Gustav forces Obama to curtail Labor Day politics

September 1, 2008

U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, who had planned an economic  tour through the industrial Midwest, is changing his schedule because of Hurricane Gustav. Instead of staying overnight in the battleground state of Wisconsin on Monday, Obama is flying back to his home in Chicago to monitor the storm.

laborday.jpgHe also called for a moment of silence at a Labor Day rally in Detroit in the afternoon, saying it was not a time for political speeches.

“I wanted to talk about organized labor as the backbone of our economy and of our country and I wanted to talk about how we sustain that middle class against all the challenges we face today and how we promote policies that honor the dignity of work,” he said.

“But I have to tell you that, as we meet today, I have to change my plans a little bit. Our neighbors and our fellow citizens in Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast are once again under siege from a terrible storm,” he added.

“Although  we are prayerful that this will not be the same kind situation that we saw three years ago, today’s not a day political speeches. I hope you’ll forgive me. I hope you don’t mind.” 

“I want everybody to remember that there is a time for us to argue politics but there’s a time for us to come together as Americans.

“I know John McCain wants what’s best for the people who have been evacuated. I know (President) George Bush wants what’s best for them and so do I. And so I want all of us to come together.”

The Obama campaign sent e-mails and text messages to its network of volunteers and donors, asking them to send donations to the Red Cross in order to help the residents of the Gulf Coast.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Rebecca Cook. Sen. Barack Obama speaks to a crowd at the annual Labor Day parade in Detroit. Sept. 1, 2008


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I think Bush and Chertoff have been out ahead of this story, trying to manage expectations.  /2781/Hurricane-Gustav

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Obama’s so called centrist positions came about rather quickly, about a year ago, after 20 years of embracing the far left, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Father Phfleiger, Ayers, etc.. Everyone knows this disingenuous move to the center was to get votes … not because Obama all of a sudden had a true change of heart, and abandoned 20 years of his true beliefs. So, why does a good portion of the American public buy into to this?
What makes these gullible people think that if he gets elected, we won’t be stuck with a bunch of far left extremist socialist policies? After all, Obama has been the most liberal senator in congress, and Joe Biden has been the third most liberal senator in congress. Most, and third most, out of 100 senators are bad odds. Wake up American … keep America strong, elect McCain/Palin to the white house in November.

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