Biden says Obama is a friend of Israel

September 2, 2008

obama-israe.jpegDEERFIELD BEACH, Florida – Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden stood up for running mate Barack Obama on Tuesday, insisting that he is a friend of Israel.

Speaking at a largely Jewish senior citizen community center, Biden, known as a strong supporter of the Jewish state during his 35 years in the Senate, said Obama shares his longtime support of Israel as an important ally in the often volatile Middle East.

Biden said he would not have agreed to give up his job as chairman of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee to become Obama’s vice presidential nominee “if I didn’t in my gut and in my heart and in my head know that Barack Obama is exactly where I am on Israel.”

Biden said he offered his defense of Obama because there is “some scurrilous stuff going on on Internet, particularly in Florida,” which is considered a swing state in the Nov. 4 election.

Some blogs and emails have disseminated talk that Obama is secretly a Muslim — he is in fact Christian — as well as anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.

“I promise you the stuff you are getting on the Internet is simply not true,” said Biden, a Delaware Democrat.

Biden added Israel has become less secure during the eight years of outgoing Republican President George W. Bush’s reign.

“I promise you, we will make it more secure,” Biden said, drawing applause from a crowd of several hundred people.

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You bet he is. He and his friend, Farrakhan.

Posted by DEM now IND | Report as abusive

Mr. Obama is pragmatic and will have the good judgement to have advisors such as the honorable Joe Biden for issues that have the depth and breadth as the conflict between the Jewish state and its neighbors.

Posted by James Ransom | Report as abusive

Joe Biden was a wonderful speaker today, as he has been each and every time I’ve heard him. He speaks from the heart, and made one point that few have enlightened. It bears repeating.

This administration will, according to the actuarial tables, place between one and three Supreme Court Justices on the Bench during his tenure. These judges will shape the face of this country for the next 40-50 years. If you want the Court to restrict personal freedoms, make abortions illegal in EVERY case, retract the lines of growth in womens’ rights, merge State and Church lines of delineation, then vote for John McCain. If you want the Court to shape the country based on the growth of the last few decades, to encourage personal choices, trust in an individual’s ability to make the best choices for themselves, then VOTE FOR OBAMA.

I guess it really is THAT easy.

Posted by Dennis Shuman | Report as abusive

Obama’s so called centrist positions came about rather quickly, about a year ago, after 20 years of embracing the far left, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Father Phfleiger, Ayers, etc.. Everyone knows this disingenuous move to the center was to get votes … not because Obama all of a sudden had a true change of heart, and abandoned 20 years of his true beliefs. So, why does a good portion of the American public buy into to this?
What makes these gullible people think that if he gets elected, we won’t be stuck with a bunch of far left extremist socialist policies? After all, Obama has been the most liberal senator in congress, and Joe Biden has been the third most liberal senator in congress. Most, and third most, out of 100 senators are bad odds. Wake up American … keep America strong, elect McCain/Palin to the white house in November.

Posted by Gina | Report as abusive

“If you…trust in an individual’s ability to make the best choices for [sic] themselves, then VOTE FOR OBAMA.”

Well, yes…as long as you don’t include the individual’s right to choose where his own income goes.

Posted by Marty Levinson | Report as abusive