Inside the Tent: Women voters on Sarah Palin

September 1, 2008

John McCain ‘s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate was the latest twist in an election year that has had no shortage of surprises — especially after Palin announced in the midst of the Republican National Convention that her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant.

Inside the Tent talked to four women in St. Paul — a Democrat, an independent, and two Republicans — about Palin’s impact on the GOP ticket . What impact do you think Palin will have? Submit your answer in the comments section.

Sandra Ross: “Some of the Hillary supporters, they’re aren’t convinced yet, but they’re leaning toward her because they feel a woman should be in a strong leadership position.”

Barbara Patchen: “I know two people who are considering the McCain ticket just because of (Palin), but personally I’m mystified.”

Amy Sawyer: “For me it’s more about the person and the issues than gender. But she seems like she would be friendly and brings energy to that ticket.”

Tiesha Powell:”She’s a superwoman to me … I’m working too, trying to prove myself, and Sarah just says, “this can be done.”

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biden may have been Obama’s pick to cover his perceived
weakness in foreign policy
could Sarah be McCain’s solution to his weakness with women.
he cheated on his first wife leading to a divorce
he also suspected to have been sleeping with his campaign staffer

Posted by joey | Report as abusive

Were these women asked if they knew Palin’s stand on the issues they care about? I can understand the Republicans staying with a Republican but I would the the Democrat and the Independent would want to know the issue stands. Good grief.

Posted by Michigan | Report as abusive

I think that Rice would have been maybe been a better running mate for John to pull in both the black and female voters who are on the fence of decission. However I do think that Sarah will be an asset to the Republican party. Not only because she is a woman but she is for the Family more so then any candidate, she stands for what I feel, as a Christian Pastor, what needs to be placed back into our educational system to make this country the God fearing country it started out to be in 1776. God help the United States of America or any other country that forgets God.

It’d be pure fantasy to expect any candidate to not have some minor issues for opponents to harp on. Gov. Palin does have a very good record of reform and getting things done at the state and local levels. The Dem’s claim she has no international experience isn’t accurate: State governors must deal with international trade issues (related to their state), homeland security concerns, national guard, and more. The buck stops with governors, not with senators (especially Obama, who has been very adept at passing the buck). Governor Palin took the time to visit with the Alaska Nat’l Guard in Kuwait and Germany last year. Obama’s overseas trip this year was 99% hype.

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

I am excited by Sarah Palin! She is a REAL person who walks the walk — she doesn’t just talk. She raised four children and was an effective governor who outed corruption. Sarah is an expert on energy, just the person we need as Veep. Her daughter got pregnant and is keeping the baby. Sarah knew her own baby had Down’s Syndrome and loves him and protects him. Her husband is a real person, who works with his hands. I am thrilled with McCain’s choice. I regret the feminists are not pro-woman, they are just pro-liberal.

Posted by Lyn | Report as abusive

I think Sen. McCain and the Republican are geing quite selfish to expect Mrs. Palin to serve right now. Her family needs her more than ever and if she is so wonderful, there is plenty of time for her to become Vice-President or even President in the future. Her 4 month old Down’s Syndrome baby and her 17 year old pregnant daughter need her more than America does. She should cite family reasons, step down, and let McCain select another running mate from those who were much more qualified than Palin to begin with. Sarah, PUT YOUR FAMILY FIRST!

Posted by Victoria M. | Report as abusive

i like her very much

I think picking Palin as his VP is a great wheeze. It really shows up some of those Hillary supporters as the sexist collectivists they are. The fact that gender is the only seriously important factor in a candidate to them says everything you need to know about them.

I also think it’s rather shocking how few people recognise this as sexism. It’s discriminating on sex, the definition. Palin’s gender should not matter, but clearly to these sexists it does.

Posted by Edward | Report as abusive

Palin was mayor of a city with less than 9,600 people. Then she fell into the govenor’s seat because the Alaskain folks were fed up with their current corrupt politicians… How’s that make her vp/prez. material is just lunacy! Is McCane trying to just corral the vote of theignorant and easily lead?

…and for Palin to even accept the vp position is irresponsible – she should be focused on her current issues that she is neglecting, rather than guaranteeing a LOSS for the republican party! YES, if.Palin was a man under investigation by his state ledgislature, plus family problems, McCane would not have even mildly concidered him. She’s a novice that’ll be easy to manipulate, and is now just a stunt that backfired.

PICK a new running mate or plan to follow Obama for the next four years!

Posted by Jackie | Report as abusive

Why anyone who supported Hillary would even think of voting for the McCain/Palin ticket is absurd! Please don’t demean and insult the women for Hillary as bimbos who were only voting gender! The politics of Palin are despicable to a Hillary supporter! Let Palin keep on governing Alaska, let McCain retire and let Obama and Biden get on with the important business of restoring the American Dream and our good will around the world!

Posted by Tru Blu | Report as abusive

I wondered what kind of mother she could be with all these strange ideas, re no sex education in schools, keeping a Downs Syndrome baby, and campaigning for vice president of the U.S. with three small children to take care of. Now I know. By not teaching her daughter birth control they are stuck with an unhappy situation. Pray for the United States.

Posted by Aldine Wallace | Report as abusive

Teaching birth control might have helped the situation.
Lord help the United States if she gets elected.

Posted by Aldine Wallace | Report as abusive

I don’t care what gender someone is; if I agree with their political views, then they will get my vote. Based on that, McCain/Palin will NOT get my vote. I’d hate to see four decades of women’s advancements ruined by the conservatives. I have no wish to live in the 50′s or 60′s — this is the 21st century, and I prefer the right of personal choice rather than have the government tell me my body is not my own! This goes farther than abortion; my body, my choice, regardless of the medical procedure!!! I don’t care how “perky” Palin appears to be, and I refuse to vote for her simply because of her gender — I wouldn’t do it for Hillary, and I won’t do it for her!

Posted by AJ Lehman | Report as abusive

She has more COMMON sense than 99% of the Senators and Congress people, she isn’t an attorney, she is young and aggressive, she isn’t part if the DC crowd, she sold the Alaska State plane for 2.7 million because there wasn’t a need for it, wants to reduce energy independence, has as much experience as Obama, is honest, and has been a good mother and wife. I will take that combination any day over all the current legislators.

Posted by Slow Poke | Report as abusive

I am same age as Palin, a mother and and immigrant. I was leaning towards voting for McCain, but now I will vote for Obama. I feel very uncomfortable with Palin. Should something happen to the president and she became a president. She seems very “white trash”. I wonder if she has ever travelled overseas or speaks any foreign language. She is too extreme in her views.

Posted by Hilary voter | Report as abusive

Looks like some have been drinking the Kool Aid from the Kool Aid mom, the one whose kids don’t see much of her thanks to her political ambitions.

Posted by Iris | Report as abusive

It`s unbelievable – just when you think Bush and Cheney are the bottom of the pit, they want to put this pro-gun, pro creationsm, self-styled hockey mum, whose only claim to fame is that she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere (which btw she officially supported till she discovered the Feds wouldn`t pay the full cost) a weak heartbeat from the presidency? Has it become the duty of rightwing Christians to ensure that Armageddon really happens? And what`s with the comparison with Hillary? She got 18 million votes – Ms (sorry – Mrs) Palin scraped through with 115,000.

Posted by geoffrey | Report as abusive

I think she is a great choice. She has more COMMON sense than 99% of the current Senators and Congress people, she isn’t an attorney, she is young and aggressive, she isn’t part if the DC crowd, she sold the Alaska State plane for 2.7 million because there wasn’t a need for it, she reduced many state taxes, she wants to reduce energy independence in an environmentally friendly way, she has as much or more grass roots experience as Obama, she is honest, and has been a good mother and wife. I will take that combination any day over any of the current legislators.

Posted by Slow Poke | Report as abusive

Are the Republicans so desperate for the women’s vote that they have picked Miss Wasilla and are trying to say she is as qualified as Hillary Clinton, Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Condaleeza Rice? What an insult to hard working talented women in this country to pick someone who parrots a party line rather than thinking on her own about the critical issues facing this country. And why was the Right so quick to criticize Jamie Spears for her out of wedlock pregnancy but it is OK for Bristol Palin? How two faced can a party get? But this is what we have learned to expect from the incumbents. This proves that McCain’s hair trigger decision making is as frightening as his colleagues on the Senate have noted.

No matter how democrats will try to destroy Palin, it will not work. Palin’s work records, professionalism and honesty will be her assets. Voters must be careful from Obamas arrogance and ambitious goal. Barack can quickly switch statements just to get peoples vote, an indication of a desperate man aiming to live in the White House. After Gallup poll released that voters think Obama will raise taxes, he quickly promise a taxcut to 95% of middle class. Where did he got that number. A true sweet talker putting a number to be more convincing. Obama promises more than he can deliver then worry about it later. Voters must be worried about a desperate Obama who will do to the extent of lie to american voters just to get their vote. I dont trust Obama. I will vote for McCain-Palin ticket.

Posted by Shariq_ALvi_Tanvi | Report as abusive

I was born in Alaska, and live here now. I have been somewhat impressed with Sarah Palin as governor; however, I do NOT think that she is a decent choice for VP. She seriously lacks experience, integrity and strength. I am insulted, as a woman, that with several qualified and capable men and women in the political arena, Ms. Palin was chosen. I will NOT vote for a candidate based on gender.
I question Mr. McCain’s judgement, and cannot trust him to surround himself with appropriate staff members, if he is choosing Ms. Palin for his VP. Furthermore, I am concerned that if McCain was elected, Palin could only be a puppet for the Republican power that is behind the Bush administration. We need change and leadership!
In closing, I am FRIGHTENED to think of her as either VP or president.

Posted by Hilkka Bold | Report as abusive

In an interview several months ago, John McCain said (as did Barack Obama) that the most important criterion for a Vice-President is whether he/she is qualified to step into the Presidency in case the President dies or is incapable of carrying out his duties. I do not believe that Mrs. Palin is so qualified. McCain could have chosen a more qualified and seasoned individual as the Vice-Presidential nominee.

Posted by D. L. | Report as abusive

The fact that McCain would select someone with so little experience to be second in command of our country is alarming, not to mention that she would be charged with representing both the people of America and the women of America to world leaders on an international stage. McCain has had 4 bouts with cancer. If McCain were to win, this woman could be our president! What a selfish move on McCain’s part to sacrifice the overall well-being of our country to his personal ambition to be president. This is a critical time in America’s history because of the questionable wisdom of the war with Iraq and our terrible reputation internationally. We need leaders who know what they are doing. How can someone who has never managed more than a staff of 50 people competently run a country?

As a mom, I am mystefied by Palin’s choice not to place the well-being of her daughter over her own political ambitions. Palin can ask the media to respect her family’s privacy until the cows come home, but surely she is not naive enough to think that this will happen. Her daughter will have the pleasure of seeing her picture on the news when she turns on the TV, on the internet, etc., all of which could have been avoided of Palin had said “no” to McCain’s offer for the time being. What teenager wants their sex life to be national if not international news and their unplanned pregnancy to be fodder for late night comedians and paparazzi? Palin has to know that the public nature of this will be damaging to her daughter, no matter how much support they give her. Palin would have served her daughter better by waiting until 2012 to stoke her political ambitions. What a profoundly irresponsible choice for Palin and her husband to make on behalf of their daughter and family.

Posted by Chicago mom | Report as abusive

I was leaning toward McCain until he chose Palin. I really liked him as a senator and wished he’d been nominated eight years ago by the republicans, but now he’s just pandering to both the Christian Right and–apparently–to women who think only about Palin’s gender. She’s an EXTREMIST. Okay, so extremist Christians love her, but I’m don’t get it. They’re just embracing her without thinking about her total lack of experience. She strikes me as being power hungry, and her ties to the oil industry are so clear. I’m voting for Obama, even though his choice of Biden strikes me as a little uninspired. John McCain is just too desperate to be president, and I’m getting the sense that Governor Palin has some responsibilities at home that need her and her husband’s full attention right now.

Posted by Independent Woman | Report as abusive

I don’t care that Palin is a woman. What I DO care about is that she would like to return women to the era of “Don’t worry your pretty little head; I’ll make your decisions for you”. I care about her wanting all abortions outlawed, for all women, even those impregnated by rape or incest. And once the Federal Government gets back in the business of making private, personal decisions for women, there will be no end to this continuing erosion of personal privacy.
John McCain is also anti-choice, and anti-feminist as well. Do women really need some rich (wife’s money) old white guy to tell them what they can and cannot do with their own bodies? And I doubt that McSame and Palin will support other feminist issues like accurate sex education in school (maybe that would have helped Palin’s daughter), equal pay for women, or the right to reproductive health services like contraception.
Palin also wants to drill for oil in ANWR, and other places in Alaska, even going so far as suing the Bush administration for placing polar bears on the endangered species list. Hand-in-hand with Palin’s one-trick energy policy is her belief that the science of Global Warming does not indicate that human activity is responsible. Do we really need another anti-science zealot in office?
The republicans are now claiming that she has more foreign-policy experience that Obama and Biden combined, just because Alaska is located between Canada and Russia. I would laugh at the absurdity of it all, but there is nothing funny about the republicans, their agenda, or their candidates.
I mean, John McSame has voted repeatedly against raising the minimum wage, against investigation of the Katrina Hurricane debacle, against equal pay for women, and FOR the Iraq War, for making Bush tax cuts for the rich permanent, and for opening up public lands to his new buddies in the (now-contributing to him) oil industry.
The last thing we need is a continuation of the economically-, environmentally-, socially-, constitutionally-, scientifically-, and financially-disasterous, short-sighted, idealogy-driven, lying Bush Administration.
Palin is no Dick Cheney, it’s true. But nor is she Hillary Clinton.

Posted by artatlarge | Report as abusive

Only six years ago Barack Obama was an undistinguished state senator in the Chicago Democratic machine. Does anyone seriously advocate that experience qualified Obama to be President? What possible justification can Obama use to say he is qualified to be Commander in Chief? That’s why for the sake of the country, we have to hope Sarah Palin can overcome the hatred directed at her by Democrats.

Posted by Chris Baker | Report as abusive

I think Sarah Palin is great and I am excited that she and John McCain will be in the White House.

I read a comment about people not wanting to vote for McCain because of the affair he had when he was married to his first wife. I really don’t care about any of that. Big woo. People have affairs.

That actually shouldn’t affect his duties as president. UNLESS, he lies about it under oath and jepardizes national security doing it and then gets himself IMPEACHED because of it. I don’t think any Republicans are going to let that affect their vote for McCain and the Democrats who would vote for him shouldn’t have a problem after what Bill Clinton did. Remember the Democrat argument that his impeachment “was just about sex”?

Palin’s on the job training seems to be working in Alaska, but hardly what is needed at the national level. Her candidacy is an insult to the intelligence of the voter looking for political expertise and experience to solve our domestic and international problems. It will take more than a pretty face and ethical guts. Knowledge of the national and international situation comes with years of experience and is necessary. If simply running a household, PTA, local government and small town politics were required, many of us would qualify.

Posted by Donna W | Report as abusive

you are all defending a person u knew 2 days ago?
didn’t your mothers teach u anything about trusting strangers?
lets face it
she is a desperate move whose appointment was solely based on the possibility a devided dem convention. and disgruntled Hillary follwers
her appointment defies convention, common sense, judgement and simple wisdom thats why we are all talking about it.
in 2 days i have learned of learned of family problems, an investigation, flip flopping about the bridge project there may be more
A possible President? no way, not now,

Posted by joey | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin? Idiots. If the McSame Palin Ticket wins this Country deserves everything it gets.

Posted by terry | Report as abusive

Our Country is most definitely going through many trying times. Sadly enough the best have come forward to direct and provide a future for our Great Nation. The Obama Ticket or The McCain Ticket, how about neither. All who trust in Obama will be very sorry. Besides tax increases, a proven terrible past track record and the inability to run our country yet alone defend us(U.S.) abroad? We will pay for years to come for the lack of experience and the deceitful ways trying to fool us for votes. The Change that is promised does not mean its going to be a good thing. Then we have our x POW and out spoken Republican icon who were not so sure of. When it comes to trust, we have to ask ourselves which candidates can we trust? We need a leader who wants to not Sale our Great Country and Nation out for the almighty dollar. Ask yourselves about paying to much for fuel, how about the fact that raw goods and materials for our manufacturing world have done nothing but increase over the last 22 months 50%-500% in some cases. A bushel of corn in early 2007 cost around $2.00, today a bushel will cost between $6-$8. Who’s idea was it to anyway to greatly diminish our food supply and serve up ethanol as an alternative fuel? The U.S was importing corn seed this year because we didn’t have enough for our own farmers for planting. How about the fact that steel is costing our factories and manufacturing base between 65%-85% more just in the last 14 months. Take a look at fuel and the plastics industry nothing here but increases. The list goes on! No sir, not one President or Party has caused this ripple effect in our current Economy, it goes back in time when a certain President said “OUR GOVERNMANT IS TO BIG”. Truly not one of these future Presidents has our interest at stake, there is no plan to lower fuel or lower our cost of food, raw goods, fuel, paper, medical cost etc. How about that almighty dollar, its worth about .49, thats forty nine cents against the EURO. Who’s the best candidate to fix that? It’s all fluff anything said for a vote. How about a legitimate Business plan on many area’s where we the USA needs immediate help. We should all be encouraging and praying daily for this Country and our brothers and sisters and for whoever wins the Presidency of this Great Nation. Accountability should be highly regarded, directed at the soon to be broken promises of our future leader. We all receive grades throughout our lives when were young in our schooling systems then we all work to provide, some of us get rewarded with increases at work and some loose their jobs. Because theirs accountability! How about our next President be accountable and graded on their success ratio or not so successful. Then let the people decide what to do with their future. This is not what our founding fathers wanted for our future and we are that future.

I supported Clinton, but switched to McCain this summer because he is a centrist and moderate, experienced, and because I believe he is a decent and honorable person. In short, he was my default candidate. However, adding Palin to the ticket as the VP candidate made me realize I’d absolutely done the right thing. It was a brilliant choice by McCain and I salute his judgement and foresight in choosing Palin as his running mate. She is a moral and ethical person, has integrity, and is a courageous reformer who gets things done. She’s also like a breath of fresh air in the stale, smoke-filled back rooms of politics-as-usual. Now I am completely and enthusiastically for…..McCain-Palin in November!

Posted by Marie in California | Report as abusive

What about the children? THat’s the question to ask everytime you hear of a mother on the kind of career track that Ms. Palin is on. I doubted she and McCain could succeed even without this current news on her daughter. But now I think it’s hopeless. What kind of a mother abandons her Down’s infant and pregnant teen to trapse around the country trying to be vice-president? I know the feminists will hate this comment, but children need mothers. It’s a fact. Many a great father and mother have given up career and other personal ambitions in order to serve and teach and raise a child in crisis or great need. Too bad McCain didn’t recognize that when he made this supposedly informed choice. But then, considering the women he surrounds himself with, he seems to have a weak spot for human Barbie dolls.

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

Looks like you libs are scared to me, and joey is bashing someone he knows not at all, except for what other libs say.

Posted by Allen | Report as abusive

The only thing Sarah Palin has in common with Hillary Clinton is that oh so coveted area between her legs. I hope this will not be an election swayed by voters so politically ignorant that they think voting for a woman, regardless of her stance, will “do the job and make the change”–because it is PRECISELY THOSE issues that makes said person qualified to potentially run this country….regardless of genitalia. Sarah Palin is a brash opposite to Hillary Clinton…and don’t tell me Sarah Palin is going to protect my rights as a woman to choose. Don’t tell me Sarah Palin is going to give a $#%^ about our endangered species! (HAH!) Don’t tell me Sarah Palin is going to teach my children the bible in public school!!!!!(please, don’t!) Don’t tell me we will soon unseparate church and state! Don’t tell me Roe VS Wade may be overturned with this McCain/Palin ticket!!! DON’T TELL ME WE MAY REGRESS 35 YEARS OR MORE WITH THE ELECTION OF MCCAIN/PALIN! Please. I beg of you, Americans.

Posted by KP | Report as abusive











JOE BIDEN HAS BEEN IN THE SENATE FOR 35 YEARS. WHAT HAS HE DONE? HE WILL BRING MORE OF THE SAME! Biden said: “I think OBAMA can be ready one day, but right now I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”

I’m voting for John McCain in November.

Posted by CAROLINA GIRL | Report as abusive


Sarah Palin’s personal life is a train wreck about to happen. After McCain dumps her in about 3 days, I would like to see what the right-wing nuts will have to say about her and good old Jonny McCain then.

Posted by Don Keedic | Report as abusive

Settle down Donny boy. You just wish you had nuts. You libs really need to step out of you bodys and look back at yourself and ask this question. Do I like him/her. I really dont understand the lib mentality. I believe liberalism is ideology of idiots.

Posted by Allen | Report as abusive

What kind of a mother abandons her Down’s infant and pregnant teen to trapse around the country trying to be vice-president?

What kind of mother would rather kill an infant rather then give him/her a shot at life…you? Dont forget she has a husband that can take care of the baby. Hell she can do the VP job and take care of the little guy to. Get off your soap box women!

Posted by Allen | Report as abusive

Sarah is a real person living a real life and is facing head on any and all obstacles. She is not standing by just voting “present ‘ when the decision making gets tough like Hussain obama does.

Posted by Mick | Report as abusive

I am a Former AF officer, I for one do not want anyone in office who has not worn the uniform of our Armed Forces in command. Obama has not been in the position of being in the military, and has no experience in military matters. Biden had himself deferred 5 times then out, no military experience there either. Obama spends time in running for POTUS when he should be voting in Senate matters, spreading promises to people on what he can do, just empty promises for any vote he can get. He has no meaningful experience in governing. Biden will be the “yes sir man” and that won’t count for any thing.
I am also an RN, with 3 degrees, elderly parents who need care, do any of the Dem candidates have a real plan for health care? do the Repub’s? None that is meaningful that I can read about. What we have now is broken to the point that it needs to be file 13nd (trashed) and WE need a new health care system.
I am also a farmer and farmers dtr. and I am concerned about the Dems plan for support of farming issues. The family farms and ranches support food production for people all over the world, and the Dems want to re[distribute the “wealth of land owners” So no support for the Dems on that point. As a teen, I didn’t have a car, no new prom dresses, designer clothes, but I did have a tractor to work with, chores to do after school and on the weekends and summer breaks. No brothers to do the work, and I can say that the wealthy landowner is a myth.
My parents and I worked for what we have, we took no public assistance. The American Dream. The taxes are paid.
Now, as for Gov. Palin, she is a very good choice. The Change that the Dems want to put forth, actually stand a chance of being changed with her selection. A Total outsider, she has no political ties to the corruption of WDC, a breath of fresh air to clean out the musty smells of the corridors of the Capitol. She has an 80% approval rate from her constituents, none of the others have that support. Thank GOD she will shake up the old fogey’s.
Now, as for Gov Palin and her Dtr. Bristol and her pregnancy, this should be a totally private family matter. Gov Palin is supporting her dtr in her PRIVATE family decision. They are certainly not the first family to be confronted with an unwanted pregnancy in the family with an unwed teen, and they will not be the last. The media needs to get the hell out of that process. Its none of our business. (Obama came from the issue of an unwed 17/18 y/o unwed mother, I don’t see the media all over that one. At least Obama has the good sense to stay out of this one, no stones cast in that direction as he is the product of unwed teen mom’s.)
McCain has served our country in the Military, has been a POW, has served our country for years as a Senator. He has a wife Cindy, whose Parents sacrificed to get the wealth of the American Dream, this should not be held against him, they Worked for what they left their progeny.
Who cares how many houses they have? The taxes are paid.
McCain/Palin the only real hope we have for CHANGE.

Excellent Choice by McCain. Palin brings to the national ticket a woman with real executive experience, smart, insightful and not acidic like Hillary. Palin offers more hope for women and more opportunities because she is currently a woman in charge and leading one our great states. I am proud to cast my vote for McCain and Palin for the office of President and Vice President.

Ken Bunch

Posted by Ken Bunch | Report as abusive

WHY would anyone vote for Palin just because she is a woman? We should be voting for a person based on qualifications. How ridiculous for people to think Palin will be an effective VP. She has no experience except for a first term governor. Has anyone given any thought to what is going to happen to our country if something happens to McCain while in office and Palin takes over???? What a mess this will be. The Hilary supporters are smarter than to fall for this scheme. We should not be voting for gender.

Posted by Dale | Report as abusive

It’s not that this is about Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unmarried, teenage daughter, it is about the fact that Sarah Palin is a hypocrite preaching abstinence and like so many phony Republicans like her, morality. They look down on the rest of us like they are better than everyone and above us. Sarah Palin has been a Governor of a state in the middle of nowhere, literally, for 2 short years, She has already proven she is a serious hypocrite that believes global warming is a farce, while she votes against bills aimed at protecting the polar bear now in danger of extinction. Polar bears starving to death to Palin is a good thing so she has more wolves and baby seals to shoot and kill from her airplane. This woman would be one heartbeat away from the Presidency, with zero experience in foreign affairs, terrorism and Iraq, zero experience on the economy, zero experience for literally every last issue America is faced with in these impossible times Bush has created for us all. The Republicans made this mess we are in and this is who they offer up as a solution? absolutely pitiful, NEXT. Obama / Biden all the way!

Posted by Democrats 08 | Report as abusive

Just reading a lot of the postings shows that Democrats are afraid of having Sarah Palin running as the Republican’s vice presidential candidate. People are saying for one reason or another that now they will vote the other way when in fact they were planning to any way.

One person (Chicago Mom) even said that Palin should wait until 2012 to run and take care of her family first and rambles about her 17 yr. old daughter’s pregnancy being highlighted. She apparently doesn’t want Palin to destroy Obama’s chances of becoming President this time around. If the Democrats want to publicize the fact that Palin’s daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, let them do it since it is common practice among the Democratic families anyway so what is the difference with Palin’s daughter getting pregnant the same way?

Another person wants Palin to stay out of the race and take care of her family. Is she saying that Palin should stay in the kitchen? And Vice President is a man’s job?

People should refrain from making stupid statements and just do some research and then post valid statements. It just shows their ignorance when they post statements as if they really care about Palin’s family’s best interest when they don’t. We know that they are being disingenuous.

If you did your own research on Palin and what she has done in Alaska as a mayor,as a governor and the head of the Alaska National Guard, you will find that she has more executive experience than Senator Obama and Senator Biden who never owned a business or ran a town, city or any company, and neither of them were a mayor or governor. So what experience do they have in running a government? Has anyone noticed that American presidents tend to come from the ranks of American governors and not senators? Ronald Reagon, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush were all governors.

Posted by realmerv | Report as abusive

I’ve always voted republican, but the past few elections I’ve not been excited about any of our candidates. In fact I would have voted for John Edwards as a moderate democrat the past two elections, but he just couldn’t get nominated. I am a fiscal conservative. While I’m slightly worried about Palin’s experience, I’m more excited about her stands and actions on government waste and spending. I hope this is just the beginning of bringing the republican party back to its fiscal conservative roots. I like the idea of having a Washington outsider on the ticket. Biden is just more of the same.

Posted by Phil Taylor | Report as abusive

Leave the family out! You leftists keep stooping new lows since Palin was selected!

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FAMILIES FIRST. The fact that Sarah Palin could subject her 17 year old daughter to public scrutiny and her 4 month old child to having a mother on the campaign trail reveals this woman’s personal ambitions are more important to her than her family. As a woman, I am insulted that McCain thinks he could get my vote just because she is a woman and stunned that other women would champion this woman who would deny them rights to their own body and put politics above her family. She fits perfectly into the dissolving Republican party. Go back to Alaska, Sarah Palin, where your own people are speaking out against your self-serving support FOR the Bridge to Nowhere that you originally supported and then changed (and lied about) saying you told big oil, no thanks. I say NO THANKS, to you as vice-president of my country.

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