McCain’s VP pick Palin draws boos when mentioning Hillary Clinton

August 31, 2008

WASHINGTON, Pa. – So maybe saying nice things about Hillary Clinton at a Republican rally isn’t such a good idea.
John McCain’s new vice presidential nominee, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, acknowledged the New York senator on Saturday when reflecting on her new found role as a national candidate.
The reaction from a large chunk of the audience: boos.
“I think as well today of two other women who came before me in national elections, and I can’t begin this great effort without honoring the achievements of Geraldine Ferraro back in 1984 and of course, Senator Hillary Clinton,” Palin said.
palin2.jpgBoo. Boo. Boo.
So much for trying to win over disaffected Clinton supporters. They, apparently, are not turning up to McCain-Palin rallies.
But no matter. The Alaska governor breezed on with a nod to her own historic bid, in Clinton’s wake.
“It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America,” she said. “But thankfully, as it turns out, the women of America aren’t finished yet, and the voters will shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”
The McCain campaign has made a concerted effort to win over Clinton backers who were upset at her loss in the Democratic primary to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.
Palin’s presence on the ticket puts the mother of five in line to make history as the first female U.S. vice president if she and McCain beat Obama and his running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, in the Nov. 4 election.

Photo credit: Reuters/John Gress (Palin campaigns in Washington)


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I’m insulted that McCain thinks hat because he picks a woman, any woman, Hillary supporters are going to vote for him. How dare he?

What makes it worse is that on his first executive decision McCain put politics first, there is no way that Palin is the best choice the GOP has for a VP. More so when we are talking about the eldest presidential candidate, the decision is reckless and sad.

Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive

Not just a “political” choice, a gimmick, a Karl Rove trick, staged quickly on the day after the Democratic Convention to steal thunder from that event, and done without proper vetting. Proof that that’s precisely how McCain is going to run our country: Just as Bush/Cheney did, as a toy, a means to get and keep power, without regard to the wellbeing of its citizens.

Posted by erik | Report as abusive

a man who blames obama for lack of experiance has choosen sara as vp.I think this old man has run out of his mind. It is time for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to make a choice between the war zone MACHAIN and the peace zone OBAMA. Time for WASHINGTON and THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA to decide to have a peacefull future foreign relationship BY ELECTING OBAMA.

Posted by TIRUSEW GERESU | Report as abusive

The immediate attacks upon McCain and upon Sarah Palin, coming from the Obama camp, and even from commenters on this site, reflect a level of animosity I simply cannot understand. How can one not admire an eloquent woman who went from concerned mother, to Mayor, to Governor of our largest state, which happens to border two other nations? And now she is a Vice Presidential candidate. Sarah Palin is commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard, and as Governor she has more executive decision-making authority than either candidate on the Democrat ticket. I trust that intelligent readers will not be fed by media propaganda. If you attack McCain for his choice, or Palin for her gender, on the basis that you think this is a transparent move by the Republicans… then I’m sure you also scowl at the selection of Obama as being equally transparent; please, feel free to scathe on about your own candidate’s underqualification. The truth is, great leaders may come from anywhere. They may be any race or gender. Sarah Palin is clearly an impressive woman. If this bothers you, I’m sorry. You just learned about her. It’d be less transparent of the Obama camp, and it’s supporters, if they could hold off for at least a few days before unleashing the dogs.

Posted by Nelson | Report as abusive

“The reaction from a large chunk of the audience: boos.”

What would you expect from a group of Republicans? The reporter is what is commonly referred to as an idiot for assuming that a Palin, speaking to a group of Republicans would be cheered by the same group for saying anything positive about SEN Clinton.

Posted by montgom | Report as abusive

Palin is a gimmick candidate that brings nothing to the table except trying to get Hillary supporters and women, which is not going to be effective in the long run. She does absolutely nothing for him as she has little experience or a track record. She also doesn’t seem like a good debater or someone who can defend McCain. I predict that Joe Biden will destroy her during their VP debate.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Obama has alot less experience than Sarah does she has more “executive” experience than both Obama bin Biden combined. The problem is Obama has no experience except for running for office. He has only been a Senator for 2 years. She has fought corruption in her home state, I will vote McCain Palin this year!!!! You guys are really bitter..I was democrat now I’m voting for McCain-Palin.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Looks like the talking points have gone out already!

We’ve got a McCain insider here who KNOWS that Palin wasn’t vetted properly, you libs are too funny.

Palin and her family exude traditional Judeo-Christian American values. The Palin family are REAL Americans, they walk the walk, not contrived stories like the ivy-league yahoos on the other side. When was the last time Obama went hunting and killed something? Do you think he baits his own hooks? I don’t!

Obama and Biden have 0 executive experience. Heck, taking on a City Council and winning is more of an acocmplishment then these 2 ever had.

Posted by James Burns | Report as abusive

McCain is too old to make any decision correctly. Old age and a weak mind. It’s normal. He will not take anyone who has better charishma than him.

Posted by Shams | Report as abusive

As a McCain supporter, I’m okay with Palin as a running mate, but please stop bringing the Clintons into this. Her husband was a disgrace to the office and she wouldn’t have been much better with her socialist policies. I don’t care about the PUMAs or whatever they are and the McCain/Palin ticket doesn’t need them anyway.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I think Palin is an excellent choice. As VP, she’ll be doing what Obama should have been doing–advising and learning along the way. Obama should be somebody’s VP candidate, not a daggone POTUS candidate. HE’s the one without the experience for the position he’s vying for.

Posted by Shana | Report as abusive

Do they really think that people are that stupid ?? This is like saying that all those people who voted Hillary, only did it because she was a woman.

So, her intelligence, background, experience, skills, etc.. don’t count. People voted because of her gender.

Come on!!

Seriously, either McCain is a very stupid guy thinking he can trick people so easily or he thinks the citizens of this country are all dumb.

We need to get done with those elections and start putting that country back on track with Obama!

Posted by Pascal | Report as abusive

Can’t wait to hear the line from Joe Biden at the VP debate say… Gov, I know Hillary Clinton…I served with Hillary Clinton….Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine. Gov. Palin, You’re no Hillary Clinton.

Posted by latinovoter | Report as abusive

Maybe, before you make a comment about the Republican VP Nominee you should actually learn something about her and read some of her speaches.

Posted by Josh | Report as abusive

I think Sarah Palin is an outstanding choice for the GOP Vice President. She’s smart, ambitious, hard working and represents ideas and ideals that all Americans ought to cherish. While some complain that it is “politics” to choose a woman, the obvious fact is that all elections are “politics”. More importantly, choosing a woman is especially Good, and overdue. That’s largely what this historic election is all about – breaking down racial and gender barriers. Senator McCain has demonstrated that he is not what Democrats too quickly label him as: “old style; old ways” of Governing. Senator McCain and his choice for VP is open minded; creative; practical; and devoted to his country more than to himself; and the best choice for President of the United States.

Posted by Pat Neils | Report as abusive

TRUELY THIS WHOLE PALIN SAGA SHOWS CLEARLY THAT MACCAIN WILL STOP AT NOTHING ONLY TO WIN THIS ELECTION. HIS COUNTRY DOES NOT COME FIRST, WINNING COMES FIRST. OBAMA THOUGHT ABOUT HIS COUNTRY FIRST AT LEAST BY HIS VP CHOICE BECAUSE EVEN IF HE WAS TO DIE GOD FORBID, THE COUNRTY WOULD MOVE FORWARD UNDER J BIDEN. What would happen if Macain was to die in office ??????????America would be a laughing stock under Palin. Truely who is more likely to suffer a setback (illness/death) in office Maccain or Obama? Choose wisely here, Maccain did not consider his country first he behaved like a father who dies and lives no will for his children. Each man for himself and God for us all. Maccain piece of advice, do not bother about Obama rather work on your judgement

Posted by MELODY | Report as abusive

You probably thought it was reckless for Ronald Reagan to be the Republican choice, too. But obviously, you were in the minority. I think you still are. And on election day we’ll see. You know, when you’re sitting on the far left, even the center seems like it’s the far right.

Posted by kenmoksa | Report as abusive

Maybe choosing Palin had little or nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. She is a governor, there are only fifty of them…

Posted by CC | Report as abusive

It will be nice to know that if McCain/Palin win that we will actually have a VP in office with more experience then Obama.

Posted by rav | Report as abusive

I just know that all of those PUMA, Hillbots are feeling welcomed and cozy with the Repugs right about now! Warm Fuzzies for everyone!

Posted by obamagirl68 | Report as abusive

Everyone who insists that being governor of Alaska for 19 months means that Palin has lots of Executive experience is either ignoring the facts and reality or high. The population of that state is around 650,000. That is less than a third of the size of the state Senate district that Obama represented for 6 years. If you like Palin, that is fine, but don’t try to pretend that she is experienced. SHe clearly is not.

Posted by Chad | Report as abusive

This is a brilliant pick for Mcsame.
Now he won’t have to stand up for both sides of every issue. He can be opposed to offshore drilling, for the separation of Church and State, luke warm on women’s right to chose, and support his own immigration bill again. She can take the other side of all these issues and they can each be opposing ‘Mavericks’ on the same ticket. The one thing they will both have in common is being against equal pay for equal work for women.

Posted by Garrett | Report as abusive

I am amused at those who say Palin has more ‘experience’ than Obama. HAHAHAHA. you have all clearly chosen not to pay attention for the last year and a half to all of Obama’s many accomplishments. He’s founded organizations, run voter registration drives, cleaned up the streets of Chicago; he passed legislation mandating that murder suspects have their interrogations videotaped, and passed legislation giving 150,000 children in Illinois health insurance. He’s served on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, passed ethics reform bills, and been on the longest job interview in the history of presidential elections. Please, oh repubs, how that compares to attending PTA meetings, living ‘close’ to Russia, and eating moose.

Oh, nevermind, I just remembered, Repubs don’t like facts, they just like their smears and talking points.

Posted by Bethany | Report as abusive

Well, We have news for you, We didn’t Bo at the mention of Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro as the ones who paved the way. Matter of fact, we have now dedided to swith our aligence and we will vote for McCain and Palin in November. You have to know tht we will not be the only ones. Our email is full of people (women) who are doing the same thing.

Your calculation that we have no place to go but to come back to Obama. You are wrong, dead wrong. We have joined a movement with Hillary followeres and we intend to fight and switch. To McCain.

Have a good day!

Tom and Sherry

Posted by Tom Vargo | Report as abusive

To follow up on this article and criticism about the “boos”, I watched the video I honestly could NOT hear the “boos” over the applause. From this article; “Boo. Boo. Boo.” that’s three “boos”, in a crowd of thousands three is about correct.
The Democrats have NO honor and have chosen to run a candidate based on race and not substance, I will be the first to say that the Democrats are practicing a form of reverse racism. It should not matter what color the skin is, this is inconsequential.
Obama made a fatal error in NOT running Hillary as his VP, any self respecting woman can see that he made the pick of politics as usual with Joe Biden, Joe Biden is simply a good ole Boy, a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.
Sarah Palin honestly out shines all other candidates Democratic or Republican, to attack her is to have NO honor or legitimacy!
Obama is clearly practicing misogyny! any vote for him is a vote against women. Against every Mother, Wife, Daughter, Grand-Mother, against every women in every professional position as a Scientist, Physician, Professor, Politician, Journalist, etc.
To NOT vote for McCain/Palin would be to side with every misogynist in the world from every culture and religion.

Posted by rav | Report as abusive

Why on earth would she be against equal pay for equal work for women? She IS a women, and she has worked hard to get where she is. Why would ANY woman be against equal pay for equal work for women? I don’t think I even know any men in my personal aquaintance that are against that. You shouldn’t assume that just because someone has different political views than you that they are blind to the unfairness of such practices, especially if they are subject to the unfairness!

Posted by Eliz | Report as abusive

Minke you’re wrong about Obama. He was in the Illinois Senate for 8 years before he came to the senate.

Posted by Charris | Report as abusive

Look here for his bio  /

Posted by Charris | Report as abusive

McCain’s choice in Palin shows his lack of judement. Palin choice of words will not win over the Hillary voters.

Posted by Lyn, St Geo, UT | Report as abusive

I know blogs are not supposed to be civil, but ‘Obama bin Biden’? Come on, you’re likening the two men on the Dem ticket to a crazed mass murderer. As for Palin, if the two major newspapers in Alaska (and I bet they’re not liberal/leftist) as well as reps of the Alaskan GOP call Palin a bad choice shouldn’t we listen. They know her.

Posted by Elizabeth | Report as abusive


– Before getting to the US Senate Obama served 11 years in the Illinois State Senate.
– Barack Obama is a graduate TOP of his class at Harvard Law School. Barack Obama also has a degree in Political science specializing in International Relations.
– Barack Obama worked in Chicago, Illinois as a community organizer, Obama, as the director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago, helped set up a job training program, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants’ rights organization in Altgeld Gardens.
– Barack Obama also worked as a consultant and instructor for a community organizing institute.
– Barack Obama worked as a Civil Rights lawyer for 9 years.
– Barack Obama was also a University of Chicago Constutitional Law Professor for 12 years.
— In the US Senate Obama has written 890 pieces of legislation, and co-sponsored 1096 pieces of legislation.

OBAMA EXPERIENCE — YES!!!! OBAMA KNOWLEDGE — YES!!!! OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT– YES!!!  /republican_race/2008/08/30/2008-08-30_ hometown_backs_sarah_palin_but_motherinl .html = mother n law 8/29/interesting-mccain-chose-palin-when -she-is-under-scrutiny-and-investigation  /  /what-is-mccain-thinking-one-alaskans-p erspective/

Posted by FACINGREALITY | Report as abusive

I wonder if McCain will use his POW status as the rationale for choosing an obviously “over her head for position person” as he used POW status as excuse for not remembering how many houses he owns when the fit hits the shan on this decision. My gosh people..The woman said “Yup, yup, I’m ready” when asked if she was ready to be VP. Yup, yup? I’m still on the floor LMFAO.

Posted by The Cp29 | Report as abusive

McCain had me after Hillary’s rejection from the DNC…I have been a registered Democrat since my first election 1956…I found out I’m not too old to CHANGE..

2006 Americans (including me) wanted CHANGE – we voted a Democratic Congress – yep we got CHANGE, the rest is history, gas was $2.19, now $4.00+, Unemployment over 5%, home equity dropped by 13 Trillion Dollars, over 2% in foreclosure, Dow down 11,500 from a high 14,000, Trillion dollars LOST from Stocks, Bonds, 401K’s & Mutual Funds. Obama claims he will give us CHANGE!!! How much CHANGE do you think we can stand?? Think before you pull that lever.

Posted by JUNE GRUHN | Report as abusive

Ms Palin is not Hillary Clinton. Her selection is a cynical embarrassment. I can’t believe Mr. McCain is this Cynical. It may electrify the conservative base. However, It probably will backfire more than help him. It probably will have the effect of turning off a lot of the Hillary supporters that were leaning slightly toward McCain. Hillary supporters are not stupid. They can see through this attempt at garnering votes.

Posted by gary | Report as abusive

Palin really makes me doubt McCain’s judgement.

Posted by Barb | Report as abusive

I was thrilled to hear of McCains choice for VP. I was truly concerned that he would choose someone who was experienced, seasoned, knowledgeable on world affairs; someone who could step into the shoes of the president if need be.

Too bad it’s not my birthday!

Posted by Pam | Report as abusive

I believe that chosing Palin as his VP choice is the biggest pandering he (McCain) has done in this campaign. He chose her because, for no other reason, that she is a woman. He thinks that she will get all of Clinton’s women, guess what, no way. He has insulted women all over America and they will not stand behind them.

The Republican’s are touting that she is more experienced than Obama, well lets review her credentials: She mamaged a sporting goods store-job one-big deal. She was Major of her town of 5500 people-her job was to take notes and vote ONLY if there was a tie. (Secretary if you as me) and now is the Govenor who has abused her power by firing the chief of police because he would not fire her brother in law. This will come out in the investigation she is under.

Alaska is a state known to have the most crimnal officials then any state in the union. She has more flip flops then McCain has and I am sure that the WWR is thrilled that she wants to take the Polar Bear off the endangered species list.

She was asked, What does a Vice President DO? She has also complimented Obama on his economic plan and she does not agree with that our planet is in trouble. Along with that she does not feel women have any rights in this country.

So I conclude by saying this is the person they are shouting to the world that should step in and become President, I say, if that happens, this is one person who will leave this country and move somewhere else.

Bad Pandering choice, PERIOD.

Posted by Judy | Report as abusive

Palin is a charismatic christian who rolls on the ground screamng that feminism and the ACLU are demonic .Let us all wait for the rapture as we go to war with Iran and reinstitute the draft.War against the muslims war against science,enough!

Posted by joseph marcucilli | Report as abusive

Nelson . . . The animonsity of anti-Republicans has to do with this country’s condition that Bush & Company leaves us. “Eight is enough” that you heard at the Democratic convention has to do with the profound arrognance, malfeasance of large government programs, mendacity, antidemocratic governmental functioning, graft and personal greed, Bush’s intellectual incompetence, deception of the American people and obaqueness regarding decision making, the functioning of business interests in forming government policy, the strangling of the military, Bush policies which directly contradict the US Constitution, the bankruptcy of government through record-level deficits, the strenthening of Iraq in the Mideast region, abdicating diplomacy in favor of bellicose threats to nations that appear to oppose America, and, of course, illegal rendition, torture and the murders of innocent Iraqi civilians. Do you not fill any anger, any shame in how American leadership has failed this country so profoundly? If you do not, then you have an extremely narrow and selfish world view.

Your comments about Palin exhibit little insight into the facts. She is the governor of a state with a total population that is less than Cincinnati, OH, and her 20-month tenure as Alaska governor forces her to grapple with few issues found in urban America. McCain’s decision brings into question how he can ignore Alaska’s investigation of her use of political power for personal needs. There are many more issues related to McCain’s decision, but lack of space here does not allow for a detailed discussion. Please take the time to read the excellent reporting on HP regarding her background.

But, I suppose, nothing can be as diastorous and scary as the selection of Dick Cheney.

Posted by adamlahm | Report as abusive

Republicans think that if you say something over and over again, people are stupid enough to just swallow it. This Governor does not have much experience, you can’t have one criteria to judge Obama and another just because they are the Republican candidate. For those of you who swallow that garbage and claim to be Hillary supporters, you are liars and you obviously don’t stand for what Hillary has fought for all these years. Stop calling yourselves “Democrats who are taking a stand because of Hillary” you are using that as a shield”, show your real selves and profess that you are just racists and republicans.You would never have voted for Obama in the first place. You are NO Democrats!

Posted by Anny N | Report as abusive

What is amazing is the persistent, nonsensical claim that because McCain has been in government for a long time he is somehow an expert on foreign policy. He has demonstrated time and again that he doesn’t get it. He made the colossal mistake of promoting and supporting the Iraq war, the greatest foreign policy disaster of our time. He is wrong on the Middle East and wrong on Georgia. Obama has repeatedly been proven right on these issues. It is not time on the job, but judgment and temperament. Obama, who has 14 years in public service, has demonstrated he has the wisdom and judgment to make a great president. By the way, McCain’s poor academic performance in school was no accident. He is simply not very smart.

Posted by Lloyd | Report as abusive

I have nothing against Ms Palin. Since she supports Obama on many points…including her executive judgment on Iraq. This is going to be fun…just days before her announcement to VP she said that she supports Obama’s Foreign Policy view of Iraq over McCain’s. I think I like her Foreign Policy judgment. I guess I’ll vote for Obama like see is.

Then there’s the fact that her and her husband are both stanch Union members.

Then there’s that little interview just a few weeks ago where Ms Palin all but directly supported Barak Obama over John McSame.

The Republican’s have been screwed by the Idiot and Karl Rove yet again.

Posted by SWMissouri | Report as abusive

my wife and I were were in Washington, PA at the campaign event yesterday. Sarah Palin comes across as remarkably straightforward, sincere and candid. mostly definitely she is her own person. McCain is wise in choosing her, she’s a breath of fresh air. people respond to her immediately.
Sarah Palin has a solid record of executive accomplishments as Governor of Alaska. her achievements are far more significant than Obama’s long string of voting “present” at every opportunity possible. One knows where Sarah Palin stands on issues. as of yet we still don’t know about Obama.

Posted by Doug | Report as abusive

What is McCain thinking?! He is so feeble and old, and not only does she have no foreign policy experience, she doesn’t even have any DOMESTIC policy experience! John may know about the struggles of the working people here in Michigan, but he doesn’t care. Sarah looks like us so she might care, but it will take years for her be informed about the American people, not to mention the Russians, Iranians, Pakistanis…..McCain just wants to win the election, what about AFTER the election?!? I am going to have to go with Obama/Biden.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

Sarah’s first priority as Vice President should be to clean the coruption out of Washington whether Republican, Democrat or any party affliation. They all fear Sarah Barracuda in no uncertain terms. The status quo of passing bills, handing the endowments to friends and supporters and stealing taxpayer money will no longer be tolerated. Now this is change America can actually believe in. Grooming Gov. Palin for POTUS is the best thing to happen to this country in decades.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

It is so entertaining to hear the republicans wax on about Sarah Palin’s superior executive skills – Wasilla, population less than 5,000 is where she spent 10 years honing her ‘executive’ skills that will prepare her to step in as president should McCain expire.

She picked up more skills in the last 16 months after getting elected in preference to an enormously unpopulator opposition candidate.

If the fact that Alaska is a large state makes her more skilled can we assume then that politicians from China are enormously skilled? The fact that Alaska has a very small population seems to be unimportant to her fans – because it is so challenging being governor of such a LARGE state.

Her foreign experience? Canada shares a border with Alaska! and Russia is a short trip across the water. No doubt this will be tremendously valuable experience in running the country.

I look forward to hearing more such choice info from the republicans….

Posted by McGreen | Report as abusive

After seeing MAYOR DALEY at the Convention, I wanted to throw-up..This is Obama’s strongest backer and BOSS of the CORRUPT Chicago machine, a real symbol of CHANGE I’m afraid we may get….My vote and support is McCain – Palin ticket…

If Truman was alive today he would not be invited to speak…Plain spoken Harry would take one look at Obama and we’d be hearing some of his patented obscenities. Truman had no tolerance for politicans who tried to pass themselves off as messiahs.

Posted by Jenny | Report as abusive

Oh McGoo, you done it again!

Just when you think my favorite GOP pander bear can’t do any more for his political rival, in this I am referencing his endless stream of foreign policy gaffes. I’m talking about McBush’s always provable mountain of lies he likes to use about himself, his life, his record and of course, his opponent in this important election. Even when we consider his incredible disrespect for anyone who is not ready to give him money, or who doesn’t fawn all over him, or worse yet, for the women of the our nation. Heck, he is on record calling his own wife a C###. Frankly, if I said that to my wife, she would have rightfully handed me my head. And yes, I too am a Navy Veteran, that doesn’t give me license to disrespect my wife any more than it does McSame.

I digress;

My favorite GOP pander bear has really gone the extra mile for Mr Obama this time. By nominating sweet Sarah Palin, McBush has offered our nation a woman who is barely qualified to run a bake-sale, let alone the USA. What makes McSame’s choice frightening is that at 72, his health is not in great shape. You can see this in interviews when he is tired, McSame losses his train of thought, his ability to grasp questions asked, or to deliver cogent answers. We have all watched younger, more physically and mentally fit men (Clinton and W Bush), seem to age 20 years in the 8 years they are in office. In the case of our current president, he has spent more than 950 days on vacation and he still looks terrible. McSame would be coming into the most stressful job on Earth at 72, with the most unqualified Vice-President at his side, there is no way there could be a happy ending to McSame’s pander in this case.

I’ve never before seen a more selfish candidate who cares so little for the nation that he would saddle us with the potential of a self proclaimed “Hockey Mom” as his replacement. If the GOP is successful in stealing this election from the people of the USA again, our nation is doomed.

The ONLY way to keep this from happening is for all of us who are registered, on November 4th, cast your ballot. Make sure your vote is counted. No matter who your candidate is, your vote is important. If the turn-out is high, they cannot steal from us again.

McGoo did the Obama campaign a favor however, in doing so, he showed utter disregard for ALL of us who love America and want the nation to be a better place for all of us. The sad thing is McSame will never understand the evil he has become. All he cares about is the winning.

Posted by The Freeman | Report as abusive

The McCain supporters are obviously going to defend McCain’choice, no matter how indefensible it is. They would be defending his choice even if he had chosen his horse as a running mate (following the tradition of Calligula). What they say can therefore be discounted. The question is will the people in the middle who will decide this election buy it? Early polling shows that they will not.

Posted by CaptainVideo | Report as abusive

It was with some satisfaction that I read of the booing at Palin’s mention of Hillary. Whenever the bloviating class attempts to say that the bile affects both parties, I will note that when Democrats praised John McCain there were none.

Posted by Tatiner | Report as abusive

Palin will help with the hillery supporters that were poor PA/OH blue collar workers —Women not so much!

Posted by Docb | Report as abusive

To Nelson and anybody else that thinks Palin has any kind of solid experience:
Even the McCain advisers have openly admitted that they will have to stop their ‘Dangerously unprepared’ lines of attack due to Palin’s selection. She may be a potential up and comer for the Republicans, but has no solid seasoning yet. In her comment that it was ‘nice to see another state’ when she arrived in Pennsylvania, it gave the impression that she’s barely left Alaska, much less visited another country for anything other than a vacation. She has her good qualities, but she has a lot of negatives too and unfortunately, those outweigh the positives right now. Some day, she may be a good Republican Presidential/Vice Presidential candidate, but not for this election.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Palin is not the scariest thing about a McCain Presidency. I know how to win wars does. Bush said we went to Iraq because of Sadam that’s the case we won Sadam is dead. We have not been fighting him all these years we have been fighting Al Quadia, there was no Al Quadia until we went there. They went there to kill Americans, pull the troops out Al Quadia leaves. They have already started to leave because there not big enough to fight us at two different places. Al Quadia is not a country its a mind set.Thats why the British lost here, it’s why the south lost, you can kill bin laden today and you won’t be able to declare victory, as long as his followers wake and think killing americans is right you won’t have victory. They don’t need a country,they can put 100 here 50 there. They don’t have to worry about there econemy, citizens well being,jobs,etc. McCain or no one else for that matter, has said how you when this kind of war. So all can say is MR. Mccain explain your plan for winning this war.

Posted by wayne thomas | Report as abusive

Wellllll, one thing is for certain this election….we may not have much quality, but we certainly have variety!

Palin will provide grist for the photoshop satirists. 811837282/


Posted by Didereaux | Report as abusive

The problem with comparing Palin’s experience with Obama’s is that Obama was nominated by democrats to run for President. The democratic process selected him. Palin, however, was chosen as VP by McCain – no democratic process involved there. So, for McCain to harp for months on how Obama is unqualified and then take his 72 year old, cancer surviving self and select an inexperienced VP is hypocritical and leads to the question … “What exactly does John McCain stand for?” Do his decades of experience make him better prepared to be POTUS than Obama, or not?

Posted by Just Capri | Report as abusive

palin is a remarkable accomplish women, and i hope that her achievements are not tarnished by the ill calculation by j maccain and his bid for the white house. i do however take issue w/ any who is against a women right to choose. she hunts and kill and eat moose thats her choice. a horse w/ antlers is beyond my palate. i strongly disagree w/ maccain coice. he’s 72 w/ a history of cancer that has returned 4 times. can anyone honesty say that they would trust this person to run the usa. he met this lady one time, and you want the american people to trust our nuclear arsenal and troops. would she be able to handle wilth talking to putin and the leaders of the middle east. i know that in america women can go as high as the wits and education can take them. saudia arabia, iraq, iran do not see women as equals. how will gov. palin perform on the international stage. people say obama is inexperienced, but obama is smart. he did not choose his v.p carefully for months and he got other people advice on the subject;he knows that if something happens to him in office america will do well w/ biden. HE PUT AMERICA FUTURE FITRST. J MCCAIN CHOOSE TO SELECT AGAINST HIS OWN CAMPAIGN AND PUT HIS AGENDA/FUTURE ABOVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. all on ONE MEETING. if that’s not G. BUSH/CHENEY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. mccain say he would rather loose the election than loose the war. what wouldn’t he do to win the WHITE HOUSE

Posted by Tasha | Report as abusive

I’m a HRC supporter and I’m disgusted with John McCain, thinking we will vote for any woman. Hillary earned her position and she worked hard to earn the respect of the people. Palin has called Hillary and all of her supporters, whiners. I’m sorry to say, Mr. McCain, Sarah is no Hillary. No Way, No How, No McCain.

Posted by vjordan | Report as abusive

I am a life-long democrat, an African American woman, and
a fierce supporter of Barack Obama…and had Hillary Clinton won the nomination, I would’ve been “lock-step” in supporting and working for her! I’ve toyed with the idea that John McCain could possibly be suffering from “dementia,” now I’m totally convinced. This young woman is attractive, and from what I’ve read, a decent
Governor; but make no mistake about it, she is a horrible choice for the republican vp! Her radical conservative views would set women back one-hundred years! Palin should run a class on wilderness survival
because American women will have to learn to hunt and fish in order to eat if these two “rocket-scientists” get
in office. Carolyn Phillips-Wisconsin

Posted by Carolyn Phillips | Report as abusive

Funny how people claim she has more “executive experience” than Obama and Biden, well don’t these people know that John McCain who until last week was saying that experience is important has none himself. So put up or shut up.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

The Barracuda strikes again – reminding voters that Obama lacked the courage to vet Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Posted by Chris Baker (US) | Report as abusive

The immediate attacks upon McCain and upon Sarah Palin, coming from the Obama camp, and even from commenters on this site, reflect a level of animosity I simply cannot understand. – Nelson

Wow! Really? Silly man, Barack Obama has had to endure months and months of vitriolic Republican hate-speak – and for what? Because he lacks experience, because of his religion, because of his race, because of his name, because he has been able to reenergize the Democratic base in such a way that he comes off looking more like a celebrity than a Senator. The list goes on and on.

The difference between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin is that ‘we the people’ decided Barack was still qualified to be president of United States despite his short political resume. It was OUR choice. Palin was McCain’s choice alone. There is no doubt that she will become the fatal millstone around McCain’s neck as she is fully vetted by her Democratic opponents and the media.

Let’s not forget to thank all of the numbskulls out there in America who voted Bush into office – not once, but twice. Thank you!

Without YOU Barack Obama’s candidacy would never have been possible.

I guess it is always darkest just before dawn.

Posted by leapblog | Report as abusive

The McCain/Palin ticket is an insult to the American people, especially Hillary supporters, who are not as shallow as McCain and the Karl Rove team would like to think. Palin stands for NOTHING that Hillary stands for – she is ANTI-choice, PRO-GUNS (that are killing our children in large cities of which she has no understanding of), she is against UNIVERSAL healthcare, wants to teach CREATINISM, and as an Alaskan, understands very little of the rest of the country. And when she tries to use Hillary’s name to support her ticket, it disgusts me. With the selection of Palin as VP candidate, that further strengthens my belief that Obama/Biden will be the best for the country especially after they shared the values at the DNC that we, the Americans, really care about for our families (HEALTH, EDUCATION, SECURITY, HOPE and OPPORTUNITY). Obama gets my vote, I am now actively campaigning for Obama/Biden.

Posted by ggmama | Report as abusive

I love how republicans are saying that Palin has more executive experience than Obama. Heres a newsflash, she has more executive experience than McCain!

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin isnt Hillary Clinton.

John McCain doesn’t understand women.

Choosing a far right wing woman, who stands in stark contrast on every issue important to Hillary supporters won’t win him a single state. Not even Alaska.

John McCain doesn’t respect Hillary Clinton, note his infamous joke about the Clintons back in 1998: “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

Learn the difference on the issues, and vote smart.

Posted by SPiHC | Report as abusive

I was a McCain supporter, not now. I am truely insulted that he would choose Palin over all the other “More quailifed” people. Would he have choosen her if she were a man?? He can not even make his own decisions. He wanted Leiberman. It is now Obama all the way.

Posted by Teri | Report as abusive

I just think it’s silly to assume that simply because McCain choses a woman as his VP that he’ll scoop up more women voters. Although I think it’s great that another woman is running but she does not represent the majority of women’s views, especially when it’s being socially conservative. I vote on values not gender!

Posted by Gisele | Report as abusive

I’m now seriously doubting McCain’s judgment. Actually, this is the last straw. When I look at the Obama/Biden ticket , it’s very attractive compared to the other side which looks in disarray and desperate. I don’t see Obama/Biden as leftist wackos, but centrists. And I can live with that.
I’ve never voted democratic. This time I will.

Posted by Joe the Vet | Report as abusive

I can’t believe people think Palin’s experience compares with Obama. This inexperience label has just gone too far with Obama. Sure he’s not the MOST experienced candidate, but he’s a national political figure who was a state senator for 11 yrs and a US senator for 3. He’s obviously well known now around the world but he was a serious candidate and threat to Hillary’s candidacy when he announced his bid. Can you say the same for Governor Palin? Maybe in a few years, but it’s just a fact that she’s like anyone else before her governorship the last 2 yrs. PTA, city council, mayor of a city of 8,000, it’s all really small-time stuff. Now she made it to being governor, which is great, I don’t root against her though I don’t like her stances at all, but we just don’t know how she’ll play out at all. Frankly, from what I’m hearing I don’t think she’s right at all for me, but comparing her to Obama is ridiculous. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime leader who beat a very strong challenge from Hillary Clinton, and McCain’s getting a little desperate to try to beat him. That’s the reality. He has his faults but he’s totally legit, and no PTA/hockey mom can just walk up and say she’s equally qualified after governing Alaska for less than 2 yrs.
But, that’s not to say she’s not a future star for the Republicans. We should evaluate her for who she is and what she stands for like anyone else. How in the world can you take the polar bears off the endangered species list or not think Global warming is man made? We’ve had enough from the Bush/Cheney administration’s fight against science. I’m all for faith, but we in America are falling behind in education, and instead of pandering to those with less insight into scientific laws, we should be ushering forward into the future. We’re becoming a very split country that’s viewed as ignorant, aggressive, belligerent, polluting and careless. And women will not vote for her just because she’s a woman.
The reason people voted for Hillary was because they thought she was the best qualified PERSON to be president, right or wrong, and yeah it’s great she’s a woman. Women don’t want a hand-out placement when it’s not earned yet though. Hopefully Americans will show we’ve grown a little perspective in our last 8 yrs, because I thought this country was very divided and I really can’t understand how people voted for Bush once let alone twice. My friends who did now admit they made a mistake but how could people not see this coming? So bothered…

Posted by tosher | Report as abusive

As an independent voter and a Clinton supporter, I don’t know whether to laugh or be offended that Senator McCain thinks he’ll win my vote by putting a woman, any woman, on the ticket. Clinton, whether you agree with her politics or not, is an experienced, seasoned politician. This woman is a political neophyte, and even the largest two papers in her own home state are calling her too inexperienced for the job. I will chose the best person for the job of President, and VP — male or female. I won’t chose an underqualified woman simply because she’s a woman — that would be sexist behavior indeed! I’m an independent, but after Sen. Obama’s DNC speech, I was definitely being swayed toward voting for him — and now, with Sen. McCain’s VP pick, there’s no doubt about it. It’s Obama and Biden for me. The fact that Sen. McCain seems to think this absurd VP pick will appeal to former Clinton supporters leads me to agree with Sen. Obama’s assessment: Sen McCain just doesn’t get it.

Posted by Melissa Davis | Report as abusive

lol @ Republican talking points:

She has more EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE! (So does a Quiznos franchisee, so what?)

She headed up the Alaska National Guard! (All 1200 of them.)

Alaska is close to Russia! (L-O-L)

Anyone questioning her is a SEXIST! (Again, L-O-L)

Posted by RustyGranite | Report as abusive

Whatever boos there may have been following Sarah Palin’s remarks paying tribute to Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton went unheard over the applause. In any event, Obama supporters have certainly expent a great deal of energy deriding both Ferraro and Clinton.

Posted by Dale Swingle | Report as abusive

To Nelson: I guess you have benefitted from the past seven and half years of neglect and negligent management of this country. Yeah, Sarah is “eloquent”. But that is not much when compared to “Grandpa McCain” who can’t string more than three words together in a sentence. Obama-ites are not the only ones making these observations. Thinking human beings are making them as well!!!

Posted by Dana | Report as abusive

Whatever your political party may be, it simply is disrespectful to characterise her as an empty person without experience. As governor of Alaska for two years, she’s had more experience of power than Senator Obama.
Can we debate issues and character, please?

Posted by Man From Atlan | Report as abusive

Everybody is comparing Obama to Palin.There is a big difference between them. Obama is vetted by public and he is not appointed unlike Ms.Palin who has been appointed by Mr. McCain. If Obama was not a strong candidate he would not come out of the primaries. This is fight between Obama and McCain.

Lets see where she stands on world issues like mideast, Russian aggression, SE Asian issues.

Posted by VK | Report as abusive

I think it would be a nice gesture for Hillary Clinton to donate her pants suits and campaign shoes to Sarah to see if she can fill Hillary’s shoes so to speak. John McCain and his Republican followers who expect women to vote for Sarah because she is a woman, are grossly out of touch with most American women. Judy Nelson

Posted by heyjuds | Report as abusive

McCain was reckless! Over 18 million americans and counting believe Obama will make a good president so please don’t compare the 2! Sarah has nothing to offer, it is a disgrace to think that women will flock! Her own mother-in-law said she will probably vote for Obama! Her family and friends are shocked she was even considered, let alone picked. Alaskans are saying she doesn’t have the credentials for the job! Right wing republicans must put this country first! As a registered republican I will be voting Obama/biden in November! This is absolutely appalling and cannot be defended by any sane person! These single issue voters are bringing this country down!

Posted by Jane | Report as abusive

Notwithstanding the Republican Party’s campaign in this historic Presidential campaign, Senator McCain selection of Gov. Palin of Alaska demonstrates the maverick that
he is. He is not playing a game of cards nor flying a jet plane which begs the question how did he make this decision for the office of the Vice President of the United States especially during these times with the realignment of the worlds economy and Political instability when he stated that his opponent was not ready to lead the nation. What does this say about Senator McCain’s, love of country, values and decision making process? I’m sorry but this guy is a loose

Posted by Robert J. Medina | Report as abusive

“[Palin is the] Governor of our largest state…”

Alaska is the largest state in terms of LAND, but its population ranks behind no less than seventeen U.S. CITIES.
In short, being the governor of Alaska is many ways less impressive than being the major of some places.

First, she hasn’t even been a governor for two years, so the so called “80%” approval ratings are grossly misleading. And if you do a little research, you’ll quickly find that Palin’s approval ratings are (and have been) in decline. Two years from now, after serving a full-term, they may have ended up at 40-50%, but not being talked about. Approval rating are almost always high during the honeymoon period of a newly elected official. Once that wears off, however, reality and accuracy set in.

Palin is undereducated, ill-prepared, and lacks the judgment to be VP. Its as simple as that. McCains’ decision after ONE MEETING with her is not “Country First,” its ego first, and he should be condemned for a VP selection that is both reckless and selfish.

Can you imagine Palin negotiating with Russia, Iran, and/or China?? Domestic policy regarding the economy? Education? Healthcare? Dealing with two active wars in Iraq and Afghanistan???

Any thinking U.S. citizen should be insulted by the selection of Palin. Its absolutely ridiculous.

Posted by anthroman | Report as abusive

To James Burns: Oh, that’s what I want, a President and VP who can “bait their own hooks.” For crying out loud. Ms. Palin is, I am sure, a fine person and a wonderful mother, but her “experience” of dealing with a Legislature of one of the smallest states in the US, (which is only in session 90 days out of the year) does not even begin to compare with the experience of Senator Obama. She is in NO WAY qualified to be “one heartbeat away from the presidency.” And her tenure as mayor of Wasilla, population less that 8,000 at the time, left the town with a deficit of $20 million. How is this experience “positive?” Spin this any way you want, this was a terrible choice, and is more reflective of the judgment, or lack thereof, of John McCain than anything else.

Posted by Dave Hart | Report as abusive

I attended the Dayton, Ohio rally and when Sarah Palin praised Hillary Clinton there were no boos as in Pennsylvania. Our packed to the rafters crowd applauded her comments about Hillary and Geraldine Ferrao.

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

This is all about the Christian right pushing their agenda. Keep creationism out of public schools and the constitution. What a joke this country has become believing and pushing the myths of sky gods. Pretty soon the earth will be flat again and the fascist Christian dictators will be in everyone’s bedroom.

I’m disgusted.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Hey Republicans – do you realize that your definition of executive experience makes Sarah Palin not only more experienced than Obama, but John McCain, Joe Biden and 95% of all Congressional members. Hell, if I accept your definition, Sarah Palin is more qualified than Abraham Lincoln before he entered office. I know she’s really nice and promotes your values, but please, it’s a wide leap of faith asking America to put her a heartbeat away from being the most powerful person in the world.

But lets take a look at Palin’s executive experience, since you think it qualifies her:

*PTA President
*Mayor Wasila (Pop. 6000) – She left the town in debt.
*Governor for 20 months – She’s already under a corruption investigation.

Take this resume for the Vice Presidency to any pragmatic, honest Human Relations department in the world and they would throw it back at you laughing.

As of last year Palin did not have one single public position on ANY foreign policy issue. For a political party that prides themselves on “defending” the nation, this should scare you more than democrats.

McCain met this women ONCE and didn’t vet her at all. This is political pandering, and very poor judgment.

Posted by kamera | Report as abusive

I watched the section about Hillary several times…I still hear ZERO booing sounds…

To all the folk who believe this article just because its written…you need to get a clue…

To the person who called everyone who voted for Bush a numbscull twice…well you are talking about a majority of America so perhaps you should move to China…where your socialist ideas could really take hold.

Posted by Kyle Smaagard | Report as abusive

Palin = Big Oil. McCain/Palin is the same Big Oil ticket Bush/Cheney has been for the last 8 years.

Posted by netrino | Report as abusive

The duo of McCain/Palin visited our local diner (Toms) in Dormont PA which seats 36 patrons. When word of the visit spread two thirds of the diner filled with supporters wanting meet the two (not counting the two tables with regular customers). Word also ciculated that the duo might give a speech at the local firehall which holds sixty persons when the second fire truck is pulled forward. Atleast nine people at the diner offered to walk to the firehall to listen to the speech but is was called off due to less than stellar attendance.

Winning western PA twenty double egg breakfest specials at a time.

Posted by Barry | Report as abusive

It is disgraceful for John Mccain who said on saturday the 29/08/2008 and writen on a banner behind him that country first politics second but he choose mrs Palin just to get Clinton supporters to vote for Mccain now John Mccain has put pilitics first and country second i think American voters can now see who John Mccain is and there is no other way to call this just hipocracy.

Posted by louis | Report as abusive

To Doug at 10:52, and others, as has been explained numerous times, though no one seems to want to understand it, voting “present” in the Illinois State Legislature is the same as voting “no.” It is the way things have been done for years and years, ask the people of Illinois, they seem to know and understand this much better than anyone else on this post. Do a little research before making false statements.

I am sure Sarah Palin is a good speaker, she was a communications major. That being said, when you look at her actual record, her “accomplishments,” the way she treats and deals with people, and her policy positions, you can see she really adds nothing to the Republican ticket. This is a choice that they will ultimately regret.

Posted by Dave Hart | Report as abusive

That’s right PUMAs… go ahead and vote to put these people bach in power for another 4 years…

Posted by natahsa | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin devoted mother??? I believe her poor little baby son with Down’s Syndrome needs his mommie more. Who is going to raise/care for this little guy? Bless his heart. Nope, she’d rather be McCain’s cheerleading side-kick. Rah! they claim Palin is easy to talk to, the sitting around the kitchen table type. So when a crisis develops with Russia, is she going to “chat” over coffee with Vladimir Putin?

Posted by Junebug | Report as abusive

It seems that there are some Republican plants here with absurd arguments to convince me that Palin is qualified to be VP. That is so offensive to women.

Ironically, it demonstrates how sexist McCain really is. He thinks women are so stupid that they will vote for him because he put a woman on his ticket. He thinks women are too dumb to understand the issues, to care about their families, to care about the economy or foreign affairs. If he was truly concerned about women’s issues, he would have just put Hillary on his ticket! Or, at least any qualified candidate! But, he’s no maverick. If he really wanted to prove that he was a maverick, he’d have put Tom Ridge on his ticket and not pander to the far right of his party. He should – excuse the expression – be a MAN!

Sarah Palin is no more qualified to be VP than I am. I might be more qualified. I have a Masters Degree!

We’ve had 18 months to get to know Obama and millions of Americans have determined for themselves that he is qualified. He has surrounded himself with qualified professionals to support him and that speaks to his leadership ability in a big way. No pansies. No patsies. No kiss-asses. No political gimmicks. Just real workers who will get the job done.

“No way. No how. No McCain.”

Posted by Leigh | Report as abusive

How can anyone say Barark Obama is not experienced and has not clearly articulated his exact plans for Americas future, take a look at this video ( in less than a minute, he has never spoken a clearer message.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

A future president is responsible not only for the well-being of the US, but for the well-being of the world. We non-Americans should have a say in this elections, since our lives depend on who sits in the White House. I don’t see how a talented pretty school girl could ever face the gigantic challenges awaiting us in the near future.

Posted by frederic | Report as abusive

As a woman, I was highly offended but not surprised by McCain’s VP choice. This may sound strange, but McCain has just played the biggest race card to date in this election. Race, you question. Yes, race. You see, the so-called women’s rights movement received a big boost in 1964 when a conservative Southern senator inserted the term “gender” in the Civil Rights Act. This simple inclusion had a profound racial impact: when given the choice between hiring their wife, sister, cousin, aunt, niece or that of one of their white colleagues or a black person of any gender, who do you think that racist white men would choose? What started as legislation meant to redress the harm caused by slavery was effectively hijacked and transformed into a means to increase the aggregate accumulation of wealth, power and other benefits within the white community. For example, African Americans currently make up about 13% of the US population, but have historically been underrepresented in Congress. Currently 42 members (9.5%) of the House (including two non-voting delegates) are black, while Barack Obama is the only African American member of the Senate. Only five African Americans have ever served in the Senate. To put this in perspective, there have been five Asian-American senators and six Hispanic-American senators, and there are currently 16 women in the Senate, the highest number in history, and 74 female representatives.

The experience in U.S. law firms is very similar. As aptly noted in an article comparing the progress of women and minorities in large law firms, “[a]s a general rule, the available literature tends to focus more on women than minorities in the legal profession.” Since 1975, the representation of women as professionals in large firms has increased by 179.9% from 14.4 percent in 1975 to 40.3 percent in 2002, whereas the representation of African Americans increased by 91.3% from 2.3 percent in 1975 to 4.4 percent in 2002. (Hispanics increased from 0.7 percent to 2.9 percent, and Asians increased from 0.5 percent to 5.3 percent over the same period). By 1982, the percent of women reported as legal professionals was nearly identical to the percent of women receiving law degrees in that year, and since then the employment of women in these firms has remained higher than in the more general work force. Conversely,
law degrees earned by African Americans appear to consistently exceed the employment of African Americans as professionals in large private law firms and as lawyers in the general work force. Unlike the employment patterns for women, the proportion of African Americans employed as lawyers in the general labor market and as professionals in law firms as captured by the EEO-1 data is fairly consistent, and changes in the employment of African American professionals in private sector firms required to file EEO-1 reports lagged behind their increase as lawyers in the general work force and in their increased rate of receiving law degrees over the past twenty years. (Contrast this experience with Asians: the growth in Asian attorneys is so rapid that by 2002, the percentage of Asian professionals in Legal Services, 5.3 percent, as reported on the EEO-1 exceeds the percentage of African Americans, 4.4 percent. Degrees conferred to Asians also increases during the twenty year study period. In 1982 just 1.3 percent of all law degrees are awarded to Asians but by 2002, they earn 6.5 percent of all degrees. Over the past twenty years the rate of change for the percent of Asians reported as professional by Legal Service firms on their EEO-1 reports is 341 percent. The increase in law degrees earned by Asians is even higher at 400 percent.)

Based on these and other statistics, who were the true beneficiaries of the Civil Rights Act that blacks marched and died for? Somehow, we have gotten to a point in our history where white women, Hispanics, Asians, handicapped people and others are equated with black people in America. When were they slaves in America?

What were white women doing while black men and women were slaves? Were white women, like me, considered a protected class in society, with rights to inherit our husband’s wealth and to child support and alimony if the marriage did not work? How is my plight equal to that of the plight of the descendants of slaves? I could never understand that and reject it openly. When people talk about equal pay, they speak about equal pay for white women, because both black men and black women earn less than white men, and black women earn on average far less than white women. If you are a white woman in this country, you benefit from the Equal Pay Act, which requires a women to prove only that she received lower pay than a similarly situated male. If you are a black man (whose descendants worked for centuries for free and has always received less pay than whites), you have to prove both that you received lower pay and that the reason that you were paid less is because of racism (a nearly impossible task, as reflected in recent civil rights jurisprudence).

So, McCain is using old faithful: selecting a white woman provides coverage for other white women to vote against Obama due to racism. Listen to the white female voters who will not vote for Obama. Their arguments make no sense. It is not about differences in policy, it is simply that they cannot countenance a black man (as one PUMA stated “an unqualified, affirmative action black male”) going ahead of white women. You can see almost open references to this tight of thinking when people talk about how Obama jumped ahead in line or did not wait his turn. His so-called place is behind white America, male or female.

What separates these anti-Obama Democratic women from their racist male counterparts? It is sad that the press does not explore this issue. Again, I ask, how are women, Asians, Hispanics, handicapped, etc. suddenly equal to the descendants of slaves? Do we equate any of these groups to the suffering of the Jews? If Obama were Joe Lieberman, would women feel as strongly as they do against Obama? Be honest. This is a test for our country. Have we moved beyond racism? Time will tell.

Posted by Iris Bittencourt | Report as abusive

June Gruhn says she will now be voting for McCain after being a democrate because after 2006 when the Democrats won elections we had the high gas prices, etc. If you were truly a Democrate or new anything about our Congress and Senate you would understand THIS, the Dems only have a 2 person advantage in the Senate and one of those guys has been in the hospital since shortly after the 2006 election. That’s a majority in name not anything that they can really change in legislation. The House only has an advantage at 35 or so, again, nothing they can really make changes with because they do not have the 60 votes to overight POTUS’ veto which he has done more than any POTUS. And all Dems don’t follow in line with their party, neither do repugs. Our high gas prices are the direct result of VP Cheyney having SECRET deals with the oil companies and making his own energy policies. And the housing problem is because repugs DEREGULATED the industry (a famous tactic of the repugs like the air industry deregulation under Reagan and the list goes on) because they like doing that so that all their rich sleazy friends can make money off of scaming people, which in turn made problems in the housing industry that caused your house to cost less money. Clinton started NAFTA, but the repugs took off running with it to send too many jobs overseas. No true Dem who had a mind could possibly have any reason to turn to McCain in the first place and especially now that he has picked such an inempt VP.

Posted by Oceanmaiden | Report as abusive

There are many more qualified Republican women in this country than Palin who could have also shown that McCain was assembling a team to help him govern this country effectively. McCain’s pick is clearly a political choice. He wanted someone on the ticket to help him win office, without any thought to how best to govern. Obama’s choice of Biden shows better judgment.

Posted by double L ranch | Report as abusive

To those who would cry that Bill Clinton was a disgrace… McCain had an affair with Cindy while his wife was in the hospital. Where is the outrage from conservatives about THIS!!! If you want McSame as president, then you must forgive Clinton for his actions, too. You can’t have it both ways. We are all human and make mistakes. McCain’s mistake is thinking that you can get Hillary voters by selecting someone who is the exact opposite on EVERY ISSUE!

Posted by Roger | Report as abusive

Where is James Carvel when you need him? This was McCain “Putting Politics First.” Obama was tasked with picking the best person for the job and he did just that.. McCain pick the person who will give him a bump in the polls.

Posted by Case | Report as abusive

The presidency position its not about the seat,games or title…its all about changing lives. I strongly feel the republicans are game players…if McCain has chosen a female runner up to win the supporters of Hillary in other to secure their vote and win the presidnecy election,its a very DISASTEROUS DECISION to the future of we Americans.Lets think rightly. Our future is no GAME!

Posted by Gabriel E. | Report as abusive

I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone would make a gamble with a choice that will affect not just McCain’s Presidency but the Republican Party as a whole. I asked myself over and over again, and at times feeling good about the decision but the more I read on about Ms. Palin, the more I am struggling to embrace the once maverick McCain’s judgment and whether he is really capable of making tough decisions that is first in the interest of the United State.

Read these blogs first and continue…  /30/201818/606/27/580690  /who-is-the-mother-of-trig-paxon…

From reading this, I already have doubts, McCain’s choice more likely will sink not only his Presidency but also the many house and Senate candidates chance as many like me are more likely to stay home come Nov 4th.

I keep asking myself if the reasoning is to match up with Obama on the Change slogan, there were so many known and vetted Republican Women that would have been a better choices. By selecting an unknown commodity, McCain made the most rockiest mistake any politician can make that has left the media, blog, anti-Republican machine and the Left make her weak before the end of day 1 and by day 2, she is being questioned about whether her 5th son is her daughter’s son.

As much as I love my party, my politics is more than my party and I truly can’t get the comfort level if anything happens to McCain, Palin is ready to lead this country for everybody’s sake not just for the Republican sake.

McCain has taken the life out of me and I am staying home.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Who is this woman? Can she come out quelch these rumours?

Posted by HKK | Report as abusive

Just another example of the Republicans and cronyism. Same old — Same old

Posted by BerrSD | Report as abusive

LOL! Miss Mooseburger better get used to talking to the GOP “base.” They really ARE base all right!

Whenever I hear her I think of Miss Teen NC….”many US Americans don’t HAVE maps!”

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No one has said that Palin has a lot of executive experience, just more that Obama, Biden, and for that matter, McCain. And it isn’t just how much experience, it is what she has done with it.

In less than 2 years Palin has passed a fair tax increase for big oil in Alaska (many of these companies are foreign or previous American companies who have incorporated offshore to avoid paying US taxes) that is based on profit. You know, sort of like tax brackets, a system all “regular” Americans must abide by. With this legislation when oil prices are inflated Alaska, the owner of the resource, also benefits. Not just Big Oil. And Palin is distributing the extra revenue to Alaskans, who she considers the real owners of the resource. Palin has managed to regain Alaska’s sovereign right to regulate our own resources.

She has also managed to negotiate and push through a 40 billion dollar gas line that our prior legislators, with almost 50 terms of experience in Congress, Senate and the Gov. mansion, couldn’t do. Thats 50 TERMS, not 50 years. (Probably because they were too busy with their legal defenses). Sometimes experience isn’t everything. Murkowski, Young and Stevens had messed around with SGDA for almost 10 years and it was a fishy deal that was made hand-in-hand with the oil companies. Palin put a stop to that.

If Palin is 1/10th as good for the US as she has been for Alaska it will be enough to justify voting for her.

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I was once a proud Reagan Republican. For years we heard about the “tax and spend” liberals in Washington, and I was convinced as I changed from Democrat to Republican and supported Republicans every election cycle since. However the last 8 years have been a disaster. For almost 6 of those years, the once fiscally conservative party controlled the White House and the Congress, and we saw the party that once chastised the “tax and spend” liberals, acted like drunken sailors, with a new slogan “don’t tax but spend like crazy”.

I am convinced, it doesn’t matter how much of a “Maverick” McCain or Palin may try to be, the problem is the Congress–and until the Republicans experience a political “blood bath”, they have become just as bad as the other party. This party must regain its soul and the philosophy of Ronald Reagan, and until they demonstrate this through actions and not words, they will no longer get my vote.

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Nobody, nobody has mentioned the fact that Ms. palin had a baby and went back to work 3 days after the birth. What kind of a mother can handle 5 children and presume to take on the 2nd biggest job in the world?
Who will be bring up her children I ask the family foundations? I do not begrudge her the right to work, just wonder about her priorities.
A beauty queen always wants to be on stage.

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Gov. Palin may have executive experience but she governs less than 700,000 people in Alaska how does that compare to 300,000,000

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mcclain opposes everything clinton supports. e.g., clinton supports obama.

the comments here by mcclain mouthpieces claiming to have been clinton supporters are transparent lies.

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I would be surprised if some where along the line she steps down stating possibly that due to not being able to care for her child with downs syndrome that she will not be able to take continue on the ticket. At least that will be the excuse, something on long those lines. When in all actuality McCain will figure out that she is the wrong choice and have to pick someone else late in the game.

Come people to think this is going to work you have to be stark raving nuts. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

I can see her debating Biden, the first time she brings up Hillary Clinton, Biden’s reply “I know Hillary Clinton, and your no Hillary”. I am trying to remember was that said by Quayle at the Quayle/Kemp debate?

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Wow, I have not seen a more pathetic ploy for votes in my life. The motavation behind this is clear. The McCain camp is hoping to swing women voters.

It implies that women are easily manipulated.

It implies that women who support Hillary Clinton only do so based her gender.

It implies that the only issue women care about is the glass ceiling.

It seems to me that Republicans will do anything to win an election. They have to. Their policies are generally not in the best interest of the average American. So they hide behind these cheap ploys time and time again.

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Senator Grandpa McShame is going down in flames again — only this time, the old fool did it to himself. Governor Palin is simply the latest in his unbroken series of bad judgments since he walked away from his “maverick” credentials in order to run for president against George Dumber’nyuh Butch eight years ago. His campaign this year is a principle-free zone, devoid of substance and filled with nothing but the ambition of yet another underachieving son of a famous family who’s never done anything on his own for his entire adult life and still feels himself capable of — and seemingly entitled to — leading an entire country.

Like our current president, the (very) senior Senator from Arizona was admitted to a prestigious school (in his case, the U.S. Naval Academy) on account of his family’s reputation and influence. After graduating near the bottom of his class, his father again intervened to get him into Naval Aviation, one of the most coveted assignments in the Navy. He never displayed the warrior ethos and work ethic expected of a fighter pilot and was demoted to the slower, easier to fly attack planes, was involved in multiple wrecks, and finally shot down and imprisoned in Vietnam.

Of course, the only thing we hear about his military service is what he endured at the hands of his captors. We all honor him for that ordeal, but literally hundreds of other U.S. servicemen survived similar experiences and none of us take those experiences as qualification for political office.

I won’t go into his mediocre military record after repatriation or his despicable treatment of his first wife and their children while courting the bottle blonde beer heiress whose inherited money has financed his long career in Washington. Instead, I’ll simply ask: even without having made the ludicrous choice of Governor Palin as his running mate, does anyone truly believe this only marginally intelligent son of privilege and marrier of money possesses the personal integrity, judgment, and temperament to hold an office in which he would literally hold the fate of our country and our world in the balance? I know I don’t, and I can’t imagine that any sincerely patriotic American could!

In short, this guy barely even qualifies as the “good soldier” of his overstated “POW” public image, let alone the sort of thoughtful, forceful and wise national leader these trying times demand!

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Well first off she comes from a state of less than 700,000 people. She was elected primarily from the city she is from which is a very conservative area Wallisa population around 7700 people. She was almost impeached in her city. She is already under investigation for abuse of powers. They say and I not use but that her latest child is actually her grandchild. State of Alaska is large but not very populated. I don’t think you can be a good VP with a handicap child. Something will have to give. I couldn’t support that. McCain is 72 and picking Palin already shows bad judgement. I don’t have anything against personally. Obama at least has ran a campaign 18 months and has done it well. No matter what you think of Obama he has earned the right. McCain put his election over country. He has no right to criticize Obama saying he would rather win an election than win a war. McCain showed his ambition first over country first.

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In regards to who will take care of the children, why not Todd? He’s done a fine job for the past two years. I thought open minded people accepted the idea of a man taking a larger role in the day to day family responsibilities.

Or are Obama, Biden and McCain terrible fathers because they are running for high office?

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And, I might add, the beauty queen comment sounded a bit bitter. I know for a fact that the Miss Alaska pageant paid for her college education (and that she was way more into sports than beauty pageants). I am a tomboy who got my college scholarships raising cattle and riding horses but my sister was a Alaska Jr Miss 1st runner up, got a 4 year scholarship and her degree, teaches Jr. High and was the Nevada Teacher of the Year last year. Don’t begrudge people their accomplishments.

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This is such exciting political times! It’s thrilling and refreshing that the GOP made history and picked a well experienced executive – a woman – Sarah Palin. America has been screaming for a woman in high political position, and Palin is an excellent choice. No more Clinton drama and abuse of power here!!!

McCain made the best political decision yet!! Go McCain and Palin!!!

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To all those who are considering McCain/Palin think about your daughters and grand daughters. If god forbid a woman is raped then they will be forced to bring that child to term. A life sentence do you really want that for your daughters or granddaughters. Use your heads people do not be fooled by a pretty face and a senile old man

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I know McCain has a fondness for ex-beauty queens, but did he have to find one who doesn’t believe global warming is man-made and wants to teach creationism in school? This woman is the anti-Hillary, against every policy Hillary proposes. Logically, no one could support both for office without having their head explode. The only thing they seem to have in common is uncommon ambition, but even Hillary didn’t choose to run for vice-president with a special-needs infant at home or return to work three days after giving birth. (Wait until she applies that logic to everyone: hey, I did it, who needs 12 weeks leave?). She apparently takes the baby to work with her now, but I strongly suspect she won’t be advocating this for anyone else. Elitism at its finest.

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I thought the “First Dude” worked on the North Slope as an oil worker for BP and also ran a fishing service (not sure of that). Does he do full time parenting as well? I am not aware of that. Bravo to him if he does all threes.
I would never begrudge anyone their accomplishments, but there is a certain personality that likes to be on stage at a beauty pageant. And that desire to be the center of attention continues.I am happy for her that it paid her college education.
I don’t want to see her on center stage running the USA when she knows virtually nothing about the rest of the world.

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I would be interested to know what city and state all those who keep pointing out how small Alaska and Wasilla are from? I’d love to compare employment rates, foreclosure rates, crime rates, economic security and overall quality of life measures with them. Alaska’s population may be small, but the issues are the same and must be dealt with. How many other states have been managed in a way that year after year there are budget surpluses. That surpluses are put into well legislated and managed funds where principal is left untouched and dividends are paid to citizens. How many states have disbursed energy assistance checks to all citizens in the amount of $1200 to help offset energy costs? Anybody…

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Oh Yeah, I forgot. No state income tax!

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This is not about Hillary… This is about the Republican Base from Evangelicals to Rush and Hannity. This pic was about me, an Conservative!

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I’m a Canadian, and we are sitting up here wondering WHAT IS GOING ON down south of the border? This is crazy. First you have O & H beating up on each other for the better part of a year, just so one of them can move on to another slugfest. And now, you have someone who could very well be president one day (and I don’t mean this November) getting parachuted out of Nowhere (and we all know what was the principal motivating factor in her selection). This is nuts!

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The GOP is hoisted on its own rhetorical pitard — if Palin has more executive experience (very very shallow at best — a mayor who conducts council meetings and acts as a ceremonial head for a very small town plus 20 months as a Governor of one of the smallest states population-wise in the nation) than Obama or Biden then it is obvious that she also has more executive experience that McCain!! However, I would make the case that Obama has demonstrated superb executive ability over the last 18 months in terms of how successfully he has headed an extraordinary national campaign.

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All I can say is that the leaders in Beijing and Moscow are laughing till they wet their pants. She is the least qualified candidate for the office in recent history. Experienced executive? How often has Citicorp or Walmart picked a branch manager as the CEO? This is a truly pathetic choice. McCain chided Osama for being willing to loose a war to win an election. McCain is willing to loose this country to win an election. The fact that she accepted the position with her so inadequate background is a sad commentary on her poor judgement. Put it this way, if you were going to have brain surgery and I grabbed a person and said he/she has just graduated medical school but is a hard worker…would you say OK? Sometimes a little real experience that directly applies is something that makes sense. I sure does here.

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Shoot wolves from planes. BTW she did support the “Bridge to Nowhere”. Check the facts.
I lived in NH for 10 years. No sales tax, no income tax, HUGH property taxes, poor schools.
We have problems in California, no doubt, but our population is about 38 million.
Let me see: I was president of carious PTA’s for probably 10 years in total, sat on our Recreaction and recycling commisions, ran for Mayor in Arizona, worked as an RN for 43 years, and have run my own businesses for at leat 10 years, helping the elderly and impoverished.
Maybe I should enter the race…….

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Just for a little levity… I think we can all agree based that politicians certainly are not brain surgeons!

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I think Sarah Palin is a suitable choice.

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The republicans continue to show their lack of respect for basic american rights by selecting Palin they demonstrates that their platform is to promote conservative values at the cost of american values.

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If Ms Palin is the trump card for the GOP to the whole Abortion argument. Then the answering argument is quite simple.

The GOP held all three branches of the Federal Government in unison for 6 years…but did nothing about Roe vs. Wade. If this is the “moral” imperative that it get’s lips flapping about then why wasn’t anything done in 6 whole years?

Abortion is a non-issue for the GOP. It’s just a means to divide and conquer. If the Pro-Lifer’s want a real candidate to do something…they should vote for Barack Obama because he, at least, is motivated to reduce Abortions. The GOP won’t do anything as they have nothing else to run on.

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My comments regarding Alaska’s management has less to do with supporting Palin or McCain, or Obama and Biden, and more to do with people throwing opinions out so quickly without knowing much about what they are saying. My gut tells me I like Palin, but of course I am concerned with her experience. Obama’s as well. Haven’t entirely decided what I think yet. but I am gathering facts, not calling anyone names or disregarding someone who I never heard of 2 days ago as a beauty queen, a joke, a pretty face, someone who is going to quit, etc.

I checked the “facts” (which by the way can be hard to come across because I seem to find disparate facts on all 4 candidates all over the place, it’s going to take me a while to sort through it) and yes it does appear that Palin was going to accept the BTN funding. And there are other controversies. Everyone of the 4 have their share.

As far as the wolf kill issue, I don’t consider it a national issue. Alaska game management is an Alaskan issue, just as NH or California game management is a state issue. I understand that someone who has not had the upbringing of hunting and subsistence survival may have a differing opinion on aerial wolf hunting than someone in rural Alaska. Trust me, someone in rural Alaska probably has differing opinions on dealing with local and state issues in LA, too!

Finally, perhaps you should run for higher office, you sound intelligent and caring. If you did I wouldn’t pass judgement on you within a 24 hour period of hearing of you like many of the people on this post have. (Although I must say people have done the same with Obama)

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I was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter. I’ll admit it, it was hard to get over Senator Clinton losing the ticket, and I was leaning just for a moment to John McCain. Then I thought about the REAL issues that we, the middle class, are dealing with and we just can’t afford another FOUR years of the Bush policies. I have warmed up to Senator Obama and I am now backing him, strongly- along with many other Hillary women I have spoken to. This Sarah Palin pick is an insult to the Hillary supporters. We are not so stupid that we will jump ship because he put a woman on the ticket. A woman who is pro-life, a member of the NRA, does not want equal pay for women and so on. I’m sorry my friends, but Mrs.Palin is NO Hillary Clinton and don’t dare compare to two. We, the Dems, are now united. We know there is too much at stake to vote for Senator McCain. Barack Obama will do wonders for our Country. Do not buy the Republican fear card. He will keep us safe and he will be a great President. OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!!!

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First, Mr. & Mrs. Reader…Mr. McCain chooses the governor of a state (to be VP) which has a population less than Mr. Biden’s Delaware (i.e., roughly 700,000 in Alaska v. 900,000 in Delaware)…and then Mr. McCain suspends the republican national convention that was set to begin Monday in Minnesota.

This could be two strokes of bad luck for the republican party that it may not recover from (as if it wasn’t in trouble already).

Actually, the convention was going to be a stroke of good luck at first. Messrs. Bush & Cheney weren’t going to be able to make it because of Hurricane Gustav. Now it looks like the two guys that Mr. McCain disdains the most will still have the opportunity to kick off the festivities in the Twin Cities anyway.

As I understand it, Mrs. Palin was the mayor of a town with a population 1% the size of the population of Alaska, i.e., a mere 7,000 (or less). Before that she was very big in the local PTA. Prior to that she was a local beauty queen. She also competed for Miss Alaska in 1984, but came in second to the winner (an African-American girl). Is this an omen perhaps?

Mrs. Palin was elected to the town council (before mayor) campaigning for a higher sales tax. That seems odd for a republican.

Even the nearest U.S. state to Alaska (Washington) has 5 million more people than Alaska. Even the smallest country in South America has a population 4.5 times that of Alaska.

The question is, what does all of this show about Ms. Palin?

Well…I think that it mainly shows that she is a big fish in a very small pond.

The second question is, what does this show about Mr. McCain?

Well…I think that he plans to use his vice president just as Mr. Nixon did (with Mr. Agnew), i.e., give Mrs. Palin an office and tell her to find something to do with her life between 2009 & 2013.

Apparently though, she doesn’t appear to be worried about this…although not long ago she said in so many words that she would not want a do-nothing job like that which Mr. McCain has planned for his vice president. On the other hand, she will be the proverbial heartbeat away from the presidency in a country of 300,000,000 people…that is a big jump out of her present very small pond.

And then there is Mrs. McCain. I wonder how she feels about all of this. After all, she is no longer the center of female attention surrounding Mr. McCain on the campaign trail. She doesn’t look very happy to me (i.e., in her photo at the McCain-Palin photo-op). Mrs. Palin is younger…and clearly more the superwoman than Mrs. McCain. After all, Mrs. Palin is a female jock (basketball player), outdoor sports enthusiast, riflewoman, mother of five children (apparently with none of the physical effects normally associated therewith), etc.

OK Jack

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I am a strong Senator Clinton supporter and now I am a stong Senator Obama supporter. The choice of Mrs.Palin shows just how out of touch Senator McCain is to the American public and to women. Hillary Clinton supporters supported Senator Clinton because we share her views and her vision for America. We will not vote for an extention of President Bush (McSame) just because he threw a woman on his ticket in a last ditch effort to gain supporters. A woman who I might add has been a Govenor for just under two years and does not share our views. There is too much at stake here. We need a President who will lead us back to where we need to be. We need something new and something fresh and Senator McCain just doesn’t do it. This choice of Mrs.Palin will end up hurting Senator McCain in the end because anyone that was leaning to him (former Clinton supporters) will now throw their full support behind Senator Obama. I would also like to add that it was very irresponsible of Senator McCain to pick a VP who is a heartbeat away of being the President. How scary is it to think of Sarah Palin running our Country?? Senator McCain does not want equal pay for women, does not want to raise minimum wage etc. Is this someone who really understands the problems and issues the middle class is dealing with?

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Wasilla is not a huge town but it is the 4th largest city in Alaska and that is due to its huge growth under Sara Palin’s mayoral administration.

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Sounds just like the gas tax holiday to me.

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Watching all this chaos across the Atlantic, i just want you morons to know that only McCain will be your next president, and you know why, we always get what we deserve in life.

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Come on people, let’s get real. If a male candidate would have had as shallow a resume as this Sarah Palin..he would not have even been considered. Nice try Schmidt…as a Republican, I will not even consider voting for John McCain.

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I’d like to remind anyone who blames the Democrats in Congress for the present state of affairs that the Roadblock Republicans in the Senate — and Bush’s veto — have pretty much blocked any kind of real reform.

Palin appalls me. She goes to a Dominionist church, values the sperm of a rapist over a woman’s life and sanity, and probably thinks Armaggedon is a good idea. To have her a heartbeat away from being able to start a nuclear war would be disastrous.

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“Come on people, let’s get real. If a male candidate would have had as shallow a resume as this Sarah Palin..he would not have even been considered.”

You mean someone like… Oh, I don’t know… someone like maybe Barack Obama?

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This was too stupid for Rove. This was more like a go with your gut, don’t bother me with details Bush move.

To think that a radical social conservative would appeal to Democrats or women in general is absurd. The same goes for Lieberman, who is so pro-Israel he became a traitor to his party. Once again, to think Democrats would vote for a neocon hawk is ridiculous.

But it may be that the lack of full vetting of Sarah Palin that may bite McBush in the bum. It’s said McCain goes with the last thing he hears from a member of his inner circle on his cell phone. Now that’s scary.

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McPalin? Whatever happened to that Christine Todd Whitman or whatever? At least she was somewhat known. I can’t tell the mavericks apart. But then maybe we’re not supposed to.

I’ll keep holding on for Hillary.

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After what the GOP did to this country I am appalled that anyone would vote for them. Man wake up. Corruption that makes Bill look like a Boy Scout and Katrina, mismanaged, war mismanaged and we were lied to Tax breaks for the rich while Bush palys his fiddle and watches the middle class burn. And if us iberals go off on some like Palin….just a page out of your play book. Lies and smear tatics….Ask Rive who should be in jail. I am sick of the so called Christian right GOP who has taken the Gop to the gates of hell while hiding behind th bible

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who the heck (regardless of experience) can truly “understand” the problems and issues of the middle class? having the pressure of saying “yes” or “no” to war can’t be the easiest task in the book for anyone! i’m for less corruption, scandals & respect for LIFE – which I believe will lead to more money in our pockets, justice & less death! If Bush is as corrupt as so many democrats want to imply, than a woman (or man) with qualities like Palin, could help “clean house” and make things better. I want leaders who I can trust to get to the bottom of “what’s really going on out there” handle these “overwhelming” decisions with wisdom, councel, integrity & love. another side note: I LOVE PALIN, but if for a moment I thought McCain chose her to get some Hillary fans on his side, I’d probably change my mind! (that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard!) gender is about the ONLY thing I see they have in common. Whoever came up with this possible “McCain motive” for Palin, must have been pretty desperate! Maybe He just wanted to give us something “new and fresh” – untouched by the corrupt political agendas out there that continue to keep my head spinning in circles over “the truth”. I’d totally be a fan of Palin for President!

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sad after reading a few more takes on this blog, if McCain does win, the country will contimue to wallow in the past. We will have text books that say the world started 6,000 years ago we will have oil wells on MT Rushmore, wildlife will onlly be ib the Zoo, (Palin), and we will still be in Iraq. How can anyone who is a Bible thumper (Palin the Creationist) think it is ok to exploit our resoures at the cost of our national treaures? Drill drill drill is her motto. Hunters and Fiusherman out there…our best places are under fire from the GOP…wake up.

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McCain kissed the religious fools butt…The choice was not maverick, Liberman would have been maverick. My God the GOP has so many qualified people…Palin please. McCVain you are old and have lost your way…MR Elitist

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(in response to peter – implying palin’s a biblethumper, creationalist, who wants to kill off our animals and ruin our land”) well, at least I think she’d try to do somthing about the killing off our own babies by the millions!

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Finally I wised up and switched parties and I could not be happier. The choice of McCain was a very wise one and one that certainly will assure him a seat in the White house. When I watched part of Hussein Obama’s carefully scripted speech I was reminded once again of his unsavory background and his selective amnesia, and in his book when he decided at age 12 that he was going to be black.I am a foreigner but became a citizen 30 years ago because I am living in the best country in the world. Watching Keith Overbite and that other weasel Chris Matthews on MSNBC(democrat tv) and their ridiculous commentary made me want to puke. Gov. Palin actually has more REAL experience that Obama or Biden combined, and has none of the insecurities of either.( Tell Joe his plugs need to be redone so as at least to look credible. Obaqma and Biden are both rather shallow and very insecure at the moment with good reason , and now that Michelle loves this country again is a great relief. I can not wait to see Obama and McCain spar in a town hall format debate without any scripts on a one to one and we will ALL find out what an impostor and phony Obama is. I have enough change and do not need any more. As for health care like western europe and Canada they must thing every one is an idiot……..anyway not all the candidates are in place and lets see who wins. I still can not get over what a great choice McCain made. I still have to hear what N.O.W (The national association of ugly women) have to say, as well as those two other upstanding citizens and the voice of black America , Rev Al and Rev Jesse (two bona-fide losers)……….Keep smiling with the democrats in congress gas may get to $8 a gallon at least if Nancy has her way………Vote the educated ticket you will be glad you did.

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I don’t know much of Palin so I can’t say she isn’t the best choice. But to an American who has been following the campaign and is currently undecided, it seems like a very convenient choice to choose a woman with so many Hillary voters undecided. It just seems sneaky. Part of how we decide is who we trust. If after learning more about her, she doesn’t have strengths where McCain has weaknesses, and bring something significant to the table.. I’m going to be left feeling like he chose her based on gender. Sad to think thats a possibility.

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Ask yourself this one very important question: If (heaven forbid) McCain dies in office…is this woman, Sarah Palin, ready to be our President? While I truly admire her work ethic, her family values, etc (not her conservative views on Evolution and I am Pro Choice)…she is NOT presidential. That is very, very critical. It’s so obvious why she was chosen and it’s very insulting to think that John McCain would honestly believe that just because he choses a woman, women everywhere will flock to vote for her! Dream On, Mr. McCain!

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i get the feeling that may democrats are bitter because the republicans are making history with a woman – as if the republicans stole their idea! why would it seem “sneaky” for McCain to pick a woman for VP? maybe the world (republicans & democrats alike) is just waking up to the fact that women have great “leader potential” too!

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Why can’t media just give us the facts for a few weeks?
“It’s a strategically brilliant development for We the people of the USA.”
This is what this nation needs, real people in office.
McCain said he’s running “to fight for you, to make government stand on your side, not in your way.” In Palin, he found “the right partner to help me stand up to those who value their privileges over their responsibilities, who put power over principle, and put their interests before your needs.”
McCain has enough money and power to just retire yet he wants to serve the people.
His record reflects true care and concern for all the people of this great nation.
Palin would have had a whole lot more fun as Gov over VP yet she is willing to work with all other elected persons to serve WE THE PEOPLE. Help here Hillary/Mitt! ~ jmg
McCain is a real person, rich yes but more importantly honest, did he pick Sarah because she is also a real person? Young yes but more importantly she has worked her way to her current job, not by pushing the systems to work for her but working for the people and making the systems of government work for her constituents. ‘We suspect her record of fighting the status quo was uppermost in John McCain’s decision.’ 2008
CNN, C-SPAN, FOX/MSNBC, & PBS et al, must now show the playing field as even.
Obama: 7yrs state senator + 2yrs US senator =9 years
Palin: 4yrs city council + 6yrs Mayor + 2yrs Governor = 12 years
One young enough to ask the hard questions and want answers & One old enough to know where to find the answers, and who can help with the real work ahead.
WE the People need the work done and done right. Roads, parks, bike lanes, green fields.
Let’s get walking Mississippi, go for bike ride California, Love to run in Boston !
We the People need Modern schools. Why does Mississippi have to have a battle over funding education? “The school system in this country – public and private – is designed for the industrial age,” she said. “We’re in a technological age. We don’t want our kids to memorize. We want them to learn.” Jada Pinkett Smith ~ wife of Will Smith
WE THE PEOPLE must make the best choice for the future. Power is in the VOTE.
In knowledge-sharing communities and organizations, people often cite altruistic reasons for their participation, including contributing to a common good, a moral obligation to the group, mentorship or ‘giving back’. Unknown 2005 `
Bob, Paul and Cindy along with Barack/Joe, John/Sarah must be asked the tough questions; nice stages and good speeches don’t get the job done. Rick Warren showed us that anyone who is willing to set it up can ask and get answers. Comments on air are great but We the people need Tim Russert style hard ball ‘no spin’ to the point answers from all candidates. We need real facts not opinions, not last week’s talking points. All 360 degrees of each party’s candidates must be the shown.
Why can’t media just give us the facts for a few weeks?
“It’s a strategically brilliant development for We the people of the USA.”

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she brings a reputation of reform to the table. she’s known for “cleaning house” in her own state. she seems efficient, hates wasteful spending, & doesn’t put up with corruption! As a VP, hopefully she could do her magic in washington!

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Thank You to RIck Davis & RNC
good call guys !

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I think she is a fantastic choice.

From all the negative posts on here the Democrats are hard at work. They hate the fact that The First Woman to break that Glass is going to be a Republican Woman with morals.

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***well, at least I think she’d try to do somthing about the killing off our own babies by the millions!***

Well said Carrie and I whole heartedly agree.

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Palin is anti-animal, anti-environment, anti-choice, anti-BIRTH CONTROL (The pill) is a member of a group of extreme Christians that would love to criminalize abortion and Birth control usage. She is NOT moderate in any way. She is a staunch conservative and member of NRA. She is into big oil. She is Bad for women. Bad for America. McCain is also anti-choice and birth control. Plus he does not support equal pay for women. That combo does not look good at all. I am a woman and some these issues are important part of reproductive health care. These two do NOT get my vote as a woman.

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What do you think she could do about abortion? Just because she did not have an abortion does not mean even as a VP she could do anything about Roe v. Wade or anyone’s personal decision. She kept her pregnancy a secret for seven months, was she considering abortion? So what if she was, it had to be hard to bring someone into the world knowing that they will be saddled with severe probems in a harsh world. Would she be saddling her other children after her death with a huge responsibility and hardship. Maybe she feels responsible for his disability because of her advanced age for having a child. None of this is easy or a reason to vote for someone. Also, anyone who thinks a VP can change congress just because they stood-up to a couple of ”good ol boys” in Alaska is being unrealistic. That would be like saying I was a star football player in highschool so now I am going to be a star in the NFL. The VP has one vote and little influence if they are an unknown, the President will have a hard time changing congress even if he is in the party of the majority. Congress is hard to change, it will be hard for Obama, Biden and McCain all of them Senators with much more experience on the big stage, much less Palin. Be careful what you believe

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although I’d prefer to let the bears live (unless I was hungry, desperately needed something warm, or had a threatening home intrusion), keep our land beautiful & rich, and see less war, I definitely have a problem with killing off our own babies by the millions (and any potential leader who doesn’t get – or have the guts to explain – how/when babies are made! ) I like Palin – we need more like her in washington to clean house. (and for those of you who are worried about money & can grasp the economy, oil & tax issues: who knows what kind of change she’d find in the couch cushions!)

I don’t know where Palin stands on “the pill”, but I do know that it can keep a fertilized egg from implanting (which tells us all why some people would have a problem with it). Maybe this seems “radical” to some, but if they believe life begins at conception, then they just do & they should have a problem with killing it.

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what can she do about it? talk about it. encourage women not to do it. educate women on the horrible side-effects – both physically & emotionally. light a fire for some of us women who can’t believe we’ve let this go on for so long, but don’t know how to make a difference! believe me, Stan, she can make a difference.

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I think picking Palin is brilliant. I have been a Democrat all my life just as my parents were. However, I would not pick Obama. I believe Obama shot himself in the foot when he didn’t pick Clinton as his VP. That choice would have been brilliant. He stood a higher chance of winning with Clinton as VP. Hillary Clinton has so much to offer this country.

I believe Obama makes promises he can not possibly keep once he is in office. He speaks of change but not once have I heard how he plans on making change. It sounds like a lot of hot air to me. He listed many many promises. I am afraid he does not understand administration especialy the United States government and how it works.

I am a highly educated man and will probably be voting a split ticket this year. I also believe that McCain is a veteran and can support the VA which needs support from Washington desperately. I too am a veteran and proud of that. I believe we need a president that will recognize and support all veterans despite what war they fought in. The Vietnam veterans took a beating forty years ago and are still taking that same beating today. They are forgotten by this country.

Picking Palin is a sound decision that will put a women in the white house which is long over do. In reading Palins background, she sounds like a no nonsense person who has excellent leadership skills. She sounds like a person that makes decisons with much forthought and compassion taking all views into consideration. If McCain were to die in office, I believe Palin is more than ready to assume the responsbility of the President. She is a very bright women and I believe would make an excellent president if that were the case.

America its time for change and I believe the McCain Palin ticket is the true change that this country needs not a lot of hot air and what sounds like promises that Obama would not be able to keep without a plan.

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I gotta say 1 thing about the Republican party….”loyal to a fault”. They would find nothing wrong about any of McCain’s choices whether it be an inexperienced anti-abortion, pro-oil, anti-environment running mate or a hot hockey MILF. How could you back up McCain after such an obvious ploy? It speaks volumes about how desperate the McCain party is. There is no comparison between her and Hillary. There is no comparison between her and Obama. There is no comparison between her and Biden. I would not mind any of those three in office, however I would not even want to think of either McCain or Palin in the Oval office. ……Wake up Republicans!!! Quit being such sheep and get that wool off your eyes.

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Read the comments above. This country is tearing itself apart. Sad.

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I have read each comment thoughtfully and am mortified at how a Hillary-supporter can even THINK of voting for McCain. As a tried-and-true GOP member, who did vote for Bush…twice…I am not ashamed to admit that because I can also admit I have educated myself and have learned from my mistakes. This is not about being a man or a woman, this is about stopping the train wreck of the executive branch of our government assuming powers of authority that smacks of a monarchial society and tramples the ideals of those brave men before us…Madison, Jefferson…to name a few. It is shocking to think my brethern, who are blessed to live in what is the greatest free and just human experiment, will mire themselves in the obvious presentational theater of the campaign. Palin…a novice who was picked for her gender and neo-conservative ideals. Palin should be insulted to be McCain’s choice…and how dare she compare herself to Hillary Clinton…I have NEVER trusted Hillary…but one thing is for sure…she is as tenacious as they come and she works her hind-end off…whether self-motivated or altruistic. Remember children…it is not the name on the brass plate in the Oval Office that is the concern…it is whether that name will strike every WH Executive Order that has come down the pike in the last eight years to return the balance of power in our great nation.

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It’s funny the arguement Palin compared to Obama/Biden is no executive experience. Yet if that’s the case, McCain also falls into that category. Funny how that works.

Also, since when does the amount of land a state has determine how difficult it is to govern? I would think the population of a state would determine the larger amount of issues due to diverse social issues.

I mean the entire population of Alaska is less then Memphis, TN. opulation.html:
“Alaska, with a land area one-fifth the size of the conterminous US, ranked 47th in population in 2002 with an estimated total of 643,786, an increase of 2.7% since 2000. Between 1990 and 2000, Alaska’s population grew from 550,043 to 626,932, or 14%.

Population projections for 2005 reach 700,000, and the state is projected to have a population of 885,000 by 2025. Regions of settlement and development constitute less than 1% of Alaska’s total land area. The population density was 1.1 persons per sq mi in 2000, making Alaska the nation’s most sparsely settled state.”

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I have to question the love the mother of 5 which include a handicapped child has for her childern when she runns for this of any public office. How much time will she have to devote to eith here children of the office…

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For a party that espouses equal pay, equal rights I am sure hearing a lot of “how can a mother love her children and still do this” from Democrats. I haven’t heard anyone questioning Obama’s love for his daughters. You can’t have it both ways.

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I agree with Alaska Bob. As a fairly young voter it is a little disheartening to read all of this. I’ve never done any of this blogging but came upon this link earlier today. It seems to me that everyone just rushes to judgement based on a little piece of info they heard and they get so ugly about it.

One of the things both parties seem to be pushing about their candidates is their bipartisanship. Bipartisanship is great, but how can we expect the candidates to display any when we don’t. Everything here is so hateful, name-calling and judgemental. Even if I don’t agree with everything Obama, McCain, Palin, Bush, Biden, or anyone believes I can be respectful of their beliefs. I’m not completely naive, but I still believe many people seek office with good intentions and I think anyone who rises to the level of these offices deserves some respect.

We’ve had 2 years to get to know Obama and McCain well, perhaps we should give Palin more than 48 hours before we decide who she is, what she is, that she is an insult to Hillary, or should be insulted. (By the way, Hillary is very determined, smart and hard-working – exactly the same things I keep reading about Palin)

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All those “insulted” Hillary supporters had better get their heroine out there blasting Palin herself, or it’s going to be all over, not just for the Democrats this year, but for Hillary herself when Palin crushes her in ’12, and then for feminism when Palin does all she can to reduce it to nothing but breaking glass ceilings and eliminates Roe and every other feminist value, except for career advancement. Palin combines everything lower-class white women love: Helen Hunt’s heroic motherhood in As Good As It Gets, with Sandra Bullock’s spunk and niceness in Miss Congeniality, with Julian Roberts’ chesty, righterous feistiness for the little people in Erin Brockovich. The Roves who hired Palin get this. They know they’ve got the perfect woman to put a stake through the Wellesley/Yale/gazillionaire hypocritical elitist Hillary, who only played Annie Oakley on TV to con the woman rubes. Palin IS Annie Oakley. She makes the populist appeal of Reagan look like nothing, especially since Reagan had nothing going for him to compare with Palin’s selling herself as the ultimate “champion” of the average working WOMAN. Too bad, NARAL, NOW, and Emily’s List, but you guys were just decapitated so quickly and deftly, you’ve barely noticed yet. I write all this as a liberal Democrat.

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Palin saves millions of babies from death? But will send troops into a war that was a lie and in the process. Many Pro lifers are also pro war death, pro death penailty with no support of social programs that really do help the needy. The GOP stands for greed and the wealthy, not Gods party. Obama Biden

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Obama’s children are being raised by their mother… ms. Palin’s children are going to be raised either by the snowmobile racer or, as typical of the Neo’s … out sourcing

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So interesting that the latest CNN poll shows that MEN like Palin better than women do. The guys clearly lust after their first VPILF, a factor not clouding women’s judgment.

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Palin wouldn’t make a good mole on Hillary’s asterisk.
I hope Hillary comes out loud and strong against this kind of crap.

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When I think of the choosing of Sarah Palin for the Vice Presidency of the United States of America, I still seem to think that this is a joke from John McCain. He is soon going to appear on the Jay Leno Show and announce that is is just a gag. It is just John McCain being humorous.

John McCain has put the security of a nation and the well being of the world at risk in order to try to win an election.
It is tragic to abandon a political party because of one self-centered irresponsible decision. But no American that loves this country will vote to make Sarah Palin the Vice President of the United States.
Never in my life have I felt so disgusted by a political choice.

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One wrote, “I’m insulted that McCain thinks hat because he picks a woman, any woman, Hillary supporters are going to vote for him. How dare he?”

But, Palin is not just “any woman” — she is an accomplished woman with solid, conservative values. She is a bold executive making decisions which benefited those she governed.

She makes a perfect VP and offers more leadership experience than the Democratic presidential pick. Alongside McCain, these two will be a positive change and NOT “more of the same” as Obama would like to charge. Palin will one day be our 1st female President!

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I am trying to connect a woman/mother of five children, the youngest born only four months ago, with significant special needs to Republican family values. As a working mom myself, there is no way, I was back at work three days after I gave birth, nor would I engage in a National Campaign that will be a 24/7 endeavor. I totally disapprove of Sarah Palin. There are many more qualified and competent Republican women that his campaign could have chosen. This too extreme and too transparent.

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I am a former Democrate that will be voting for McCain/Palin. I think that Gov Palin is an excellent joice for VP. She does have experience and a proven record of getting things done. That’s more that we can say about Obama. He has nothing but rhetoric.

Texas PUMA!

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I’m not a rabid pro-lifer but… can you really not see the difference between death by abortion and death through war and death penalty?

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McCain and Obama probably both had nannies, they are not a republican invention. And what do you know about snowmachine racers. Are they all horrible fathers! Wow..does anyone think about what they say and how it comes across.

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o lord, john mccain. thank you for this gift. obama will definetly win the election come november now. you really are looking out for country first with this vp pick. made it so much easier for my future president obama to win now. thank you so much. god bless you. word of advise mccain keep listening to karl rove. gotta love it.

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The only thing your decisions should be based on are the issues. Sarah Palin and John Mccain have a completely different take on the issues than the Democratic ticket. If you are ok to take away a woman’s right to choose, if you are ok with teaching creationism in school,with removing protections for endangered animals in order to drill for oil, with ignoring global warming, with continuing the war in the Iraq, and with teaching abstinence without offering protection/birth control then Sarah and John are for you. Just please stop pretending this is about experience or race or sex. If you agree with the Republican agenda, admit it.

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McCain is either senile or an idiot. I was more than a bit worried about the prospect of another 4 years of Republican rule, but actually had to laugh with relief when the news of his choice for running mate was released. I’m wondering if deep down he really doesn’t want to assume the Presidency. At any rate, he’s done now and the world can breath a sigh of relief. There really is a god!

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I know that the Republicans would never admit how shocked they were by Sarah Palin being picked. What a joke! That party can do no wrong, according to the Republicans. No, Dems are not perfect either but wake up people!! Just look at how the last eight years have been! Absolutely terrible. Do we need more of the same? NO WAY! Only the wealthy and spoiled have flourished under Bush/Cheney. People are losing their homes left and right, kids can barely afford to go to college now so they take on two jobs just to get by, people can’t pay their bills no matter how many hours they work, people can’t afford to fill their gas tank up, we are in a war that the Republicans don’t want to end etc.. Need I go on? I think WE all know what it going on in this country and we need CHANGE! Do not fear Obama just because he doesn’t fit the typical pedigree. He’ll be a great President. I would also like to mention that the American spirit has gone away. Americans are so down and stressed that we are not even close to the country that we once were and I do believe that we can be again if Barack/Biden win! I respect John McCain and I think he is a decent man, but he has voted with Bush 95% of the time, wants to continue the Bush policies, continue this war, doesn’t want an increase on minimum wage, no equal pay for women, no coverage for birth control but coverage for viagra is fine, doesn’t support the public schools etc…and then he picks a woman who does not want to teach evolution in the schools, doesn’t want a woman to get an abortion even if she is raped or it’s incest, doesn’t want to protect the environment or animals, wants to drill in the heart of the Alaska Wildlife Refuge etc…It’s time for something different! McCain/Palin is just too much to even think about it. Everyone should be voting for Obama/Biden. How can any person want more of the same? 8 years is ENOUGH! McCain’s last ditch attempt to steal the Hillary voters isn’t going to work. I’m sorry folks, but Mrs.Palin is not Hillary Clinton, the two can’t even be compared. I think the Clinton voters will understand in the end that another 4 or 8 years of the same will only be bad for them in the end and support Obama. OBAMA/BIDEN 08!

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I am a republican, and I have a simple question….Who will be raising her little ones while she is in the White House???

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I had a thought I wanted to share with you. Last night Rob and I went out to dinner. We began talking about the elections. He said that he was afraid that McCain was going to win, even though he really wants for Obama to win. Lately, I have had several similar conversations with other people who felt the same way. The thought occurred to me that many people are suffering from cynicism, built up over decades of disappointment. People are afraid to hope. They’re afraid to believe. They believe that they will be hurt again and that it is less painful to presume that things won’t work out; that we can’t elect a president like Obama and we can’t have a better America. Some people are afraid to believe in the most important thing Obama has to offer: Hope. That is at the core of why the McCain’s and Bushes win, because people give up. They say what the hell, I won’t vote, because it won’t change anything. Hope for a better tomorrow is the only thing we have. If we don’t believe there can be a better future, there won’t be a better future. Obama needs our hope, belief and help to begin to bring about change. We, Americans need to believe again.

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free scholarships for woman…

Nevertheless there will always be a minority who will not get the point you are trying to make….

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