by a 10% margin in November!

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Great speech now all he has to do is deliver change.But change what, nappies, light bulbs, tv channels?Come on! Time to stop the egomanic granstanding and pointless waffle and start giving us some policy specifics and who will pay for them.

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Good speaker but less than a year as an actual senator. He has no experience. He has not even voted on anything worthwhile. Check his record. He has to play the race card or he knows he has no chance at all to win. It really bothers me that a lot of people will vote for him simply because he is black. Not ready to be CIC.

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C’mon guys. Politics was always about empty promises, and I think this Obama dude really pulled out all stops in flying colours. One man in eight years cannot change the course of a dying institution. Since the set path is downhill, we might as well go down in style. What a great orator he is. The words simply flew off the screen and knocked me off my recliner – bear, pizza and all. It was like listening to a neatly trimmed Jesus after several prior sessions at the solarium. I’m sure all left-wingers and converted right-leaning hawks will be expecting with eager anticipation higher taxes and less services from this wordsmith. An added bonus: If Obama wins, and that’s a long shot, then future generations would no longer be able to refer to Capitol Hill as ‘white trash’.

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More than ever, Obama looks like the next JFK

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Inspired? You bet. So inspired that I donated to his campaign, something I have never done in all of my 60 years on this earth. Can he do it? Not alone, but with our help he can. McCain says we are a country of whiners…which might be partially true, but I think our biggest problem is that we are apathetic. If we, the people, get behind Obama and force our sentators and congressmen to work for our country rather than their political parties, we can move mountains and once again become the greatest nation in the world.

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Thank God for Barack Obama!

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Finally! A Knife in the backs of Rove, Bush and Cheney – and the entire Republican platform that has sold America for a buck. Obama was an attack dog and I say let him keep on biting at their feet legs arms and more!The Republican Era of lies and phony patriorism is OVER!

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I think its funny to read the negative comments that people post about Obama and the reason why they won’t vote for him. The truth is the only reason they will not vote for Obama is becasue they are closet racists. They will use any right wing talking point to justify their reasoning and keep the truth hidden in the closet along side their skeletons.

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Obama,sympathized and empathized what most of us are going through in today’s society. Most African American women’s are raising their children alone. By having Obama as president, maybe some of our African American men’s would believe again that they can be something in life and that we are no longer living in a white man world. A strong percentage of our AA men’s are locked up and they still have a hard time getting a job after being released from jail or prison. In a way, the white man or white world is still punishing us after when did time for the crime.

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After November Obama will be offered the Presidency of Kool-Aid, he has enough people drinking it.

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Obama is an empty suit, all show and no go. If he had a resume he’d be dangerous. Business is the engine that runs this country but he believes it’s government, I hope he has a plan to give all of us government jobs after he taxes us out of the ones we have in the private sector.

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Obama, plays on ignorance, lies to your emotions, and hasnt a clue as to what to do. The Dims dont care about the U.S., only about their own elitist mores. And the uninformed, CNN-watchers are hanging on every word. Thank God, that intelligent, educated people are the ones who actually vote. Carter messed the U.S. up for years. Obama is dumber and more dangerous. But the Reps will put the right people into the White House.

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Much rhetoric. Grand display of emotionlism, but no real substance. Can you really trust your emotions? Experience says you can’t.

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One of the most hollow, vapid preambles to a promised Second Coming of The Great Society-as-Nanny-State as one is ever likely to witness; a mind-numbing thicket of contradictions and pie-in-the-sky promises. Eric Hoffer would have been proud of the frothing-at-the-mouth True Believers who packed that stadium and ate up Obama’s empty rhetoric like the good little Socialists that they are. What a charade.

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Much rhetoric. Grand display of emotionlism, but no real substance. Can you really trust your emotions? Experience says you can’t.

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He’s promising a lot of things. However i think he can get things done. McCain has no chance of winning. If Bush couldn’t do it right what makes Republicans think that McCain will do better. But the votes haven’t been tallied so a lot is still left to be said by both parties.

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This is what what going on inside Obama’s head:”I promise X, I promise Y, and i promise to bring the second coming of the Messiah. Hey…. wait a minute, I AM Christ”Obama is full of himself.

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To all the lunatics that would vote for Macain after last night …lets hope you don’t succeed for not only will you have to live with the consequences but the rest of the world will have to live with your stupidity.

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Hey, John Ware… one man’s “stupidity” is another man’s “intelligence.” We’re fine living with the consequences of a smart choice, and so will every other thinking man and woman in this country. You and your Great Society collectivist buddies don’t count, so see if you can’t just stay out of the way, alright?

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A historic, moving speech was made by Obama last night. The camera shots of the audience revealed how much this man touches people and brings them hope. It will be a good thing for this country. I for one felt uplifted.Now McCain has chosen this assertive, moose-killing woman from Alaska as his running mate! That should turn off a lot of Republican men (except, of course, the NRA nuts.)

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With Gov. Palin selected–McCain wants to cash-in on the female Democrates who might have been hurt by not having Hillary on the ticket to represent the women for one. Two, McCain is trying to establish his ‘new image’ as not being Bush’s twin by making a choice of having gone out on the limb ‘…and OMG, he selected a Woman!’…and young at that! To Contrast: Old, Black, Gender–McCain, we can see right through you– Say it with me. I am just like Bush, I am just like Bush, I am just like Bush.

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Americans a people with big influence on speaches, but no real solutions or programs, just impresion like the germans spoked about US elections, all the candidates till now had good speaches, but none of them direct eficient solutions, do they think that american people is all about impressionism and manipulation with small talk and big words?

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Interesting to select Palin as VP by McCain. O’Bama has not, That i can Find, ever finished anything. So why now. I was really worrie about the succession of either candidate. But like the Republican better. Quite a shsaking up of the old tree.

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To KGC,Thanks for proving me right.john ware

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I was not looking for much inspiration from Barack, because he has already shown us that he can do that. I was looking for Barack to demonstrate to the masses to acknowledging the taste of our very own poison from the last 8 yrs. In general, the American people put GWB in the White House thus we are “eating” our own poison. So, we have to look first look at what this race means to us rather than between us and Barack.Please ask yourselves (especially swing and conservative voters)if it is experience that you need to be effective as commander in chief- look at what years and years of experience has achieve for us so far? obviously, we have lowered our benchmark/expectations of what credible experience should do.Finally, I wondered how much worst and wrong can Obama do than the dung that we find ourselves in currently? We’ve hit rock bottom on our economy/internationally/constitutionally  /human rights etc. There is only one way and it’s Obama’s way.It’s the first time I feel I am regarded as a partner with Obama to our country’s turn-a-round. He right in saying “Power doesn’t come from WASHINGTON, Power comes to WASHINGTON”.

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Obama sounded like a car salesman. He looked good, said what everyone wanted to hear. “This ‘baby’ will do everything you want it to, and then some.” The only things he missed promissing he would change is bad weather, crab-grass, and aging. To paraphrase a line from a well known movie he’s writting checks he can’t cash. Everyone with one of those problems he promised he would fix is lining up to buy without knowing how he’s going to make it happen or really what it will cost. Ah, but who cares he’s promissed the cost of all this change is going to come out of someone else’s pocket, right? I don’t think he really knows how he’s going to do it or what it will really cost. He’s just selling cars and everyone is buying it. The sad thing is, when they drive it off the lot they may run into some real bad buyers remorse when they find out they’ve just bought a dressed up Edsel.

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Just keep drinking the Kool-aid and Obama will take care of everything. You don’t have to think or work. All your problems will be solved in the blink of a eye, all your dreams and everything you want will be handed to you for free, paid for and worked for by all those mean old rich people who held you back for all those years.

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As a Brit I watched this speech with more than usual interest. I would like to see Obama win. More years like the last 8 would be really depressing. I hope Obama would be able to recapture some of the prestige and good reputation America has lost abroad but I am not holding my breath.

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How can anyone possibly accuse the Democrats of playing on people’s ignorance?! Isn’t it the Republicans who led us into a war based on false intelligence (Iraq and 9/11 are NOT connected, there are NOT WMDs in Iraq)?How can anyone possibly say the Democrats are elitest? Isn’t it the Republican who instituted tax cuts which give the top 1% of wage-earners 32.2% of the benefits?And how can anyone accuse the Democrats of fiscal irresponsibility when the Republicans have, in less than 8 years, turned a $230 billion surplus into a $9,632,104,265,929.48 debt (as of today)?It’s mind-boggling! VOTE OBAMA!

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And by the way, Obama grew up with a single mom who had to turn to food stamps to get by. McCain doesn’t even know how many houses he has and thinks that you’re middle-class unless you make over $5 million a year. Who’s the elitest?

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A Sarah Palin image is better than the whole Dems Convention

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Jeff…Jeff wrote: “He promises tax cuts to people who do not pay taxes”-So 95% of America does not pay taxes?Jeff wrote: He promises great government programs without telling you who will pay for them-He did say how he would pay for, listen to the speech instead of your Limbaugh soundbites.Jeff wrote: He says he will tax US corporations more but the greatest problem the US has is that its corporations are already relocating to countries with lower tax rates-Wrong again, he talked about CUTTING taxes breaks for Corporations who send jobs overseas, and adding tax breaks for Corporations who keep and create jobs here in the US.Jeff wrote: He talks about us succeeding “on our own” but then immediately dictates how government will essentially run your life for you-Idiot, you again were not listening: He said that it is a collective effort. A personal responsibility of the individual and a obligation of government. If you are willing to pick yourself up, the government will be there to help you.Jeff wrote : He has no interest in the US as a premier nation but merely a step in his personal goal to becoming the world leader- Do not how to respond to this smear. Any proof of this statement?Jeff wrote: He has written numerous articles and reports directly based on Marxist-socialist philosophy- This is not factual, let us see the articles, post the links?Jeff wrote : He ridicules George W. Bush but our country’s greatest failure has come in the last few years when a Democrat Congress has hampered all possible policy improvementsWRONG again, it is not Congress job to dicate policy. Our countries greatest failure is that we got involved in an unjust war, piling debt upon our general account balance while borrowing from the Chinese to pay for this war.Jeff wrote: He ridicules the Iraq war but we have now successfully succeeded in bringing a true democracy to a once world threat-Successfully succeeded? Yeah, you are educated… Have we succeeded in bringing a true democracy to Iraq? Again, show me the proof of this… Last time I checked, suicide bombers were still killing people in Iraq.Jeff wrote: He had absolutely nothing to do with the decision-making for the Iraq war but flat out lies that he was somehow a part of the decision-Wrong yet again, he never stated he was part of the decision, He WAS vocally opposed to the war as he also wrote about in many Op-Ed pieces before the war and during the war. How can anyone sit there and debate this point when it is fact?Jeff wrote: He is not the answer for America but the absolute worst solution-How is he the worst solution, and good old PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) McCain is the best solution?

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On the day of Martin Luther King’s historic speech, I also have a dream. I dream that my daughter would be the president of the United States of America. I don’t know if the first or not, but Obama showed me the audacity to dream. Being a 1st generation 3rd world nation immigrant, I am so energized about Obama’s candicacy, that I took a vow that I will do everything in my power(and Allmigty willing) to convince her to go forpublic service. In these days of glitter and prosperity, it is difficult for an Asian immigrants to convince their sons and daughters to go to politics, but the strength of my dream is so powerful, that I almost believe that this will happen. The historic significance cannot be fathomed by private jet hopping people, but us the down-trodden. He showed us everything is possible, you have to work very hard for it. Have Faith and patience, and God will guide you to your desired goal.

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Put your partisanship aside. Look at the body language of these candidates together. Focus on what we as a nation need to do to reclaim our place in the world.I WILL vote for Barack Obama/Joe Biden. These two can help us realize a better life for our citizens.Personally I like Sen. McCain but the stress of the responsibilities of the presidency will kill him and then we will have his VP as the commander-in-chief of our USA. And, remember this is OUR USA!

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Canada Stands Beside You!When the people speak and their voice is counted there will be a new hope birthed into America. The change created by a dream begins with a thought in the heart that can imagine creation. You as a Nation are about to deliver a new tomorrow with President Barak Obama.Mary RobertsonVancouver BC

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The DNC Proves What a Celebrity Event Is All About !

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After the last 8 years shame on you Republicans for even fielding a candidate. I thought you where all about ‘manning up’. Well man up to what happened under your watch … you got everything you wanted for 8 years and now we see what it brings. Our turn … move aside … we even promise to play nice … I mean all of us left coast people already pay for all your roads and subsidies so at least that won’t change.Seriously … a big congrats to Obama. Well done my man! Let this be the nail in McCoffin. I am so excited to have a new face in Washington, one that hasn’t been part and parcel to the political machine for decades. Washington needs to be a revolving door … get em in and get em out. Prove your worth on the streets and town halls of where you live, take the good fight to Washington then leave. If you want a permanent position work for the Pentagon or the judiciary … elected officials aren’t suppose to be there for 26 years … that’s not how the founding fathers intended it.By virtue of being a prodigy, Obama is the most qualified. When else has the new guy been so ‘head-and-shoulders’ better then the old guard that he beats them at their own game. He’s a rock star all right … he’s the Mick Jagger or Robert Plant of the political world. And he’s going to be an awesome president … he’s got the best and brightest minds already excited to work for him. And he’s even offered positions to republicans … he might even make a quota for you … you’ll get special preference … assuming you qualify for best and brightest in your respective field.So its all about the economy? And McCant knows the economy? Not likely! How did McCan’t get rich? Did he work his way up? Was he a great entrepreneur? Did he take a lot of risks? Has he even held a job outside of senator? And this is the guy you think has the life experience to lead? I’ll take the Harvard Law educated son of a single mom who graduated President of his class, published his first book while still in college, gives up $$$ to go help a hurting part of our nation then slams through politics like Earl Campbell through a defensive line to beat out the most ‘seasoned’ liars who are still mad because ‘he cut in front of them in line’. But you vote for your turtle soup eating silver spoon in hand guy, we all know they make the best presidents.This shout out goes to the wealthy republicans! Look past getting your Bush tax cuts repealed (so sorry if you really really really don’t like it cut your salary to $250k, I hear you can actually live quite well off that wage too). We know something that you can’t seem to grasp … they skip this chapter in most MBA prep school you people go too. Wealth, my friends, begins with the working class. All those greenbacks aren’t worth anything unless a carpenter is willing to apply his trade skills for it or a farmer is willing to get up in the morning sow a crop for it. The investment class may have 90% of the wealth but its the work of 250 million of us that give that wealth its real value. No billionaire ever contributed a billion dollars worth of work to the economy. It’s impossible. And if the system got you rich and rewards you that much more then your fellow hard working man, well real men are able to count their blessings and give back.If trickle down economics worked then by FAR the top 200 richest people in the world would be from India or China or some system where 90% of the people live in poverty, 9% are considered well off and less then 1% own 95% of all the countries wealth. But the richest people in the world live here … and that’s because a large thriving working class generates wealth and that trickles up.I’ve been to 3rd world countries. When u see what abject poverty brings you realize that a social safety net benefits rich and poor alike. (Hint: Desperate people with nothing to lose…. bad!)Is it ironic that we can’t look to the religious wing (Republicans) for real social values. Your fine with legislating morality but not fairness or compassion. That’s for gays and sissys’ huh? Since when does fairness have to mean that the government takes all and gives it to welfare moms? Has that really happened? Taxes suck but think of them like dirty dishes … if you don’t have any … life really sucks!You know that book you thump at us, you should try picking it up and reading it sometime. I think Jesus defines fairness as ‘to whom much is given much is required’ or how about ‘as you do unto the least of these you do unto me’. And you know what, the GOP back in 33 AD totally disagreed with him!For some reason I derive great pleasure from knowing that if Jesus ran for office the Republican’s wouldn’t vote for him. As proof of that, you insult Obama with this backhanded ‘Messiah’ adjective. But we are atheistic liberals … we don’t believe in a ‘Messiah’. That’s your shtick NOT ours … but thank you for pointing out that he is much more Christ like then anyone you’ve run in 50 years.

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Vindication! McCant just picked Palin. That’s symbolic just just passing the torch to Obama. Let’s see Palin is just a mirror image of Obama except on the Reublican side of the house. Both are not career politicians (Palin was just in the town council 6 years ago), both are wicked smart, charismatic, and both had career politicians eating their dust.This is just like a super villain story … he confronts the hero with a mirror image of himself only evil and under the villains control … and perhaps female. That’s awesome!So Republican’s have given up on the you need 50 years of being corrupted in Washington to be a good leader dialog and are just going to fight fire with fire.I tell you what, tell McCant to give her the #1 spot and some independents and Clintonites might think about it. Until, then its still a vote for McCant!

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I loved it – I enjoyed the whole show and even the road to Damascus way that Hilary and Bill finally appeared to capitulate. My view of the Clintons just got rosier. :-)Hillary for Secretary of State! This would be an ideal role for Hillary and I think she may even have been promised it already – but don’t quote me! Obama might like to consider this option.I thought Obama’s speech was rousing, heart-felt and charged with hope for a better America.The only hurdle is one of preudice,racism and the downright idiotic and mad way some citizens view a possible black president.Obama needs a heck of a lot of protection if another foul murder is to be avoided.What is it with American society and its ability to kill it’s leaders?Finally, if America fails to elect Obama, then it can just as well kiss goodbye to a new era – and accept that America will be doomed to decreasing influence and more of the same old crud from a government that has dragged the US into the excremental mire.

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Wonderful! It was a relief to hear him get serious about the differences, and make them clear. Lots more of that is needed. The biggest thing he could have done differently would be to explain how he is going to pay for all these changes. I liked it because he made reference to the past but kept the focus on the future – we must change or our democracy is doomed, and clearly the democrats, with all their flaws, care much much more about democracy and what makes it work, than the republicans, who seem to care mostly about greed.

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At 72 McCain may not have the stamina or the temperament to be a good president. As fine a person as he is.My money is on Obama – younger, fitter, charismatic, intelligent, wise beyond his years, compassionate, positive, uplifting, great teeth ;- , respectful, clean, tough, dogged, reliable – need I go on? ;-)But sure, he is all of the above – but what will McCain and his possible VP make of Obama’s finer points?We will just have to wait and see…

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Juls – great post and good reading.

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Awesome post Juls. More people need to “get it”.

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