Maybe they should have spent the money on more school

September 2, 2008



The McCain campaign is hawking all sorts of buttons, shirts, bumper stickers and pens via an official outlet,, yet they may want to re-think that contract.

The following pen was found online for the bargain basement price of $6. Look closely at the spelling.

Maybe they should have spent the money on a proofreader? Or is there just one student supporting McCain?

To be fair, the rest of the items aimed at students are the proper plural spelling rather than the possessive.

UPDATE – The store later updated the site to show a pen with the correct spelling, but we couldn’t find the item online except by clicking the earlier link, found here. And on the Students for McCain page, the pen is no longer found at all as of 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

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[…] The McCain campaign apparently finally found and removed this embarrassing punctuation faux pas. […]

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What would you expect from public-schooled Democrats! That is right, I said Democrats. You see GOP Trunk is really Tiger Eye designs, the official vendor for Obama campaign and the owner of While the paper work claims that there are two separate owners – one in Ohio and the other a few miles over the border in Indiana – they are both run by TigerEye owner Tony Baltes.

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