Kerry takes convention stage again, rips McCain

August 28, 2008

johnkerry1.jpgDENVER – John Kerry, the failed 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, took the stage at this year’s party convention on Wednesday to praise Illinois Sen. Barack Obama — whose career he helped launch — and lambaste John McCain.

Kerry, who said he had been friends with McCain for nearly 22 years, used tough words to criticize the Arizona senator’s evolution from a maverick legislator to a presidential candidate.

“Before he ever debates Barack Obama, John McCain should finish the debate with himself,” Kerry said, listing what he described as McCain’s shifts on tax cuts, immigration, and climate change.

“Candidate McCain says he would now vote against the immigration bill that Senator McCain wrote. Are you kidding?” Kerry said. “Talk about being for it before you’re against it!”

The last line was a send-up of a gaffe Kerry himself made about being in favor of funding for the Iraq war before he was against it.

Many felt the line, which Republicans used to mock him, helped cost the Massachusetts senator the election four years ago.

Kerry gave a big boost to Obama’s career by giving the then-state senator a prime-time speaking role at the ’04 convention.


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What a windbag, He actually gives me the creeps. I heard he may get secretary of state if Obama is elected. He can tell world leaders how we burned civilian villages, and gutted babies in Vietnam. And don’t forget the raping of women and children!

Posted by Dusty | Report as abusive

Kerry helped to set the record straight about McCain Also Reid’s comments were spot on. He knows from experience that Bush has been the lazy bum sleeping it off in the Oval office, letting Cheney conspire to bankrupt this country and murder hundreds of thousands of soldiers (ours and Iraqi) and innocent civilians. This is the insane war that McCain approved and is proud of. Equally or more powerful was Dennis Kucinich’s speech “Wake Up America” that has had zero media coverage because he tells it like it is – $4 Trillion poured into the pockets of war profiteers for the ultimate benefit of Bush/Cheney cronies in Big Oil. John McCain is cut from the same cloth as Bush and we cannot afford four more years of a nightmare. Wake up America!!!

Posted by jefflz | Report as abusive

Hey Dusty,

You allergic to the truth? Sorry he “creeps you out”. Dunderheads like your self “creep me out”.

Posted by John Armstrong | Report as abusive

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!! Kerry hasn’t changed at all. God help us all if Obama is elected.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

The whole quote is:

“Candidate McCain now supports the wartime tax cuts that Sen. McCain once denounced as immoral. Candidate McCain criticizes Sen. McCain’s own climate change bill. Candidate McCain says he would now vote against the immigration bill that Senator McCain wrote. Are you kidding? Talk about being for it before you’re against it.”

You tell ’em Kerry! Now if only the news channels would do their job and air these speeches without talking over them, then the American people could make an informed decision this time around!!

Posted by TXCourtney | Report as abusive