Democrats wrap up their convention, tell us what you think…

August 29, 2008

rtr21sox.jpgThe last balloon has popped, the last piece confetti has fluttered to the ground and the last word has been spoken by Democrats who wrapped up their nominating convention Thursday.

Did presidential hopeful Barack Obama win over doubters, was he able to spell out enough details about his plans if elected, and did his attacks trying to tie rival Republican John McCain to the Bush administration work?

Let us know your thoughts and what you want to see from the Republicans in St. Paul next week.

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To KGC,Thanks for proving me right.john ware

I was not looking for much inspiration from Barack, because he has already shown us that he can do that. I was looking for Barack to demonstrate to the masses to acknowledging the taste of our very own poison from the last 8 yrs. In general, the American people put GWB in the White House thus we are “eating” our own poison. So, we have to look first look at what this race means to us rather than between us and Barack.Please ask yourselves (especially swing and conservative voters)if it is experience that you need to be effective as commander in chief- look at what years and years of experience has achieve for us so far? obviously, we have lowered our benchmark/expectations of what credible experience should do.Finally, I wondered how much worst and wrong can Obama do than the dung that we find ourselves in currently? We’ve hit rock bottom on our economy/internationally/constitutionally  /human rights etc. There is only one way and it’s Obama’s way.It’s the first time I feel I am regarded as a partner with Obama to our country’s turn-a-round. He right in saying “Power doesn’t come from WASHINGTON, Power comes to WASHINGTON”.

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Obama sounded like a car salesman. He looked good, said what everyone wanted to hear. “This ‘baby’ will do everything you want it to, and then some.” The only things he missed promissing he would change is bad weather, crab-grass, and aging. To paraphrase a line from a well known movie he’s writting checks he can’t cash. Everyone with one of those problems he promised he would fix is lining up to buy without knowing how he’s going to make it happen or really what it will cost. Ah, but who cares he’s promissed the cost of all this change is going to come out of someone else’s pocket, right? I don’t think he really knows how he’s going to do it or what it will really cost. He’s just selling cars and everyone is buying it. The sad thing is, when they drive it off the lot they may run into some real bad buyers remorse when they find out they’ve just bought a dressed up Edsel.

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Just keep drinking the Kool-aid and Obama will take care of everything. You don’t have to think or work. All your problems will be solved in the blink of a eye, all your dreams and everything you want will be handed to you for free, paid for and worked for by all those mean old rich people who held you back for all those years.

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As a Brit I watched this speech with more than usual interest. I would like to see Obama win. More years like the last 8 would be really depressing. I hope Obama would be able to recapture some of the prestige and good reputation America has lost abroad but I am not holding my breath.

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How can anyone possibly accuse the Democrats of playing on people’s ignorance?! Isn’t it the Republicans who led us into a war based on false intelligence (Iraq and 9/11 are NOT connected, there are NOT WMDs in Iraq)?How can anyone possibly say the Democrats are elitest? Isn’t it the Republican who instituted tax cuts which give the top 1% of wage-earners 32.2% of the benefits?And how can anyone accuse the Democrats of fiscal irresponsibility when the Republicans have, in less than 8 years, turned a $230 billion surplus into a $9,632,104,265,929.48 debt (as of today)?It’s mind-boggling! VOTE OBAMA!

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And by the way, Obama grew up with a single mom who had to turn to food stamps to get by. McCain doesn’t even know how many houses he has and thinks that you’re middle-class unless you make over $5 million a year. Who’s the elitest?

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A Sarah Palin image is better than the whole Dems Convention

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Jeff…Jeff wrote: “He promises tax cuts to people who do not pay taxes”-So 95% of America does not pay taxes?Jeff wrote: He promises great government programs without telling you who will pay for them-He did say how he would pay for, listen to the speech instead of your Limbaugh soundbites.Jeff wrote: He says he will tax US corporations more but the greatest problem the US has is that its corporations are already relocating to countries with lower tax rates-Wrong again, he talked about CUTTING taxes breaks for Corporations who send jobs overseas, and adding tax breaks for Corporations who keep and create jobs here in the US.Jeff wrote: He talks about us succeeding “on our own” but then immediately dictates how government will essentially run your life for you-Idiot, you again were not listening: He said that it is a collective effort. A personal responsibility of the individual and a obligation of government. If you are willing to pick yourself up, the government will be there to help you.Jeff wrote : He has no interest in the US as a premier nation but merely a step in his personal goal to becoming the world leader- Do not how to respond to this smear. Any proof of this statement?Jeff wrote: He has written numerous articles and reports directly based on Marxist-socialist philosophy- This is not factual, let us see the articles, post the links?Jeff wrote : He ridicules George W. Bush but our country’s greatest failure has come in the last few years when a Democrat Congress has hampered all possible policy improvementsWRONG again, it is not Congress job to dicate policy. Our countries greatest failure is that we got involved in an unjust war, piling debt upon our general account balance while borrowing from the Chinese to pay for this war.Jeff wrote: He ridicules the Iraq war but we have now successfully succeeded in bringing a true democracy to a once world threat-Successfully succeeded? Yeah, you are educated… Have we succeeded in bringing a true democracy to Iraq? Again, show me the proof of this… Last time I checked, suicide bombers were still killing people in Iraq.Jeff wrote: He had absolutely nothing to do with the decision-making for the Iraq war but flat out lies that he was somehow a part of the decision-Wrong yet again, he never stated he was part of the decision, He WAS vocally opposed to the war as he also wrote about in many Op-Ed pieces before the war and during the war. How can anyone sit there and debate this point when it is fact?Jeff wrote: He is not the answer for America but the absolute worst solution-How is he the worst solution, and good old PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) McCain is the best solution?

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On the day of Martin Luther King’s historic speech, I also have a dream. I dream that my daughter would be the president of the United States of America. I don’t know if the first or not, but Obama showed me the audacity to dream. Being a 1st generation 3rd world nation immigrant, I am so energized about Obama’s candicacy, that I took a vow that I will do everything in my power(and Allmigty willing) to convince her to go forpublic service. In these days of glitter and prosperity, it is difficult for an Asian immigrants to convince their sons and daughters to go to politics, but the strength of my dream is so powerful, that I almost believe that this will happen. The historic significance cannot be fathomed by private jet hopping people, but us the down-trodden. He showed us everything is possible, you have to work very hard for it. Have Faith and patience, and God will guide you to your desired goal.

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Put your partisanship aside. Look at the body language of these candidates together. Focus on what we as a nation need to do to reclaim our place in the world.I WILL vote for Barack Obama/Joe Biden. These two can help us realize a better life for our citizens.Personally I like Sen. McCain but the stress of the responsibilities of the presidency will kill him and then we will have his VP as the commander-in-chief of our USA. And, remember this is OUR USA!

Canada Stands Beside You!When the people speak and their voice is counted there will be a new hope birthed into America. The change created by a dream begins with a thought in the heart that can imagine creation. You as a Nation are about to deliver a new tomorrow with President Barak Obama.Mary RobertsonVancouver BC

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The DNC Proves What a Celebrity Event Is All About !

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After the last 8 years shame on you Republicans for even fielding a candidate. I thought you where all about ‘manning up’. Well man up to what happened under your watch … you got everything you wanted for 8 years and now we see what it brings. Our turn … move aside … we even promise to play nice … I mean all of us left coast people already pay for all your roads and subsidies so at least that won’t change.Seriously … a big congrats to Obama. Well done my man! Let this be the nail in McCoffin. I am so excited to have a new face in Washington, one that hasn’t been part and parcel to the political machine for decades. Washington needs to be a revolving door … get em in and get em out. Prove your worth on the streets and town halls of where you live, take the good fight to Washington then leave. If you want a permanent position work for the Pentagon or the judiciary … elected officials aren’t suppose to be there for 26 years … that’s not how the founding fathers intended it.By virtue of being a prodigy, Obama is the most qualified. When else has the new guy been so ‘head-and-shoulders’ better then the old guard that he beats them at their own game. He’s a rock star all right … he’s the Mick Jagger or Robert Plant of the political world. And he’s going to be an awesome president … he’s got the best and brightest minds already excited to work for him. And he’s even offered positions to republicans … he might even make a quota for you … you’ll get special preference … assuming you qualify for best and brightest in your respective field.So its all about the economy? And McCant knows the economy? Not likely! How did McCan’t get rich? Did he work his way up? Was he a great entrepreneur? Did he take a lot of risks? Has he even held a job outside of senator? And this is the guy you think has the life experience to lead? I’ll take the Harvard Law educated son of a single mom who graduated President of his class, published his first book while still in college, gives up $$$ to go help a hurting part of our nation then slams through politics like Earl Campbell through a defensive line to beat out the most ‘seasoned’ liars who are still mad because ‘he cut in front of them in line’. But you vote for your turtle soup eating silver spoon in hand guy, we all know they make the best presidents.This shout out goes to the wealthy republicans! Look past getting your Bush tax cuts repealed (so sorry if you really really really don’t like it cut your salary to $250k, I hear you can actually live quite well off that wage too). We know something that you can’t seem to grasp … they skip this chapter in most MBA prep school you people go too. Wealth, my friends, begins with the working class. All those greenbacks aren’t worth anything unless a carpenter is willing to apply his trade skills for it or a farmer is willing to get up in the morning sow a crop for it. The investment class may have 90% of the wealth but its the work of 250 million of us that give that wealth its real value. No billionaire ever contributed a billion dollars worth of work to the economy. It’s impossible. And if the system got you rich and rewards you that much more then your fellow hard working man, well real men are able to count their blessings and give back.If trickle down economics worked then by FAR the top 200 richest people in the world would be from India or China or some system where 90% of the people live in poverty, 9% are considered well off and less then 1% own 95% of all the countries wealth. But the richest people in the world live here … and that’s because a large thriving working class generates wealth and that trickles up.I’ve been to 3rd world countries. When u see what abject poverty brings you realize that a social safety net benefits rich and poor alike. (Hint: Desperate people with nothing to lose…. bad!)Is it ironic that we can’t look to the religious wing (Republicans) for real social values. Your fine with legislating morality but not fairness or compassion. That’s for gays and sissys’ huh? Since when does fairness have to mean that the government takes all and gives it to welfare moms? Has that really happened? Taxes suck but think of them like dirty dishes … if you don’t have any … life really sucks!You know that book you thump at us, you should try picking it up and reading it sometime. I think Jesus defines fairness as ‘to whom much is given much is required’ or how about ‘as you do unto the least of these you do unto me’. And you know what, the GOP back in 33 AD totally disagreed with him!For some reason I derive great pleasure from knowing that if Jesus ran for office the Republican’s wouldn’t vote for him. As proof of that, you insult Obama with this backhanded ‘Messiah’ adjective. But we are atheistic liberals … we don’t believe in a ‘Messiah’. That’s your shtick NOT ours … but thank you for pointing out that he is much more Christ like then anyone you’ve run in 50 years.

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Vindication! McCant just picked Palin. That’s symbolic just just passing the torch to Obama. Let’s see Palin is just a mirror image of Obama except on the Reublican side of the house. Both are not career politicians (Palin was just in the town council 6 years ago), both are wicked smart, charismatic, and both had career politicians eating their dust.This is just like a super villain story … he confronts the hero with a mirror image of himself only evil and under the villains control … and perhaps female. That’s awesome!So Republican’s have given up on the you need 50 years of being corrupted in Washington to be a good leader dialog and are just going to fight fire with fire.I tell you what, tell McCant to give her the #1 spot and some independents and Clintonites might think about it. Until, then its still a vote for McCant!

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I loved it – I enjoyed the whole show and even the road to Damascus way that Hilary and Bill finally appeared to capitulate. My view of the Clintons just got rosier. :-)Hillary for Secretary of State! This would be an ideal role for Hillary and I think she may even have been promised it already – but don’t quote me! Obama might like to consider this option.I thought Obama’s speech was rousing, heart-felt and charged with hope for a better America.The only hurdle is one of preudice,racism and the downright idiotic and mad way some citizens view a possible black president.Obama needs a heck of a lot of protection if another foul murder is to be avoided.What is it with American society and its ability to kill it’s leaders?Finally, if America fails to elect Obama, then it can just as well kiss goodbye to a new era – and accept that America will be doomed to decreasing influence and more of the same old crud from a government that has dragged the US into the excremental mire.

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Wonderful! It was a relief to hear him get serious about the differences, and make them clear. Lots more of that is needed. The biggest thing he could have done differently would be to explain how he is going to pay for all these changes. I liked it because he made reference to the past but kept the focus on the future – we must change or our democracy is doomed, and clearly the democrats, with all their flaws, care much much more about democracy and what makes it work, than the republicans, who seem to care mostly about greed.

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At 72 McCain may not have the stamina or the temperament to be a good president. As fine a person as he is.My money is on Obama – younger, fitter, charismatic, intelligent, wise beyond his years, compassionate, positive, uplifting, great teeth ;- , respectful, clean, tough, dogged, reliable – need I go on? ;-)But sure, he is all of the above – but what will McCain and his possible VP make of Obama’s finer points?We will just have to wait and see…

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Juls – great post and good reading.

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Awesome post Juls. More people need to “get it”.

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