McCain picks Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, for veep

August 29, 2008

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential hopeful John McCain picked social conservative Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

rtr21tet.jpgPalin, not particularly well-known nationally, was previously a small-town mayor who beat the Alaska incumbent governor Frank Murkowski in the state’s Republican primary in 2006 and went on to win in the general election.

The 44-year-old one-term governor is an opponent of abortion rights, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and a fiscal conservative — not to mention an avid sportswoman and a beauty pageant winner.

While some social conservatives have been skeptical about McCain as the Republican nominee, will his choice of Palin help win them over? Will the selection of a woman draw some disaffected supporters of Hillary Clinton who were disappointed she was not on the Democratic ticket? Did McCain successfully prevent a bounce for his opponent Barack Obama, who wrapped up his nominating convention on Thursday evening?

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Matt Sullivan (Palin appears for the first time as the Republican vice presidential running mate with McCain.)


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And what will the Obama campaign do in reaction to this announcement? They will be brilliant… and ignore it.

Barack and Joe will carry on what they started during this convention, and it will be all about McCain/Bush, all the time.

March on…

Kevin B

I’m saying it now: President Barack H. Obama, Jr., 2009 – 2017

Posted by Kb | Report as abusive

This is a serious fight to the finish. i hope both candidates ate their spinach for muscle buildup…lol

Posted by shawn | Report as abusive

Palin is strongly pro-life, and the HRC voters, I believe find the issue of abortion to be on the top of their list, so I do not think Palin will be able to take any votes from the Democrats. Also, the issue of a vice presidental pick is more important if the presidental candidate is of advanced age, so Palin should more so be seen as someone who has a greater probability of being president. I will say it will be tough on Biden to beat up as effectively on a female rather than male veep candidate, however. He has cred with females, though, so his graciousness without condescension will carry the day.

Posted by Marie – Ohio | Report as abusive

With all due respect, Kevin B, you are a raging idiot.

God spare us from lunatics like yourself.

Barack Hussein Obama is a radical leftist, Marxist, dangerous loonie. We have not yet seen all the skeletons in his closet.

Ayers, Wright, Obama. This is your Holy Trinity ticket, Kevin B. Make sure you send in a huge donation.

Posted by CA doc | Report as abusive

A successful politician must use subtle actions to shape people’s minds in his/her favor…. without them being cognizant of it. If a voter is aware that someone is trying to shape their mind, they typically react poorly.

Hillary’s female voters will see this obvious ploy as an insult to their intelligence… Hillary’s voters love her not only because she’s a women, but because of who she is. If McCain “got it”, he would have subtly chosen a candidate that represents Hillary’s values as a person, not one that merely has the same sexual organs.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

I think McCain has just nullified all rights he had to the “Obama’s not qualified” tactic…

Posted by Christian | Report as abusive

I like Palin even though I’m a registered Democrat. I probably would have voted for her reelection as governor unless the Dems could come up with someone really brilliant. Now, though, I seriously question her judgment. What kind of responsiblity does this show?

Sarah Palin is a brilliant young politician BUT—
Her lieutenant governor is running for national office also. If they both should win, her party will leave Alaska with no head, after only two years. Certainly there would be a special election, but at what cost, and for goodness’ sake, who would run? Most of Alaska’s Republican leaders are under some kind of indictment or ethical cloud right now. The state’s Democratic party is energized but small and relatively weak. Her leaving will lay Alaska open to the wolves of big oil and rampant resource extraction. I am deeply, deeply disappointed in her.

She has a newborn with special needs and other kids of school age, yet she is going to be running for a demanding and important political job. This is a family centered social conservative?

I surely hope that the disappointed Hillary supporters will recognize that they are being pandered to, and will resist the bait that is being held out to them. Is it a brilliant move? Maybe, for the short-term publicity, but for the long-term health of the US electorate and the State of Alaska, it is stunningly foolish.

Posted by Louise Heite | Report as abusive

Women voters who are progressive and pro-choice would have a difficult time voting for McCain/Palin, just because Palin is on the ticket. They would have to be pretty stupid to vote for them. Is Palin ready to be commander-in-chief if McCain dies? I think not.

Posted by Michael J | Report as abusive

This was a bold selection by McCain for a running mate and it should work out well for him. Sarah Palin has real world experience governing, while by comparison Senator Joe Biden is primarily known as foreign policy imperialist.

Posted by Chris Baker (US) | Report as abusive

Palin is certainly a interesting pick. I feel it is a bit gimmicky though. If the voters see past that to the quality Palin will bring to the office, then it should be a good thing. After all she is the only one of them with executive experience. She is willing to battle both parties, and is fierce on corruption. I agree with marie, it will indeed be tough for Biden to use his regular “beat’em up” tactics in debates against her.

Posted by dan | Report as abusive

this man has a strong experience and he is a good leader also , not with the big words, much more realist i would say, but what can we do, impressionism is a fashion trend!and now fashion rules the campaign over US, it think those people are doing a big mistake again, but hey what can we do!the republican is rejected as a solution for US future.

Posted by Burca Alice Larisa | Report as abusive

If McCain thinks this will woo the Hilary voters, he is wrong. In fact it is degrading to women voters everywhere for him to think this woman is in Hilary’s league at all.

Women werent voting for Hilary because she is a woman. It is because she is smart, experienced, tough and had Bill. This woman has none of that. Women are smarter than this. McCain has shot himself in the foot on this one.

Posted by Becky | Report as abusive

Governor Palin gives “young and inexperienced” a whole new dimension. Talk about hypocrisy! The Vice-Presidency is a heartbeat away from the Presidency (and in McCain’s case that’s a very old heart indeed). How in God’s green Earth does the McCain campaign hope to get away with attacking Senator Obama for his lack of experience now?!

Posted by sacto joe | Report as abusive

Are you joking me?
Two X chromosome do not a president make. Hillary Clinton was the woman who could get the job done, and we loved and respected her for who she is, her experience and what’s she’s done for this country.

Palin is NOT ready to be commander in chief

Posted by patricia blake | Report as abusive

I can believe this instead of finding a running mate with a believable back ground “he find a female from Alaska “LOL. This woman is new to the political process, and our President elect thinks he deservers to elected “PRESIDENT of the United State”?

Posted by BIG GUY | Report as abusive

The question is: “Would you vote for Palin for President?” Given McCain’s age, medical history, and failing memory, she would truly be second in command. And by the way, how can this mother of five, one of whom has Down’s syndrome, find the time to be the good old American mom she wants the public to think she is? Then of course there is the issue of her ex-brother-in-law—-??????

Posted by Richard Gustafson | Report as abusive

Hillary supporters are feminists and strongly pro-women’s reproductive rights. Palin is a gun-totin’ oil-drilling, anti-woman woman, what a horrible choice.

McCain’s only hope would have been to pick someone with a strong economic background.

Signed, a former Hillary supporter.

Obama/Biden 08!!!!!

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

At the risk of sounding really cynical, McCain’s choice is a great choice to energize republicans for the simple reason that if you can get people to vote against their interests because they pick the guy they’d like to have a beer with (Bush) then you can get these same republican dupes to vote against their interests because they think Daddy McCain’s VP is pretty and the image of her standing loyally by McCain’s side will feed these male voters’ own egos of where a woman’s place should be (be beautiful and submissive). I wish it weren’t the case but that’s how these guys think and they’ll vote that ticket for all the wrong reasons.

Posted by Josh | Report as abusive



City council member and mayor of a town of 8,500 people.
20 months as governor of a state of 650,000 people.
PTA Member

Kevin B

I’m saying it now: President Barack H. Obama, Jr., 2009 – 2017

Posted by Kb | Report as abusive

I am surprised how shallow our people have become. We are willing to run into the arms of a one term senator, whose previous employment includes having been a state senator and an “activist”.

Obama is nothing more than a Black Panther in a Brooks Brothers suit; the fact people have forgotten our own history and who this man is and who his allies are is frightening.

At this rate we probably will elect Paris Hilton President in a few years; at least she actually had an energy plan that made sense.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

A beauty queen? Obama was right last night when he said McCain doesn’t know the American people. He cannot relate. If he thinks that just because he chose a woman he can get women to vote for him, he is terribly mistaken. Palin goes from Councilwoman to Mayor to Governor to Vice President? I don’t think so. Palin is no Hillary and the fact that he thinks we will be swayed by that speaks volumes as to how out of touch he really is with the American People.

Posted by LorinW | Report as abusive

This is great. She can go after Biden and if he does the same he’ll come off like an ass. McCain can still attack Hussien on is lack of exp. and judgement. Looks like a win win for McCain.

Posted by the man | Report as abusive

A thinly veiled attempt attempt to energize his campaign that isn’t going to work. McCain just threw his biggest argument against Obama out the window.

Republicans are screwed. They know it and they’re scared out of their minds.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

This is a blatent pander by McCain, but it was brillant in that it pandered to two different voting blocs. The disenfranchised HRC supporters and his conservative base. In the end though, there are too many downsides to this:

1. She is even less experienced than Obama. So how does she pass the Commander-In-Chief test.
2. She is very much Anti-abortion, NRA member, and a member of the christian conservatives. She is even further right than McCain on the issues. I highly doubt any HRC supporters who voted with their minds would pull the lever for this ticket.
3. She has ties to Big Oil, Big target on her back.
4. This looks REACTIONARY. McCain needed to grab the spotlight after last night, he did so, but at a tremendous risk. It makes McCain look like a reactionist more than a pragmatist.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

The state of the country dictates that Obama is the right choice. Intellegent and informed voters will vote for Obama. Hopefully we are enough out there.

Posted by Rita | Report as abusive

Don’t forget Attorney General in NY was also big on corruption and look where that got him!

Posted by David | Report as abusive

This choice of VP to try and attract Hillary supporters is painfully one dimensional. While I support Obama, Hiliary is a strong, unique, impassioned individual coming from a unique place in history (not just a woman). It is almost insulting and embarrasing that the GOP would think this could attract Hiliary’s voter base. I would have to go with Gore Vidal who says, any body can beat John Mc Cain. And this choice of running mate may be more validation of Vidal’s statement (however cold) that McCain is so stupid his head rattles when he walks. And it certainly eliminates the experience argument.

Posted by Judy in California | Report as abusive

Just when you think Democrats couldn’t be more deluded they prove you wrong. Comparing Palin’s inexperience to Obama’s is apples-to-oranges. Palin isn’t on the ticket for President, and neither should Obama be at the top of his ticket. Palin will make her bones at VP for the next eight years and then hand Hillary her head in ’16. If ever one wanted to know the concern/fear Dems feel in a Palin pick, one need only look at the vitriol with which they are attacking her; one never lashes out at what they don’t fear. Believe-you-me, the Dems are sinking fast and and aside from re-arranging the deck chairs they haven’t much to offer.

Posted by KGC | Report as abusive

Yes ! McCain WINS ! A regular person running for VP a new Washington is on the horizon finally after 25 years we have someone who will not be bought will not just follow the party . This country needs a woman in power the men sure have run into the good ole boys ground long enough . A REGULAR PERSON YES !!!!! NOW WE CAN .

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Hey, Patricia… “Palin is NOT ready to be commander in chief…”

And Barack Obama is!? Never mind that she’s not running for the presidency. Talk about grasping at straws.

Posted by KGC | Report as abusive

Hey, Sacto Joe… “…How in God’s green Earth does the McCain campaign hope to get away with attacking Senator Obama for his lack of experience now?!…”

Answer: Uhh,… by not running the most inexperienced candidate at the TOP of the ticket.

Do you people not engage your brains before you start typing? I mean, I know you’re full of venom for anyone who disagrees with you, but please, try and keep up, okay? You know, at least on a common sense level.

Posted by KGC | Report as abusive

Huh? I really don’t get what McCain was thinking. I see the spin and the storyline but it looks like Dan Quayle II. McCain just handed voters to Obama on a silver platter.

Posted by Dan Husery | Report as abusive

He turned 72 tthis month! God forbids if something happens to him, this ex-mayor and beauty paegent (under federal investigation whose husband is a VP of British Petrolium) from Wassila is going to have the key to the nukes. NO WAY, NO HOW, NO McCAIN!!!

Posted by Guy From LA | Report as abusive

Obama rocks!! I would love to see him win!

Posted by gordon | Report as abusive

In 1998, the Republican party switched from trying to win the hearts and minds of Americans to simply winning the elections, whatever the cost. Rather than winning on the strengths of their own agenda, they now win by weakening their opposition with relentless attacks, and strategies designed to peel off support for Democratic candidates. Choosing Sarah Palin is an obvious attempt to peel off Democratic voters who supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries. She is otherwise an unknown, with next to no experience in government.
But we do know that McCain like those beauty queens.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

palin has as much experience as obama if not more, at three years younger. plus, she’s actually done some things beyond just voting present in the senate a hundred times.

obama’s press release attacking her was foolish, insulting her as only the former mayor of a town of nine thousand. most of this country is comprised of just such towns.

the brilliance of this pick is that by attacking her as inexperienced obama would be in essence attacking himself revealing his own inexperience.

better than the choice of biden, which did the opposite for obama, removing his ability to attack mccain as too old and too washington, as biden is both

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Well, this is a moment of desperation. McCain had a different VP chosen already until Obama gave his historical speech. The Republicans felt so threatened that decided to switch last minute to Palin.

Experience? A little more than a year as a governor?
Celebrity status? An ex-beauty queen that is luring men because of her attractive caucasian looks?
Integrity? Married to a man of big oil is going to play real well.

Just stay calm and all this will blow over. Wait until she gets destroyed during debates against Biden.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

I strongly disagree with those who feel this is strictly a plot to lure would be Hillary voters. I believe that Palin has real life, common sense, down to earth ideals and has not yet been exposed to the “Same old business of Washington”. I don’t look at the gender on this one and believe people should get a grip and not dismiss her as just a distraction. Remember, she has a record of cleaning up her own state’s politics and goodness knows, Washington could use some scrubbing down.

Posted by TS | Report as abusive

This showdown is getting more interesting by the second. We finally have a super diverse roster on both sides. I’m counting down the moments to the debates.
As for the VP pick, I think only Mitt could have had any possibility of pushing me towards the elephants.
Donkey’s for President!

Posted by Joshua | Report as abusive

inexperienced (first term as governor!)

anti-environment (NRA, hunter, stands in pictures with a lot of dead animals)

oil company connections (wants to drill in wild life reserves in Alaska)

corrupt (she is under investigation for firing her ex brother in law who is a state trooper)

Besides the facts that this is a political ploy to women voters who supported Hillary. It’s almost insulting. Does the McCain group realize people aren’t that dumb?

How is she more qualified then Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty? Seriously, can you find a justified answer to that?? If not, use logical deduction to decide why they chose Palin. To try and scratch at votes.

Posted by bob | Report as abusive

Reuters’ agenda is certainly clear. A Katrina rehash is the lead story above McCain picking a running mate. You seem to believe that Katrina hurts Bush. Google images of the Iowa floods. Reuters, will you have a yearly rememberance of the spirit of cooperation and self-reliance shown by the Iowans? No. You won’t. You are transparent hacks. With a clear agenda. All your reporting is suspect.

Posted by mt | Report as abusive

To assume that Hillary supporters would flock to McCain/Palin is not just insulting, it is uneducated. Sit back and ask yourself, what do Hillary and Governor Palin have in common? If you are a supporter of Hillary and for what she stood for, why would you support a McCain/Palin ticket, which is so ideologically opposite of Hillary?

To quote Lloyd Bentsen, “Ms. Palin, you are no Hillary.”

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

Wow. McCain couldn’t have made a worse pick.

1 1/2 as governor, former part time mayor of Wissila – population 9000.

There goes his ‘experience’ argument

Breathless McCain line C-SPAN callers: “She carried a Downs baby to term….I’M DEFINITELY VOTING FOR HIM NOW!!”

The GOP never ceases to amaze…

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

Go to Obama is endorsed by the Communist Party of America.

Posted by mt | Report as abusive

Maybe i just me but I don’t think McCain picked Palin to “steal” Hillary fans, he picked her because she’s a DC outsider, one who will not bow to Washington politics. As far as her husband, he’s not an oil company VP, he’s blue collar, a working man. As a matter of fact, Palin has ticked off REPUBLICAN leaders in Alaska because she was busting them left and right for things they were doing that hurt Alaska, sinking their bills and proposals and “pet projects.”

She’s a beauty queen alright but one who was nicknmed “Sarah Barracuda” because of her determination. You libs just keep on thinking she’s a quiet little mother with no experience. She will help McCain prove that it’s the Republicans, not the Dems, that will clean up Washington and bring about REAL change.

Posted by cobra74 | Report as abusive


Spoken like a typical brainless knee-jerk Republican dolt. Next time try addressing the question I asked. Even the most rudimentary voter realizes that you don’t look at the VP spot as nothing more than some kind of on-the-job training for being President. Or haven’t you studied an American history? It’s a sad fact of the Presidency that many VP’s have had to take over the Presidency.

But keep ignoring the truth, dude. You’ll wake up after the election shaking your head and wondering what the heck hit you!

Posted by sacto joe | Report as abusive

Early I sent money to the McCann campaighn. Received several requests form other REP’s outfits for support. Tossed them all, But with this “VP pick”my ears picked up too! And for maybe protends a meaningful change. I’m going back on their bandwagon. She’s a refreshing,change and a real woman! Or maybe it’s that We have five kids too and realize what raising a good strong family takes and YES! I’m sending another check! Her acceptance speech was just GREAT !

Posted by Dan reilly | Report as abusive

I think people are forgetting not only is she a woman but she has an 80 percent approval rating. She will cross party lines to do the right thing and do what needs to be done for the people. Thats what washington needs and the republicans have needed for years.

Posted by stacy | Report as abusive

Amazing how everyone is comparing Palin to Obama. Hello, Obama is running for president. To attack a VP pick as being inexperience while your presidential choice has no experience .. Well, that is a bit hypocritically. Anyway, an executive of 6500 people is better than a Senator with NO executive experience. Also, last I check 683,000 people is still a lot of people. What has obama done since he became a senator?

Posted by markly_1999 | Report as abusive

This race is far from finished.

Great pick. McCain is back big time.

Now for the debates……

Biden you are now Bid…. end……

Posted by RD | Report as abusive

As a conservative I had to duck a lot of mud slinging to get to this part of the discussion. Sheeze.

I was personally hoping for a McCain Romney ticket but after her brilliant speech and reading about her determination and moral values, I think she is an intelligent, moral woman who exemplifies strength and who will bring back some of what this country has lost to all of the so called “EXPERIENCED” politicians; Republican’s and Democrats alike who have abused their positions in office at the expense of tax payers and who have allowed their own personal agendas to supersede whats best for the American people.

To all the liberal democrats who want to jump on the “experienced” bandwagon, you have one hell of a nerve! You clearly don’t give a damn about experience or you wouldn’t be backing Obama. If that’s the best you can do I think McCain has a great shot!

Posted by Janet Johsnon | Report as abusive

Thank you John McCain for picking Sarah Palin! As a 60 year old woman who is “pro-life”, against “gay marriage” and stands for strong “morale values” and respect for our great nation…..finally, finally, I have renewed hope for our future and feel like there will be a voice out there representing us. I am sick to death of the liberal agenda that promotes the philosphy of “anything goes”. God Speed John McCain and Sarh Palin!!!

Posted by Melody | Report as abusive

OMG! Tim

regarding…If McCain “got it”, he would have subtly chosen a candidate that represents Hillary’s values as a person, not one that merely has the same sexual organs.

If you “got it”, you would realize that McCain is a Republican and an honest one. Why would he EVER choose someone with Hillary’s values or more suitably her lack thereof?

You comment was brainless and an insult to all women.

Posted by Janet Johsnon | Report as abusive

It saddens me to see the level of ignorance, name calling and blatant bigotry coming from someone titling himself as “the man” calling Obama a Black Panther, and “Jim” bringing up Obama’s middle name. But, that is what the Republican party has become. The party of exclusion, the party of prejudice, the party of the wealthy elite, and the party of scare tactics. That’s why I have changed parties. Republicans classify themselves as “Christians”, yet the Christ I have been exposed too, was accepting of all. Maybe he was a Democrat!

Posted by Smokey Joe | Report as abusive

Just sent the my first contribution to Hero McCain (the max) Thanks, President McCain!

Posted by kp | Report as abusive

John should retire and quickly support Ron Paul. I am sssooo leaving the republican party and joining the Libertarian party. The republicrats in this country have just ruined it.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Is McCain he making fun of us? Is he taking the problems we are faced with seriously?
I am a conservative and nothing scares me more than McCain’s choice. It just does not make any sense.

I am not voting for a personal story of a woman who can shoot and play hockey. For heavens sake, there are so many educated and qualified people who could have been selected.

Reagan would not make such a reckless decision, not even in his dreams.

Posted by Puffin | Report as abusive

Democratic men have a really great fondness for each other. Women understand that Republican Men Love them.

Posted by kp | Report as abusive

to Michael, regarding; Women voters who are progressive and pro-choice would have a difficult time voting for McCain/Palin, just because Palin is on the ticket. They would have to be pretty stupid to vote for them.

Only Liberals think they corner the market on being progressive. I personally think standing up for the rights of poor defenseless babies who have their lives snuffed out simply because they’re handicapped, or because their conception came about in less than a loving union, and more commonly because of the irresponsible parents who spawned them in the first place can’t get their crap together is progressive.

I commend Governor Palin for seeing her Down’s syndrome child into the world safely and embracing him for the wonderful baby and spirit that he is. She gets it!

Posted by Janet Johsnon | Report as abusive

I don’t know about Sarah Palin and to me she didn’t represent the American dream and off-course she is out of touch with the problems of average/middle class America just like MacCain. This ticket is still the same old politics of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Following MacCain’s ailing health and old age, can a woman with no charisma, with five kids and got a husband with strategic interest in oil solve get us out of this mess. MACCAIN IS A FAILURE

Posted by kennedy | Report as abusive

To cobra74 , you’re my hero :)

To sacto joe, you’re knee jerk reaction is typical of what’s gone horribly wrong in this country.

McCain/Pilan 08

Posted by Janet Johsnon | Report as abusive

Yo Sacto Joe:
Thank you for raisng the political discourse bar with your comment –
“Spoken like a typical brainless knee-jerk Republican dolt.”
Attack, Attack, Attack. Just like all the democrats who want to silence all mention of Obama’s cozy friendship with the founders of the Weather Underground terrorists- Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Does the past count, Sacto? Drink a little more Kool-Aid, Joe.

Posted by mt | Report as abusive

Stacy – an 80% approval rate among 650,000 people is meaningless; there are towns and cities with larger populations. Mrs Palin would be a disaster as a potential President.

Posted by David Cunard | Report as abusive

As an American neighbor, I think the choice of Sarah Palin is downright scary. I hope the citizens of the most powerful nation in the world will not risk having a leader with zero foreign policy experience should something happen to John McCain in the event he is elected President.

Posted by sgp | Report as abusive

Hey Smokey Joe,
Republicans are “…the party of the wealthy elite…”?
John Kerry is the richest man in Congress. Google up the wealthiest in Congress. The democrats want you to beleive they are the little guys. And you beleive. Yummy Yummy Kool-Aid.

Posted by mt | Report as abusive

Come on! He’d be the oldest guy ever elected prez, and she’s a heartbeat away from the job??? And McCain says Obama isn’t ready to be commander in chief? Let’s be honest. It is a cynical attempt to use a pretty girl — yes, politically she is but a girl — to buy votes. Can you imagine that a single Hilary supporter would fall for this. He’s a clown.

Posted by rja | Report as abusive

Dear Senator McCaine,

I am an independent that in the past has voted Republican for President. After watching the Democratic Convention this week, I anxiously waited for you to name your running mate.

I must say that I was greatly disappointed. I have been concerned about our economy and electing a President that is over 70. I felt confident that you would choose a running mate that would have the experience to help turn the economy around and take over the office of President if anything would happen to you.

I feel that your choice is an insult to women and their intelligence. I’m not going to vote for a person because of their gender, age or how many children they have.

I’m sad to say that you have just lost my vote. I can not vote for a man that chooses a running mate just to try and swing Hillary Clinton voters. I want a person for President that is going to put the welfare of the nation first and appoint a running mate that is the most qualified person for the position.


Michelle Carlisle
South Weber, UT

Posted by Michelle Carlisle | Report as abusive

Anybody up for a floor fight at the GOP convention? If you were a Romney delegate, would you be able to mindlessly support Pretty Woman?

Posted by rja | Report as abusive

McCain is in serious state of panic and this is a show or desperation.
Even though the polls have show the race to be close and McCain to sometimes be ahead percentage-wise, he has consustently be behind whne those numbers are tallied as probably electoral votes at the state levels.
Some women may be swayed, but the majority of women won’t when they look at her record on being anti-choice, for big oil, anti-environmental, and the truth about corruption in Alaska politics. And her experience cred is a joke given the size of the town she was mayor of the low population of Alaska.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton…..OBAMA 08!

Posted by rayfield spires | Report as abusive

Well… Judging by the hysterical backlash, I’m thinking McCain has hit a home run with this move!

Posted by vastrightwing | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is under investigation here in our state for abuse of power and ethics violations. McCain REALLY screwed up today!

Posted by Boots | Report as abusive

It must just be me, but something feels wrong about a mother leaving a newborn for such a busy job? Will she be able to breastfeed still? And having a baby at 44? She said she was surprised in an interview, but she must have assessed the risks of having a baby so late in life?

I consider myself to be very liberal when it comes to women’s rights but this just doesn’t feel right. Children should always come first, then your career, both for men and women. I think this sends the wrong message.

Posted by Elizabeth | Report as abusive

The first most important decision a commander-in-chief makes is his choice of VP. I was really hoping McCain would have a more sensible decision making ability than this.

I am disenchanted, disappointed, and so should every other Republican be. McCain is no spring chicken. Let’s be realistic – if he wins the election, Palin will be our President sooner or later. His choice was so, so vital, and he blew it!

It’s going to be the most painful lever-pull I have ever had to do on November 4, but Obama now has my vote.

Posted by GOP Disappointee | Report as abusive

John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin is a SOLID one for REAL Conservatives, and announcing the pick today is a strategic masterpiece, knocking out Barack Obama/Joe Biden’s after convention euphoria!.

Did I mention that I loved EVERYTHING she said after being introduced by John McCain?

EVERYTHING!! OsiSpeaks[dot]com

Posted by KYJurisDoctor | Report as abusive


Some of us do have our brains engaged.
We (I) am not comparing the experience level of Obama vs. Palin. The reality of the matter is that since HRC started trumpeting the “CINC Threshold Test” at Obama, the RNC has used this as one of their primary weapons. The fact of the matter is that the MEDIA will be putting this fact out at every turn. Although I do agree with you that she is not at the top of the ticket, she is ON the ticket and this now trumps the RNC’s “experience” question. The RNC has just lost a weapon.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Smokey Joe..

Could not agree with you more. I am a registered Republican but will not ever in my life vote for McCain, even if he picked Jesus as his running mate…

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

McCain would be a great addition to the cast of “LOST”. He’s really out of touch, with his own Republican agenda, and women voters. What an insult to women voters. He’ picks what may amount to be a trophy VP. Why isn’t this obvious to Palin? I’m an Independent voter and can see right through this. Expect another McCain camp shakeup over this. The VP debates should be fun!

Posted by darryl | Report as abusive

Alaska, home of corruption, oil drilling and population that is accustomed to having their public officials under investigation while running for office. Thanks RNC for continuing the fear and ignorance that has delivered the worse administration so far! I want CHANGE!


Posted by Edward | Report as abusive

Sorry fellow Republicans…

Biden will eat her alive in the debates…
She may hold her own at Energy policy but when it shifts to Foriegn policy, she is T O A S T. I applaud McCan’ts choice but tell me when a VP has ever made a difference?

Bush Sr. won with DAN QUAYLE! Enough said?????

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive


Posted by I HATE LIBERALS!!! | Report as abusive

This selection by McCain shows his arrogance and disrespect to women voters in America. Myopic thinking to say the least. Now we see that the issue of “experience”, or lack thereof lacked substance. He even admitted that she didn’t had the experience. Is this his best answer to Biden?

On another note, what exactly does McCain mean by “Power over principle”? That clearly goes to show that he is way off the mark when it comes to being Commander-in-Chief. Nowhere does power take precedence over principle in rational and logical thinking. But I guess it does with republicans. No wonder the war is a disaster.

I hope the American public make the right choice come Nov 4. The possible worst of Obama/Biden is better than the very best of McCain/Bush/Palin on any given day.

Posted by michael blagrove | Report as abusive

Democrats will win

Posted by MB06 | Report as abusive

‘Clinton voters’? If McCain succeeds in stealing Clinton’s Democrat votes just because his 2nd is a woman, then it’s no wonder that in the US someone like George W Bush gets voted into the White House not once, but twice.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Governor Sarah Palin is smart, tough, attractive, witty, and wise. She has the stamina, sensibility, and will for the common good to be an excellent vice president. Her nomimination contributes the historic level of this election. The decision demonstrates Senator McCains open-mind and confidence in a candidate with unique qualifications from a unique part of our country.

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is a crackling bolt of lightning that just changed the entire face of the election. Anyone who thinks that she’s not going to make a huge difference is just whistling past the graveyard.

Posted by Mike O | Report as abusive

I’m sorry folks, but it is an excellent choice. Palin is a far more refreshing choice than Biden ever will be. You know what independent conservatives see when they read the forums today? Unbridled fear amongst the liberals; and rightfully so. McCain has destroyed Obama’s economics platform, and is now beginning to do the same with to Obama’s Washington reform platform. Also, might I add that independents are disgusted with the liberal reaction. Reasons being,
1.) Since when do progressives find excuses to condemn progressiveness in EITHER party?
2.) The lack of objectivity within mainstream news outlets is ridiculous. Got to be the worst I’ve seen EVER. Always with the “Obama, spoke this today, yada, yada, yada…” (Oh, and it was like that BEFORE the convention.)
3.) Don’t believe me, I read CNN politics all the time as well. The only campaign ad on their website has consistently been, “VOTE Obama!” FOR MONTHS… And absolutely nothing else. (I’m sadly serious folks. Check it out for yourselves fellow independents.)

Posted by Max | Report as abusive

Dan Quayle in a skirt! How stupid does McCain think women are to fall for this “really intelligent pick”
hoping because she is a woman we Hillary lovers would vote for him??? She is against women’s right to choose!
Nuff said you idiots!!

Posted by A Nuffer | Report as abusive

As an Obama supporter, I couldn’t be happier with McCain’s selection.

She’s already embroiled in a corruption scandal for the misuse of government personnel in Alaska.


And as others have pointed out, her resume is about as long on political experience as mine.

Thank you, Senator McCain, for nullifying the crux of your complaints about Obama, and for picking your running mate from what seems to be an endless stream of Republicans in legal trouble.

Posted by jvill | Report as abusive

When I first heard this I was hoping that America as a whole would be smart enough to see McCain’s VP choice for exactly what it is, a ridiculous ploy to win votes from women specifically HRC supporters. This was not a smart choice. McCain is 72 years old and has had SEVERAL bouts with cancer, so while Palin is on the ticket for VP, there’s an excellent chance we might have to contend with her as the actual president.

Obama may be inexperienced as well but he’s been in the State Senate (of a state with like 4 times more people than alaska) for 4 or more years and in the senate for 2 years. Palin has been the mayor of a VERY small town for 8 years and has been a govenor for less than a year. SHE does not in ANY way have more experience than Barack. I just like the rest of America should REALLY question McCain’s judgement on this one. She is a very risky VP on the ticket of a man who could easily kick the bucket on this campaign trail, much less in the white house (should he get there).

Add to that, she is a poor substitute for HRC, and anyone jumping on the McCain ticket simply to vote for a woman should honestly not be allowed to vote. Just as I feel like anyone voting (or not voting) for Barack soley based on his race should not be allowed to vote either.

so I’m begging my fellow Americans, to stop letting race and gender be the deciding factor. This isn’t about you, and whether or not you can say you saw or helped elect the first (insert race or gender specification here) into office (and I’m an African American saying this, its great that Barack has come this far, but i am not voting for him simply because he’s black, of the 2 choices, HE IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST CANDIDATE!). Race nor gender qualify anyone to do anything. Do your homework on each candidate’s platform, see what they stand for, not just what the media’s telling you. Vote based on who best meets your values and who best serves the interest of your children and grandchildren. Not based on who’s male or female, black or white. Because the rest of the world has leaders of all races and genders (btw globally whites are the minority), and this election isn’t just playing out here in America but on the world’s stage as well. Don’t send the message to the rest of the world that you’d rather see your country run into the ground and your children’s future’s squandered than elect a black man for President… Lets not send that message. A vote for McCain (or the republican party as a whole) with or without Palin does not benefit our children or the future generations to come.

Posted by Thinking woman | Report as abusive

Question for thinkers. Do we have any really great leaders? Do we want either party to control both Congress and the Executive Branch? I think that we have had very poor results every time. Even more dangerous now. Palin seems like a strong woman to me. Let’s see.

Posted by kp | Report as abusive

I don’t care what her experience is she appears to be a good person and Mother with about the same amount as Senator Obama. I and many others will sleep a lot better with Sarah Palin next in line to be President and ahead of Nancy Polosi.
TomVseven – Polson, Montana

Posted by TomVseven | Report as abusive

How long has McCain been smokin’ crack and how come we didn’t know about it? Are you f**ing s**ting me? As for you self-righteous pro-lifers that have been posting, how do you rationalize your stance on the death penalty, war, torture, etc.?

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

Confirmed: My pro-choice vote is going to Senator Obama. I’ve had it with the Republican party – can you say, “Out of touch?”

Posted by Former Republican | Report as abusive

Wow…….McCain’s only met her once and he chooses her for Vice-Pres!!!

Posted by sgp | Report as abusive

All of this rancor over this race.. Tsk Tsk Tsk…

Let’s just settle the direction of the country once and for all the old fashioned way. We conservatives will bring our deer rifles and you liberals can bring your peace signs and medical marijuana cards..

I wonder who will win…

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Whether at the top of the ticket or second the experience and leadership qualities of the entire ticket is to be discussed. The fact that she is the governor of a small state is very good, justification for her pick as vp will be seen in how she handles the national spotlight.

I have read many state that Joe Biden may have difficulty going after governor Palin, if that is the case then this is not the place for her politics is a dirty game and she has to be able to take it as well as dish it out if she will convince me she is ready to take over if John McCain is unable to continue as President. Lets face it the older you are the shorter your life expectancy.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

All of the Hillary Dillary Dock voters will vote for Sarah Palin regardless of her virulent anti-abortion pro-life stance!

McCain is giving women across America the chance to take a stand, a real stand on many issues.

I think Palin will capture enough women voters, many of them the big financial supporters of Hillary to ensure a McCain victory in November!

Of course, I would hate to see that happen, but it will probably happen because the young people won’t actually vote, and women will vote for another woman regardless of political positions!

Posted by TickTock | Report as abusive

Palin is moderately risky for McCain. Although I think she won’t really hurt him, she won’t be able to help him.

1. Alaska. Small Red state. Then again Bush won with Cheney on the ticket, etc. so this won’t swing any leaning statues. But Biden is from Delaware, so it’s a wash.

2. Not appealing to HRC Dems. She’s Pro Life and conservative, so what’s the appeal there.

3. Inexperienced. McCain just gave the Dems a counter to his “inexperienced arguement”.

On the plus side, she seems poised and very tenacious. She also has a scandal brewing because she used her position to fire someone who wouldn’t fire her brother-in-law.

Posted by Jack S | Report as abusive

Being Governor of Alaska is about like being the Mayor of Tulsa… in fact Tulsa has more people.
Palin is the perfect running mate for McCain though since she is PRO-BIG-OIL, anti-abortion, gung-ho PRO-WAR and already has experience abusing power.
If McCain and Palin win it will be like Bush never left… massive war deficits and a continued decline in the value of the dollar.

Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

I quite agree with jvill.

She has a personnell scandal investigation lingering and …

… can u really see her coming from a little Alaskan village to VP in the White House?

Why McCain did not do a background check on her? Are any other clean picks around?

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

Re:McCain & Palin Ticket
You can’t dress the emperor up in new clothes because beneath the ground he has buried an old bone.

Sarah Palin indeed is just the canditate for any political ticket. She is ripe with the vigor and enthusiasm needed to repair an ailing nation. She has honed her intelligence and integrity mixed with social values to already prove a track record of experience and merit. But to drape her badge of honour like a pin of mutual agreement on John Mccain is insincere.

John Mccain is a relic of a past age of politics whose time has come to stand aside and let the people of United States of America lead with their convictions to elect Barak Obama as the next president to lead the country.

When the people speak and their voice is counted there will be a new hope birthed into America. The change created by a dream begins with a thought in the heart that can imagine creation. You as a Nation are about to deliver a new tomorrow with President Barak Obama.
Mary Robertson
Vancouver BC

Posted by Mary Robertson | Report as abusive

The choice of Sarah Palin as the McCain running mate is a weak attempt to secure both Hillary supporters, and social conservatives, in one swoop.

I believe that the social conservatives may take the bait. McCain’s problem is that Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton; her inexperience and her corruption probe will make her more of a liability than a ticket to the Oval Office.

Posted by Badgerbay | Report as abusive

I’m not a fan of McCain, but given the libs’ responses to the announcement posted here, I’d say McCain hit a home run in the naming of Sarah Palin. It’s clear–they fear the HOCKEY MOM!

Posted by zeb | Report as abusive

She’s been on the short list for MONTHS to those who have bothered to pay attention … she’s at least as experienced as Obama, in touch and relatable – not some Harvard intellectual, AWESOME PICK!

Posted by sb | Report as abusive

This seems to be an attempt by McCain to steal some of Obama’s ‘progressive’ sheen, and possibly even to court the youth vote (the vast majority of which seems to be swinging in Obama’s favour). Palin is a bold choice on many levels. There was some bitterness that a man was nominated over a woman who, for a long time, looked as though she would receive a coronation. Perhaps McCain is capitalising on this underlying sentiment, though after the bridges mended at the Democratic conference this week it may be too late for that. I have a feeling that Palin might give McCain’s campaign the ‘X Factor’ that it was severely lacking in comparison to his opponant. Shrewdly, he’s also back to being the underdog (seemingly a position of strength in this election) by choosing someone so utterly untested in international politics as his running mate. It’s a gamble, but perhaps not as risky as some may think! Though of course I could be wrong and it might just be a very cynical move to grab estranged Hilary voters after all.

Why do you all have to be aggressive with one another? Both the leading candidates are, in their own way, remarkable men who want change in Washington. Win win for all of you Americans I’d say– better than the stultifying choice we Brits face at our next election!

Posted by Mike M | Report as abusive

I really don’t know much about Palin, but I’ve read good and bad things about her so far.

I don’t really understand comments like this, “A thinly veiled attempt attempt to energize his campaign that isn’t going to work. McCain just threw his biggest argument against Obama out the window.”

If you’re trying to compare Palin’s inexperience with Obama’s inexperience, Palin’s not running for President.

Hopefully, given a choice of electing a President with more experience and a VP with less experience as opposed to a President with less experience and a VP with more experience, one would choose a President with more experience. Or were you just thinking that inexperience was inexperience and it didn’t matter if it was the President or VP? (scratches head)

Ther person in the number 1 seat needs to have the more experience.

Posted by MajorTom | Report as abusive

Wow! A beauty contest winner AND a member of the NRA!

Sounds like someone who would be fun to date for a few months.

Don’t think that qualifies her to run the most powerful country on earth!

Posted by Badgerbay | Report as abusive

Have any of you seen the movie pursuit of happiness?

well if you did you will realize that happiness is not an american dream, but the pursuit is. That in mind democracts want you to believe they can give you happiness and thats not life people.

Posted by stacy | Report as abusive

Alaska is corrupt. Alaska is absolutely corrupt. Alaska is owned and ruthlessly controlled by the same oil companies that employ Palin’s husband and rape you when you buy gasoline .

Palin fired the Alaska Commissioner of Public Safety in retaliation for his refusal to fire her ex brother-in-law (an Alaska State trooper).

The high-water mark of Republican sleaze may yet rise as high as the flood stains on a New Orleans whore house.


Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

So umm biden was change? Really that guy is oldschool politian hes not for change he’s the same biden as last year and 10 years ago.

Posted by stacy | Report as abusive

Wasilla, the town in which Palin was once mayor, is a small sleepy town and nothing worth writing home about. How can someone with such little experience bring anything to the table for McCain?

Posted by Bryan L. | Report as abusive

Sarah who?

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

McCain/Palin: The Ticket That Rocks!

This could very well be a knockout blow for Obama. Already in trouble with female voters and losing ground in key states has spelled trouble. A marginal or safe pick on the part of McCain for VP would have made the race close. However, this is a clear victory for McCain. She’s popular with right leaning groups that have concerns about McCain and she also brings voter segments along for the ride.

Say goodnight Obama!

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Congrats Obama……… continue to be JFKlike and you will make this country great once again……..

Shame on you McCain…… 72 years old and throwing that selection out there…… shame on you!! That is a slap in the face to EVERY citizen of this country for your pathetic gimmicktry!!!!!

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Anyone remember the Mondale/Ferraro disaster? This looks to be another such losing combination, but this time with a red tint instead of blue. They’ll win more than one state, to be sure, but hardly enough to overcome the democrats. I’ll bet even some of the “safe” southern states are now at risk!

Posted by Chuck from California | Report as abusive

This was a hail mary pass. And it certainly isn’t good decision making for the American people, even if it might help him getting elected. This is awful governing in my view.

She has no real experience on the global stage, far less so than you can say of Obama. Nor I bet in well established relationships with her party’s power brokers. She doesn’t know her way around Washington, which like it or not is needed to get things done. Washington is a world of lobbying sharks and compromise to get sufficient votes in Congress for anything to get done.

The Neilson ratings story is only part of how many watched Obama accept his nomination. Add in people who watched online, on Cspan, on PBS and in the re-runs available, and compare them to audience for McCain and you will see the true state of affairs in this election.

-a lady democrat leaning toward voting republican this shoved me back to the democratic party.

Posted by Elaine Southard | Report as abusive

I love all the Liberals who flatter themselves with the notion McCain chose Palin to capture Hillary voters. While I’m sure thats an added bonus try to think beyond what the media wants you talking about today and consider for a moment John McCains relationship with his party going into this race.

McCain has moved greatly toward the middle on many important conservative issues in recent years and has put many conservatives off for that. There are numerous Conservative Republicans who denounced him when it became clear he would be the top runner and at the same time they announced they’d be staying home on election day because they couldn’t support him. Choosing a VP who gets What American Conservatives are hungry for and gets them to the booth 11/4 makes her an excellent choice to win back disgruntled conservatives and the recent polls show McCain/Obama with a 2% to 3% spread which is crazy close. It’s clear to me by the Democrat/Liberal responses seen here today are of rage and panic because finally for the first time,they realize Bon Jovi may actually have to fight to win this race.

The icing on the cake for me personally will be when the debates begin and the hard questions are asked. I’m stocking up on popcorn and diet sodas in anticipation.

Posted by Janet Johsnon | Report as abusive

This is just like failed Harriet Miers appointment to the Supreme Court. Repubs are picking a person without the experience for the job, but because she’s a woman and born again, they think we’ll just accept her. Miers was wrong for the Supreme Court, and Palin is wrong for VP. Does the party think that we’re not smart enough to want the best person for the job? Palin is the best they could get? Give me a break.

Posted by bb | Report as abusive

you guys know where this is going right? the republicans will use the christian right again like the did last election. pro-life and pro-choice argument is going to be what the republicans will try to push. this will galvanize the christian conservative. palin is pro life and carried a baby with down syndrome to full term. watch her speech at the republican national convention. this fight is far from over if they get the conservatives heated enough.

Posted by MO | Report as abusive

Obama is not heavy on experience but at least he was educated at a decent school (Columbia) and got a degree in POLITICAL SCIENCE. He also has some legislative experience in the his state Senate and the US Senate.
He is likely to be able to handle the Presidency.
Palin went to a pathetic school and her degree is in JOURNALISM… she is very qualified to be a weather girl… but President!!!??? Governor of Alaska is a joke job… hell even Jesse Ventura was a Governor of a bigger state (more than 5 times larger population).

Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

Everyone is so touchy here!! Let’s face it, no matter which of these clown teams win, the country will lose! We have a choice between an over the hill, out of touch, flip-flopping, Alzheimer old fart or a man with numerous hidden agendas, an empty suit golden boy!
With these non-choices, we are doomed! Kind of like the choice of death by hanging or death by firing squad. Either way, the results are the same!

Posted by Victoria | Report as abusive

Quite the gamble John Mccain is taking for the election. I can only imagine the kind of gambles he will be taking with Americas foreign policy once he is president.

Totally unacceptable.

Posted by natheya | Report as abusive

Obama is not heavy on experience but at least he was educated at a decent school (Columbia) and got a degree in POLITICAL SCIENCE. And then he went on to get a law degree. Since governing is all about the LAW that is an excellent background. He also has some legislative experience in the his state Senate and the US Senate.
He is likely to be able to handle the Presidency.
Palin went to a pathetic school and her degree is in JOURNALISM… she is very qualified to be a weather girl… but President!!!??? Governor of Alaska is a joke job… hell even Jesse Ventura was a Governor of a bigger state (more than 5 times larger population).

Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

Well, they’ve locked in those 3 electoral votes from Alaska, that’s for sure. But wait … Alaska always votes Republican! Darn it – shoulda picked a beauty queen from Ohio!!

Posted by Chuck from California | Report as abusive

Thank God we now have two people we can trust to run our Country.John I believe God touched your Heart and mind which guided you to the choice you made.although you had some great Americans to choose from We/You needed someone that will help you beat Obama and I believe Shrah can do it with you.Joe is looking forward to debating Sarah.Well let him run his mouth and when he stops just read from his speech just a few days before he was ask to run with Obama>>>> “Obama is not ready to run our country”.That came from Joe’s mouth..Another thing,I want to thank you for all that you have done for our Country.You suffered so.
Obama’s Camp made remarks about you useing that to win.As tragic as it was.The Auto accident His Wife was in that took their lives was very sad and I am so sorry that He had to go through that however,How many times has that been reported by Obamas Camp….I Pray that God will be with Sarah’s Son and My Grandson that is also leaving in go to Iraq.
May God Bless you both…Mary

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

McSame may has well have thrown in the towel with this bonehead pick. Once the media gets through dragging her through the mud for her improprieties as governor of podunk alaska, Barak Obama and Joe Biden will win by a landslide.
Thank You for living down to the GOP’s lowest expectations McSame!!

Posted by BillG | Report as abusive

Palin is anti-choice, a lifetime member of the NRA, does not believe humans are causing global warming, favors drilling for oil in ANWR and teaching creationism in schools. Her political experience is small-town mayor and governor of a thinly populated state. McCain is 72 years old. Do we want this unknown right-wing extremist in the world’s most powerful position?

Posted by Carol Marsh | Report as abusive

The issue at the end of the day for Christian conservatives, is the issue of Justice as the Bible clearly mandate Christian to stand up against injustice: bibleandjustice.htm

And the biggest injustice to the CHristians is Abortion.

Posted by Susan Yekinni | Report as abusive

As a military member residing in Alaska with a child old enough to enter kindergarten in most states and a wife whom has worked in education for the state of Alaska, Sarah Palin is not the candidate you wish to support if education is high on your list of priorities. Schools in her state (specifically the Fairbanks area, interior Alaska) are not in accordance with the “No Child Left Behind” Act of 2001 signed into law by President Bush. They lack Special Education teachers and tutors for special needs students and students behind the learning curve on the suggested curriculum. Alaska does not fund its schools using state taxes. Rather, it uses federal income tax to fund its schools. Alaska schools refuse to become Title I schools. Title I schools are those schools required under the “No Child Left Behind” Act of 2001 to provide supplemental instruction to students that are special needs or falling behind in their curriculum. The state of Alaska, under Governor Palin, has cut the aforementioned programs that the federal money was intended to provide for by labeling these students other than special needs in the areas stated and not classifying as Title I. In doing so the State of Alaska, under Governor Palin, deceptively has accepted federal money for services not rendered, while continuing the permanent dividend fund. She is quite a reformer indeed. This is quite a disturbing revelation considered she has mothered a special needs child.

Posted by Scot | Report as abusive

From what i have learnt of Sara Palin so far, i’m not impressed. She used her position as the Governor to settle a personal score (getting a state official fired). One can only imagime what she would do with the power of the vice presidency. Also having a baby at an age when the risk of Down’s Syndrome is significantly high seems cruel to me, but thats just my opinion.

Posted by ken | Report as abusive

As a Republican for 35 years,I was deeply disappointed in the selection of Palin as McCain’s VP. I personally look at whether I agree with the overall values a Party represents, the resume/experience/maturity level(Presidential feel) of a candidate for office, and his/her character and integrity over the course of a career as I make a decision of whom to vote for. Unlike others, I do not vote for someone based merely on gender or color–I analyze the above factors. I actually agree with some major ideologic ideas from both Democrats and Republicans, but have been a Republican because as a business owner, overall I desire limited government and taxes with fiscal responsibility. Also, even though a registered Republican,I will vote for another Party’s candidate based on the above factors outlined as I voted for Al Gore in the last election.
McCain’s choice of VP was especially critical to me because of his age so I intended to look at his VP choice more closely–a factor the Democrats are always using against him. He clearly has more experience than Obama and that was his strong factor with me. Yet, now he has selected someone who has a high statistical chance of stepping into his shoes because of his age, who I believe clearly does not have the experience or qualifications to be President of the United States of America at this point in her career. Obama lacked experience and he was smart to pick a VP to counteract his weakness, even though chances are slim he will die in office. McCain should have done the same–two candidates with extraordinary experience, integrity, and qualifications (male or female of any color) were key to winning the election over Obama–especially due to his age and since he is the underdog. McCain picked his VP strictly based on the gender factor and because she is VERY conservative in order to pick up votes. I believe this is a big mistake which will backfire, & McCain will lose voters on the fence or cross-overs like me that do not want too far right or left. I cannot vote for any ticket with her on it because it is unfathomable to me that she could be our President–which is much more likely to happen as McCain’s VP. I also find it odd that he has only met her once or twice. This confirms to me that rather than thinking of the possible consequences of his selection or analzing who is the better candidate for VP, he merely picked someone who he thought would pick up the women voters and evangelicals who don’t like him. Now I question his judgment.
Unfortunately, John McCain just lost my vote, along with 3 other Republican votes in our household.

Posted by SusanBarrett | Report as abusive

Why did John McCain have such a hard time trying to figure out who to pick as his vice president? The biggest reason that he picked Mrs. Palin was because he thinks that this woman gives him a chance to capture the Hillary Clinton woman voters who were so mad and threatening after it was clear that with no matter of pressure they going to get their wish. But so many of the dynamics are not in place in this case. It really is a completely different situation. If John McCain starts realizing that he made a wrong choice, he may start to lose his Cheshire Cat grin.

Posted by Evelyn H | Report as abusive

I hear alot about Sarah Palin not having enough experience to govern because she is from a small state and cant be commader-in cheif. I have witnessed the Alaska State National Guard Striker battalion, that she is commander in cheif of, here in Iraq quell the extreme voilence in norther Iraq, Mosul in 2006. Before they came to Mosul the base experienced 5-10 morter attacks a week minimum. Shortly after they arrived attacks plunged to only 12 in 6 month while I was there. Then the ALASKA Guard Strickers were sent to Baghdad as Violence was spiraling out of control in early 2007. Their tour extended to 15 months, Allowed General Petraeus’s surge forces to gain the upper hand on the extemist killers that were slaughtering Iraqis by the thousand. The Alaska National Guard Striker Battalion, as a battle harden and proven Defender of Freedom, believes that she is ready to be commader in cheif if called upon!!
Also since Alaska is also the Largest State of our Union with the greatest Natural resource of any State in the union. She has fought to protect from the corruption of excesses. That is why she ran for governor!! And she suceeded. She has a Degree in Jornalism! She has Exectutive Experience. ( OBAMA OR BIDEN HAS NONE) Alaska Has a balanced Budget that Sarah Palin has presided over. (OBAMAS AND BIDEN VOTING RECORD IN THE SENETE HAS ONLY INCREASED THE NATIONAL DEBT OF OUR COUNTRY). Sarah Palin has Military Commader in Chief Experience (OBAMA AND BIDEN DO NOT) What am I missing here? As Far as Forgein Policy. She will have compassion, and empathy for our allies abroad. But make no mistake Russia,Iran and any enemy that would attack the U.S. or our allies. As the news cast have shown Sarah Palin with the M16. She will and knows how to pull the trigger!!

Posted by Ron in Iraq | Report as abusive

I’m amazed at the number of posters who believe McCain chose Palin to pick up Hillary’s disgruntled women’s votes. McCain chose Palin for a whole host of reasons, but mainly because Palin has a reputation of being a Maverick herself. She’s superior on ethics and reform, on energy, on negotiating (including with Canada), and in character and integrity. Palin has an 80+% approval rating as the Governor of Alaska; she is obviously doing a great job representing and fighting for her constituents, regardless of the population number.

With any luck, Palin can look into Nancy Pelosi’s hard opposition to drilling and Pelosi’s investment with T.Boone Pickens. Seems to me to be a conflict of interest on Pelosi’s part.

Palin would be great for a Washington, D.C. thorough house-cleaning: That’s the CHANGE we NEED.

Posted by Brickhouse | Report as abusive

Whow, call a spade a spade; our country is getting played with the venom illustrated in our society with money, power, and greed which “clearly” motivated McSame’ VP appointment;

And the GOP is doing whatever it takes to stay in power and is not in the best interest of the America voters;

Why is it that McCain’s spouse transferring 48% of the American beer market oversea in now in the news? When the on spin Obama associations with others opposed to for example of McCain losing sight of how many homes they own as husband and wife? Money, Power and Greed!

The GOP strategy is clear- keep the negative venom (for as race and the femine movement in this election process) and the American people will not focus 90% of what is real and what is not, in their choice for the best candidate for the job.

McSame really needs a check up for the neck up!

Why is it that, the news media is sheltering the fact that the Russian leader, Putin, advised the Americans to look at their presidential candidates or powers to be involuted the current conditions in Georgia for political gain.

McSame was the first one to put focus on this current condition in Georgia!

McSame, not the American people, not this time! Hell no to the GOP strategy and the disillusion that says that you are the most qualified to be commander-in-chief. This is including your “beauty queen” VP pick.

Wake up America or live with being a joke of the world as “superpower!” and the country settling for four more years of the same strategy being delivered by McSame and the GOP- that have had our country in turmoil for the past eight years.

America, it not about the GOP or the DEM -It is about you! Call a spade a spade and live with four more years of McSame-

Posted by Emmett | Report as abusive

Dead on, Brickhouse!

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Thank God for Sarah Palin and the bloggers! Gov Palin has not been in the Senate since 1973 like Biden. There is good news!

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hey, listen to Sarah Palin in her own words in this NewsWeek Video that was done back in March 2008! Its very telling!

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Palin wants creationism taught in schools. I think this quote says it best… “I would defend the liberty of consenting adult creationists to practice whatever intellectual perversions they like in the privacy of their own homes; but it is also necessary to protect the young and innocent.”
Arthur C. Clarke

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