McCain’s VP pick Palin draws boos when mentioning Hillary Clinton

August 31, 2008

WASHINGTON, Pa. – So maybe saying nice things about Hillary Clinton at a Republican rally isn’t such a good idea.
John McCain’s new vice presidential nominee, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, acknowledged the New York senator on Saturday when reflecting on her new found role as a national candidate.
The reaction from a large chunk of the audience: boos.
“I think as well today of two other women who came before me in national elections, and I can’t begin this great effort without honoring the achievements of Geraldine Ferraro back in 1984 and of course, Senator Hillary Clinton,” Palin said.
palin2.jpgBoo. Boo. Boo.
So much for trying to win over disaffected Clinton supporters. They, apparently, are not turning up to McCain-Palin rallies.
But no matter. The Alaska governor breezed on with a nod to her own historic bid, in Clinton’s wake.
“It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America,” she said. “But thankfully, as it turns out, the women of America aren’t finished yet, and the voters will shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”
The McCain campaign has made a concerted effort to win over Clinton backers who were upset at her loss in the Democratic primary to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.
Palin’s presence on the ticket puts the mother of five in line to make history as the first female U.S. vice president if she and McCain beat Obama and his running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, in the Nov. 4 election.

Photo credit: Reuters/John Gress (Palin campaigns in Washington)


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Palin will help with the hillery supporters that were poor PA/OH blue collar workers —Women not so much!

Posted by Docb | Report as abusive

To Nelson and anybody else that thinks Palin has any kind of solid experience:
Even the McCain advisers have openly admitted that they will have to stop their ‘Dangerously unprepared’ lines of attack due to Palin’s selection. She may be a potential up and comer for the Republicans, but has no solid seasoning yet. In her comment that it was ‘nice to see another state’ when she arrived in Pennsylvania, it gave the impression that she’s barely left Alaska, much less visited another country for anything other than a vacation. She has her good qualities, but she has a lot of negatives too and unfortunately, those outweigh the positives right now. Some day, she may be a good Republican Presidential/Vice Presidential candidate, but not for this election.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Palin is not the scariest thing about a McCain Presidency. I know how to win wars does. Bush said we went to Iraq because of Sadam that’s the case we won Sadam is dead. We have not been fighting him all these years we have been fighting Al Quadia, there was no Al Quadia until we went there. They went there to kill Americans, pull the troops out Al Quadia leaves. They have already started to leave because there not big enough to fight us at two different places. Al Quadia is not a country its a mind set.Thats why the British lost here, it’s why the south lost, you can kill bin laden today and you won’t be able to declare victory, as long as his followers wake and think killing americans is right you won’t have victory. They don’t need a country,they can put 100 here 50 there. They don’t have to worry about there econemy, citizens well being,jobs,etc. McCain or no one else for that matter, has said how you when this kind of war. So all can say is MR. Mccain explain your plan for winning this war.

Posted by wayne thomas | Report as abusive

Wellllll, one thing is for certain this election….we may not have much quality, but we certainly have variety!

Palin will provide grist for the photoshop satirists. 811837282/


The problem with comparing Palin’s experience with Obama’s is that Obama was nominated by democrats to run for President. The democratic process selected him. Palin, however, was chosen as VP by McCain – no democratic process involved there. So, for McCain to harp for months on how Obama is unqualified and then take his 72 year old, cancer surviving self and select an inexperienced VP is hypocritical and leads to the question … “What exactly does John McCain stand for?” Do his decades of experience make him better prepared to be POTUS than Obama, or not?

Posted by Just Capri | Report as abusive

palin is a remarkable accomplish women, and i hope that her achievements are not tarnished by the ill calculation by j maccain and his bid for the white house. i do however take issue w/ any who is against a women right to choose. she hunts and kill and eat moose thats her choice. a horse w/ antlers is beyond my palate. i strongly disagree w/ maccain coice. he’s 72 w/ a history of cancer that has returned 4 times. can anyone honesty say that they would trust this person to run the usa. he met this lady one time, and you want the american people to trust our nuclear arsenal and troops. would she be able to handle wilth talking to putin and the leaders of the middle east. i know that in america women can go as high as the wits and education can take them. saudia arabia, iraq, iran do not see women as equals. how will gov. palin perform on the international stage. people say obama is inexperienced, but obama is smart. he did not choose his v.p carefully for months and he got other people advice on the subject;he knows that if something happens to him in office america will do well w/ biden. HE PUT AMERICA FUTURE FITRST. J MCCAIN CHOOSE TO SELECT AGAINST HIS OWN CAMPAIGN AND PUT HIS AGENDA/FUTURE ABOVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. all on ONE MEETING. if that’s not G. BUSH/CHENEY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. mccain say he would rather loose the election than loose the war. what wouldn’t he do to win the WHITE HOUSE

Posted by Tasha | Report as abusive

I’m a HRC supporter and I’m disgusted with John McCain, thinking we will vote for any woman. Hillary earned her position and she worked hard to earn the respect of the people. Palin has called Hillary and all of her supporters, whiners. I’m sorry to say, Mr. McCain, Sarah is no Hillary. No Way, No How, No McCain.

Posted by vjordan | Report as abusive

I am a life-long democrat, an African American woman, and
a fierce supporter of Barack Obama…and had Hillary Clinton won the nomination, I would’ve been “lock-step” in supporting and working for her! I’ve toyed with the idea that John McCain could possibly be suffering from “dementia,” now I’m totally convinced. This young woman is attractive, and from what I’ve read, a decent
Governor; but make no mistake about it, she is a horrible choice for the republican vp! Her radical conservative views would set women back one-hundred years! Palin should run a class on wilderness survival
because American women will have to learn to hunt and fish in order to eat if these two “rocket-scientists” get
in office. Carolyn Phillips-Wisconsin

Funny how people claim she has more “executive experience” than Obama and Biden, well don’t these people know that John McCain who until last week was saying that experience is important has none himself. So put up or shut up.

The Barracuda strikes again – reminding voters that Obama lacked the courage to vet Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Posted by Chris Baker (US) | Report as abusive

The immediate attacks upon McCain and upon Sarah Palin, coming from the Obama camp, and even from commenters on this site, reflect a level of animosity I simply cannot understand. – Nelson

Wow! Really? Silly man, Barack Obama has had to endure months and months of vitriolic Republican hate-speak – and for what? Because he lacks experience, because of his religion, because of his race, because of his name, because he has been able to reenergize the Democratic base in such a way that he comes off looking more like a celebrity than a Senator. The list goes on and on.

The difference between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin is that ‘we the people’ decided Barack was still qualified to be president of United States despite his short political resume. It was OUR choice. Palin was McCain’s choice alone. There is no doubt that she will become the fatal millstone around McCain’s neck as she is fully vetted by her Democratic opponents and the media.

Let’s not forget to thank all of the numbskulls out there in America who voted Bush into office – not once, but twice. Thank you!

Without YOU Barack Obama’s candidacy would never have been possible.

I guess it is always darkest just before dawn.

Posted by leapblog | Report as abusive

The McCain/Palin ticket is an insult to the American people, especially Hillary supporters, who are not as shallow as McCain and the Karl Rove team would like to think. Palin stands for NOTHING that Hillary stands for – she is ANTI-choice, PRO-GUNS (that are killing our children in large cities of which she has no understanding of), she is against UNIVERSAL healthcare, wants to teach CREATINISM, and as an Alaskan, understands very little of the rest of the country. And when she tries to use Hillary’s name to support her ticket, it disgusts me. With the selection of Palin as VP candidate, that further strengthens my belief that Obama/Biden will be the best for the country especially after they shared the values at the DNC that we, the Americans, really care about for our families (HEALTH, EDUCATION, SECURITY, HOPE and OPPORTUNITY). Obama gets my vote, I am now actively campaigning for Obama/Biden.

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I love how republicans are saying that Palin has more executive experience than Obama. Heres a newsflash, she has more executive experience than McCain!

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin isnt Hillary Clinton.

John McCain doesn’t understand women.

Choosing a far right wing woman, who stands in stark contrast on every issue important to Hillary supporters won’t win him a single state. Not even Alaska.

John McCain doesn’t respect Hillary Clinton, note his infamous joke about the Clintons back in 1998: “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

Learn the difference on the issues, and vote smart.

http://www.SarahPalinISNTHillaryClinton. com

I was a McCain supporter, not now. I am truely insulted that he would choose Palin over all the other “More quailifed” people. Would he have choosen her if she were a man?? He can not even make his own decisions. He wanted Leiberman. It is now Obama all the way.

Posted by Teri | Report as abusive

I just think it’s silly to assume that simply because McCain choses a woman as his VP that he’ll scoop up more women voters. Although I think it’s great that another woman is running but she does not represent the majority of women’s views, especially when it’s being socially conservative. I vote on values not gender!

Posted by Gisele | Report as abusive

I’m now seriously doubting McCain’s judgment. Actually, this is the last straw. When I look at the Obama/Biden ticket , it’s very attractive compared to the other side which looks in disarray and desperate. I don’t see Obama/Biden as leftist wackos, but centrists. And I can live with that.
I’ve never voted democratic. This time I will.

Posted by Joe the Vet | Report as abusive

I can’t believe people think Palin’s experience compares with Obama. This inexperience label has just gone too far with Obama. Sure he’s not the MOST experienced candidate, but he’s a national political figure who was a state senator for 11 yrs and a US senator for 3. He’s obviously well known now around the world but he was a serious candidate and threat to Hillary’s candidacy when he announced his bid. Can you say the same for Governor Palin? Maybe in a few years, but it’s just a fact that she’s like anyone else before her governorship the last 2 yrs. PTA, city council, mayor of a city of 8,000, it’s all really small-time stuff. Now she made it to being governor, which is great, I don’t root against her though I don’t like her stances at all, but we just don’t know how she’ll play out at all. Frankly, from what I’m hearing I don’t think she’s right at all for me, but comparing her to Obama is ridiculous. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime leader who beat a very strong challenge from Hillary Clinton, and McCain’s getting a little desperate to try to beat him. That’s the reality. He has his faults but he’s totally legit, and no PTA/hockey mom can just walk up and say she’s equally qualified after governing Alaska for less than 2 yrs.
But, that’s not to say she’s not a future star for the Republicans. We should evaluate her for who she is and what she stands for like anyone else. How in the world can you take the polar bears off the endangered species list or not think Global warming is man made? We’ve had enough from the Bush/Cheney administration’s fight against science. I’m all for faith, but we in America are falling behind in education, and instead of pandering to those with less insight into scientific laws, we should be ushering forward into the future. We’re becoming a very split country that’s viewed as ignorant, aggressive, belligerent, polluting and careless. And women will not vote for her just because she’s a woman.
The reason people voted for Hillary was because they thought she was the best qualified PERSON to be president, right or wrong, and yeah it’s great she’s a woman. Women don’t want a hand-out placement when it’s not earned yet though. Hopefully Americans will show we’ve grown a little perspective in our last 8 yrs, because I thought this country was very divided and I really can’t understand how people voted for Bush once let alone twice. My friends who did now admit they made a mistake but how could people not see this coming? So bothered…

Posted by tosher | Report as abusive

As an independent voter and a Clinton supporter, I don’t know whether to laugh or be offended that Senator McCain thinks he’ll win my vote by putting a woman, any woman, on the ticket. Clinton, whether you agree with her politics or not, is an experienced, seasoned politician. This woman is a political neophyte, and even the largest two papers in her own home state are calling her too inexperienced for the job. I will chose the best person for the job of President, and VP — male or female. I won’t chose an underqualified woman simply because she’s a woman — that would be sexist behavior indeed! I’m an independent, but after Sen. Obama’s DNC speech, I was definitely being swayed toward voting for him — and now, with Sen. McCain’s VP pick, there’s no doubt about it. It’s Obama and Biden for me. The fact that Sen. McCain seems to think this absurd VP pick will appeal to former Clinton supporters leads me to agree with Sen. Obama’s assessment: Sen McCain just doesn’t get it.

Posted by Melissa Davis | Report as abusive

lol @ Republican talking points:

She has more EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE! (So does a Quiznos franchisee, so what?)

She headed up the Alaska National Guard! (All 1200 of them.)

Alaska is close to Russia! (L-O-L)

Anyone questioning her is a SEXIST! (Again, L-O-L)

Posted by RustyGranite | Report as abusive

Whatever boos there may have been following Sarah Palin’s remarks paying tribute to Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton went unheard over the applause. In any event, Obama supporters have certainly expent a great deal of energy deriding both Ferraro and Clinton.

Posted by Dale Swingle | Report as abusive

To Nelson: I guess you have benefitted from the past seven and half years of neglect and negligent management of this country. Yeah, Sarah is “eloquent”. But that is not much when compared to “Grandpa McCain” who can’t string more than three words together in a sentence. Obama-ites are not the only ones making these observations. Thinking human beings are making them as well!!!

Posted by Dana | Report as abusive

Whatever your political party may be, it simply is disrespectful to characterise her as an empty person without experience. As governor of Alaska for two years, she’s had more experience of power than Senator Obama.
Can we debate issues and character, please?

Posted by Man From Atlan | Report as abusive

Everybody is comparing Obama to Palin.There is a big difference between them. Obama is vetted by public and he is not appointed unlike Ms.Palin who has been appointed by Mr. McCain. If Obama was not a strong candidate he would not come out of the primaries. This is fight between Obama and McCain.

Lets see where she stands on world issues like mideast, Russian aggression, SE Asian issues.

Posted by VK | Report as abusive

I think it would be a nice gesture for Hillary Clinton to donate her pants suits and campaign shoes to Sarah to see if she can fill Hillary’s shoes so to speak. John McCain and his Republican followers who expect women to vote for Sarah because she is a woman, are grossly out of touch with most American women. Judy Nelson

Posted by heyjuds | Report as abusive

McCain was reckless! Over 18 million americans and counting believe Obama will make a good president so please don’t compare the 2! Sarah has nothing to offer, it is a disgrace to think that women will flock! Her own mother-in-law said she will probably vote for Obama! Her family and friends are shocked she was even considered, let alone picked. Alaskans are saying she doesn’t have the credentials for the job! Right wing republicans must put this country first! As a registered republican I will be voting Obama/biden in November! This is absolutely appalling and cannot be defended by any sane person! These single issue voters are bringing this country down!

Posted by Jane | Report as abusive

Notwithstanding the Republican Party’s campaign in this historic Presidential campaign, Senator McCain selection of Gov. Palin of Alaska demonstrates the maverick that
he is. He is not playing a game of cards nor flying a jet plane which begs the question how did he make this decision for the office of the Vice President of the United States especially during these times with the realignment of the worlds economy and Political instability when he stated that his opponent was not ready to lead the nation. What does this say about Senator McCain’s, love of country, values and decision making process? I’m sorry but this guy is a loose

Posted by Robert J. Medina | Report as abusive

“[Palin is the] Governor of our largest state…”

Alaska is the largest state in terms of LAND, but its population ranks behind no less than seventeen U.S. CITIES.
In short, being the governor of Alaska is many ways less impressive than being the major of some places.

First, she hasn’t even been a governor for two years, so the so called “80%” approval ratings are grossly misleading. And if you do a little research, you’ll quickly find that Palin’s approval ratings are (and have been) in decline. Two years from now, after serving a full-term, they may have ended up at 40-50%, but not being talked about. Approval rating are almost always high during the honeymoon period of a newly elected official. Once that wears off, however, reality and accuracy set in.

Palin is undereducated, ill-prepared, and lacks the judgment to be VP. Its as simple as that. McCains’ decision after ONE MEETING with her is not “Country First,” its ego first, and he should be condemned for a VP selection that is both reckless and selfish.

Can you imagine Palin negotiating with Russia, Iran, and/or China?? Domestic policy regarding the economy? Education? Healthcare? Dealing with two active wars in Iraq and Afghanistan???

Any thinking U.S. citizen should be insulted by the selection of Palin. Its absolutely ridiculous.

Posted by anthroman | Report as abusive

To James Burns: Oh, that’s what I want, a President and VP who can “bait their own hooks.” For crying out loud. Ms. Palin is, I am sure, a fine person and a wonderful mother, but her “experience” of dealing with a Legislature of one of the smallest states in the US, (which is only in session 90 days out of the year) does not even begin to compare with the experience of Senator Obama. She is in NO WAY qualified to be “one heartbeat away from the presidency.” And her tenure as mayor of Wasilla, population less that 8,000 at the time, left the town with a deficit of $20 million. How is this experience “positive?” Spin this any way you want, this was a terrible choice, and is more reflective of the judgment, or lack thereof, of John McCain than anything else.

Posted by Dave Hart | Report as abusive

I attended the Dayton, Ohio rally and when Sarah Palin praised Hillary Clinton there were no boos as in Pennsylvania. Our packed to the rafters crowd applauded her comments about Hillary and Geraldine Ferrao.

This is all about the Christian right pushing their agenda. Keep creationism out of public schools and the constitution. What a joke this country has become believing and pushing the myths of sky gods. Pretty soon the earth will be flat again and the fascist Christian dictators will be in everyone’s bedroom.

I’m disgusted.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Hey Republicans – do you realize that your definition of executive experience makes Sarah Palin not only more experienced than Obama, but John McCain, Joe Biden and 95% of all Congressional members. Hell, if I accept your definition, Sarah Palin is more qualified than Abraham Lincoln before he entered office. I know she’s really nice and promotes your values, but please, it’s a wide leap of faith asking America to put her a heartbeat away from being the most powerful person in the world.

But lets take a look at Palin’s executive experience, since you think it qualifies her:

*PTA President
*Mayor Wasila (Pop. 6000) – She left the town in debt.
*Governor for 20 months – She’s already under a corruption investigation.

Take this resume for the Vice Presidency to any pragmatic, honest Human Relations department in the world and they would throw it back at you laughing.

As of last year Palin did not have one single public position on ANY foreign policy issue. For a political party that prides themselves on “defending” the nation, this should scare you more than democrats.

McCain met this women ONCE and didn’t vet her at all. This is political pandering, and very poor judgment.

Posted by kamera | Report as abusive

I watched the section about Hillary several times…I still hear ZERO booing sounds…

To all the folk who believe this article just because its written…you need to get a clue…

To the person who called everyone who voted for Bush a numbscull twice…well you are talking about a majority of America so perhaps you should move to China…where your socialist ideas could really take hold.

Posted by Kyle Smaagard | Report as abusive

Palin = Big Oil. McCain/Palin is the same Big Oil ticket Bush/Cheney has been for the last 8 years.

Posted by netrino | Report as abusive

The duo of McCain/Palin visited our local diner (Toms) in Dormont PA which seats 36 patrons. When word of the visit spread two thirds of the diner filled with supporters wanting meet the two (not counting the two tables with regular customers). Word also ciculated that the duo might give a speech at the local firehall which holds sixty persons when the second fire truck is pulled forward. Atleast nine people at the diner offered to walk to the firehall to listen to the speech but is was called off due to less than stellar attendance.

Winning western PA twenty double egg breakfest specials at a time.

Posted by Barry | Report as abusive

It is disgraceful for John Mccain who said on saturday the 29/08/2008 and writen on a banner behind him that country first politics second but he choose mrs Palin just to get Clinton supporters to vote for Mccain now John Mccain has put pilitics first and country second i think American voters can now see who John Mccain is and there is no other way to call this just hipocracy.

Posted by louis | Report as abusive

To Doug at 10:52, and others, as has been explained numerous times, though no one seems to want to understand it, voting “present” in the Illinois State Legislature is the same as voting “no.” It is the way things have been done for years and years, ask the people of Illinois, they seem to know and understand this much better than anyone else on this post. Do a little research before making false statements.

I am sure Sarah Palin is a good speaker, she was a communications major. That being said, when you look at her actual record, her “accomplishments,” the way she treats and deals with people, and her policy positions, you can see she really adds nothing to the Republican ticket. This is a choice that they will ultimately regret.

Posted by Dave Hart | Report as abusive

That’s right PUMAs… go ahead and vote to put these people bach in power for another 4 years…

Posted by natahsa | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin devoted mother??? I believe her poor little baby son with Down’s Syndrome needs his mommie more. Who is going to raise/care for this little guy? Bless his heart. Nope, she’d rather be McCain’s cheerleading side-kick. Rah! they claim Palin is easy to talk to, the sitting around the kitchen table type. So when a crisis develops with Russia, is she going to “chat” over coffee with Vladimir Putin?

It seems that there are some Republican plants here with absurd arguments to convince me that Palin is qualified to be VP. That is so offensive to women.

Ironically, it demonstrates how sexist McCain really is. He thinks women are so stupid that they will vote for him because he put a woman on his ticket. He thinks women are too dumb to understand the issues, to care about their families, to care about the economy or foreign affairs. If he was truly concerned about women’s issues, he would have just put Hillary on his ticket! Or, at least any qualified candidate! But, he’s no maverick. If he really wanted to prove that he was a maverick, he’d have put Tom Ridge on his ticket and not pander to the far right of his party. He should – excuse the expression – be a MAN!

Sarah Palin is no more qualified to be VP than I am. I might be more qualified. I have a Masters Degree!

We’ve had 18 months to get to know Obama and millions of Americans have determined for themselves that he is qualified. He has surrounded himself with qualified professionals to support him and that speaks to his leadership ability in a big way. No pansies. No patsies. No kiss-asses. No political gimmicks. Just real workers who will get the job done.

“No way. No how. No McCain.”

How can anyone say Barark Obama is not experienced and has not clearly articulated his exact plans for Americas future, take a look at this video ( in less than a minute, he has never spoken a clearer message.

A future president is responsible not only for the well-being of the US, but for the well-being of the world. We non-Americans should have a say in this elections, since our lives depend on who sits in the White House. I don’t see how a talented pretty school girl could ever face the gigantic challenges awaiting us in the near future.

Posted by frederic | Report as abusive

As a woman, I was highly offended but not surprised by McCain’s VP choice. This may sound strange, but McCain has just played the biggest race card to date in this election. Race, you question. Yes, race. You see, the so-called women’s rights movement received a big boost in 1964 when a conservative Southern senator inserted the term “gender” in the Civil Rights Act. This simple inclusion had a profound racial impact: when given the choice between hiring their wife, sister, cousin, aunt, niece or that of one of their white colleagues or a black person of any gender, who do you think that racist white men would choose? What started as legislation meant to redress the harm caused by slavery was effectively hijacked and transformed into a means to increase the aggregate accumulation of wealth, power and other benefits within the white community. For example, African Americans currently make up about 13% of the US population, but have historically been underrepresented in Congress. Currently 42 members (9.5%) of the House (including two non-voting delegates) are black, while Barack Obama is the only African American member of the Senate. Only five African Americans have ever served in the Senate. To put this in perspective, there have been five Asian-American senators and six Hispanic-American senators, and there are currently 16 women in the Senate, the highest number in history, and 74 female representatives.

The experience in U.S. law firms is very similar. As aptly noted in an article comparing the progress of women and minorities in large law firms, “[a]s a general rule, the available literature tends to focus more on women than minorities in the legal profession.” Since 1975, the representation of women as professionals in large firms has increased by 179.9% from 14.4 percent in 1975 to 40.3 percent in 2002, whereas the representation of African Americans increased by 91.3% from 2.3 percent in 1975 to 4.4 percent in 2002. (Hispanics increased from 0.7 percent to 2.9 percent, and Asians increased from 0.5 percent to 5.3 percent over the same period). By 1982, the percent of women reported as legal professionals was nearly identical to the percent of women receiving law degrees in that year, and since then the employment of women in these firms has remained higher than in the more general work force. Conversely,
law degrees earned by African Americans appear to consistently exceed the employment of African Americans as professionals in large private law firms and as lawyers in the general work force. Unlike the employment patterns for women, the proportion of African Americans employed as lawyers in the general labor market and as professionals in law firms as captured by the EEO-1 data is fairly consistent, and changes in the employment of African American professionals in private sector firms required to file EEO-1 reports lagged behind their increase as lawyers in the general work force and in their increased rate of receiving law degrees over the past twenty years. (Contrast this experience with Asians: the growth in Asian attorneys is so rapid that by 2002, the percentage of Asian professionals in Legal Services, 5.3 percent, as reported on the EEO-1 exceeds the percentage of African Americans, 4.4 percent. Degrees conferred to Asians also increases during the twenty year study period. In 1982 just 1.3 percent of all law degrees are awarded to Asians but by 2002, they earn 6.5 percent of all degrees. Over the past twenty years the rate of change for the percent of Asians reported as professional by Legal Service firms on their EEO-1 reports is 341 percent. The increase in law degrees earned by Asians is even higher at 400 percent.)

Based on these and other statistics, who were the true beneficiaries of the Civil Rights Act that blacks marched and died for? Somehow, we have gotten to a point in our history where white women, Hispanics, Asians, handicapped people and others are equated with black people in America. When were they slaves in America?

What were white women doing while black men and women were slaves? Were white women, like me, considered a protected class in society, with rights to inherit our husband’s wealth and to child support and alimony if the marriage did not work? How is my plight equal to that of the plight of the descendants of slaves? I could never understand that and reject it openly. When people talk about equal pay, they speak about equal pay for white women, because both black men and black women earn less than white men, and black women earn on average far less than white women. If you are a white woman in this country, you benefit from the Equal Pay Act, which requires a women to prove only that she received lower pay than a similarly situated male. If you are a black man (whose descendants worked for centuries for free and has always received less pay than whites), you have to prove both that you received lower pay and that the reason that you were paid less is because of racism (a nearly impossible task, as reflected in recent civil rights jurisprudence).

So, McCain is using old faithful: selecting a white woman provides coverage for other white women to vote against Obama due to racism. Listen to the white female voters who will not vote for Obama. Their arguments make no sense. It is not about differences in policy, it is simply that they cannot countenance a black man (as one PUMA stated “an unqualified, affirmative action black male”) going ahead of white women. You can see almost open references to this tight of thinking when people talk about how Obama jumped ahead in line or did not wait his turn. His so-called place is behind white America, male or female.

What separates these anti-Obama Democratic women from their racist male counterparts? It is sad that the press does not explore this issue. Again, I ask, how are women, Asians, Hispanics, handicapped, etc. suddenly equal to the descendants of slaves? Do we equate any of these groups to the suffering of the Jews? If Obama were Joe Lieberman, would women feel as strongly as they do against Obama? Be honest. This is a test for our country. Have we moved beyond racism? Time will tell.

Posted by Iris Bittencourt | Report as abusive

June Gruhn says she will now be voting for McCain after being a democrate because after 2006 when the Democrats won elections we had the high gas prices, etc. If you were truly a Democrate or new anything about our Congress and Senate you would understand THIS, the Dems only have a 2 person advantage in the Senate and one of those guys has been in the hospital since shortly after the 2006 election. That’s a majority in name not anything that they can really change in legislation. The House only has an advantage at 35 or so, again, nothing they can really make changes with because they do not have the 60 votes to overight POTUS’ veto which he has done more than any POTUS. And all Dems don’t follow in line with their party, neither do repugs. Our high gas prices are the direct result of VP Cheyney having SECRET deals with the oil companies and making his own energy policies. And the housing problem is because repugs DEREGULATED the industry (a famous tactic of the repugs like the air industry deregulation under Reagan and the list goes on) because they like doing that so that all their rich sleazy friends can make money off of scaming people, which in turn made problems in the housing industry that caused your house to cost less money. Clinton started NAFTA, but the repugs took off running with it to send too many jobs overseas. No true Dem who had a mind could possibly have any reason to turn to McCain in the first place and especially now that he has picked such an inempt VP.

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There are many more qualified Republican women in this country than Palin who could have also shown that McCain was assembling a team to help him govern this country effectively. McCain’s pick is clearly a political choice. He wanted someone on the ticket to help him win office, without any thought to how best to govern. Obama’s choice of Biden shows better judgment.

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To those who would cry that Bill Clinton was a disgrace… McCain had an affair with Cindy while his wife was in the hospital. Where is the outrage from conservatives about THIS!!! If you want McSame as president, then you must forgive Clinton for his actions, too. You can’t have it both ways. We are all human and make mistakes. McCain’s mistake is thinking that you can get Hillary voters by selecting someone who is the exact opposite on EVERY ISSUE!

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Where is James Carvel when you need him? This was McCain “Putting Politics First.” Obama was tasked with picking the best person for the job and he did just that.. McCain pick the person who will give him a bump in the polls.

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The presidency position its not about the seat,games or title…its all about changing lives. I strongly feel the republicans are game players…if McCain has chosen a female runner up to win the supporters of Hillary in other to secure their vote and win the presidnecy election,its a very DISASTEROUS DECISION to the future of we Americans.Lets think rightly. Our future is no GAME!

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I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone would make a gamble with a choice that will affect not just McCain’s Presidency but the Republican Party as a whole. I asked myself over and over again, and at times feeling good about the decision but the more I read on about Ms. Palin, the more I am struggling to embrace the once maverick McCain’s judgment and whether he is really capable of making tough decisions that is first in the interest of the United State.

Read these blogs first and continue…  /30/201818/606/27/580690  /who-is-the-mother-of-trig-paxon…

From reading this, I already have doubts, McCain’s choice more likely will sink not only his Presidency but also the many house and Senate candidates chance as many like me are more likely to stay home come Nov 4th.

I keep asking myself if the reasoning is to match up with Obama on the Change slogan, there were so many known and vetted Republican Women that would have been a better choices. By selecting an unknown commodity, McCain made the most rockiest mistake any politician can make that has left the media, blog, anti-Republican machine and the Left make her weak before the end of day 1 and by day 2, she is being questioned about whether her 5th son is her daughter’s son.

As much as I love my party, my politics is more than my party and I truly can’t get the comfort level if anything happens to McCain, Palin is ready to lead this country for everybody’s sake not just for the Republican sake.

McCain has taken the life out of me and I am staying home.

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Who is this woman? Can she come out quelch these rumours?

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